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  • nicole_kazembe 17h

    Childhood memories of my father

    Sunny weather,
    Blooming flowers,
    It's spring,
    I hang onto his head
    Tiny legs dangling, bumping on his scapula,
    From where I sit, on his shoulders,
    It's another adventure day,
    As we find and mark yet another path in the forest,
    That will eventually lead us to his friend's homestead,
    Where l get to taste chi 7 days
    And mama will never know
    Because it will be our little secret,
    Between my father and I.

    Childhood memories with my father,
    When we yet again go to the bush (forest)
    To pick up mushroom.
    He knew the ones to pick,
    The good ones from the bad.
    He would pick and pass them to me
    And l put them in a weed basket gogo weaved.
    This was my happy place,
    Our happy place.
    Back home he would prepare them delicately,
    And we ate from the same plate.
    They always tasted better, delicious,
    Than when mama cooked them.
    We never told her so,
    So father always offered to cook
    And this remained our little secret too.

    Childhood memories of my father,
    Tickling me everywhere
    With his handsome veined hands,
    Now that I think about them
    (Chuckle) They look exactly like those of my lover.
    Perfectly lined white teeth donned his smile,
    Which reached his light red eyes,
    Hued by the Mary Jane he sometimes smoked,
    This again was our little secret,
    Although I suspect mama always knew.

    Now that l'm grown,
    And years have passed since we last saw,
    I want him to relive those memories,
    With my galore offspring.
    They can't wait to see you papa,
    I have told them all l remember about you,
    My memories of you.

    ©Nicole Kazembe

  • tanisha_swain 19h

    Hey dear @shaiz_fs as per ur challenge, I completed my work��
    Thanks dear for this challenge, I enjoyed and also some of the childhood and childish events come to my eyes and mind❤
    My granny and mamma used to tell me that when I was too small even was not able to stand , at that time I used to cuddle and crawl near our old wild grapes tree and used to put one of the fallen grapes in my mouth.... They were too big that I was not able to shut my mouth properly... And when someone used to ask me whether I have eaten something, I used to nodded my head in no.. And they used to laugh at me..

    Now sometimes I remember those sayings of my granny and used to laugh.. At that time also I used to lie like a silly...

    I wish I could enjoy those days again.. ❤❤❤❤
    Hey mirakians u can also share your childhood experiences with #challenge_by_shaiz and remember some of your childish memories ❤��❤
    #childhood #me #childish #childhood_memories #love

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  • islam_naziya 21h

    #Challenge accepted

    Childhood the phase of life which cannot be described in few words... Its an amazing feeling talking about your childhood....

    Thanxx #shaiz for this wonderful challenge...

    I don't remember much about my childhood memories just a few ones i can share with you guys..

    At my childhood days i was quite a quiet girl����.. I don't talk much and love to spend my time alone with oneself...once i made pictures on my father's bank account pass book... I can't say it was a funny memory ����..it was quiet wierd as i got lots of scolding and offcourse a great punishment after that... My mother said me to do up-downs 50 times by saying that I'll not do it again.... From that day i always take care not to do any mischievous thing regarding my parent's objects...

    And yaa offcourse i always loved to get ready for occasions as my picture shows you guys that... ☺☺

    #challenge_by_shaiz #memories#childhood#love

    @shaiz_fs @khanaaiza @amritapaulchowdhury @shjjjj @thekapster

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    Childhood is like being drunk...
    Everyone remembers what you did,
    Except you...


  • tonygarciart 21h

    Fig Tree

    Frames of a memory still pasted on my mind. A crying child under a fig tree. I can still feel the deep sadness that haunted me.

    Why was I in so much pain?

    Perhaps a normal disturbance in my child mind. Ignited a memory/emotion of what was before. Emptyness and sadness.

    Spirit of the fig tree still comforts me.

  • khushu_ 22h

    Amazing challenge bhaiya! Whenever I remember this incident,I always think , how stupid I was!
    Thank you so much bhaiya for bringing that nostalgic moments for me! ��♥♥ @shaiz_fs
    My story....
    When I was young, I had a terrible viral fever and I was on bed for around a month! I had to take very horrible tasted medicines that I always hated! One day,my mom brought the syrup medicine for me and I got an idea of throwing it somewhere! So I always used to go on the first floor of my house and then throw it from there on the tiles that were down! This continued for around a week and I wasn't recovering from my fever! One day when my mum went to clean the tiles,she saw something whitish sticky layer on the floor. ....and then she realised that it was me who did this...I remember that on that day , my mom scolded me like anything! And now I don't even think of throwing my medicines! ����
    #funny #childhood #iwseethis #laughing_soul #poem2heart

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  • jha_shruti 1d

    Share your childhood experience��
    And don't forget to tag me..
    Childhood is the very precious period of life
    Don't feel shy to share it..
    It is something that made us stronger in today's time..
    And tell the best part of it
    #jha_shruti #childhood #mirakee #mirakeeworld #scary #friendship #yourquotes #myquotes #you #flyup #happy #sad #world @mirakee @mirakeeworld @jha_shruti

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    My childhood experience

    It was not a movement , it was a sensation..
    I really doesn't enjoyed so much in my childhood life..
    It was somehow scary experience..

    No one is there to understand me,
    But everyone to knock me ..
    There are lots of things from I suffer but can't
    Able to speak because I feel as a duffer..
    There are lots of people to put their views upon me but no one to listen my views on the same..
    I got bullied in school that's the reason I don't want to go school but everyone think i was a looser that's the reason of not going school..
    There are lots of happy movement also but it was overcomed by scary movements..
    That's the reason
    I Hated My childhood

  • rayoflight03 1d

    At this i was so not excited having a pic and the dialogue i always used to say to everyone who used to stop me doing anything, "i will shoot you at sight if you come in my way" ����
    I was daring from my childhood only.


    #childhood #memories

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  • serenachapters 1d

    Wouldn't change a thing

    Had a dream last night, I saw myself through my third eye, I was a little girl again, happy and playing, the older me smiled because I missed that feeling, I could see my soul and my bright light, younger me was pure and innocent, I was jealous of the sight but at the same time happy even though I felt as if I might cry, from a far dark clouds started to emerge, they promised pain and suffering as my reality changed with time, in a rush I tried to step forward, to warn my child self, to prepare for the horror of time, especially the darker side of mankind, but in close I stopped myself, and decided to let me remain an innocent child, not to turn my world upsides and let me be on the paranoid side, I have faith in me and older me is strong enough, so leave that child, waking up I smiled, proud of my childhood but still I'm jealous and I miss that child

  • altering_vibrations 1d

    Daddy Day Devotion

    I never met my real dad, he doesnt even know I exist.
    I attend my 9-5 everyday, trying to ignore the time we've missed.

    Despite the shadowing nightmare of never seeing his face,
    I believe he would want to see me too, Ive never been a disgrace.

    Im blessed with lots of dads, but they do not share my blood.
    Ive been bothered by this for years, I cant sweep this under the rug.

    Maybe, one day, the unknown abandonment wont make me feel so crazy. My entire life Ive let this subject phase me.

    Since now Im 30 and a father of two, maybe he wants to see his grandkids, he never ever knew. So I promise my sons, Daddy will be here forever. Seeing their long lost grabdpa, would make me feel much better.


  • mjqutbi 1d

    A pain ridden childhood

    To have your mother make you your favourite food and not being able to eat.
    To have a thousand thoughts running in your mind but a word you aren't able to speak.
    The pain is excruciating
    With every sip of water you drink.
    Yes that's what a large part of my childhood's been
    Sitting mute and bloody in one corner.
    None willing to accompany me,
    for who'd want to sit with a zombie?
    ~Mo'iz Qutbi

  • mirakee_sengar 1d

    मेने देखा है, 

    मेने सूरज को ढलते देखा है, 
    मेने शाम होते देखी है, 
    मेने होमवर्क न करने पर मार पडते  देखी है |
    मेने मट्टी में कपडे गंदे होते देखे है,
    मेने खेल खेल में हाथ पैर टूटते देखे है|
    मेने खिलोनो के लिए खुद को रोते देखा है, 
    मेने खुद को मट्टी में खेलते देखा है |
    मैने माँ के पल्लू से खुद को झूलते देखा है, 
    और पापा के हाथों से खुद को सुधरते देखा है|

    अब तो बस रात होती है , शाम का तो अता पता नही,
    होमवर्क मिलता बहुत, लकिन न करने पर कोई मारता नहीं,
    गुरु और शिष्य का रिश्ता पहले जैसा रहा नही,
    खेलने के नाम पर कोई पार्क में जाता नहीं, 
    माँ ने सारी पहना छोड़ दिया तो पल्लू का झूला मिलता नही,
    पापा कमाने में इतने व्यस्त की उनसे सुधरने का मौका मिलता नही |


  • goodvibes 1d


    Those days... when you were a kid and used to wait for rainy season so that you can make paper boats. Gone are the days, now we wait for rain to stop so that we can go for work.

  • kaustubhvats 2d


    क्या लिखूं पिता के बारे में जिन्होंने
    खुद की जवानी बेच कर मेरा बचपन खरीद लिया

  • saumyatanya 2d

    Fark sirf itna h..

    Main जवानी k dehleez par khade ho kr bhi nadaniyo se rishta rakhna chahti ho..
    Tum apni जवानी me ho kr badpaan se Nata rakhna chahte ho..

    FARK sirf Itna h..

    Main जवानी k dehleez par khade ho kr bhi bachpan ko jeena chahti hu..
    Tum apni जवानी me ho kr budhape ko jeena chahte ho..

    FARK sirf Itna h..


  • siva_aanandhi 2d

    Share your unforgettable prank!!

    #Prank #Childhood #cousins

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    "Those seeds will gradually grow into a plant inside your stomach" told my cousin with widened eyes and mouth left half agape.

    I could barely gulp and stare at him.

    Years passed with prayers and fading innocence.

    Only those pranks puts a bring smile on my face while thinking back.


  • rainstar 2d

    Fancy a Fairy Tale?

    Fairy Tales and their False World

    We've all grown up listening to fairy tales or reading them or watching the Disney Princess movies. Ever wondered where they exactly came from and what they imply?

    Read this to dive deeper:



  • chyugo 2d

    House of my childhood

    House Of My Childhood
    Last house on top of the hill
    You stood differently
    I remember the Rush
    Of our early days to get to thee
    I remember all you sheltered us from
    All who grew up in thee got attached
    Our Best childhood memories
    Came from thee

    Ooh !! House of my childhood
    I heard your pristine State was altered
    They say you are now dilapitated
    I blame the wind partly
    I blame we who left thee untended
    I blame life who separated
    Those who grew up in thee

    House of my infancy
    I shed tears knowing your state
    I brood over the two lovilies
    Who lived and died in thee
    I bet the mourn and turn
    In their graves for thee

    I blame the wind
    Who blew up Your top

  • a_broken_writer_nib 3d


    I used to play a game in my childhood.
    Rules are simple. When you see the group of birds flying together, you've to scratch the nail. You're the winner if the nail has a white line. Also, you'll get a new set of dress as a sign of victory.

    At 25, I lost the game..'coz I don't even look at the sky.

    © a_broken_writer_nib

  • ek_lekhakk_ 3d


    I used to break the toys in childhood
    That become starting of my fate.....

    Javed Akhtar

  • nick7745 3d

    13th June, 2019

    Woke up this morning, dressed up and left home as usual for work.

    13th June, 1999

    Woke up this morning, dressed up and left home excited for first day of new school year.

    It's funny how the year makes so much difference to the very same date.