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  • emotion_of_heart 1d


    Writing poetry or even a book for him won't be enough,,,
    He made me whatever I am today and I know for a twelve years old child acting like a dad for her baby sister was really tough...


  • beaubearic 3d


    I wrote this song on my cell phone using notes/ it's a message that not too long ago I wrote to my bro and I know/ if i keep crying about this shit then its gonna get old/ this is a message from my soul i had to get out, why did you decided to fold/ you buckled under pressure and your mental couldnt hold/ I need you to know, that your memories I will hold till the day I join you after I'm gone and cold I wish I could know the real reason you felt you had to go / we were almost the same age adopted in 4th grade/ same sense of humor and liked the same video games/ you were the closest.... no fuck that you are my brother more so than blood/ more than blood related ever could/ your my brother my best friend/ still to this day even tho your life ended/ I always thought we would grow old/ be neighbors/ our kids grow up with their stories told/ we remeness as we watch our kids stories unfold /and I feel like If i call your phone I'll hear your voice say hello/ so many stories I have and your sides going untold/ you knew me the best but you left me alone/ I'm short one brother/ and his name and number are still in my phone/ you took your time man/ you fucking made a suicide plan/ why was calling me never apart of it god damn/ maybe that's my fault fam I'm sorry I really am/ for the two years we stopped talking i was never prepared man, for your life stopping/ our lives were so different and with you full of your ignorant judgment and me being addicted to amphetamines you pushed me away the moment I had to lean/ i would of helped you/ had it been flipped so i took it personal when you acted like a dick/ but now i wish i would of just dropped it/ i would of helped you/ I could of helped you understand/ goin that soon wasnt part of any plan/ I go from so sad to so fucking mad/ i wish so fucking bad that i had one more day I'd hug you hard and id say," i love you bro" then I'd scream, "HOW THE FUCK could you take your life leave behind 2 baby girls and your wife/ all those times you made me feel like shit for being an addict telling me your pissed at my choices and habits but life gets a speed bump Nd you couldnt handle it/ ya you said you were more of a man then me because your sober but where did sober land you/ I love you mother fucker but fuck you/ what was this suppose to do/ leave us all behind/ because you couldnt let yourself heal with time/ mother fucker I may have my problems and i get lost at times/ but my kids still have their father for some time/ yours wont even remember you after some time/ I'm so mad and so fucking sad but still it's off my chest now bro im saying the from the heart of Beau it's time I let you go/ your reasons are unknown exept to you and you left with no answers to be shown and it's time now time I let you go/ I got love for you forever but I gotta get back to living and I'm sorry if this sounds bitter/ but its a choice I'll always make cuz I ain't no quitter I wont be remembered as a for forfitter and I wish you were still here I wish I could look you in the eyes and say these things to my brother but I cant man I dont think I'll ever understand.

  • varnnam 1w

    The best feeling... most sacred...

  • darkness_of_the_sky 1w

    23 February 2021

    As tears fell from heaven
    And magic spells were cast upon the earth
    Healing visited blood
    And honour oaths restored

    The world has come to peace again
    My life knows no foul
    Just a beautiful garden
    Soaked in the sun, grown from my very own blood.


  • callme_xiaome 2w

    I want to say thank you to my brother
    Who let me feel it's okay to act equally like a boy
    Believing me for I can be an engineer or doctor
    Not flipping my wings because I am a girl
    Showing me good guy also exist in this world

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  • kritikaushik 3w


    He loves like mother,,,,
    Cares like father,
    Shares feelings like mirror,,,
    Listens to my nonsense like friend,...,
    Holds my emotions always,
    One who protects me like a kid
    Irritates me like no one,,,
    The only one there for
    Me in every sitaution,,,,,
    Who's ready to sacrifice anything for me
    But will never express his love for me,,
    One who's always with me
    And can't stay without me,,,,
    Tries to hide his sadness infront of me,,,,
    But makes sure that I am happy always,,,
    He's not my everything but without him
    It feels like nothing „.
    ©Kriti Kaushik

  • aditya_pandey1303 3w

    Fight between
    Brother and sister are awesome
    They can be sad
    for some time
    but they don't leave
    each other

  • iexist 3w


    While i cried on his shoulder
    He stood next to me
    Without making no noise
    He stood there with serenity.
    My muffled voice
    Filled the air
    I could feel his presence
    Slowly, his hands rose up
    And landed up on my shoulders
    My elder brother's arm so heavy
    His hands felt like boulders!
    He embraced me
    And stroked my hair
    Gradually, we settled down
    And sat down on the stair
    I didn't let go of him
    And he didn't let go of me
    Curled up into each others arms
    We slept there peacefully
    Thats my brother
    The brother who scares
    Thats my brother
    The brother who cares.
    Often called the unsympathetic one
    Often thought of as careless
    Believe me, you are not cruel
    Nor are you a total mess


  • k_i_n_g_32 4w

    others : my life my
    me : my life my sister

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  • beaubearic 5w

    Time of the year

    It's that time again
    And another year ends
    Where I'm wishing a few fallen friends
    Could be here to celebrate a new year trend
    But the truth is we never knew it
    Was goodbye forever the last time
    We were together
    You knew me as your son
    And you knew me as as brother
    In the same year I lost you both forever
    I remember both days I got the news
    I was hit with the blues and most days that color sticks to me like glue
    I'm crying cuz those dyin were so surprisin I'm not lyin I started hidin but my thoughts were collidin with all my writin and I had to get out of the house before I become one with the couch
    Feelin like oscar the grouch
    But it's that time of the year now
    I'm a dad now I have to grow
    To provide I wish it wasnt so
    I wish I could call and hear you say hi
    I wish we could have one more conversation and at the end say goodbye bye
    I love you and I miss both you guys
    And I'd cry, as
    we hang up for the last time
    It would hurt and that would be fine
    Because the closure alone would save time
    Inside my mind it's a constant remind
    I lost my dad in July
    It was the 31st
    We were in the middle of a fight
    Hadn't talked in 2 years and it hurt
    But 2 weeks before he bit the dirt
    I decided to alert
    You to say I was sorry we had a bbq
    My kids you and your wife and we had dinner for the very last time together you got to meet your grandson and granddaughter for the first time
    If I could see you one last time
    I wish but I cant and I'm becoming a better man it's just too bad that just like my dad, in fact, was in a standoff with my brother believe that or not it's sad cuz it was also two years past with no contact and you killed yourself before I got the chance to make amends brother I'm so sorry that I was not there for you in your time of need it's my biggest regret and the hardest thing knowing you'll never be here to exchange in small talk conversation I wish that situation could change but death means not again in my lifeline I hope you both are at rest I'll see you guys soon cuz it's close to my time
    And I hope I get to see you the day I cross that line
    I'm trying to be myself threw me drowning in sad
    I hope theres room where your at now for a soldier to hang his hat
    I love you guys Mikal Sullivan And Mitch Nesary aka Dad

  • _jiggu_ 6w

    ایک چاند:

    میری زندگی کا ایک چاند ہے وہ
    میری زندگی کا اجالا ستارہ ہے وہ
    وہ بن مانگے نعمت ہے میری
    وہ خدا کی انعایت ہے میری
    میری زندگی میں بن برسات خوشہیا ہیں بہاتا
    میری زندگی کا فرشتا ہے وہ‍♂️‍♂️
    جو ہر دم سہارا ہے اس کا
    میری مشکلوں کا ہے نہیں کویی مول
    ایک خوبصورت سا رشتا ہے یہ❤
    وہ میری زندگی اور میں اس کی جان
    ہر دم میری خوشہ یوں میں ہوتا ہے میرے ساتھ✌
    میرے دل کا سکون، میری آنکھوں کا آرام ہے وہ❤
    میری ضرورت ہے وہ ، میری انمول چیز ہے وہ
    میری زندگی کا بادشا ہ ہے وہ
    میرے سپنوں کی اڈان ہے وہ
    وہ اور کوئی نہیں وہ بھایی ہے میرا

  • thevampirediaries 6w

    Damon Salvatore

    "So What? Gone a couple of months,
    You think it's ok to waste a
    perfectly good bottle of Bourbon?"

  • kskarishma 6w

    My brother's call

    Silence bridged the gap between us,
    tears flowed terribly across the bridge.
    I could see the other end
    but neither of us crossed the bridge.

    One day a phone call reached my side,
    tears flowed merrily across the bridge.
    I could feel the other end
    and both of us shared happiness.


  • virahela 6w


    Distance apart
    Hidden so deep
    Like a gem buried within the core
    Enfolded by mother earth
    Out of reach, yet a heart so near to keep
    Inside an enigmatic mind,
    Lays an ethereal soul
    A wanderer of its kind
    Free spirit outdared the wind
    A lone wolf who has fought and win
    Roots of compassion
    Strong but gentle, firm but delicate
    A celestial stellar, sent by the ocean
    Longing to keep me safe
    From the rage of the storm

  • amrin_sadik 7w


    We didn't even how we passed out our tom and jerry childhood...
    You didn't show your affection openly towards me...you show by your anger...
    We Tence and irritate eachother...
    But, we can't able to live without eachother...for a single day...
    You are my strength and bodygaurd of mine
    Those childhood memories are very precious to me...
    Love you bhai...♥️

  • summermoon 7w


    It's amazing how one circular pie layered with our favorite things can bring us together. Putting toppings on top of toppings. Each layer reminding me of the connection we have. Each new topping showing how we've changed.

  • varnnam 8w

    Yess..Its �� correct..

    To my ettan and appuu ❤️❤️����

    #brother love

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    Psychology says
    Girls love their brother more than their boyfriend..

  • anmolsaini 8w


    तु उसकी शक्ल ना दिखाया कर मुझे ये दिल बहक सा उठता है,
    जिसे दोस्त नहीं भाई समझता था वो अब मुझसे दूर रहा करता है।
    @Anmol Saini