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  • james_taumas 3d


    Condemned at birth
    First born
    Inheritance by blood
    Ceremonies and splendour
    Cold metal band laid
    Responsibility a heavy weight
    Power's price
    Life dictated by committee
    Who to love
    When to war
    Prisoner to politics.


  • musingsofriya 1w

    Everything to Nothing

    As I looked around, I felt stranded
    This World is too busy to notice, too busy to care
    I smile for the world,
    I pretend to be happy just for the few people I care,
    I have everything around, and everything beyond,
    This endless abyss is the web I spinned around me,
    Now suffocating me to the core, as every breathe I took making me to choke,
    The tears are long drained, now all I left with is a void,
    The charade which I'm used to,
    Hide, avoid and pretend
    Than being a burden.
    The luxuries around were mocking the void inside me,
    Every bite of food was heavy to swallow
    As I laid on bed, the sleep was long gone
    When they nudged my shoulders laughing, "You are lucky to have everything"
    They failed to notice,
    My quivering lips, empty eyes and shivering hands, as I said "Yeah am fine"

  • _akshitaaa_ 1w

    Exams are high tides

    Exams are like the high tides
    That comes and goes with the waves
    The surfers enjoy themselves with waves
    Whereas some are caught on shore.

    Exams are high tides
    Surfers are toppers who surf these tides as high they can
    The people on beach are the average ones.
    Then there are the ones on tide who know that they can go higher but are afraid to take a step.

    After tide is gone its all mild and calm
    Unlike EXAMS.....

  • shogazi 2w

    Wisdom's weight

    In the society of today, i'm not in the position to say wisdom is a curse, but it sure as hell carries a huge burden with it.

  • mmbftd 4w


    When you begin
    Your anger welling up
    From within
    I don't know where to go
    I want to help
    It's my first reaction
    When you are angry
    Or frustrated
    And you yell out
    In absolute
    Because the world presses down on you
    And me
    In different ways
    And you don't let me help
    So I want to run away
    Or cry
    Because every thing is
    My fault
    And always was
    And always will be
    From the time I was small
    Till this time now
    Being old.
    So. I have learned (although it goes against every single part of me)
    To stay silent
    Or go away from you.
    Because I get angry too
    And I need to remind myself
    How much it affects you
    When I do that to you too.
    Although I rarely get angry with you
    It is life or other people who continue to hurt me
    But I cannot escape them
    I am bound by obligation
    Much like you feel you are to me
    And your silence far outweighs
    And it hurts to never speak or be spoken to
    Now your anger has passed
    As my panic has grown to an undeniable pitch
    Until I spill out of myself
    In tears and choppy
    Barely sustaining breaths.
    So I hide from you
    To allow myself to be possessed
    By the other spirit
    Of chaos
    Created from toxic shame
    Guilt and self-loathing.
    It tells me your life would be so much better
    If I wasn't here-
    And my life would be better
    If I wasn't.
    You and I would be free of this tether...
    But I shush those voices
    As I always have
    As I always will
    From a young girl
    Until now
    An old woman
    with wrinkles mapped out on a face that carries sadness like it is all she has ever known.
    I cry into the silence
    And look around
    As the chaos spirit
    Lessens it's hold
    Around my soul.
    I am alone, and once again-
    Just the way you prefer me.
    And the way I was always shown.

  • mideamuda 4w

    #burden @mirakee_assistant I had a word prompt but I couldn't limit the words, ran out of time but I decided to write it anyways.
    I need to get me some helpful hashtags, suggestions?

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    Bent over,
    The weight of the world
    On my shoulders
    I wonder...
    Why do I have to bear this?
    Because I have to?
    Because I can't bear not to.

  • untethered_writer 5w

    Place your skies on my shoulders.
    © Ayusco

  • mishu_naz 5w


    Absence of mind's peace and satisfaction troubles the world of silence interupting it through frustrations...

  • kmm_90 7w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Burden
    #microtale #burden #10word #prompt

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    She kept her worries untold, never wanting to burden him.


  • miss_anonymouss 7w

    I'm sorry.
    I'm sorry for being so weak.
    I'm sorry for overthinking.
    I'm sorry for feeling too much.
    And now for feeling too little.
    I'm sorry for not understanding people.
    And not supporting their Dreams.
    I'm sorry for being such a difficult person.
    I'm sorry for disappointing people.
    I'm sorry for getting hurt.
    I'm sorry for for hurting people when I was getting hurt.

  • lalitha_l2 7w

    As an adulated #burden to the #tired #soul,
    As a #glacier for the waiting #eyes,
    And a stupid #weakness to the fired #zest,
    Far away, from me, even to clasp, the #memories,
    The one living in me is you!!❤️

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    As an adulated burden to the tired soul,
    As a glacier for the waiting eyes,
    And a stupid weakness to the fired zest,
    Far away, from me, even to clasp, the memories,
    The one living in me is you!!❤️

  • caesarborgia 9w


      A day was there,

    When  I was having,

    Time to play.

    A day was there,

    When I was having,

    Time to lay.

    As I grew up , 

    I lost the day.

    Now I have 

    No time to lay.

    Each exam,

    English, Bengali and Science,

    Snatch away my patience.

    No time to sleep,

    No time to talk,

    My mother says ,

    Walk, Walk, Walk.

    I walk on the earth,

    With a sorrow and burden,

    Is it important to carry it

    Till I reach heaven ?

    Pressure in knowledge,

    Does not give us good brain

    Enjoying life is the fact main !

    Will you never know,

    The pain of student!

    Be kind!

    And be prudent!

    Student will die,

    Because of studies,

    Can you say,

    What kind of justice ?

    Please decrease pressure !

    Please help us to live!

    As we can't study more

    We are tired and We are bored.

    Let us survive .

    Reduce studies.

    Living is more important ,

    Than getting learning .

    Don't be so selfish,

    Don't be a stone,

    Understand our feelings,

    And tears we own.

    For getting studies,

    We need a good heart.

    Studies are killing us ,

    And our heart part by part.

    Line these please,

    We are becoming mad,

    It's so painful,

    We are forgetting our mom and dad.

    Days and nights without sleep ,

    Tying our eyes with a clip,

    Make our life a burden.

    Our life is so sadden.

    They all sleep,

    What they knows.

    A student dies,

    And a teacher grows.


                                By Caesar Borgia

  • the_unknown_writer_20 10w


    Work without happiness is like a burden that you have to endure, but when you are internally happy it becomes a game, and you're just having fun.


  • angels_halo_always_shines 11w


    If only I had asked for this, if only I had wished for it. Maybe I could then see it as a gift, instead of the burden it is. A temporary burden, turned into a lifetime of tragedy. I never asked for ANY of this. It's taken a toll on my life. A toll on my relationships. Maybe, I would have thought twice before making a commitment. The only good that came about any of my doings, are my kids. Not so little anymore. I am thankful for them, without them, I am sure I woulda followed suit as Danny did. Hung myself and been done. He made it seem so damn easy. Now he is in another dimension. I still remember everyone fighting over your name. All because I chose to name Molly, Danielle. What a world of shit I caused. See, and you wonder why, depression never goes away. No family to talk about besides, my self made family. And so be it. I am not on all the fake deniable bullshit they all think that they are all right about. I hope they do make amends. Before the time is expired. I don't wish any bad upon them. But the life I was given, I am able to see the smallest of everything, and appreciate it. They haven't the slightest idea of any of that. It's about to be Christmas, and maybe that's why I chose to write this.
    I have learned to do without them for so many years. It's now routine. I mean it's supposed to be about family, and I am not included. Funny. Really, I find it amusing. If only they saw as I did. Wonder if anything would change? If they could appreciate the tiny things, the ones that go unseen, by them. And mom, the same. She can sit and deny all she wants. No different form them. Always too good for somebody. See a homeless man, and feels nothing but hatred. Why is that? And where the Hell did I evolve from? I have the same blood running through my veins as them. But, they are in a denial of disbelief. It's really all bullshit. I have came to see, that from all angles, it's a real shame. What will it take for someone to realize? I have decided to keep to myself. No one knows, besides mom, of God given gifts. And she is a skeptic in disbelief.
    Why share with the rest? To be looked down upon, as always. It's ok. I have gotten accustomed to it. No sorrow. Just wonder. Wondering, why everyone turned their backs on me. It's all ok. It has to be. I am not gonna try and change anyone's mind. When Danny visits me, in spirit, I keep it to myself. Trina, losing her life to an overdose of heroin. And it was supposed to have been me. I know that's their thoughts. I know. I wish somethings could be left alone. For some reason they are wide open to me. For me to carry, not them. Carefree. And have the assumption money can fix all. What a silly way to live their life. I can't figure it all out on my own. And asking them, is not an option. It's never been an option. I am not the chosen one. I am always the burden.

  • yexis23 12w

    Me Inside


    I lie
    I want to cry
    I am not okay
    I am sad everyday

    I want to tell a story
    But I have so many worries
    I'm in pain
    I wanna go out and wait for the rain

    I need someone who won't judge my decisions
    Who will make me feel that I will be in my good condition
    I really want to tell something
    I always felt like I am nothing

    I lose hope
    But I still want to hold onto my rope
    I want to get up
    Can someone lift me up?

    I have my huge burden problems
    I don't know how to handle them
    I'm in so much pain
    Each pain flows in my vein

    It is so hard to deal with that pain everyday
    I just want to wake up and then automatically "let's call it a day"

  • jeitendra_sharma 14w

    facet of time

    tranquility in the eyes
    I have forbidden the fragile thoughts
    none shall interfere with
    the business of the wise mind
    depths of the cosmos
    lights that carry the world with it
    yet, weightless and superfast
    the burden of the world made it stop
    the time is sitting along, having a chat
    about the lives which run according to it
    birth, death, and all other drama
    like a perfect stage of a storyteller
    with the swing of the hand
    the music floating in the mind
    I hear the pain of the empty sits
    as no one is here
    to see the loneliness of the man
    inside the womb of the creator
    a serpent coiled with sin
    looking at the possible pathways
    waiting for pray to come
    to attack with the reality
    the reality of mortality, of a man
    who live a life in dreamland
    far in the woods
    beneath the mighty sun
    seek pleasure at nights
    praising the silvery light of the moon
    see me not
    thus, the sun speaks out!
    a blind man
    couldn't be blinded again
    thus seek within
    with those eyes that see without light,
    like a bird that dies without flying
    a fish without swimming
    so the man dies
    without looking inside
    with the darkness of his deeds
    create the hell which burns without fire
    and rain that melts the very skin
    run into despair
    not to put faith in those idiots
    who couldn't see without light
    a blind man thus lead the all, who have close the eyes
    I am the wisdom
    first, you need to fall
    into the darkness of your soul
    thus comes the savior of all
    a man, who doesn't seek
    an ant, who doesn't eat
    a wolf, who doesn't howl
    a moon, who doesn't shine
    one, who forgets who is he?
    live the life
    without burden
    and feel no pain
    and share no time with time
    as it crosses the illusion created in time,


  • unfinishedbusiness 14w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Burden
    #unfinishedbusiness #burden #8wordstory #shortstories #daughter #diary

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    She wasnt such Burden
    You didnt ask once!


  • 4nonymoussss 15w

    They chose her fate,
    Even before she saw the world.

    She never asked much,
    But just a birth from her mother.

    She didn't know that its
    Her owns who wanted to disown her.

    She was just a burden
    That cruel men wanted to lay off.

    Women are the part of growth,
    They didn't care as far as they possess power!

  • shreyaks93 15w

    there is a world in you
    some unearthed some broken
    the colors you carry
    the songs you made
    the rivers and the giant domes
    they will weigh you down for days
    all the collected smiles and all the scars
    it is the universe in you
    it will grow and breathe from you
    it will steal your stars
    and proclaim galaxies
    it will lead your memories
    and strand them at the sea
    this world in you
    bigger than your dreams
    prettier than the faces you see
    squashed in a blink
    it will always be more
    than what left you unsatisfied

  • kunaln 36w