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  • preeti_paromita_ 1d

    I built an apocalypse
    Death ponders here every moment.
    Ended up abhor, every part of me
    Over the destiny which never seemed mine.
    Can ask for no escape!
    The fate I struggled to destine
    Seems dissipated into the unknown darks
    Why do I still hold onto the roots?
    I tried to be brave, you told me so! Didn't you?
    Just so you won't leave me
    But I didn't see and I left me.
    Chokes to death: sweetest episode of the apocalypse.
    As beautiful as it seems
    Death shall be the peaceful survival
    And the destiny that eventually finds me.


  • _thefallenphoenix_ 1d

    I just wanna be happier

    #bts #army #blueandgrey #taetae

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    Can you look at me cause I'm blue and grey

  • _thoughts_of_weirdo___ 1d

    "Where's my angle?
    I'm sick and tired of everything.
    Someone come and save me.
    Cause I can't take it anymore."
    - Blue & Grey

  • bidi_s_ 1d

    Guy with pink mic

  • wakandu 2d

    Ewwwwwwww BTS

  • sonalinaik_ 2d

    The Night Sky filled with countless Dazzling Stars,
    I'm searching for that one Star that can brighten My Heart...
    Oh yeah, I found one and that's You...
    Perhaps... Is this a Serendipity???
    As your Eyes tell me that You are also searching for Me...

  • heyyylouise 2d

    V and Jungkook as two of the cheekiest members, they are very loud, funny, and mischievous. They are very close and always joke around with each other. Both of them are also the maknaes in the group.
    Both are in the Vocal Line and Maknae Line.
    Both have ear piercings.
    Both share a love for photography,
    Both share a love for painting.
    Both share a love for Overwatch.
    Both love to watch anime and play video games.
    Both are very competitive, this is evident in Run BTS episodes.

    #bts #taekook #mirakee #wod #writersblock #funfacts #army

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  • v_smita_v 2d

    I'm just believing myself & running, alright
    This world is deep & we're going for it, up all night
    Say hello to my Hope World
    This is my world
    My own story

    - Hope World ��

    #BTS #방탄소년단 #JHOPE #btsfanart ��️��
    #BTSARMY ����

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  • tejaswini_3 1w

    It's too late for a New Year Post. But maybe this is the last one, for a while...again. See y'all soon! Do read it, even if it's a bit long ...Some of you might have already read it ;)


    ~Life Goes On: Intro~

    The notebook titled 2020 was loose by now; with the threaded spine ready to give up and the tawny pages ready to flutter out of this seemingly auricomus cage of a lifeless life, nonetheless my obstinate disposition took the lead and my hands shuffled 'round and reached to what looked like a needle with an acicular point.

    Threaded it was again; the spine reached a state of being virtually perfect, but as it is proposed that perfections don't deserve to last longer than the guttering candles at night– my eyes gazed gratifyingly at this chain of words which I had facetiously forgotten, or perchance pretended to have slipped from my amnesiac encephalon. The words were waggish and did not have any feasible effect of significance at that particular time which was dripping with caramel like jollity, but as time is the teacher; this upshot was quite unforeseen.

    "We are all entrapped in a maze, and it's absolutely fine; it ain't a compulsion anymore to find the purpose of your presence in here–for all that matters is if you have been a kind acquaintance to all those lost travellers who were with you and if you have succeeded in in refilling their empty ink bottles with an elixir worthy of making them stay inclined towards their true potential, instead of being like dry dehydrated leaves......"


    ~Life Goes On: Interlude~

    I remember these words were written at about midnight of 2019 by a parnassian person like me, but when I read them again in an altogether new era (2020 was equivalent to an era, a mysterious and dark one), it was somewhat arduous for my heart as all the arteries were being stretched to a point of uncomfortable tension. The feelings were not quite nostalgic as the vintage fragrance of an old diary is, still it would be sensible to assume that they had pressed my weak nerve, unintentionally.

    A new year. A novel beginning as it is supposed to be for all breathing earthlings, 2020 is definitely not one in the history of Homo Sapiens. While Tyche certainly did not consider blessings to be offered, her capricious nature was hidden instead, deep down or perhaps swallowed by the Earth itself. With many a graves embellished, with many a men canvassing their existence, with a blackhole descending on this orb and guzzling even the slightest chance of joy–this year had showered droplets of contusions and confusion.

    I further read the sentence, as incompleteness in any work always vexed me. It was unreasonable of me to hold on to one group of compatible words as some people would say that this is the first symptom of a logophile, but since I am a human being with a myogenic heart, which is diplomatic always, I chose to not let go off my grip from that tatterdemalion page.


    ~Life Goes On: Outro~

    "..... Labyrinths are dutiful in displaying intricacy. At evey curve, at evey turn you are bound to find rather another twist anticipating you. All this luminosity that you had so carefully rekindled till this adverse peak might dissipate. Let it be. You can't stop every flame from getting blown out. Light it 'gain. Just as the lisle holds the florets of the anadem close by, hold on to yourself. Spare yourself some love. Drape an eiderdown o'er the stranger next to you; he might be beholden. O Human, who hath been probing this journey's end and just filling thy soul with trepidation;
    the intent is not to wander aimlessly and fear getting lost– but to find the critical faculty to distinguish the right road of the fork from the left. Shadows do betray. Be prepared for the dark storms instead of rejoicing in the bright valleys".

    It was fated. It was darksome. We might despise it– but it is our past. All happenings have been carved and cannot be wiped out. All these scars glow too; they steer us towards precautions–only if we were liberal and forebearing to see them! And this is pretty much how everything is balanced and Life Goes On...


    @the_creation_in_our_stars @btslove @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @scarletheart_moonlovers @_delta @v_smita_v @im_the_star_of_my_life @odysseus @may_from_beyblade @thoughtsprocess

    #HappyNewYear #2021 #creativity #diaryentry #lifegoeson #life #nature #bts #ceesreposts

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  • zoey12 1w

    #��������ARMY family ��
    #BTS Life goes on��������������

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    Expressions : Diary of an Introvert

    Day ( I have quite forgotten )
    'Time flies by in the yellow and green'
    I heard that line in a song I've been obsessed with recently,and I cant help but think about it a lot .Or maybe its the loneliness again,or homesickness or just the undeserved attitude that keeps emanating from some faces I know .
    I've heard and noticed whispers behind hands,pointy fingers ,snide comments and the worst is the the blankly rude stares.Savannah (my sweet roommate ) is like my saving grace ,I eat lunch with her and thank heavens we dont have to compulsorily eat at the cafeteria.
    Our room has become my haven ,when I leave for lectures I cant help but stare over my shoulder ,it's like he's always there ,right behind me and that is extremely unsettling; I remember yesterday night in our room while we were indulging in a cute and fun Korean drama'it's okay not to be okay starring Kim Soo Hyun and So Ye Ji' Savannah gently probed again (I understand her concern but I don't want her to stress out too with mock exams coming up).
    'So you know him ',she asked with concern ,'i mean like you've seen him before or something '
    I hadn't been able to answer then .
    But I knew him Dear Diary of an Introvert .
    He was the reason my mom and I changed cities and neighbourhoods ,and I couldn't forget his voice,smell and his eyes .
    Just last week when I was in the indoor leisure room (of course it was late but then I think better when it's quiet ) I didn't hear him walk in and settle down ,so you can imagin my discomfort when I stood up several hours later to leave and saw him there sprawled on the seat and looking peaceful .I will not deny I was tempted to scream but I resorted to carefully tip-toeing out ;however as fate would have it he jerked awake just as I stealthily moved past him and I wouldn't have known if his hand hadn't shot out and grabbed my wrist in a vice like grip.My shocked eyes shot back and locked unto his ......I could feel my heat rate spike and beads of fear forming on my back .
    'You've been running away from me ,sweetpea,'he said standing up

    wait diary I've to go ,it's supper time Savannah is calling me and she hates being late for cafeteria because she hates having to wait in the long queues there in case we bump into (you know who).
    I love you my diary ,you listen without judgements (not that its a choice ☺)

  • lima_073012_kth 1w

    You know, I have always been a person who is easily replaced, always left out and easily forgotten. It made me feel that maybe there's something wrong in me. Maybe it's the way I look, my personality or maybe just me. I got filled with all these insecurities that made me think that I am not special.
    But now I realized that I don't need to be special ,
    I just need to be me.
    I should be happy by myself.
    Rather than searching Love in someone else,
    I should be the one to love myself.
    What I think of myself is what makes me.


  • sarmapalash 1w


    The scene of war or fight
    To be passed .
    It seems to be floating
    On my eyes .
    Like a story without an end .

  • scarletheart_moonlovers 1w

    I was the fallen one among those
    Chilliad stars
    But somebody made a constellation
    Under the sky,
    Within those four walls..!
    While my finger waltz through those
    Ivory keys
    And those speaker chords breezed
    cool zephyrs and aromated harmony
    Echoed L-O-V-E -M-Y-S-E-L-F
    And hugged emotional ardour gently
    Reflecting my own mug on
    Those mirror (heart) moulded with Love
    The fence framed seven pieces
    of my whole heart

    I m no more a fallen STAR
    But one who slained SCARS-
    --scars being slained by them--

    JUST ONE DAY I can't live without
    'Imagining your face'
    I NEED YOU to SAVE ME from the
    so please STAY with me forever !

    Just a lame try !
    Baked in 3minutes
    I m not good at poetry ��

    #ARMY_ROOM #BTS #armyroom
    A special thanks to @ak_anjali_daydreamzz and @arya_abhipsa for this idea
    And @thesunshineloves for being the admin of chatroom ❤❤
    It's the first anniversary of our Army chatroom
    Borahae everyone ������

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    //I m no more a fallen STAR
    But one who slained SCARS
    with them ♡//

    When I m this room
    I m in a MAGIC SHOP


  • taekook96 1w

    Celebrating first anniversary of our #ARMY_CHATROOM
    #ARMY_ROOM #curated_For_Army #First_Anniversary #BTS #ARMY #FLY_TO_MYROOM

    MY ROOM ��

    My room is where my all worries fly away,
    My room is where all my tiredness goes away,
    Peace finds my room all the time ,
    Dreams grow like plants,
    All my imagination fits in my room
    Let me fly to my room,
    My love for music fits with my room
    You can also see there's instruction outside of my room,
    My world changed after BTS came into room of my heart and then in too my room,
    There's posters and army bomb in to my room,
    Lockdown made me love my room even more,
    I can be my self in my room , there's pictures of memorable moments on the wall of my room,




    Let's go, let me fly to my room
    Look below and zoom anywhere
    Come out now, let me fly to my room
    Get me outta my blues
    And now I'm feelin' brand new

    This is the safest place
    Somehow it just only takes in
    Happiness and sadness, all emotions
    This room may be my emotional trash can.

    I tried my best ���� thanks to @ak_anjali_daydreamzz for this wonderful idea.
    You never fails to amaze me ����

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  • redheart161 1w

    [So on the occasion of completing the first anniversary of our chat room we decided to dedicate this post. Thank you @ak_anjali_daydreamzz for coming up with this wonderful theme of ARMY ROOM. And please forgive me if I don't do justice to the theme but still I'm trying and please do let me know if there are any corrections]
    @thesunshineloves @the97_introvert please come back I'm eagerly waiting for your posts @fairytales_ love your post is much awaited.
    #ARMY_ROOM #BTS #first_anniversary


    The walls painted white and purple
    BTS group photo from festa 2020
    hanging on the wall just opposite the
    door as it's the first thing I love to see.
    And just beside that a frame of me with
    my friends makes my smile even wider.

    A room which was once filled with darkness
    Now is full of hope brighter than sunshine.
    The rays of sunlight now beams in my room
    Through the window with the lavender curtains.

    Besides that is the table a flower vase placed
    on it carrying jasmine flowers spreading its
    fragrance all around the room, a few BTS
    albums and an army bomb.
    Study table attached thereto has all the
    motivational and inspiration statements
    given by our 7 men's driving me towards
    my goals making me work harder.

    And there in the middle of the room is
    a single bed.
    A guitar by my bed side the strings when
    played delivers me in a heavenly place and a
    soft panda on my bed my all time partner.
    Having a small piano has always been a wish.
    As music is the only thing which gives me peace.

    While speaking of music We are bulletproof
    playing in the background fills my eyes
    with an ocean full of tears
    Slowly drifting me to sleep and transporting
    me to my dreamy land of 7 Men's.
    -- Redheart ❤️

    So my dearest amies this is how my ARMY ROOM looks like ��������.

    12:03 AM

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  • arya_abhipsa 1w

    19 : 50 pm

    ( in the name of completing an year at the place I truly belong - ARMY Chatroom )
    #bts #ARMY #ARMY_ROOM

    mismatched pair of eyes
    hunts for a homely presence
    the delicacy yet robustness of emotions
    melts away the outlines of any audacious
    the aroma of cookies baked by two calloused
    blurs away the reeking brutality of the day

    my vision claws into the earth
    for phosphenes lost from my eyes ,
    here they lie

    a dusty wooden shelf pressed into a corner
    dressed up in coffee and tear stained books
    carries tales that put the world into shame
    pictures of ancestral memories
    reeking of long lost loves
    draped into old vintage frames

    my lungs expand into space
    for the breathe I had once held
    here it belongs

    midnight poetries scratched across
    the blemished blue walls
    that ricochet the darling melodies
    suspended in midair

    my footsteps trip on this scathered ground
    for the dwellings my fictionalised
    fantasies have built
    here it assembles

    /here it is , the home I yearn for/

    "ain't we all are just tragic little stories , searching for snuggly accomodations in historical manuscripts , engraved upon people's hearts ?"

    Happiest 1st anniversary my darlings ! ��

    ©Arya Abhipsa

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for the heart !

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  • tejaswini_3 1w

    Aren't we all wishing to see them once? And that's what inspired me to write this. I wanted to make it happy, but the Zero O' Clock effect didn't let me. Still, I wish all of you would stay happy and keep on working hard. We are all going to be happier!

    Happy first anniversary to all my loves��


    ~Lovenote: Escape From Reality~

    The flickering lights of the evening vanished, and my mobile battery gave up. It is an addiction, they had once said, and I had challenged them that I won't be a victim of it; only to fail in my first attempt. Their notes hit my tympanum and swirled down right to those four lifeless chambers of my heart and unknowingly built a new chamber, so purple. It was love at first, then it became a habit and now an obsession. I needed them. I was loved by many but nobody allowed me love myself the way I wanted to, the way I deserved. I longed for some space. I wanted someone to hold my hand, give me a hug and say, "I won't give you false assurances that everything would be fine; but I would be there to relieve your pain at every moment; I would not be able to gift you a golden sturdy palace, but I would give you the strength to let your house of cards hold its ground firmly. I would never leave you, if you would want to leave me–I would present you a silver chain with a pendant having my good wishes, for you wouldn't be wanting to stay with me always– but I would want to", and they did say all this to me. Indirectly. And I became a lover of them. Directly~

    I wanted to see them. Feel myself being that one drop in the ocean of purple elixir. For just once. I would cry my heart out seeing all the other drops turning into pearls when they would touch them, as if they were magical oysters. I wanted to see their faces and their eyes that hold the universe, shine infront of me. I knew I won't be able to, never ever. It was Zero O' clock. A whalein was sad and tears poured out again, slower than the last time. Hope had died–

    Until they flew to my room and thousand clematises bloomed~

    ~Lovenote: Reality Meets Fantasy~

    Zillion wishes, you repudiated when the Genie of luck offered– you desirated just one will,
    Everyday a maiden crossed her fingers, while plucking out petals of the scarlet flower–
    Rose it was, a thorny one; and our ballerina with an enfeebling persona, broke down at its prophecy,
    Once again, we came to you– now tie your satin laces and let us have this dance,

    Over the horizons of despair, beyond the gleaming concert halls, a room exists–an epitome of our bond!

    Curtained in pink, a moon jar is shining in the corner with a vintage gray piano,
    Look under the pillow; through the portal of photo cards we will enter in your dream,
    Open your mind to us, find us in those books– maybe another leaf has dried while waiting for you,
    Closer I leaned to them; I whispered– still I need you here to slow down my racing heartbeats–
    Knowingly they smiled, turned the speaker on and wrote a lovenote– 'And you gonna be happy.....'


    #ARMY_ROOM #ARMY #BTS #purple #homethatbelongstous #poetry #thoughts #ceesreposts #love #creation #dreams #acrostic

    @tamanna3 @fairytales_ @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @scarletheart_moonlovers @btslove @_delta @arya_abhipsa @heather_ @tinytraces @im_the_star_of_my_life

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  • btslove 1w

    No curtain in the room only light of hope
    Music of louder than bombs Soothe my temporal lobe

    I envy those butterflies who color their wings with the smile of sweet flowers
    Still My mind fly higher than those butterflies
    because I have a Magical power

    Drops of still with you
    When Found those fading flowers,
    Barren vase Spontaneously bloom like wildflower

    Resounding cheers of eagles,
    Breeze Playing with my window
    Leaves Dancing on the rhyme of spring day
    Vocal of pied piper playing high and low

    In solitude
    Where stars want to shine brighter than me
    Together with sweven
    I m not alone
    And Like this ...Life goes on

    /Tonight,Army bombs shining brighter than all stars
    I don't know in your love I can go how far/


    19 Feb 2021
    08:30 pm

    @the97_introvert I miss you ��

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    Room For Love

    Tonight, Army bombs shining brighter than all stars
    I don't know in your love I can go how far

  • _delta 1w

    When the time is hard and you want to hide
    Remember that there are 7 men and a whole ARMY by your side

    When the days are harsh and you want to run away 
    Remember that not even them had an easy way

    When you feel like descending to darkness
    Remember that their lyrics, smiles, and songs can take away any harshness  

    When you feel miserable and alone
    Remember that we purple you and this is very well known

    When you feel like giving up
    Remember that they too felt like you but kept fighting and going up

    When you feel like you are too young to prove yourself  
    Remember that J U N G K O O K started his career at fifteen and proved himself 

    When you feel that you are too old to pursue a dream or get knowledge 
    Remember that J I N started singing when he was already at college

    When you feel like you worked too hard and is ready to give up
    Remember the sweat and tears J I M I N shed while keeping his head up 

    When you feel like you are not enough
    Remember that J-H O P Ewas told that but fought even though it was tough

    When you think that mental illness has no medicine 
    Remember that S U G A was there too yet look at him now far from any chagrin

    When you think that you can't love yourself 
    Remember that R M who is seen like having it all felt the same as you but contrary to anyone refuse to give up on himself 

    When you think that losing someone dear is the end 
    Remember that V lost his dearest people yet still manages to smile till the end

    When the time is hard and you want to hide
    Remember that there are 7 men and a whole ARMY by your side

    #bts #army #ARMY_ROOM

    Ps. Just a motivation for y'all coz I'm not able to write perfectly and I'm new to that chatroom forgive me please ��

    Borahae ��������

    One day I'll decorate my room like this ������

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    Life goes on like this again

  • tamanna3 1w

    A glimpse at my Curated Army Room ��

    A whole world exists within these four walls-
    The concrete stand adorned in lilac,
    Hanging fabrics on window frame bleed violet.
    A Calico cat and a winter bear remind of youth,
    Seven years of blood, sweat and tears framed-
    hang on barricades of this Utopian abode.

    Fingers press on piano keys to summon bliss,
    I cherish the waves vibrating my eardrum-
    vowing to preserve the crystal snow until last.

    The clock hands strike 00:00 at an hour-
    when day and night make love with each other,
    Birthing a promise to preserve this world forever.
    The sky and the sea, each validate our love-
    by raining purple drops of rhapsody and fervour,
    Soaking our hearts in an epiphany that lasts forever.


    On the occasion of our 1st anniversary together in this �� heaven. Long live Purple ✨

    P.s. Thanks to Everything and everyone that brought us together :')


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    Army Room : A world within a world