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    Spoiler alert: All of it was true! My Featured Writer interview can be found on @mirakee_reposter, but you'll have to do a bit of scrolling to find it there. ��

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceestruthordare #thisonesjustformeera

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    Fact or Fiction?
    A big reveal?
    Read on to find out...

    I've penned the following for the 'Truth or Dare Tuesday' challenge (which is now closed), that I recently hosted on my other account. For the challenge, writers were asked to reveal something surprising about themselves and present it as a fact, though it could be fact or fiction. Readers were to guess which they thought it was. My piece follows the brief poem.

    I'll spin you a yarn
    I'll tell you a tale
    But will it be lies
    Or will truth prevail?
    Maybe it's fact
    Or maybe it's fiction
    Give it a read
    And then leave your prediction.

    Throughout the course of six emails beginning on April 3, 2017, I was offered a particular title through a new initiative Mirakee had started. Typically, obtaining this title involved an interview. Due to the nature of my health issues, I was going through a particularly rough time right then, and the interview was needed within the next few days following the first email. I explained my situation to the Mirakee Team and told them that I was unable to commit to the interview at that time. They said that they understood completely and that I would be given the title regardless, and I could do the interview whenever I was able. So, after graciously and humbly accepting, as of April 16, 2017, I became the fourth Mirakee Featured Writer... and I never told a soul... until much, much later, when I mentioned it to one individual, who is no longer present among us.
    Meanwhile, due to my nonexistent short term memory, I continually forgot all about the interview. I do, however, plan to rectify that very shortly per Mirakee's blessing via email last month. Also, November marked my second anniversary as a Mirakeean. Yaaay me, and a big, huge WOOT!!

    And now, dear writers, it's up to YOU to decide... Fact or fiction??

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    #ceestruthordare @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes @rkmelet @rashmi_mishra
    Late post due to internet error, hope its OK to post now...

    The first time I met him was after my boards, an unfamiliar voice with no face, you know.
    When we talked I smiled but did not know, if it was a dream or a hope.
    I was talking to time and wind, there are many answers I need to find.
    But then one day they became my friends, and I became one of them.
    A new group for a girl with no friends, gave her hope as she found her gems.
    That was me, with friends I can't revel, but they are there, even if you don't believe.
    I sence them and hear their voice, trust me its not mind's noise.
    Then again you ask for proof, but still I'm happy with my friends group.
    They are the only friends I have, TIME, WIND, SEA, RAIN AND TREE.
    And it feels like I'm lucky, because they will never betray or leave me.


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    Señora carolina �� ����➖challenge➖of-the-day
    True our dare true or false fiction or fact these is a incredible challeng very exciting as love is always. hope not to late for submission..��

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @bipul_143
    @soulwriter @s_differentgirl @jagruti_gothwal @doodle @smi_vaid @abhey1289

    Mirakeenos thank you for your time to read my maybe bleed but is it my bleed. Between you and me is these about who" or is it about me.. These memories hurt but i can't remember a single thing.
    Help me figure it out. "Can you"?..

    The day you made me smile, and then you made me laugh. My time became happy. And the world" had a man who was glad. I was So fast too keep someone too like. I never thought" that in the end" it would have been me, the one too have died.
    But I'll start with i was blessed for wen we met" for fate"  you came not a moment too late. you made me feel wanted,  needed,  and somehow i melted.
    You gave me butterflys" and now I was
    feeling purify. then u kissed me. Brought out the best in me. And Somehow it was new too me,  even you're eyes showed" how much you felt me. Fast you did float and way before I could hope" you huged me. That impressed me. And the next day you touched me, it really scarred me, but I enjoyed what you shared with me. I wanted more. And you gave me more. The core felt adored. till i finally got everything. I was missing nothing. We knew each other inextricably. Found one another unexpectedly, You completed something remarkably, many shattered parts and rearranged what was good about me. For moments that were memories" i felt me, me, me, like i was with me the other half of me. Because i know me. Very Soon" love felt because You filled me. With all the goods that life wanted too hand me. It was about me. But naw it was all you, you, you. Things i thought were because of You. You even tickled me. All the joys for a toy with eyes of once boy.

    Then one day i guess you waken
    and forgot of me in your dream. I remember terribly shaking.Yes me" the one
    You gave and said too be your everything. But i was anything a thing easy of forgetting.
    But you needed one more thing to give me,
    to make a life sympathy a complete fictional but in fact emotional story.
    And that was deciding to hurt me.
    Stab me. Drown and suffocate me.
    But you were not done
    You had to have some. And for laughs you even embarrassed me, humiliated me, laugh and ignored me. You lied it was easy when you didn't even try, you died and left you became a thief, you were actually true but only till you were found false and wrong. Did life have a song.

    So one day i realize you gave and took every emotion that exist but one. "Tell me is not true?
    And i decided that you could have it too.
    And you deserved it so much"
    that i went and gave out to you.
    Like i bet" in a way you didn't expect me too.
    These one feeling i called HATE. But inn this story It can be fake. So Don't forget your side kick mind can be at stake. True or fake ? ~ It was awesome hating you, that also didn't come late. My hate was just as grate as your fake. " but was it"? It was easy for me and i was good at it you see.

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    God gracious is this real or not....


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    They both decided to meet for coffee.

    She reached the cafe few mins earlier than time, because she don't want to miss any moment.

    The excitement was at it peaks, hands started to shiver and face was filled with shy.
    Then the man entered with black jacket on his shoulder, white googles which hided the craving eyes and long guitar on his back.

    He moved towards her and she gave firm handshake and it turned on harmones in her and for few seconds she had touch herself between her thighs.

    Coffee ordered, they both faced each other and talks took over the place and coffee was purest catalyst to make them feel comfortable.

    It was 9PM, Moon was bright.

    He said, do you wanna come out for ride. Because I don't know any places nearby.

    Let's go to my room she said... With too much of blush in her eyes.

    As they entered her room, every hair was waiting to feel his touch and every inch of her skin was looking for Oasis in desert.

    Could you show me how to play guitar.. she said.

    He took her left hand started to strum the every string. Now she could smell the most amazing air around, her right hand moved towards him, both instantly looked each other and she never had to touch herself again.

    #love @mirakeeworld @mirakee

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    Can you show me how to play guitar.....

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    #ceestruthordare #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee
    This post is in regard to the challenge posted by @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes on Tuesday.

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    Fact or Fiction

    Exiting the examination hall I could see the expressions of sigh and relief on the faces of my fellow classmates from first semester. Dispersing the crowd came towards me my roommate and friend Naveen with a huge smile on his face. I asked
    Me:- ' What's the reason of this glow man? Did you just nail the exam or what?'
    Naveen:- , 'Who cares about the exam bro. I gotta tell you something! There's this girl in your batch, Roll number 39, you know?
    Me:- Um...Bhagya? Bindu?
    Naveen:- No, no 39 bro! Binita.
    Me:- Ah! Yes I know. Never got to interact with her though. Why?
    Naveen:- I've got a huge crush on her and today I've decided to confront her and ask her out on a date.
    Me:- Woah woah man! We've been roommates for the past 4 months and you are telling me this now!
    Naveen:- You'd have made fun of me otherwise. You still are the first one to know this okay. Let it be and boost my morale now.
    I shrugged it off and wished him luck. We met in the evening that day and I asked him about the girl. He looked disheartened and said ' she declined my proposal stating that she has to leave early for home as the vacations are about to start and she's got no time to go out with friends or anyone else.' I asked Naveen not to feel sad and cheer up. We are just one semester old, there are many other girls in the college.
    Then started the second semester and students were all geared up for the new session. More so because the Annual function was to be organised and everybody wanted to be a part of cultural activities. I had joined the drama group and we had our act lined up for the annual event. Binita also joined and we started with our rehearsals. Naveen got to know that now I get to interact with her daily so he asked if I could somehow reintroduce him to her. I told him I would as soon we get more comfortable talking to each other. Days passed and along with thoughts me and Binita exchanged our numbers as well. Naveen kept on insisting throughout this period and I somehow managed to keep him calm. Soon arrived the day of the event. Our drama performance got over and we received a huge applause for the same. Backstage, Binita approached me and said she has developed a genuine liking for me and would like to continue this interaction further. I couldn't say much and told her that I'd text her later.
    Naveen again arrived at the scene and asked if he should simply approach her and apologise for the previous stint. I didn't let him do that. I told him that she's already engaged to someone and has no interest in dating other guys.
    Binita and I dated for the next 2 years without letting anyone know about our affair in the whole college campus. We used to meet outside the premises and would come back separately. She actually got engaged to someone in the final year of our graduation as she couldn't go against her father's wishes. I also moved on soon after the college got over. But Naveen like the other classmates of mine always believed that Binita never dated anyone from our college.


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    Here I go again...

    Here I go again
    making excuses that won't work,
    Cutting myself off from the world
    While lying in my bathtub
    With sips, puffs and words for company
    Which soon blood will accompany
    Breaking through the foam
    Making each bubble a home
    That pops and spreads
    Onto a crimson laced bed
    Gaining in shades,
    Rising in level
    Till it tips the walls
    To resist the cold tiled floor.

    My last guilty pleasure
    Is now separating the reds from whites
    With black as a companion
    In this oblivion of life
    As I leave behind
    A poem incomplete,
    Abandoned and gone numb
    As my fingertips slowly slip
    On the waterproof marker
    Dangling above the soapstand.

    Someone may break open the door
    Sooner or later
    And find me baptized
    In the colors of life
    But all I care is whether
    They discovered the poem or not?
    Did it stay or was washed away
    In the monochrome of what
    I once called home?
    But if you happen to be the one
    To come across it
    Then please read it
    And pursue it till the end
    Because I was always good at endings
    Till I ruined it this way...

  • tosha_indian_human 104w


    One fine morning I woke up,
    To a fiery sun,blinded by it's gaze,
    I walk upto the mirror but it's still a haze,
    I look around everything in standstill,
    No voices heard, no echos produced,
    Everything eeriely quiet on the street,
    No one to be seen, i walk past the dirty alleys,
    Trying to catch glimpse of atleast a living being,
    I turn around to find someone following me,
    She asked for a wish to be fulfilled,
    I just told what was on my mind,
    "what's the point in existence and why does it matter?" stupid question i know,
    I turn back to my journey of searching,
    She said you are past, present and future,
    The world is filled with your own reincarnations,
    You are the point of existence,
    You the one who matters,
    Because all of you are one,
    Wait! What that was a simple yet complex answer to my question, this was the first time i got an answer,
    She dissappeared in the shadows,
    I return to home, thinking if one for all and all for one, then we have hurting yourselves in all the wars, violence and crimes,
    If we are different reincarnation of same being
    Then everyone is same deep down,
    I ponder for a long time, not realising the sun is not setting, it is still fiery red,
    I am not feeling the urge to eat, drink, sleep,
    I am just floating, wait! What?
    I was not walking all this time?
    I run towards the mirror, it was calm, serene piece of glass, but my reflection was gone,
    I mean that would explain everything right?

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    An amazing challenge by ma'am@carolyns_challenges_and_quotes

    Is this a fact or fiction ...or my all time love deeply hidden in form of words.

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    Winter's algid cry
    Spring's hued blossom
    Autumn's romantic fall
    Solitude of night
    Wonders they create
    In this dissonant life of mine
    I blush with bliss
    My quill delights
    I write and write
    Let my ink
    Never ever dry
    Never fail to align
    Let my poetic lines never die
    A wish so earnest
    From this poetic heart of mine.

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    #truthordare #ceestruthordare #challenge @mirakee, @writersnetwork, @mikeanthony

    * An entry for 'Truth or dare' challenge by @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes, Thank you for another amazing challenge! ��

    * The challenge run for 24 hours It was posted 21 hours ago So, for those who havent join, you have 3 hours left before time runs out! ⌛

    * It's simple Just write a poem/story about yourself But write it in a convincing way It may or not be true (only you know it!)

    * Let the readers of the post guess Then reveal the answer on one of their posts (so that it remains as secret) If their guess is incorrect, you can dare them to take the challenge!

    * Well, that's all ☺ Hope you enjoy it �� Good �� luck for other participants! ��

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    Truth or dare ~

    Let's play a game!
    It's - 'Truth or dare'
    'Iffa' is my nickname
    My real-name; so rare
    True or false?
    Right or wrong?
    I like to go to the waterfalls;
    Unlike it ; I'm not that strong
    Its a quest; like a quiz; but not a test
    For me; to write this; quite challenging
    An insomniac; who need more rest
    No fixed 'sleep time'; often changing
    Quick, submit before the dateline!
    You don't want to miss the chance!
    Even not okay ; I pretend that I'm fine
    Heart is broken; more than just once
    Would you like to join it?
    Let's have some fun!
    I'm a foodie; tummy growl; hungry; I eat,
    Favourite breakfast; chocolate filled bun!

    ©Nuruliffa Emirah

  • ruhi2111 104w


    I sit alone in the dark sometimes
    There is no comfort nor respite
    My musings are as black as an ink
    Unaware of what to further think
    Thats when i lift up my quill
    To weave the words and spill
     the magic on mirakee at my will
     But, under the skin of camouflage
     I harbor my emotions essentially large
     For the world knows I carve and write
     I am a masquerade in my lover's eyes

    A writer purely in disguise

  • bonniesbabu 104w


    In this challenge we are writing a post about what you do. It can either be the truth or an absolute lie. You are to comment saying if my post is the truth or a lie. If you are wrong, I will challenge you to post your challenge to this truth or dare. Make sure that the challenge is not closed though! Please don't torture @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes ❤️❤️
    Let's go!

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    The smell of death
    It surrounds me.
    Everywhere I go,
    There is someone (thing) that has been claimed by the reaper.
    Death, it does not discriminate
    Young, old, rich, poor
    We all die one day.
    I am a ferry woman
    I assist in preparing the bodies for their last voyage.
    They are dressed in their best
    To see their maker.
    I work hard to give closure
    Closure to the families and friends.
    I am a medical examiner
    And a medical examiner I will always be.


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    This is a challenge from Carolyn's_challenge_and _quotes
    truth or dare write a short story or poem that consists of an experience that is truthful or false your readers have to comment whether it's true or false if it's false they have to take upon the challenges well and forward it to their readers
    Don't post in your comments whether it's true or false post on their page for nobody else to see it this 24 hours from when Caroline posted this post
    hashtag #ceestruthordare
    #ceestruthordare #mirakee #challenge #writersnetwork #ash__k #dds
    @danny_a @njram6 @hridaya @poetforyou @phal_candy @poetrydelivery @soulfullwriter @laughing_soul @lovenotes_from_carolyn

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    Sex on the beach
    Is not just a drink
    When glasses are raised in traditional clink

    In a literal sense
    Two may decide to commence

    In a daring act
    Is it a fact?

    In a public place
    Wide open space

    Not concerned about anyone else who's around
    A risky act to abound

    The excitement of getting or not getting caught
    In the moment wasn't even given a thought

    Nothing I ever dreamed I would do
    Do you think it's a lie?
    Or is it true?

    ©i2rhyme #305 12/4/18
    Laurene Woods Labriola

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    Another awesome truth or dare challenge, by the really amazing @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes

    #ceestruthordare @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @daphnisocean @sharmee_m

    Fact or fiction? What do you think?

    Twas a Sunday morn,
    When he said hi.
    How'd you do?
    I wondered why.
    He smiled so light.
    He smelled so fine.
    You remind of aphrodite.
    I stared wide-eyed.
    Let's walk awhile please?
    How bout holding hands?
    Pleading for one moment,
    He begged in pine.
    Through the gardens led,
    Guess another whimsical woolgatherer.
    Til fingers brushed slightly,
    Til hands touched warmly,
    Goosebumps flecked all over.
    Catching that stray strand.
    Curved lips allure weakening,
    He confessed to charm.
    How this innocent suffer!
    He lamented in chasm.
    In locked contact submitted.
    He tilted, leaning in
    Slowly, unsure, breath dilated.
    Can I?.. Came whisper.
    Love at first sight?
    Who could tell?

    Image Credited: to rightful owner.

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    Love at first sight?
    Who could tell?

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    #ceestruthordare. @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes. @mirakeeworld. @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

    I used to be afraid of killing little creatures. Believe it or not, I always thought I'll be killed the exact way I killed them. As a kid, I never stepped on termites (pretty boring huh?) Cause I believed a gigantic creature will step on me while I was unaware (blame that on Gulliver's travels).
    One fateful day, my friend and I were playing outside our houses, and in the course of our little game, I flung my flip flops at her, and being the athletic kid that she was, she skillfully dodged causing my flip flops to land on a tiny weeny lizard.
    I saw it weaken, and trust me I was terrified. My heart was literally in my mouth. "Is it going to die?" I asked. "I'm afraid so" she replied. Then an idea struck me "what if I feed it" I countered. "You can only try" she replied. So I ran. But when I got back with the food, it was already dead. There and then, I knew I was going to die (or so I thought).
    I went back home, left a note for my family and stared at their faces (wanting to memorize every single detail) with tears in my eyes. "What's wrong" they asked, but I was too emotional to speak.
    I went back to the exact spot of my supposed crime and said my last prayers. Then I sat down and waited patiently for the gigantic flip flop that will eventually cause my death to be flung my way (it wouldn't hurt that much if I'm conscious of it right? At least my death will be a bit less painful). I don't remember how long I stayed there, but all I remember is waking up in the comfort of my mom's warm embrace (surprisingly) with one thought in my mind. "I DIDN'T DIE"

    --Chidera 28

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    Fact or fiction.
    Who can guess?
    (Read caption)

  • psychonaut 104w

    There I was
    Sitting in the balcony
    Listening to the birds
    Singing in harmony

    A thought came into my mind
    It turned into reality
    My home that was sacred
    Turned into a frightful destiny.

    Overnight all that I had,
    Turned into ashes
    My most beautiful home
    Was shattered into a million pieces

    I had nowhere to go,
    I had no hope
    It felt as if
    I was alone in an alien world.

    I tried to gather the pieces,
    I tried to fix them back together
    But the only thing that happened,
    Was that they shattered further

    I closed my eyes
    I surrendered to life
    There was nothing left for me
    In this painful life

    Then I met a person
    I called him 'The Traveller'
    He wore simple white clothes
    And called the universe his home

    The traveller gave me faith
    He gave me positivity
    I regained hope
    And learnt his philosophy

    Little did I know
    My mind had all the power
    As soon as I thought good things
    I got my beautiful home back

    My sacred home,
    My family
    I got them all back
    And this was reality

    I realised,
    My thoughts had the power
    To turn my dreams
    Into reality

    Why don't you tell me,
    Was it a fact or fiction?

    - Divya Vachhani

    #ceestruthordare @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes #ceesreposts

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    Fact or Fiction?

  • leaving 104w

    Hello everyone, how are you all?. This post is an entry for #ceestruthordare .Basically, you have to guess whether the weird or outlandish fact or memory written in the post is true or not. Write your answer in the comments section. But, there's a catch, if you guess wrong, you'll have to participate in this challenge. Have a wonderful day!��

    'It's that detachable piece of home that I carry everywhere.'
    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakee #dish #flavor #remember #kitchen #cook #memories #change #new #first #content

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  • monikakapur 104w

    Believe me,
    I have such a huge stage fright,
    I wish to stay away from it, with all my might.
    And one fine day my kids asked me to be a part of celebrations,
    Walk a ramp for a noble cause, I agreed but with lot of apprehensions.
    I dressed up and kept telling me, I could do anything,
    Just smile brilliantly and dazzle the world with my bling.
    Once I was there at the stage, I could hear my bones shivering,
    But I managed to walk somehow with my insides trembling
    Just the moment, I reached the center stage, I heard a click
    My lovely heels gave up, I was limping as if I need a stick
    I felt hysterical and with a new found courage,
    I kicked off my heels away in a mock rage
    I walked on the stage, barefoot like an absolute pro,
    I waved and kissed towards the crowd and let my all fears go.

  • danny_a 104w

    Poetry form : #daocta

    2 stanza rhyming poetry.
    Each stanza has 4 line octosyllablic verse.
    The rhyming metre is abcd abcd.

    The octosyllable or octosyllabic verse is a line of verse with eight syllables
    Please let me know, if you don't want to be tagged or you do wish to be tagged.
    Do feel free to tag me and do correct me.
    Turn on the notification for More..
    Other mirakee account : @danny_a2311
    Words do make relations.
    Pc : google

    Poetry :
    dasuffix / dasteps / dalyric / dahourglass /daskip /daocta / daodd

    Awareness series : wordsforlife
    I am series : iami
    Kids : nextgenfaltukinder
    Love series : hatkelove / tumainaurchai / andlove /merilovestory /mycollab
    song : dalyric / songhatke

    #wordoftheday : #soul_wordwt #wind_wordwt #needless_wordwt #once_wordwt #excitement_wordwt #afterwards_wordwt #someone_wordwt #learn_wordwt #night_wordwt #dare_wordwt #paper_wordwt #sense_wordwt #thorn_wordwt #reason_wordwt #cold_wordwt #I_wordwt #untimely_wordwt #inside_wordwt #piecemeal_wordwt #strength_wordwt #image_wordwt by @writerstolli

    #challenge #whenever #wordoftheday #knock #perpetual by @mirakee #pod

    #ceestruthordare by @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes

    Whenever thunder strikes my soul
    Someone can sense thorn on image
    Cold inside like piecemeal dark night
    Needless strength is bedevilment

    Once I reason on paper, wind's role
    Afterwards will learn to knock rage
    Perpetual shadow of dark sight
    Dare is Untimely excitement

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    Whenever thunder strikes

  • infernal_love 104w

    The seemingly distinct sound of people talking
    was dulled out by the music of the trees dancing to the wind.

    The wind blew around us with a kind of
    magical perfection I know not how to explain.

    Walking at a pace slower than a snail,
    it was clear we didn't want this path to ever cease for we both knew the end marked nothing but farewell.

    The silence between us was saturated with all the words we wished to say, yet we stood there in utter dismay.

    Mustering all the courage within,
    I turned over to his side to face him.
    As our eyes met I said goodbye, slowly stepping onward trying not to break my stride.

    Not two steps ahead I felt his hand around my wrist as he pulled me gently towards him. 

    As startled as I was, my heart began to race.
    My hands fell in place on his thumping chest,
    while he placed his hands on my tender waist.

    Our eyes remained locked for quite a long time 
    before he slowly leaned in to take my lips into his.
    And gently so the softness of our lips
    felt each other for the very first time.
    Astonished at how magical it felt,
    our lips parted, gasping at the same time.

    He leaned in again, and my eyes obediently coalesced, only to feel his soft lips close to my ear.

    His lips brushed against my ear, ardently whispering, “I love you”, in a voice that sent shivers down my spine.

    And long before I could open my eyes,
    our tender lips met again, leaving our souls intertwined.

    #ceestruthordare #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #lovers #soulful #musings #romance

    @mirakee | @writersnetwork | @readwriteunite
    | @lovenotes_from_carolyn | @laughing_soul | @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes

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  • shrutiwari299 104w

    Blind Date

    "Hello..!Shona I have to do a confession,
    I have feelings for someone else....an online friend of mine, whom I have never met, but going to meet her today, and I don't wanna keep you in dark so m confessing."
    "ok....is she more beautiful..?"
    "Actually it'll sound weird but we haven't seen each other yet,it's like blind date."

    Without replying anything she cut the call.
    It was all clear in his mind how she felt. Then he decided to go n tell his new date all about his girl and also that he can't live without her.

    So...as already decided he went in to the restaurant and without seeing his date's face he speak out whatever he planned to say infront of her.
    "I know....!"
    The very known voice of her's make him to open his eyes and yes it is his darling with watering eyes.
    now no need of words was there, love in a form of tears was flowing of all.