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    i'm an eternity in the blink of your eye polishing in the quick silver baths of a lifelong scar. The one that survived from the verge of falling apart from the epitaphs of reluctant lumps in wrapped lies. i'm an orchestra of crickets piercing your cochlea reciprocating through the lonesome nights eroding the beautiful lies entangled in the symphonies of versailles vanity. I'm an alarming voice of forgotten evenings fuelled by the desires to rewrite the unfinished haikus of forsaken youth. I'm a bunch of words seeps out from the blood of borrowed sheets of lifeless poetries and guilt that flows in your bloodstained palms. I'm the idea of the winter to cuddle the humanity with frigid white full blankets of peace but summer stole my skin everytime and now i'm bleeding red in poetries. I'm an anniversary of misfortunes in the sepia tinged skies flying like a kite collapsing upon the skins of forgotten past. I'm the lover of the blue sky overflowing from the flickering shadows of lonely nights but my thoughts are sunflowers thriving against the spiral helix of despair born under the same sun. My happiness is a painting with suspended green leaf drawn in the bottom of a tree mixing the stains of blue and captivating yellow stairways of serendipity. I'm nothing green without blue and yellow in the constant struggles to explore the camouflaged outfits of abomination. I'm the smoke coming from the chimney of a hut that fade away into mist like evenings when the skies slips away from the kaleidoscopic madness mixed with mundanity that builds a mountain of hectic thoughts. I'm the flower that blooms constant in your tiled walls of bathroom before roses in the city lights start to wither when the droplets of shower reaches your scalps and molten lava sliding down from your volcanic eyes. I'm a plucked flower of inexcusable loss whose petals has been thrown away before the hurt begins to heal in the depth of time. i'm a philosophic firefly igniting inside the temple of your heart sitting on the unwilling branch of the western sky when my green realities went up in grey ardent flames. I'm a teared page of a note book written your name along with mine in the cracked mirrors of the past yet our fingers reflect each other through the crevasse as we fall asleep in the world of thoughts when our eyes closes like clockwork every milliseconds we love. i'm an echo ringing inside your bones underneath the virtue of subtle honesty when your body is living like a fortress under siege. I'm a naive laughter in the invisibility of your untamed fire roaring in the misfits of whistling winds. I'm a detached tone of your unheard sighs drifting away from reality of falsetto voices from the resentment at quarter past three when earth exhales in throbbing despair and insomnia. Iam a lush green forest gleaming under the sun but bursting tears little by little when the rays swirls in my half closed eyes and conifers in the glimpse of freedom. I'm the flecked grey of your iris when the sunsets bids farewell to impenetrable alabaster gaps of ochre sky. You are the voice i carefully preserved in the untethered treasures of synapses inside my brain. You are the stardust i carry every time in those tiny little pockets of my heart tilted slightly towards left in the thoracic cavity where the asphalt of our torched childhoods contracting and relaxing in cold december winds. Why are you pretending like the moon when the sun is burning just for you? Give me back those days and tell me about what is the meaning of love without a doubt when you count the syllables of your beating heart?

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    Ofc temporary.

    If sleep is death being shy then what's waking up?
    Waking up is atoms being miraculous.

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    And you were there to reduce my pain,
    But all I gained are these heavy weights in my brain.

    Everything is washed away by the rain,
    The only things remaining are the shreds of our memories we made.

    How to slow down, I don't know.
    My back is heavy with all these arrows they targeted.

    Black and blues are the only colours I know.
    Everything is affordable, but your absence isn't.

    To elevate my own ways, ready I am.
    To feel you in every deepest part of me
    Is my privilege, to carry your cologne in
    My veins is the scar that is embedded deep
    In the hollow tissues of mine.
    Feeling pain, feeling better, feeling loved are all temporary things,
    Sadness is permanent. Permanent is soul. Soul is indestructible, indestructible is you.

  • shalvivikram 1w


    It's 3rd of November
    Pure white opaque crystals
    Nirvana would sprinkle

    Enveloping the meadow
    With soft cottony blanket of snow
    Angels descent for the heavenly scene
    Espy clouds fading mountains

    Nirvana numb the ambience with frosty frost
    Preparing it for reinvigorate and reincarnate
    To meliorate and calibrate
    From the lesion given by filthy beasts
    Who claim to own north south west and east

    Superior than superior, mightier than all mighty
    Creater of the this universe creater of deity
    God gave them powers to use cognition
    Help other creatures to maintain mutualism

    But reside with conflicts in their own race
    Guns, bombs and bleeding face
    Fight for territory
    Owners of purgatory
    Combat for power and eminence
    Molesting the heavenly balance

    Nirvana allowed everyone to sleep
    With the onset winters
    Under the white covered sheets

    In hope that beasts might self introspect
    And pay nominal respect
    To the sky, the woods
    and everyone else from the neighborhood
    Help everyone to co-operate and co-exist
    And wind up with all the conflict.
    -Shalvi Vikram

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    24 November 2007.
    Kashmir. My home. It is referred to as jannat, which means heaven. Kashmir is known for its scenic beauty. Moutains, snow, rare flora. But despite from its heavenly geography, it is not less than hell. Demons reside here.
    I clearly remember my miniature structure, I was probably 6 years old. Me and Zoya, we were playing at her garden. We had build two huge walls of snow at opposite poles of the garden. The drill was basically to demolish the walls. Even while recollecting the memory I can remember the warmth I used to get from snow. Probably because I have all the fun and gleeful memories associated with it. The cheerful ones!. Eventually the sun started setting. For my timid soul no deadline was enough to fulfil my crave to play with soul. Sometimes later my mom came. "Shalvi chaliye beta waqt bahot hogya hai(Shalvi come child let's go back)"... She said. I really didn't wanted to go. "Khala, please thodi der aur!(aunty please let her play for some more time)" Zoya pleaded. Soon Zoya's mother came out and asked my mom to join her with tea. And we insisted too.
    Mom was inside my snow wall was almost dismantled. Zoya was on the verge of winnig. And the very next moment I could hear gunshots being shot. Though I was well aware with news and the condition of jammu and kashmir. But experiencing listening it for the first time, my brain couldn't channelise and process the information. I blanked out. Zoya ran towards me and took me inside her house. She took a chair dragged it near the door stood up on it and latched the doors, left the chair there itself and ran to the hall. "Ammi bahar goli chal rahi hai(mumma guns are being shot outside)". Our mothers were cool. All she asked Zoya if the door is closed. She called the servant and asked him to close the lights. She was so systematic with the process as f its not new to her. My mom looked into my eyes and called me near her. And that was the moment I finally realised that terrorist activity is going outside.
    Mom called at home. My dad picked up. She informed her that guns are being shot and we are safe at Zoya's place. Dad informed her that he has turned the lights of and everyone at home is also safe. He told mom to return back by tomorrow when situation is in control.
    Next day. We walked out of the probably at noon. My dad had come to pick us up. White snow was no more white. It was stained with awful activities. It was stained with innocent blood. Hardworking blood. Ambitious blood. "Beta don't look out just sleep, my dad said. And I closed my eyes inside the car and slept. Just to heal all the trauma, my brain had gone through.

  • shalvivikram 2w

    I haven't really ever opened up about my struggles with bipolar disorder and tourretes syndrome. This for the first time I am transparently laying my feelings. Moreover I always wanted to come out with it, just to accept myself a little more. I am really grateful to mirakee for giving me such platform.

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    Dear diary

    My entity is captivated within the coldness and numbness. Possibly because I dont to feel anything. Probably because I am enervated by my own dysphoria. I was probably 8 when specialists confirmed me with bipolar disorder and tourretes syndrome, and since then I am struggling a never ending struggle. Now I want a safe place. A happy place. Happiness which is hypothetical, unconventional for a gloomy quintessence like me. I do feel normal. Atleast my version of normal. But I want to now feel this world's version of normal. Here I close my eyes in chimeric delusion that tomorrow I attain some serendipity.
    - Shalvi Vikram

    Behold the chandelier
    Hanging up the ceiling
    In the centre of the hallway
    Guide me at 3 am
    My frenweh soul
    hunting for Cabernet

    3am a dusk for teetotal
    Dawn for criminal
    I be the none
    Just hunting for a cubicle

    Where I feel safe and sound
    Where I ain't captivated and bound
    Where I can own my crown
    Where I can never drown

    An unicorn island
    A fairyland
    Magical spells and pixie
    Could heal my wounded hand

    I reach back my place
    The bed in which rest
    Layed my head down in the darkness
    Like so many nights before this
    Yet I remain homeless.

  • spitfire_ 2w

    "Whimsical childhood"

    Once I had a
    Squeaky Squirrel
    Climbing up the tree
    But she fall la la la la
    and rolling like a mad

    Once I had an
    Empty Jar of
    Candies and Colours
    For I ate all la la la la
    and laughed like carefree soul

    Once I had a
    Crazy idea ringing
    In my heart
    For I asked the brain la la la la
    and felt it like a Joy

    Once I had a
    Misty dream in
    Hazy night of sky
    For I danced in rhyming like
    la la la la la la

    Now I have all
    Dreams of that childhood in
    Sound less night and
    I'm missing that part
    Like crazy la la la la la

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    "Whimsical childhood"

    Once I had a
    Bag of crazy colours
    Mixed up with water
    And messed up with their tones
    Forming a 100 shades rainbow
    La la la la la la la la


  • spitfire_ 2w

    Little me used pencil to draw my imagination
    Mature me uses smart pen to form digital art
    My pencil is angry
    & I'm also sad
    What to do?

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    To Me,

    Your pencil is angry
    Says you betrayed it
    Your pencil is angry
    Says you're selfish
    Your pencil is angry
    Asks why you accepted pen in place of it
    Your pencil is angry
    Says I'm sad, Please come back

    Yours forgotten,


  • soulpriyam 2w


    T.E.A.M. UP... Together;
    T.E.A.M. up… Together. Everyone. Achieves. More.When go creeps in I think I alone can do everything. No matter how useless someone may seem, they possess at least one virtue. The world exists because of co-operation. Let’s demonstrate coexistence.

    Have a wonderful day.
    God bless you all.

  • spitfire_ 2w

    Bhadkeshwar Mahadev

    A temple in middle of ocean
    A path cutting the waves
    A bell ringing in its shell
    A spire echoing the vastness
    A chant resonating the soul


  • sans_bornes 2w

    This the way how you butter mirakee ��

    @writersbay I love you too!! Sorry went off topic again :)

    Is everyone dead??

    @mirakee I love you!!! ♡

    Ps. Did you noticed in my letters that first I'll mix up everything and then at last by one line I'll change the whole meaning :) xD

    #lts_wad - all letters here :)

    #ceesrepost #ltcmc

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    Dear creators
    of mirakee and everyone,

    What you have done for us is way more than you think.

    You gave us all an opportunity to express ourselves through this app. First when I was new to it I didn't found it really good and that so I uninstalled it but later on when again I downloaded it , I found many people with a really kind and friendly soul.

    I have been so much attached to it that now it's hard to get over! Here you'll never feel like you are meeting an stranger but you'll feel as if it's someone whom you have already met.

    You rant here , make memes no one is gonna stop you , till the time it's wrong. Here not only the mirakeean's but also mirakee will laugh on the memes. We are so happy to have you

    Because of this I found my inner self who was waiting from long to come out.

    You gave me a chance to do explore myself. From your challenges I used to learn and still I'm learning.

    Well , Anthologer's are not even so bad! Sometimes they are needed. xD.

    This app is like a home.

    Here WB , Reader's Novella , WN and Carolyn maam are like you teacher's who teach you. They show us the right path by small gestures. Challanges by them are also so amazing that one feels like writing all but time -_-!

    Here some people write to gain attention, for likes , for followers but I write for some love ♡

    Just a small poem for you -

    Mirakee is home ,
    Mirakee is love,
    Oh dear mirakee how much do you spent on keeping an eye on us?

    I rant here , I cry here,
    You are always there,
    Oh dear mirakee you are always my love.

    Writing my stories and poems ,
    Just for you'll ,
    Next time you will be there to celebrate my valentine's day.

    When Wn re-posts my post I go blank,
    Mirakee for your's I'll be waiting till the last day!

    Dear WB how can I forget you ,
    You are also like my love mirakee too.

    If mirakee is my Love,
    WB is my bff,
    Wn you are my crush.

    Oh dear mirakeean you all also deserve some love from me,
    But I'll give you that later on,
    Let me adore mirakee first :).

    Thanks you mirakee and Dear mirakeeans for always staying by my side.

    This letter is not only for the creators but it's for all.

    Yours ,

  • sans_bornes 2w

    Umm....I guess it's a odd!

    Whatever you can read. :)

    @writersbay @writersnetwork

    #writersnetwork #Ltseasonc #ceesrepost

    Read all my letters here - #lts_wad

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    Dear dry ,
    strong leaves
    My Autumn,

    I'm writing this letter to you , to tell you something about myself.

    When the my friend winter went away we both were really sad and that so at the last day he cried alot , it snowed heavily.

    Then came I , here to bring a smile on everyone's face. I did nothing but I let the flowers to bloom , which attracted bees and butterflies. Soft winds , colourful flowers , exquisite insects were bliss to children's and all. Just like me , summer and winter brought a smile on everyone's face , I want you to also do the same. Keep everyone happy! :)

    Now it's my time to go , enjoy! With every leaf fades away from tree make sure you make them think about their cherished memories.

    Fall , is usually indicated as "Season of faded memories". With every leaf falls down on the lonely roads make the passenger feel about the loved ones presence.

    I will miss you love but we'll meet soon don't worry. Make everyone feel cozy and cheerful.

    Time to bid you bye! Will meet you soon....till then lots of love to you♡♡♡.

    From the bees and butterflies ,
    Yours Spring.

  • freebirdwriter 2w

    The eagle doesn't soar to the highest heights by staying in the nest. The great potential of the king of the skies is realized when the wings are opened unto greatness.

    Even the mighty power of the lion is not known until he roars in the jungle and subsequently goes on an attack. Every other animal will know that the king of the jungle is in the vicinity.

    *Destiny is not a destination, it is a daily agenda* . It is a commitment unto something beyond the ordinary. Greatness does not come because you were born into a particular family.

    The son to a heavyweight champion does not become a champion by virtue of birth. You cannot inherit the worth of a man. If the child of a professor is to be like the parent, he/she must work towards that. It starts in the mind.

    Nothing defines destiny like the mentality. If you think you can, you are right and if you think you can't, you are also right. Failure mentality makes a failure and greatness mentality creates greatness.

    Have a Great Day.

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  • sans_bornes 2w

    I guess I went off topic , still if you wish you can read!

    @sangfroid_soul @jiniaa thanks for helping me but I still did it wrong -_-

    @writersbay <3

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    #spreadlove #ceesrepost
    ↑ all the letters here (WB challenge)

    The reach is ��⚰️

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    Dear stranger,

    It was a dark , foggy winter night. I was walking alone in pain. The streets were covered up with snow.

    I was walking on and on , and I saw someone crying on a bench. It was hard to figure out who it was because of fog.

    I went near , to see who it is. When I went near I heard a girl's voice. She was weeping continuosly.

    Here when I was heartbroken , I saw another one like me. I thought maybe there was no one for me , but I'll be there for her.

    "Hey you! Are you alright?" said I

    I didn't got any reply from her

    I repeated "Hey you! Are you alright??"

    In her deep weak voice she said "Do I seem you alright"

    I didn't had any words.

    "On this bench , he proposed me and faded away like a snowflake"

    She took a pause and continued

    "And on this bench only he broke my heart! Winter is a season of love for only some , not for all. Others spend thier winters in cozy blanket and warm soft heart's but here I chill out in cold winter night by crying to express my pain. These tears are even freezing in wait of him. My heart has gone cold and broken. My soul has gone chilled."

    These words touched me! I could feel her pain , she was continuosly weeping and speaking those words.

    When I tried to keep my hand over her shoulder....she faded away like a soft breeze.

    A chilled zephyr touched my cheeks and flew away. Suddenly I spotted something written on the bench was covered with snow and there it was written "I'm Dead :)"

    You might be thinking why am I writing this letter to you stranger , it's just because you I don't want you to die, just wanted to share my experience. When I saw you that night I felt like it was that girl only whom I met.

    A stranger :)


  • sans_bornes 2w

    A small tribute to the brave soldiers ��❤️

    May thier soul rest in peace.

    ☝️Other one is here


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    A letter from him!

    Date - 13/2/2019

    Dear Love,
    Tommorow is valentine's day , I don't know what to gift you but I promise I'll come back Tommorow to you for sure. I will be arriving home around 6:00 pm , make sure you keep readyy favourite sweets and Puri sabzi. I want you to be dressed up like a beautiful bride , just like the way you were dressed up on our wedding.

    Sending you lots of love. Keep my promise❤️.

    After writing this letter , Dev handed this letter to one of his friends and asked him to give this to his wife.

    (Dev's friend had to depart a day before other troops)


    Around 3:00pm dev and other 39 people departed from Jammu but the fate wasn't with them at at the Jammu-Kashmir highway a bomb blast took place and all the expectations broke at once. The deadliest attack took place many tried to survive but ended up dying.

    Dev's wife was waiting for him to come , but.......destiny doesn't wanted them to meet!

    Her condition went worst but not only her the whole family was dying. None couldn't bare the pain of such a big loss!

    At one side where other couples were celebrating valentine's day here other matayrs wife's were in tears for such a great loss. Here we are celebrating valentine's day and there what about those brave soldiers love?

    So let's not only celebrate valentine's day but let's also pray for Pulwama attack matayrs.

    May thier soul rest in peace ️❤️

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  • sans_bornes 3w

    I didn't write it well :'''(

    I mixed all the challenges and this what the result is :P

    Thanks for the prompt love @fromwitchpen <3

    @writersbay @mirakee sorry not didn't did your prompt well!


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    Twirling girl on the streets

    Purple night
    On a street moonlight fell
    A girl in a shimmering dress lone.

    Twirling 'round
    Pouring out agony
    Zephyrs are weeping of all her tears.

    Midnight lull
    Rustling leaves are music
    To her mournful pirouette on those streets.

    Feelings are expressed now
    But the heart was still broken unhealed.
    ©sans_brones || Aditi Das

  • disisdiplim 3w

    a n n i h i l a t i o n

    The unspeakable contrast
    Amidst my barren interior
    And my pomp exterior
    driving me through catastrophic madness
    Its a chaos of metastatic trauma
    A kind of annihilation of me by me
    The destiny of ice and fire entwined

  • disisdiplim 3w


    I haven't been myself lately
    I have been prone to taradiddle ideology.
    Fragments of me, fragmentary of vainglorious society
    Mingled in a trope of theatre of pomp and frivolity

    The merry crowd and me
    Became one
    I danced to their steps of gaiety
    Yet the goons of the shadow
    Lurked behind my back
    Sank it's teeth in my skin
    And i knew its darkness calling me home.

    The dark tides of gloom
    took me in
    As soon as I lay on my bed,
    staring up to the ripped ceiling
    I was thrown in the slumber of dank depths
    In a moana where only the monsters dwelled
    Screeching they ripped my heart apart
    I died for the another night
    I will rise with the sun
    Yet i shall die with the approaching dusk,each day
    As I have been cursed by "tomorrow" and "yesterday"
    I will be dying a thousand deaths
    dammed ,as I am in a way
    Untill the God of death claims my soul
    and sets me free.




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    t a r a d i d d l e

  • spitfire_ 3w

    As I wait for you
    In my subconscious mind
    As I wait for you
    In my submission
    As I wait for you
    In my memory
    As I'll never wait for you
    To come back
    As I'll never wait for you
    To forget me
    As I'll never wait for you
    To make me leave you
    As I wait for you
    I'll wait for you
    Wait for you
    For you

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    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Trumpet Creeper

    As I'll wait for you
    I'll wait for you
    Wait for you
    For you


  • sans_bornes 4w

    I'm not like a proper writer or something but these are the tips on should take , it's important in stories.

    Tag those people whom you know are writing stories as these may help��

    #writing_tips #mirakee #wn #ceesrepost


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    • Tips if you are writing a story •

    1) Make sure your title is catchy and attractive, avoid using movie names or simple names.

    2) Make your reader curious about the story with its description , prologue or the starting. Avoid starting like " one day......." Make it suspenseful.

    3) Use simple language , which is understandable and don't use really heavy words. Keep it simple!

    4) Give a brief description about character's so that it helps the reader to imagine better.

    5) Try writing the story in caption instead of body. And if you are writing in body use one type of font , it's size and bg colour. Don't make it really colourful.
    (Best Suggestions for this-
    Font size - H14
    Font - Roboto
    Bg colour - Black or white either dark or light colour. Don't use bright colours it strains reader's eye'.
    Font colour - black or white)

    6) if you're writing the story in caption then in bg add an attractive and effective picture for better imagination.

    7) At the story end add a suspense.

    8) Avoid adding cliche things to your story , instead give a real touch to it. Even avoid taking scenes from movies.

    9) Don't do stupidity of adding many characters in the story at the same time just like I did. It will make your reader forget the name of protagonist (if your reader has a bad memory :p)

    10) Most important make sure your story has sense , nor the reader will get confused.
    ©sans_brones || Aditi

  • sans_bornes 4w

    #sea #wod #writersbay #ceesrepost
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    A black post just for them��
    @vichus @fromwitchpen

    (Mirk - Something partially dark or gloomy)

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