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  • zealous_xpression 18h

    Confessions to my mental health lover

    I think we need to talk
    It pains me to let this secret loose but I had no other option left to choose.
    I refuse to let anyone else expose the news...

    I've been cheating on you.

    And it is not to say that you have let me down,
    You've stuck by me through thick and thin
    Kept me up and whispered sweet nothings till dawn despite my mouth's best efforts to force a yawn.
    You let me not go.

    I appreciate the efforts you've taken to introduce me to your friends:
    I'll never forget how shy anxiety made me
    Or how much time i spent with overthinking.
    We shared memories that will be with me like a well decorated headstone...
    But memories we will make no more.

    My new love - Joy - has given me things you never saw.
    She motivates me to be strong against the arrows of your abuse,
    Protects me from the grenades of doubt you were never shy to produce.
    She reminded me that my Jesus said, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself"
    I guess it was a matter of time before the love that I gave turned around 180 until I was the one being saved.
    She introduced herself to me on a seemingly insignificant day but boyyy she had a bit to say.
    She saw you coming and hid herself in the smile you told me to mask.
    So now, my debt has been paid and there's nothing more to ask.

    It's not me, it's you.

  • kirthu_velan 1w

    If your love on me is true and pure, then you wouldn't have left me just like that

  • radha_bajaj3 1w

    Karma says..

    Cheating is a choice , not a mistake
    And loyalty is a responsibility , not a choice.


  • positive_stagnation 3w


    All her life she wondered how good he would be,
    But all he did was just sucking the nectar out of her and flew like a bee.


  • preranarathi 4w


    ईश्क का पानी चढ़ा कर दगा कि थी,
    मुहब्बत की आड में बेवफ़ाई कि थी।
    भरोसे का मुखौटा पहन कर धोखा आया,
    गलती तो हमसे हुई,
    जो उन्हें समझने में हमने इतना वक्त लगाया।

    - प्रेरणा राठी

  • pallavi4 5w


    I lie bleeding under a canopy of shimmering stars
    Aware that this will be the last time I see them
    The cold seems to have seeped into my broken bones
    I’m coughing clots of blood along with the phlegm

    As life slowly ebbs towards the end
    I cling to each moment, each breath
    I shiver thinking any minute may be my last
    I seem to be inches away from death

    Life flashes before my now drooping eyes
    As I lay dying on the grassy greens of my own house
    In life I hadn’t achieved much
    Neither been a good father nor a bearable spouse

    My wife, the doting, meek, mother of two
    Stands by me watching me hang on to my dear life
    She’s soaked to the bone , as am I
    I lie prostrate on the ground, she holding a bloody knife

    In my life I had had little consideration for her
    Or for that matter anyone else but me
    I had been spoilt and selfish, self centered and a cheat
    Inspite of my kids I had always considered myself free

    She had on the other hand
    Spent her life tending to me and later the kids
    Her obliging, sweet manner were good for a person like me
    Oblivious to her own needs she had lived

    I had cheated on her for years now
    She had only now discovered one
    Read the love notes written by one of them
    So she knew about my infidelity and how behind her back I had been having fun

    When confronted with the notes I denied
    Any knowledge of their existence
    Plead to her of my innocence in the matter
    Thought I could persuade her with some persistence

    The lies seemed to not have moved her
    She was embarrassed, angry and outraged
    I had underestimated the degree of her ire
    She stood listening , seething like an animal who had been kept caged

    Without a word , she lurched at me
    The blade of her meat knife piercing my heart
    As I fell to the floor I lost count of the slashes
    They’d been so unexpected that they’d given me a start

    I slowly dragged myself away from her
    Towards the garden I started to crawl
    She stood like an amazon watching me mewl
    Watching my blood soil the floors and the walls

    As the thunderstorm outside blessed
    The lovingly tended garden with showers of rain
    She followed me out to the lawn
    Where I now lay writhing in extreme pain

    The kids were asleep although they were
    By now used to the silent treatments and fights
    I wondered what they would think of their gentle mother
    After she disposed me off this very night

    I pleaded with her to get me a doctor
    I knew I was close to being gone
    She stood silently like a block of wood
    While I bled out on her meticulously manicured lawn

    Walked she did to the house alone after orchestrating the catastrophe
    The nearest neighbours were further away than a mile
    For the first time in years once she shut the door
    Her face lit up with a beatific smile


    22nd of January, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Blind Love” by Cora Tiana

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  • pallavi4 8w


    He was the light of her life
    A luminous candle in the dark
    They’d spent they lives together even though
    The difference between them was stark
    He would often come home late
    But always with flowers in his hand
    If he ever messed up he would rectify
    The situation by doing something grand
    One day while she was shopping
    And humming to herself
    She saw him standing in a cafe
    From across the grocery shelves
    It was as though someone had
    Punched her in the gut
    When she saw the woman he was with
    Her eyes in utter shock she shut
    Hoping the image would disappear
    From her mind and her heart
    Quietly she collected her things
    Walked home dismally in the dark
    She vowed to not question him
    Instead wait for him to confess
    It was as though an icicle had been
    Pushed inside of her chest
    He came home early that night
    And tried to be his jolly self
    He noticed she’d grown weary of his jokes
    She refused to play along or melt
    The silence hung heavy between them
    Neither one willing to make the start
    Of breaking down what had gone wrong
    Why he’d gone and broken her heart
    Quietly they ate their dinner
    He knew looking at her this wasn’t alright
    She kept wondering what was wrong with her
    Staring into the ebony of the night
    He tried to work his way out of it
    Tried very hard to convince her otherwise
    But she’d seen what she needed to see
    And told him from him she’d like to cut ties
    With the love he believed he still had for her
    He tried to make a yes out of her no’s
    The next day she packed up all her things
    And left him watching the joy out of his life go


    29th of December, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Moving on” by NaBHaN

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  • yours_fortune 9w

    2020 made me realise that,
    I have wasted my "yaar pata hai aaj kya hua"
    On people who deserves my "accha,ok, theek, ya, hmm".


  • noonesloyal 9w


    Cheating is a choice not a mistake.

  • _infinity_writer_ 18w

    Burned Out

    She thought they were happy...

    she didn’t know what changed. They love each other. she did. she thought he did too. “What changed?” she whispered to the empty room. They met in college. They fell in love. she did. They decided to get married. They even fought their parents on it. she did. she thought he did too.She moved out of town for him. she stopped calling his parents, because they didn’t trust him. She didn’t talk to his college or school friends, because they didn’t trust him too . She helped him with household chores;never doubted him; never questioned him for being Iate;never fought for his time. ’she trusted him’. “ trusted you” she whispered to the empty room.

    His business was down. She didn’t berate him. She worked for him too. “It’s too soon for a baby. Abort it. We will wait for another year”. He had said. They had a big fight. But she gave in the end. She cried that night after her abortion. He wasn’t there. “I killed our baby... my baby for you” she whispered to the empty room.

    She got through it. She worked, worked , worked to the bone to escape from the pain.’everything would be fine. It’s just a phase’, she said to herself. She tried to talk to him. “Look, I’m going through a tough time. My business ideas aren’t working out. Nobody is ready to invest. I don’t have the qualification or interest to join a stable job. Am l whining like you? Quit whining and stop disturbing me.” he had said. She stopped telling him her problems.

    He was out always lately. ‘Maybe he got a new business’ she reasoned to herself. “Yeah” he replied when she asked him about it one day at dinner. ‘He is stressed due to new business’, he reasoned to herself again. Her calls were ignored. Her texts were unseen. He stopped having dinner at home too. ‘Had dinner with the investors’ he had said. She believed him. “I believed you” she whispered to the empty room.

    She had left for an official trip the day before. It was for 4 days. But she skipped last day tour activities conducted by the oPice and decided to surprise her husband. She came in early in the morning and opened the door. She went to their room to surprise him. She could never erase the image she saw there. ‘You were supposed to come tomorrow. Did you come to check on me? You were never there for me. You were always working or whining. I x‹as depressed and you cared about only you. You were selfish. Only your career was important to you. I was never there in your life. She likes me. She wants me. She’s not like you. I’m leaving’ he had said. All through this she had stood frozen, not able to talk; think; move.

    “What changed?” she questioned the empty room. She saw his lighter and ashtray on the bedside table. 'Oh he started smoking because i didn’t give him enough attention. Funny’ she snorted. She took the lighter in her hand. she had given it to him as a gift and made him try and quit smoking. ‘Don’t burn yourself out too fast’ she had said that day. “So you burned my life down,” she said to the empty room, lighting it and staring at their bed.

    I will burn myself now...


  • _infinity_writer_ 18w

    Shared tears

    He want to punch her in her face...

    He knew it. He knew she wasn't taking her relationship with his best friend seriously.
    And he told that idiot and they had fought.
    Look whose right now.. He thought.

    They were best friends for better part of a decade. When she came around 2 years ago telling she liked his best friend, he knew something was wrong. His friend wad happy in the beginning of their relationship that he ignored it.

    And then she started pulling away from his friend. He asked his friend so many times if it was okay but his friend just said ’fine’.
    He knew something wad wrong. He want to ask her. Talk to them. But he feared it would be wrong to interfere between them.

    And then she started pulling away from his friend. He asked his friend so many times if it was okay but his friend just said 'fine’.
    He knew something wad wrong. He want
    to ask her. Talk to them. But he feared it would be wrong to interfere between them.

    He knew his friend will open up to him someday, but he never expected this. Here he was with his friend who not just broke up but been cheated by his Girlfriend (ex - girlfriend - If he sees her now, She’s done).

    He wanted to shout. Tell his friend told you so. But one look at the tears from his friend’s eyes, he couldn’t do it. It always hurts to see the people you care about in pain. It is devastating to see them cry. Be it your family, friend or love. whether they are in pain because of you or not, it hurts.
    Like hell.

    Tears started slipping down his seeing his best friend crying. He had never seen him cry. His best friend was the most strong and happiest person he has ever seen.
    Even at his low he never cried so openly. He always masked his pain with smile. It is painful to watch him like this.

    What?" his friend asked añer long silence. "That bitch fucked you up bad, didn't she?", his voice thick and croaked as he asked. "you are supposed say 'told you so', not cry with me", his friend snorted and replied. "I have time for that" he
    replied to his friend. "Why are you crying?"
    his friend asked. "i have never seen you cry and didn't know it would hurt like hell” he replied.

    Finally he saw a sad smile on his friend’s face. " Knew you would care, never knew how much" his friend smiled at him. " What do you think about a tub of ice cream and Netflix, we can bitch about bitches all night and i will let you rant about how beautiful she and how she left but on one condition of only today, dealing He smiled back.

    They sat all night bitching, ranting and watching series all night, it ended with 3 empty tubs of ice cream.


  • dodgerzm 21w


    There's more to cheating
    than what is said
    In some cases to be unfaithful is the result
    of being careless
    something hard to except
    A relationship requires
    attention, time and romance
    not just being together and hoping
    to last long
    A relationship is about you
    How you take care of yourself
    To impress you partner is a thing two
    It's long tern job until a couple ages
    as time goes by
    But it's something hard to take
    but easy to deny


  • jeeths 21w


    she thought
    i was in love with her ,
    but she never noticed i even trusted her
    the most.


  • alxita 22w

    || Theme ||
    Window Widow describes a person (as if a spider) who is disloyal to their initial lover. The person disposes them eventually.

    #life #love #cheating #infidelity
    #sya #pod #genuine_readers

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  • soulfullyps 22w

    Cheating ?

    Cheating is a hidden contrasting
    characteristic of human being .
    Emotionally , physically , mentally ,
    thoughtfully , ethically , morally ,
    actually you will find yourself..
    cheating on someone or something
    May be more than once
    in past like a swing & sway ..
    Come on... Let's not be in denial ,
    Let's not shy away ..
    Don't beat yourself for the mistakes
    Or the cheating done on the way .
    Let's remember to correct it , to accept
    it & to apologise ..if you find it ..Right away ..
    Cheating is a hidden
    characteristic of human being ...
    Credit yourself without any qualms ..
    It's human nature & here to stay ..


  • roheet 24w


    दिल तोड़ना सही नहीं किसी का,
    पर धोखा देना सही,

  • alxita 26w

    || Main Theme/s : Disloyalty ||

    || Logorrhea ||
    1 | cadge - to persuade [someone] to give something for free
    2 | besiege - to urgently request to [someone]
    3 | sully - to make dirty
    4 | infeft - to hand over one's possession to someone else
    5 | verbatim - word by word
    6 | catharsis - purification of emotions (fear, pity, etc.) through art

    #love #infidelity #cheating #relationship #heartbreak #lies #truth #reality #life #catharsis #mirakee #alxitasonnets #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod @writersnetwork

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  • its_me_luki 27w


    I started a game.
    I didn't expect this ending.
    I should have kept my heart and also his.

    Falling too deep when I'm not supposed to.
    Let his feeling go stronger, when he shouldn't though.

    I'm trapped.
    I can't make a confession, it'll be bad.
    I'm not ready to make them sad
    I'm not ready to be blamed for everything that happened.

    I don't know how to stop
    Even not knowing when to stop
    Loving him but don't want to lose them too.

  • mystery_in_words 27w

    I see your receding footprints when I am with you
    I see shadows on your shoulders when I cry on them
    I see your focus slipping when I stare into your eyes
    I have known, always.
    By the time you bid me goodbye,
    I would have already cried.


  • deactivate_user 28w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readandwriteunite #brokenheart #cheating #simo #quote #fakelove

    Glossary :
    Aggravated :problem /injury
    Mortified : someone to feel ashamed or embarrassed
    Enamored :feel with love

    You can relate this with me.

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    What aggravated me most
    In that whole circumstance
    Was the way that I wasn't feeling mortified,
    Or irritated, or even tricked.
    Double-crossing was what I felt,
    My heart broken not simply by
    A person I was enamored with,
    However likewise by,
    As I once accepted,
    A genuine companion.