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    You remember where i have fallen in love with you?

    Yeah! there i have lost my childhood

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    My childhood innocence was ripped from my hands
    But that never stopped me playing in the sand.
    As a child I was forced to be a big girl
    So now I play with glitter and twirl.

    Our childish ways should never be lost
    But only displaced and now it defrosts.
    Although I am tall and larger than my age
    I'll use these crayons and colour this page.

    I'm not crazy, insane nor confused
    I'm simply partaking it what I was refused.
    I will eat chocolate and sugar and sweets
    Because I was violated under the sheets.

    Do not be frightened for I'm only being me
    For once in my life I can be carefree.
    So watch me sing, dance and play
    While I pretend every day is my birthday.

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    I met her ...

    It was in childhood when I met her first time. After many years left, I came across her face....


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    Kaagaz ki kashti thi,
    Paani ka kinara tha.
    Khelne mein masti thi,
    Dil bhi awara tha.
    Kaha aa gye hum is,
    Samajhdari ke dal-dal me.
    Woh naadan bachppan bhi,
    Kitna pyaara tha.........


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    I'm just a girl standing in front of a salad , asking it to be a cake.

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    Terminal Illness "Children"

    Whenever I see little children fighting so hard with terminal illnesses...My heart breaks a million times...It seems so unfair to see the little ones who are so full of life to fight for each breath...Then I look up at the almighty...and he says to me.. "My Child..the bravest battles are fought by the most fragile souls..even if they lose in the end they WIN"...They win when it comes to showing exemplary courage and enduring excruciating pain...to undergoing the most difficult surgeries...Their body is giving up but their will is as strong as iron...They are aware that their time on this earth is limited...the sun is setting for them..and still they make the most of it.. Smiling through it all...Living life to the fullest.. Swinging joyfully to the rhythm of life..without any complaints...


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    फरवरी आने को है, आमों पे कैरियाँ लग जाएंगी
    अनायास ही याद आयीं आज होली की वो छुट्टियां

    रास्ते के दोनों ओर से मुह ताकते महुआ के वृक्ष
    सुबह की धूप और गुलमोहर से सनी सुनहरी राहें
    पुरानी टैक्सी की महक और चंद अनजान हमराही
    गंगा नदी में आंखें मूंद कर उछाले हुए वो सिक्के
    बचपन की वो चहचहाहट, चंद यादें देतीं आहट।

    @सिद्धांत श्रीवास्तव

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    बचपन की यादें।

    मैं एक बार फिर से बच्चा बनना चाहता हूँ
    अपने बचपन को दोबारा जीना चाहता हूँ।
    आज फिर से बचपन याद आया
    जब कुछ बच्चों को खेलते देखा ।
    वो बचपन ही था जब मस्त मलंग होकर ,आंखों में बड़े बड़े सपने लिए जिया करते थे।
    छोटी छोटी चीजों मैं भी खुशियां ढूंढ लिया करते थे।
    पता नहीं कैसे Energy हमेशा फुल हुआ करती थी अपनी
    की Always full on masti मैं रहा करते थे।
    पता नही ऐसी क्या खुशी मिलती थी कि
    उस 2 रुपये की कटी पतंग के पीछे दूर दूर तक भागा करते थे।
    बारिस ️होने पर जोर जोर से गाने गाकर बारिस में नहाना ,
    शाम को दादा जी पीठ पर बैठकर सैर करने जाना ।
    दूसरे बच्चे के हाथ मैं खिलौना देखकर जिद्द करना
    ओर न मिलने मिलने पर मासूम सा चेहरा बनाकर रो जाना।
    वो दोस्तों के साथ छुपन छुपाई⛹️ , पकड़म पकड़ाई , चैन चैन जैसे ना जाने कितने खेल खेला करते थे।
    पापा या मम्मी मारे तो पलंग के नीचे छिप जाय करते थे।
    अब थोड़े भोले और अनजान थे जनाब
    की हमको पागल बनाना बड़ा आसान होता था।
    वो मन भी अपना बहूत कोमल था
    जिसमे ना तो कोई पाप था ना किसी के लिए बुरी भावना ।
    अपना झूठ पकड़ लिया जाए तो वो मासूम सा चेहरा बना लिया करते थे ।
    जल्दी से बड़े हो जाएं बस हमेशा यही सोचा करते थे ।
    जब बड़े हुए तो समझ आया कि कितना झमेला है अपनी लाइफ मैं।
    अब सोचते हैं वो बचपन ही अच्छा था , जिसमे न किसी की Tension थी न कोई Worries ।
    जब पापा या मम्मी के पास लोरी सुनते हुए सोया करते थे।।
    अब बड़े हुए , Time बदला कुछ समझदार हुए।
    बचपन बस जहन में कहीं सिमट के रह गया।
    मैं फिर से बच्चा बनना चाहता हूँ।
    उस हर एक पल को दोबारा महसूस करना चाहता हूँ।
    मैं अपना बचपन दोबारा जीना चाहता हूँ।।
    By:- (Hem@nt)

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    Tied up shoelaces,
    Pulled up my socks,
    Woke long before the sun could peep out from the horizon.
    Took out my bat and was doing everything silently as I don't want anyone else to wake up.
    Then suddenly your friends start yelling your name (even after knowing that you are awake��). So loudly that everyone in your neighbourhood would wake up and curse you and your friends.

    How crazy we were then??!!
    I am thinking now.
    When others were enjoying their sleep in winter vacation, we, on the other hand, had sacrificed the warmth of our quilt and reached our playground at dawn and piled up those 9 bricks (our wicket) on our favourite pitch.
    We never missed a chance to play cricket.
    I remember making the excuses of first ball being a try ball or the ball was too fast after getting out.
    I remember switching from a "Cosco" ball, to "Mark" or "Vicky" and then later to "Flash".(I wonder why it was called Flash but I do know it went like a flash when hit by a slight swing of the bat).
    Even being short statured, I wasn't afraid of the bouncers thrown at me which was really easy for the bowlers..
    We didn't think of ourselves less than Sachin. ��
    And then the craze for that HELICOPTER SHOT.
    I remember all of us tried hitting the ball out of the park on every other delivery and surprisingly, 8 out of 10 times, the ball reached its destined place - Wicket of course (We weren't Dhoni��).
    Meanwhile bowlers were thinking they had got some supernatural powers.

    The most amazing and memorable thing that I remember about playing cricket is when our ball used to get lost in the bushes.
    At first, only the fielders used to start the treasure hunt, then the bowler and wicket- keeper, then the players of the other team who were enjoying in our so called "PAVILION" and when they couldn't find it either then the royal batsman and runner had to leave the pitch and as a reward for hitting such a massive six, we were bestowed with the prize of entering the bushes and help them finding the ball.
    Actually the batsman had to come as he got worried. (as if a mother lost her child).
    Thrilled by the mere thought of not getting enough batting.��
    Jumping and running back to our places after finding the ball (sometimes found someone else's too��)

    Ahh!! A lot has changed during this time.
    Cricket, now-a-days, is as easy as swiping your finger left or right for that Off-cut and that on-drive.
    Ooo!! And for fun they have even added a meter for the speed of bowling and angle for the swing.

    I feel like, today, the ball is actually lost in the bushes.
    I won't blame the ball for that. I'll rather put the blame on bushes.
    Bushes have grown taller with time.
    The "GRASS" of assignments and tests in school.
    "SHRUBS" of choice between Sciences, Commerce and Humanities.
    Tall "BUSHES" of chase for a good career
    all these have made that ball hard to find.
    The ball is lost somwhere beyond our reach.

    I thought all this while I was passing by our old playground.
    And a great thing happened - I found my childhood in the bushes - a ball.
    Picked it up, tossed and turned and twirled it in the air(which we love doing whenever we get a cricket ball in our hand).
    I won't lie about it but at first I thought of taking the ball with me to my home.
    But finally I placed the ball where I found it but not in the deep bushes expecting someone will come and find this ball easily.
    The ball is meant to be played with.
    It won't look nice lying still in my shelf.

    (P.S. - I mentioned "passing by" the playground.If I'll tell you that I actually went there just to see it then some Chandler Bing would say -
    "You got way too much free time" ��)


    @writersnetwork @mirakee @pratyush_ @v_a_run_krs @debashankarprasadpati @priyanshuraj_priyu @curiousphilosopher @ray_chahal @soulwriter @authentic_munda

    #awake #expect #tod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #lost #childhood #cricket #memories #ball

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    You put a heavy strain
    On my already fragile brain:
    You overrule anything I say
    And snap at me when things don't go your way.

    Things weren't meant to go this way.
    You bother me so much I wish I was away;
    Here I am on vacation with you,
    And I'm starting to hate the mountain view.

    You are the opposite of Midas,
    Spoiling everything you touch;
    Sometimes I wish I stayed at home,
    So I wouldn't have to hear your tone;

    I will not miss you anymore:
    My childhood self has finally let you go:
    You've become a stranger in my eyes--
    A mother who rules over an imaginary throne.


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    My head spins like a merry-go-round-
    Wandering, lost in a fairground.
    Gagged with cotten-candy,
    Sweet but deadly.

    The chimes of innocent rhymes
    Echo in my abused mind
    Even after my bedtime-
    They can never be left behind.

    I don't mean for confusion,
    But this is all an illusion.
    For the circus doesn't exist.
    I just needed to be kissed.

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    There's no buddy like a brother
    There's no brother like you!!!
    Stay blessed ��❤

    #brother #siblings #buddy #foreverafriend #angel #blessediam #birthday #11jan #celebration #oldmemoried #childhood #shewrites

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    "Angels don't exist anymore",
    She heard saying someone.

    "You probably haven't met my brother",
    She smiling said in her head.

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    Childhood Memories

    From a time went by so fast,
    The cheerful days would not last.
    It was never meant to be,
    Scars for the whole world to see.
    Wishing daddy had been there,
    We hoped that mummy would care.
    We are all losing our mind,
    Become the last of our kind.
    Getting rid of us in haste,
    Feeble attempts were a waste.
    Never having any fun,
    Time is said to come undone.
    They have all ruined our dreams,
    Parents coming up with schemes.
    Life is not a fairy tale,
    Parents say that they did fail.
    We can't find a happy place,
    All in danger in its face.
    Their wings had become unfurled,
    Hiding children from the world.

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    #happiness is childhood
    #childhood revisited
    #those days were excellent
    #miss those days

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    Happiness is childhood

    My mother tells me about it
    And i also remember a bit,
    When i was so innocent and alluring,
    And so scintillating was i.

    I still remember a bit of those,
    When i used to sit with my gramma,
    And listen to tales of ghosts,
    More than my mumma,
    And that was the euphoria.

    My mother tells me about it,
    And i also remember a bit,
    When i found comfort in sleeping on my mother's lap,
    Like a bird in its nest,
    And that's what i felt best.

    Now, i feel like,
    That some miracle would eventuate,
    And i move onto those childhood days,
    When no work and only play was our job.

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    So on today's word by @mirakee Childhood days seems fit. I know almost all of you can relate yourself to this poem. For i was not the only mischievous kid on earth. So like,comment and share if you love it.
    It follows a rhyming scheme so read it carefully and enjoy yourself with bitter-sweet memories of childhood .

    #puerile #poetry #childhood @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    ✏️ Jitesh Singh Chouhan

    Thinking of my childhood days
    Suddenly all of it starts coming back to me
    How I tried to reach that shelf
    To earn myself a candy
    But just for your information
    It never came handy.
    For it took two stool to reach
    But not always it was easy
    I had to look for precise moment to breach.
    When daddy was away on work
    And my mom was fast asleep
    My expedition muffled by refrigerator's bleep.
    I knew It was my time to hunt
    But when mom caught me sneaking
    I had to take the brunt.
    Never I lost hope, always laid a trap
    For it was no ordinary candy
    An orange one with a resplendent silky wrap.
    It cost me little more than a tooth

    Now as I have run across my childhood
    Been through puberty, I am a youth.
    But no more I try that hard
    No more I am that resolute
    Efforts now are like shattered shard.
    Everyone around me says its mature
    But I really doubt what they say
    I knew in childhood it was puerile,
    But never futile.
    In childhood our dreams were puerile,
    But never fragile.
    Our resolute was puerile
    And this feeling always leaves me
    With concrete resolute and a smile.

    "With love to the kid I was."

  • _jiya_ 5d

    Petrichor: The pleasant, earthy smell after rain #childhood#memories#writersnetwork

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    The smell I carry from my childhood is that of
    The Petrichor and some aromatic memories, which I once lived.

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    Tom and Jerry are two sides of the same coin

  • digvita 1w

    #thursdaythoughts #pleiadespoem #innocence #childhood #writersnetwork #writersofig

    A Pleiades poem has only one word in the title followed by a seven-line stanza. The first word in each line begins with the same letter as the title

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    Injecting purity within,
    Intoxicating everyone by a smile,
    Inviting attention from all alike,
    Initiating those baby talks to,
    Illuminate life of one and all,
    Instantly setting me on a flashback mode to,
    Idolize the innocence in me yet again!

  • ovais43 1w

    Ode De La Infancia

    Let us become a child once again
    Making castles out of the clay
    Lets revive that childhood tradition
    Spitting in hands to set up an ally

    Let us become a child once again
    Making castles out of the clay
    Like intermixing sugar, tea and mom
    Caught up; when I was on my way

    There were no civilized rules then
    Like when to sleep and when to play
    Still remember eating the whole jelly
    I handed mein opa an empty tray

    Lucky to have such imperfections
    No one got hurt, I can proudly say
    Let us become a child once again
    Shouting aloud, yay yay, hooray