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  • sforsoul 9w

    In childhood, fun and frolic play
    I was running around my suburban home ,
    One scorching noon of May,

    Little girl of four ,faded red frock
    Bought in country fair , decades back
    Fresh in memory with vulnerable lock ,

    A wayward, often bled my nose
    Bumping into the rough wooden doors ,
    Bruised my knees and hurt my toes, ,

    That noon I rushed towards kitchen
    And startled my mother with a swift hug,
    A sudden cry of my skin i did listen,

    Flowed the hot water of bowl
    On my four-years' tender skin,
    Adept hands of mother lost control,

    Screamed but my voice seemed weak
    To reach to the edge of its own,
    As someone gave my skin a sharp tweak,

    My little body , burnt smoked skin
    Wrapped in fire ,full of tears,
    The wind stopped blowing under my chin,

    All gone with time, but it's a ghost to haunt
    When in mirror I see my backskin
    A blotch , written in Gothic font.