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  • soyal_p_boby 2h

    Pregnant elephant was killed in Kerala. She was fed pineapple will crackers stuffed.. She died standing in the river...��
    #animals #love #mother #death #pain #childhood #yourquote #elephant

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    There was trust, there was hope and there was two lifes in one.. As a man once said an elephant's eye can speak a thousand languages and all she ever said at that moment will be the pain she was suffering and the worries which she had for her baby. And the baby's words would be "dear mom; i am hungry; i am thirsty, i can't feel the warmth, am I going to die... And at the end of the day the question that remains is who is the beast? The elephant or the humans...

  • diary_by_unknown 5h

    Paper boat⛵
    And raincoat
    Most memorable art
    And part...

  • krishnakantkumar_ 6h

    बचपन की यादें

    आज के भागदौड़ के इस जीवन में।
    चेहरे पर मुस्कान स्वतः  खिल उठती है।
    जब याद आती है उन शरारतों की।
    जो हमने बड़े भोलेपन से की बचपन में की थी ।।

    आज भी याद है वे सुनहरे सवेरे।
    जब माँ बड़े प्रेम से विद्यालय जाने को उठाया  करती थी।
    ना जाने का मन होते हुए भी।
    मां 5 रूपये देकर स्कूल भिजवाया करती थी।।

    दोस्ती के उन पलों को कैसे भूल सकते हैं।
    वो अनगिनत पल जो हमने साथ गुज़ारे हैं।
    हमने खाए एक दूजे की कसम।
    और सबके यादों को सँवारे हैं।।

    याद आती है वह तपती दोपहरें।
    जिसे हम बरगद के नीचे बिताया करते थे।
    आज के एसी में भी इतना आनंद कहां।
    जो हम मंद मंद पवन से पाया करते थे।।

    याद है वह अटपटा सा वन भोज।
    जिसे हम अपने बगिये में मनाया करते थे।
    आज के महंगे रेस्तराओं  में भी इतना स्वाद कहां।
    जो हम मिट्टी के बर्तनों में बनाया करते थे।।

    याद है वो नटखट सी चोरियाँ।
    जो हम पड़ोसियों के बगीचे से किया करते थे।
    आज के महंगे मिष्ठान में भी वह तृप्ति कहां।
    जो हम पड़ोसियों से चुराए हुए अमरुद से पाया करते थे।।

    वह शामें भी याद आती है।
    जब सभी दोस्त खेला करते थे।
    आज के महंगे यंत्रों में वह अनुभव कहां।
    जब हम दूर कहीं साइकिल पर सवार होकर अक्ष से दूर जाते सूरज से बाजी लगाया करते थे।।

    याद आती है वो बहाने।
    जो हम पढ़ने के समय किया करते थे।
    पापा को दूर से आते देख।
    तेज स्वर में पढ़ने लग जाया करते थे।।

    वो कहानियां आज भी याद है।
    जो दादी हमें सोने से पूर्व सुनाया करती थी।
    आज की तमाशा रूपी फिल्म में उतना मनोरंजन कहाँ।
    जितना दादी के परियों की कहानियां दिया करती थी।।

    दंग रह जाता हूं याद कर उस प्रतिबद्धता को।
    जो उन्होंने मेरे प्रति दिखाया था।
    बड़ा मंथन कर मैंने तय किया कि चुकाऊंगा इसे सूद समेत।
    क्योंकि यह महज़ किराया नहीं था।।

  • yusuf_n_life 8h


    Waha jaha bacche karte the roj halla,
    Aaj dekho ban chuka hein ek anjaan mohalla.
    Samay ke saath umar toh badhti gayi,
    Lekin  shayad hum jeena bhulte gaye.
    Bachpan mein jo socha tha,
    Aab toh sab hi lage ek sapna.
    Woh sapne kahi kho jaate,
    Jab bhi saamne aata haqeeqat ka ayna.
    School, college mein beet gayi adhi zindagi,
    Phir bhi na humne seekha
    Kaise jeena.
    Aage barh ke kuch paane ki iss race mein,
    Najane kitna humne khoya.
    Kamyabi ka raasta dhundte dhundte,
    Manzil ko hi piche chor aaye.
    Apne aap ko behtar banane ki iss koshish mein,
    Khud ko hi hum bhul gaye.


  • unfilteredinsights 22h

    Dear june,

    Dear June,

    Remember me??We were friends in my chidhood,only after your visit me,i get rid of my worst enemy-School & can go straight off to my nani's house.Among all children's of your father -'year',you were my favourite.We enjoyed a lot together;didn't we?The barter system we had,with you giving me fun in heat,mangoes,high swing,shower picnics and i giving you mango pimples,taned body,bruised knees with full day of giggles.I still miss those rooftop sleepover with your secret fan-'cool breeze' on,staring at the stars animating different characters.
    Ok!I agree i cant do it anymore i have grown up i have responsibilities of an adult -to eat ,to sleep ,to earn and to survive somehow.What about you,why you have changed for me,you are now cheating me,your mangoes nomore give me mango pimples,i dont have tan face anymore nomore rooftop breeze is available and now you are no more the same june i know but just starting of " first quarter to meet the target"
    But i miss you badly,
    Yours once innocent friend.

  • sifar0 1d

    नन्ही ख्वाहिशें!

    नन्हें हाथों से
    भारी थी जो ख्वाहिशें
    तेरी उस किताब में
    देख बिखरे पड़े वह पन्ने
    रंजिशों तले वह सपने

    शायद, वक्त आ गया है
    समेट उन्हें पूरा करने का।

    - सिफर


  • voyager 1d


    My childhood was in a time before social media and then i knew it as a new thing growing up. Now kids grow up in it.
    Today, childhood is a time not where u can make mistakes but where every mistake will be remembered

  • godric_gryffindor 2d

    Be careful what you wish for

    There was this story in ICSE named "The monekey's paw" by W.W Jacobs which had this phrase "be careful what you wish for!". I didn't understand it then but as I sit on my terrace after ages watching the sun set, I realize how we all chase dreams we aren't completely sure of. I still remember how I used to run from the bus stop to my home so as to not miss Doremon at 4pm sharp, or how I would hurriedly change into my pajamas and sit on the edge of the bed with a bowl containing "dry bournvita"(or so I would call it!) and leisurely savour the taste as I switched between Nickelodeon, Disney, Hungama and Pogo. And how watching MTV at home was no ordinary feat. And how I would tune in to power FM religiously just to listen to "Ni Nachleh" cause I thought it to be the best track, for the longest time in my childhood!(Not guilty!)
    And how I could not wait to grow up, to adult, to have all the things I desired. And now I sit here smiling to myself thinking how "your order has been shipped" didn't excite me anymore, nor the pretty lilac top that has not seen the face of the day since the day I bought it, nor the same three social apps I keep shuffling----I replay "Memories" for the umpteenth time cause I didn't appreciate it enough the last time it played.
    And now I finally understand, Be careful what you wish for!

  • fathimakhan_23 2d


    Kaghaz Ki Kashti Thi
    Mitti Ka Kinarah Tha
    Khelne Ki Masti Thi
    Aur Dil Yeh Awara Tha
    Kahan Aagaye Is
    Samajhdari Ke Daldal Me
    Woh Nadaan Bachpan Bhi
    Kitna Pyaara Tha.....

  • _the_best_is_yet_to_come 2d

    Giving the children what they want makes them dependent, stubborn and weak.

    Giving what they need makes them independent and prepared for life.

    Life throws surprises: surprises in challenges, problems, circumstances.

    If you want them to face and overcome them, they need self-balance. It is need, not a want.


  • raghavrawatar 2d

    The Lost World

    When things worked easy for us.
    Complication persist with naive world around.
    Glory of past can not be forgotten.
    In search of a wall where lost world's
    memories are written.
    I claim it lost world, as it is faded!
    but I believe yet can be found.
    It's coated in our inner self
    but yet to be discovered.

    I fear, what if ? it's vanished !
    but jolly! to found that.
    some form transition must have took place.
    so it's there, always present, in you...
    it always lives.
    It's Lost world but still exists


  • romanamir 3d

    That sun so bright
    And the moon so white
    Those trees so green
    And the flowers so clean

    Those nights so pretty
    And the days so glittery
    That life so sweet
    And the time so neat

    That air so calm
    And the water so warm
    Those lanes so long
    And the peace so strong


  • prodyumno 3d


    Life is like a mango
    Sometimes it is sweet
    Sometimes it is sour
    But in no way it turns bitter
    Bitter is always a state of mind
    Though mistakes of the past rewind. . .
    It comes alive during one season
    Called King of fruits for a reason
    Summer memories just flood in a rush
    Stealing mangoes and hiding in the bush
    Use in any dish/form, you want to savour
    Makes its mark with its overpowering flavour
    Adaptable & customisable in every way
    If not ripe use as kairi, pickle or chutney?
    Pulp may be the tastiest part for some
    No one cares how seed got wholesome
    Managing anger/stress is an integral part
    Need to soak mangoes to take heat apart
    Always stays in everyone's mind forever
    Because it doesn't change itself for others
    Some will still hate mangoes, doesn't matter
    It will keep spreading happiness world over!!!


  • bazeela 4d


    The citadel of time never lets the hands move backward,
    Never lets it move faster, never slower

  • quotesmealcart 4d


    Someone so innocent and small,
    Playing with a ball,
    Without any tension,
    Everyone gives attention,
    No fear of being cheated on,
    life is all about fun,
    Everything infront just asked for once,
    loved by all hatred no chance,
    No work no tension,
    i am hungry but no need to mention,
    No matter when and where i cry,
    what i feel no need to lie,
    Pampered everytime,
    Don't know what is crime,
    learn what i see,
    no hopes to get a degree,
    No concern about the trend,
    and showoff by the friend,
    life is fun in every blink,
    this is what i used to think.


  • patilmrunali 4d

    पुनः पुन्हा स्वप्नांत ज्याच्या जगत असतं मन
    त्या गोड कथेचं नाव “बालपण"
    #childhood #memorabledaysoflife #lovethosedays #poetic_mrunali

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    …मैदानी खेळ
    मित्रांचे मेळ…
    …कट्टी नंतर बट्टी
    अन् ती शाळेची सुट्टी…
    …बापरे! त्या दप्तराचं ओझं
    ती उन्हाळ्याच्या सुट्टीतली मौज…
    …रंगलेला गिल्ली-दांडुचा खेळ
    ठेल्यावरची पाणीपुरी व ती चटकदार भेळ…
    …गोल-चपट्या poppins त्या रंगेबिरंगी
    अन् गोडगोड icecream ची कांडी…
    …गुलाबी तो बुड्डी का बाल
    थंडगार pepsi ची कायच कमाल…
    …हरवलेलं ते मामाच पत्र
    मैत्रिणींच्या सोबत काकणं आणि टिकरं…
    …जमायची ती चौकष्टाची मांडणी
    छोटी-छोटी भातुकली मधली भांडी…
    …कधी असायची तान्हा पोळ्याची स्वारी
    तर कधी भुलाबाईची गाणी…
    …पिचकाऱ्यांनी रंगांची उधळण
    ती दिवाळीतल्या फटाक्यांची दणादण…
    …अहो, हे तर लिहता-लिहता सरत नाहीये
    आठवत बरंच काहीये…
    …तुम्हीही आठवा तुमच्या खट्याळ बालपणाला
    आणि comment करा एखाद्या आठवणीला…


  • fahixs 5h


    ~I miss my childhood
    Where my smile was real.
    ~I miss my childhood
    Where there was no hurting.
    Only happiness!!
    ~I miss my childhood
    Where I used to fight with pillows
    with my siblings but now
    all my siblings are playing in their phone.
    ~I miss my childhood when
    I played with my teddy and toys..
    But now it is just gadgets everywhere.
    ~I miss my childhood
    When I used to be silent But now
    I'm so much Talkative.
    ~I miss my childhood
    Where I used to scare my friends but
    now they just say they dint get scared.
    ~I miss my childhood
    When I don't care of doing new things
    But now I think if it hurts others.

  • romanamir 6w


    Full with emotions
    I used to be happy and sad
    Cheerful and mad


    Full with emptiness
    I'm grumpy and dull
    Confused and null


  • avanthikaleesha 8w


    I no longer ask questions
    since my curiosity was replaced by suspicions.
    I no longer cry for lost things
    since my tears were covered by fake smiles
    I no longer play hide and seek
    since my innocence grew into ignorance.
    I no longer say I miss them
    since my concern turned into responsibility.
    I no longer admire the beauty of rain
    since my excitement grew into indifference.
    I no longer believe in miracles
    since my fantasies were erased by realities.

    I'm wandering through
    the streets of amygdala
    In search of my vanished feelings,
    hoping to bring her back once again...


  • archanadas 57w


    രഹസ്യമായി മഴ നനഞ്ഞ് പനിപിടിപ്പിച്ച് സ്കൂളിൽ പോകാൻ മടി കാണിച്ച ബാല്യത്തിന്റെയും ;
    ആദ്യ പ്രണയത്തിൽ മാധുര്യമേകിയ കൗമാരത്തിന്റേയും ;
    ജീവിത ഭാരങ്ങൾ പേറിയ മനസ്സിൽ യൗവ്വനത്തിൽ താങ്ങായും;
    ഭൂതകാലസ്മരണകൾ നൽകി
    ഒടുവിൽ ആരുമില്ലാതൊറ്റയ്ക്ക് വാർദ്ധക്യത്തിൽ കൂട്ടായും മാറുന്നു
    ഓരോ മഴത്തുള്ളിയും