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  • off_tsi9g 3d

    And don't be so sad
    'Cause I lived this good
    We were closer
    Now it's over.

    #damned #love #thelast #lockedaway #holdmedown #tograce #dreams #hieroglyph #funeral #eulogy #closure #owningup #deadtales

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    Untitled, Unmastered_!!!

    It's one-sided for me, and none whatsoever from hers. I hate sharing my flaws, she loves to let everyone be a part of her journey.

    It's pitch black to me, she however will fall everytime for blue. I suck at interaction, she is a bundle of joy.

    It's Ed Sheeran for her, Lukas Graham is my jam. I always look down on novelists, her love is them books.

    It's Me, Myself and I for me, she believes in One Love. I never cared for nothing, keeping aside my mother of course. She is the verse of harmony.

    It's death, doom and devil for me, she is just a smile away from Disneyland. It was never my intention to write, she was born with the pen to bless all poetries.

    I am a shitty... not shitty, more of a terrible person though. She once kept me sane.

    And, that's it, this is our paradox.

    Sweet, till tragedy strikes twelfth.
    Sour, but so much needed.

    The End, maybe oblivion,
    I don't know, it's done you know.

  • off_tsi9g 4d

    The So Called Closure_!!!

    Even though no one wants it, even if roots were the only place to thrive, even when the sun is to greet the fall, death must be treated with utmost admiration.

    My love for you will never change, it is indeed frail right now, more than it ever will be. Yet, it's not faded. I am being reminiscent.

    I owe you an eulogy, but it's better not to share it with everyone i guess. If this is absolute selfishness, so be it. Your tombstone will not be carved with guilt and expectations.

    A verse written for you, will not pave the path for your mighty chariot. Your ups and downs will never taint your legacy. Me on my very high, was a push to your extreme bounds. You even at your worst, would make the world fall for me.

    I am flawed in every possible way, yet you made me feel equality. I believe it's quite long for a confession, yet you vouched for every part of us...

    To you, to love, to peace and to quietus,
    May you be of oblivion, me grace.

  • saleem_hassan 5d


    Distant. Connected Hearts.
    Compulsions. Excuses.
    Blame games, justifications.
    They left.
    You only loved.

    Here, I write obituaries
    of love
    of 'what could have been.'

    Love never hurts as much as not getting a closure does.


  • unheard_voices 2w


    It's not necessary that every time you will get a closure in every situation from everyone rather it's better to leave things unsaid instead of losing people.

  • shamli_mali 5w

    Closure is more about acceptance than it is about knowing the truth!!


  • pranalishah 5w

    - Abstruse -

    What’s obscure, is uncertainty of a situation,
    What’s obscure, is ambiguity of answers,
    What’s obscure, is simply accepting the ease of nature,
    What’s obscure, is to be at the receiving end for a closure...


  • fallency 8w

    Because we all need a closure, we need answers for the trouble of going through those specific moments!

    With my worst nightmare playing in front of me, I, flabbergasted, wearing a veil of oblivion, stood unmoved, rooted to the roots, trying to avoid the eye of the storm but all in vain. With the clutches of fear gripping me tight, blood inking the ripped clothes, the shots still burning me, my eyes were falling a prey to the shroud of darkness but I refused to die such a lowly death. If this was my end, were all the troubles I faced worth it? I deny this closure, I choose death but not under these circumstances. I won't die, not today.

    #closure #death #end #denial

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    If this was my end, were all the troubles I faced worth it? I deny this closure, I choose death but not under these circumstances. I won't die, not today.


  • abinabin2 10w


    Array of thoughts,
    Purely Circumstantial,
    Assumptions to add flavour.
    Overloaded, a calm mind,
    Incarcerated a peaceful soul,
    Bygone miseries, it's company.
    Spread of memories,
    Agonizing the journey,
    Over and over, endlessly.
    All over a simple good bye,
    Never meant to be,
    Never mentioned.

  • jodi_writes 11w

    Are we ever really prepared for the sadness in life? Of course we know there are times when we are blowed away by the intensity of heartaches. We know there has to be bad times. That's life. We see sadness coming and we hype ourselves up that we can handle it.

    But do we really deal with the pain at the moment we feel it? Or do we all suppress our feelings and hold them tight? Eventually it hits us like lightning.

    My preparing is to lose my appetite. I get nauseous looking at food. Then my insomnia kicks my ass. Even my sleeping pills don't work.
    I drink coffee and smoke cigarettes.

    Every ailment I have gets multiplied by 100.

    I want to desperately hit something. But I don't.

    I hold tight to my feelings and push them away when they want to surface.

    Where is this leading to?

    After 7 months I finally got the okay to bury my mother's ashes.
    Her cremains have been sitting on my bureau all these months. Come this Friday she will be placed in her permanent home. She will be resting peacefully with her parents and her sister.

    My last duty will be done. My responsibilities will be over.
    I've done everything she wanted me to do.

    The last tangible thing I have will be gone. Come Friday she will leave my presence.

    Will that be my closure?
    Will I be able to breathe easier?
    Will this hole in my heart start to close?
    Will I stop seeing her face when Iook in the mirror?
    Will I stop hearing her voice when I speak to my children?

    If I'm not prepared for Friday, how will I be prepared for the rest of my life?


  • shamli_mali 14w

    Going back to someone
    Is not always for a future
    Sometimes it is for closure!!


  • punya_s 16w


    As Humans we are always looking for a Closure.. But sometimes we don't get it.. The things that need a closure weren't meant to be opened at first place... And if they didn't close then may be we turn that page without giving it an end.. Not every page of our lives will turn the way we want to!! We think we can go and talk things out in a simple hope that we would get the answers to our question but Do we really think why are we having questions? May be they don't deserve a closure.. May be we don't want to close that chapter of our lives! I think more than a closure we need to be accepting the situations and people as they are! We can't change the World but we can definitely change ourselves..for the good..for the better and for the best!!

    We did our best and kept doing it for a long long time..We know our worth.. We need to close it with ourselves saying "I deserve better!".. Lets not change our habit of loving and caring for someone who didn't appreciate it enough..

    Each Day and Each Night- Say it to yourself loud- I deserve a love that I can give.. I appreciate myself before anyone else can.. My dreams are going to come true... And I will be the best version of myself every single day!!

    At the end, Just Be Happy.. Don't lie.. Don't be angry..Its important that you're true to yourself.. You accept yourself.. and You're at peace when you sleep at night..

    Here's a tip: Just sit down with your eyes closed and keep sitting for as long as you want to.. Breathe a little deeper if you wish to.. Let your thoughts come and Go and my dear friend:: One day you'll get the closure you need!!! ♥️♥️

  • vidhimittal 17w

    as I write
    I write to let you know
    that I still think about you
    but not in my daydreams anymore
    neither in my sleepless nights
    I think of you
    in my deceitful lies
    and in the hounding
    peripheries of my afternoons,
    in the sunsets
    that I adore
    and sunrises
    that I miss.

    as I write
    I write to let you know
    that slowly
    I am turning into you
    no, I cant be as good as you are
    or as frolic as you behave
    I am feasibly
    becoming the
    depth of your thoughts
    and the perpetuality
    of your patience,
    the flickering grin
    of your eyes
    and the blue
    that you hold within

    as I write
    I write to let you know
    that change was necessary perhaps
    for you to become
    my only constant
    oh, not of the walls
    that I curate
    or the things
    that I write
    but, of the cognizance
    that I aspire to have
    and am parts of.

    How do I know so much
    about myself
    and about you
    is still a question
    and will remain one
    until the day
    we decide to
    prick each other

    #poetry #closure #iknowyoustill #thedestined

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    Today, as I write

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  • ahomsey 18w


    Everything ends eventually no matter your expectations.
    I'm cutting off what's not meant for me without any hesitation.
    It occured to me my boundaries caused you quiet a few frustrations.
    So you slandered me and played victim out of your own desperation.
    You dropped your mask revealing your lack of spiritual education.
    Only after you picked me apart without any consideration.
    Yet I know who I am regardless of your various manipulations.
    I'm at a point in my journey now guided solely by constellations.
    Taking time to learn my stars which upgrades my communication.
    Getting to know myself this way takes deeper concentration.
    I don't expect you to understand so I'll take it out the equation.
    To sum it up this chapter is called self- love and dedication.
    I'm not sorry at all if that caused your plans any complication.
    Everything ends eventually no matter our expectations.
    Growth is finding peace in that regardless of the situation.
    Even lessons that are hard to learn deserves appreciation.

  • outofleague 18w

    Well you gave me an idea though. @smily_aina
    #indefinite #closure
    Picture Courtesy : Danielle Macinnes / Unsplash

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  • tell_a_tale 19w

    Not all closures are heartaching poems
    Some are carved in silence.
    Like the sound of clock between seconds.
    Like a fading dream you woke up to.
    Like a passing cloud that forgot to pour.
    Like every other thing that didn't happen.


  • sairam24 20w

    I am a closed book, but YOU can open it and read my secrets, write your heart into it or tear away the pages that I have written for you.


  • lucy08 21w


    If you treat me wrong &
    Don't even realise that,
    For sure
    I won't treat you bad,
    Nor will I ever have you back!!

  • cynical_me 23w


    This time, I have to let you go
    This time, it's a final goodbye
    This time, I don't have it in me to save you
    And this time, I have to watch you pass by.

    As we part our ways, I look at you for one last time and sadly realize
    you'll still stay with me forever
    This time, not as the warm person I once loved
    But, just as ice cold memories filling the voids of the broken heart you left behind....


  • rebamounce 28w

    Chance to cry farewell tears,
    have lingered long foregone.
    Yet I dwell in past years,
    where darkness falls no dawn.
    Repenting reaped regret,
    to sow the seams undone.
    I've stitched your silhouette,
    inside the hearts, you've won.
    Still, thoughts remain askew,
    mind withered in despair.
    Oh how I wish I knew,
    your moments were so rare.
    Feel torn between the doubt,
    and what was meant to be.
    For if my eyes could shout,
    your voice would blindly see.
    Still, then I heard you scream,
    the final call to pass.
    As life became a dream,
    adrift a hazy mass.
    Though everyday I pray,
    to split my life in two.
    I'd send a half your way,
    and live the rest with you.

  • aaina11 5w


    There is nothing broken that needs to be repaired,
    There's no wound that needs to be healed,
    Everything is what it needs to be, neither more nor less,
    Just exactly what it has to be,
    You need not to fix anything, all you have to do is live in the present moment,
    Just breath.