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  • sree_nidhi 1w

    Fly Me To Neverland

    He dreams of Neverland
    As his hair starts to grey
    An Impractical dreamer
    Like a kid lost in a dream
    He walks around with
    his head stuck in the clouds

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    Fly Me To Neverland

  • pb19_scores 1w

    The dark clouds that took the moon away,
    Are now pouring drop by drop on this beautiful Earth,
    --To lean into the eternal silence to rise up again--
    --To produce petrichor for pitiful us--
    --To make someone's present and tomorrow better--
    This all after witnessing the majestic moon.

    Now the beauty of moon is piercing through the vanishing clouds and piercing someone's heart too....


  • that_freak 1w

    Wasn't my head always in the clouds?
    Then, when did I reach the ground?

  • suwayda_aroosh 1w


    the girl who thought
    no one loved her
    raised her head up
    one day
    and saw clouds winking at her.

    she had a crush on clouds!

    a love-ly, fluffy union
    they're in
    she doesn't feel unloved anymore.
    after all,
    clouds grace her universe
    with love galore.

    -beh naam e abrha

  • mane_auraa 2w

    Too Many Wants

    I want someone to be number one
    Or even be someone's number.
    I want to have late night talks
    Or someone to care when i crumble.

    I want some questioning answers
    Or even some answered questions.
    I want to dream little dreams
    Or even be some suggestion.

    I want high floating clouds
    Or even some clouds to float upon.
    I want pieces of few breaks
    Or even break into few pieces at dawn.

    I want some words of love
    Or even some love for words.
    I want to unchain my past
    Or even lose myself in herds.

    I want freedom at last
    And even last that freedom.
    I want all of that,
    Or even see it seldom.

  • jayceclaymore 3w

    Floating Cotton Candy

    In the vast heavens we're seeing them wandering,
    They come and go like a random summer fling.
    We see them in different wondrous hues,
    From whites, greys, reds and even the blues.

    I wonder what truly are behind those beauties,
    Some say that there are castles or even cities.
    I hope I'll be able to fly amongst them one day,
    I feel like I'll truly feel freedom in that way.

    Truthfully, I'm fine seeing them from down below.
    I'm contented in hearing them everyday saying hello.
    Though they're still pretty much very uncanny for me,
    I'll always refer to them as floating cotton candy.

  • we_elude 3w

    To : the stranger

    Hola stranger ��

    How strange is that ......I m calling you a stranger .....it feels as if earth is calling moon as stranger even after knowing that both are the closest celestia to eachother......but what to say now ....today you were a stranger to me .

    My day was fine today with random bubbling until I saw you .....rather say .....until I saw
    Your eyes (literally..).......YOU WERE A STRANGER to me you were someone I never saw .....you were someone today that couldn't be constructed even in my imagination . Your eyes ...It was Cloudy( literally ...blurring your retinal vision) ........filled with gloomy thoughts yet with bolting thunder of optimism.
    And when you spoke me to formally of the word 'cloud' ....it burst all my bubbles of being alive .....I could foresee the biological end of the one that gifted me its part in my very biome .

    You must be thinking that I m overthinking ....maybe I m .......but I m sorry to say but that 'cloud' has now rained as tears .......building waves of facts , analysis, rage and hope .....O my dear lord !!! ....so much that my quarter kilogramme of heart couldn't contain.

    O stranger!!
    How drifted you were today ......away from the past and present ....you were into future .
    You were seeing something .....that eyes ....that soul of yours was reflecting an ache .... an strange ache into mine .

    Some strange 'ache' ...that I never imagined I will experience this soon ..... something that was out of my intellectual and emotional understanding.
    I tried to introduce 'optimism' that you tried to bring in my rendering .....but this time it failed . My mind was conjuring everything that could and couldn't be prevented .....but the soul......
    Ah.!!!.....it felt your ache .....the ache

    Your silence intertwined with mine .....both were comfortable with eachother holding tornadoes that time will tell. But my voice prevented itself from being called 'sensitive' ......as silence held its pride ...my voice wouldn't be able to hide its sensitivity...

    Today I felt as if the whole world is trying to pretend .....that they are going to be here forever .With all the stubborness and power we humans have collected in our journey.....will we ever be able to live .....? How strange is the world where we forget to consider and expresss what we actually feel whether is pain of existence and fear of death ?

    Enough of my chaotic mind....today ....
    You must be thinking I need a serious mental checkup

    To be honest I m better now ....writing this to you.....(my rollercoaster of emotions is back ....I guess....
    Writing ....does this to you)

    Tomorrow and many infinite (relative) days
    I m going to meet you......I don't know what the future holds ...... between the continuous cycle of birth and death .....what will you be chosen for .....and I don't know how I m going react to all those ....maybe I ll write another letter to you.....or I'll never write
    I know one thing for sure .....that I m never going to see you again...as I saw you today ...........that STRANGER ....is now a forever captured in my memory lane.

    Maybe we have reached to a point(hypothetically) between earth and moon ....where there is no GRAVITATIONAL PULL from eachother .At such point today ...I concealed you as STRANGER forever in my little continuum.

    The winter's fading with the ��(today )....it needs to �� then to ��....the ultimate continuum

    Scattered as always
    No complaints ....it's life ��
    A lot expressed ...that may not be spoken out ever again
    And a lot of uncertainty !!

    From the soul that ached as yours ��
    Thanks for reading !!!

    For the personal hastag its #letteread

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    #ceesreposts #stranger @fromwitchpen #clouds

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    I m calling you a stranger .....
    it feels as if earth is calling moon as stranger even after knowing that both are the closest celestia to eachother

  • the_ink_doe 3w

    Puffs of smoky white beds
    With feathery creatures
    Flying all around,
    The morning sky shone
    In the sunlight!

  • _writer_at_heart_ 3w

    Vagrant Voluminous Clouds

    Up there i often look and stare.
    Pleasantly intoxicating vagrant clouds' fair.

    Puffy clouds being dense turbulent,
    Dense turbulent clouds, drifting, making its own destination.

    Yon sanguine clouds,
    how calming you make me feel..!,
    "Would you take me along with you, as shown in the cartoons and fairytales ?",
    Back then, as a kid, i often used to think !!

    The cirrus and stratus cloud, symbolize the celestial realm.
    The shiny ones, feels Godly,
    As if we are being watched from above.

    Voluminous ever-floating clouds,
    Hey cumulonimbus clouds ;
    Thankyou for producing rain that brings benefits, worldwide.
    Clouds play an important role in both warming and cooling our planet.
    How can i not call you temperature controller for all of us here, i know i am right..!

    Shape-shifters floating out..,
    Saying nothing's gonna remain constant ever.
    With the cloudy darkest clouds,
    There go the thundering,
    And storm, furious.
    But it all will settle and clear,
    How can i not remember, "every clouds has a silver lining".

    Clouds you're free floaters,
    An important element of universe and also in the canvas.

    It's said, "if you've ever been outside on a foggy day,
    you've essentially been inside a cloud,
    just one very close to the ground instead of high in the sky."
    Well, i must appreciate, what a blissful information this is !
    Who won't love to not only see,
    But also feel what it is...!


  • sproutedseeds 3w


    Just like the MOVING CLOUDS
    Keep moving forward in life by
    Enjoying the sweetness,
    when you get
    Accepting the bitterness,
    as it's temporary
    Gulp the sourness,
    easy way to move
    Ignore the blandness,
    better things are awaiting
    You will find happiness
    as this one life is to enjoy
    accepting the fact that
    What has to happen, will happen.
    Nothing changes as per our convenience.

  • poetskisses 3w

    Storm clouds

    The sound of thunder
    Plagues my mind
    I often wonder
    If I’ll run out of time

    The lightening strikes
    The storm clouds threaten
    I try with my might
    Not to be frightened

    Sitting alone
    Scared of what exactly
    I’m already home
    A need to see perfectly

    Exhausted now
    Of worry and hurt
    Wondering how
    To understand its worth

    Morning sun shines
    Through the dampened shades
    I sit drinking my wine
    It’s a new day


  • itsmedash007 4w

    "The Town of the Living Dead"-A Musing

    The late winter's night as I sat across the room eyes transfixed gazing into the blemishes of sky
    filled with a blanket of dazzling diamond like minute entities conspiring to let bystanders lose
    time in awe of their glory and beauty. I too one of these looked into their games of forming
    random shapes or constellations as you may have rightly guessed imprinted in the dark pitch
    black canvas like one of Van Gogh's paintings. The night to me appears like his last painting for
    sure before he suffered traumatically to his grave but I'm in awestruck of this night and not in
    shambles mourning an unfateful death. Amongst all these stars there was the everlasting star of
    the late night show hidden behind the childish nonchalant clouds preying upon the old hound
    unaware of its mighty old existence. The never stopping clouds young, ruthless and filled with
    lust for life moving frantically around the aged but surprisingly undull moon. The actual king of
    the night who has stood his ground, thumping upon the twinkling stars. It's serene light guiding
    the wandering souls through lost nights. Oh! How I'd relish the opportunity to sail my night
    through the luscious sea of stars to my moonland. Far far away from the commotion, the
    madness that runs intricately in our lives that we've become complacent captives of our motives that we can't differ the living from the dead. What are we then 'The Living Dead?' running behind money, power and holdings. Have we thought of the adrenaline rush of the exhuming flare of our youthful days in admiration of some bitter love story which we relinquished with utmost difficulty leaving us broken or remembering those chirpy minutes with friends for old time's sake spending time with people who mattered. We've forgotten to live. To enjoy is to live. To fulfil dreams is to live. To admire the beautiful is to live. I'm living when I'm musing in awe of the moon and its pals the dazzling stars. The boats empty, no commuters wandering are these clouds in search of souls waiting to drop them in moonland. All interspersed in letting us live few moments to lie back in some distant land, on the mountain top bareback and barefoot on soft grass breathing fresh gust of sea wind gazing into the moonlit sky. The damp soil touching my
    soul not skin. My putrified heart and soul blended into one for few moments when I let my
    aspersions not take control of me, I exhumed with all due exuberance the thoughts that latched
    onto me and returned my days of chirpy childishness infront of my dazy eyes like a dream I know in the subconscious if I wanted to I could wake up but no I lived it all again in mere few
    seconds. Those days of living shall remain etched in my memory and I headed back for the
    dead and deserted town of the living dead. The living dead my present my future into continuum
    until then the cloud my wayfarer, the stars my bridge and the moon my destination.

  • thelovejedi 4w

    • Night •

    When the whole world is silent
    And the moon shines in its darkness,
    Emptiness fills the sky
    And emotions in the heart.

    The clouds starts to collide
    And the stars align,
    Making way for new dreams
    And renewed hopes.

    The breeze breathe peace
    And certainty for comfort.
    The rebuild is complete
    And a new circle has just begun.

  • thebhavnasaxena 5w


    My voice hoarse in the
    Morning, 'cause in my dreams, in
    Myriads of ways I call out to you,
    My heart can take no more, no more.

    Intoxication, will it cure my malady,
    If I were to hover between worlds,
    If I were to strech myself out to step
    Into another universe; fevered musings,
    It is a besotted mind that beseeches you
    In all ways, it can, in all places it knows of,
    If I could beckon you to me, be your siren,
    I'd offer all I ever hope to be, at your feet, yes,
    If I could just hold my dream in my arms.

    Enchantment that refuses to wear off,
    Every day I trace your face on
    Each cloud that passes over my house,
    Elude me, must you?

  • zealous_xpression 6w

    Oh to be a cloud

    I don't mean on cloud nine
    Medicating with goods to feel fine.

    But I'd like to be a cloud
    I'd be phased only when needed
    And every airplane punch and flock of words would fly right through.

    I'd be in control:
    choosing when to arrive,
    Let go of my emotions...feel alive.

    If there is need for rain, I would rain.
    If there is need for light, I would call in sick but oh to be a cloud.

    -I am a sitting body of water waiting to evaporate but one day...one day I'll have a seat with a different view.

  • preranarathi 6w


    सुनहरे रंग में जब डूबी हो जिंदगी,
    तो हर शख्स अपना सा लगता है।
    छा जाएँ जब काले बादल उस पर,
    हर अपना पराया सा लगता है।
    शायद भूल जाते है लोग अकसर,
    गुलाब के फूल पर काटाँ भी लगता है।

  • miti_sengupta 6w

    A faraway land

    The bird soar higher and higher
    Into the clouds, far from the city
    To a place it called divine.


  • raman_writes 7w

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    सर्द रात, गीली सड़के, नंगे पैर, बरसते बादल ।

    किसी का मेहबूब आज जी भर कर रोया होगा ।।


  • kidluvari 7w

    a day

    sun rises and dawns
    over the city
    smoke clouds fall apart
    the sky looks pretty
    but only when i‘m asleep


  • moondust 6w

    Nefelibata (n.)
    -Greek words "nephele" and "batha". The one who walks in the clouds. In literature, it is said of the writer that he does not obey the rules of literature. In the general context, it is an idealistic person, who lives away from reality.
    Trying a new font. Hope this one is easier to read :)
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    I close my eyes and lay on my bed. My thoughts are to heavy to carry around but my head still elevates to the sky, reaching the highest point. The highest point of my imaginary world, the lowest point of the real world I once was born. Born. What a difficult word to explain when you lost yourself and don't even remember your name. Reborn. I wonder how it feels to reborn in life, to start over and over again. But reality isn't an alternative when you have a place you created in your own head, with every dreams and hopes. How wonderful is it to fly around the sky, touching the clouds, feeling the warm sunlight on your face with birds resting on your shoulders?. How wonderful is it? I keep asking myself but never got an answer, so I gave up. I gave up and moved to my imaginary house, with imaginary things and all I ever wanted. But, do I still want it? No, I don't (I do). I can't escape (I can). I lost touch with reality a long time ago. I got too comfortable with these sheets made out of clouds, with a white nightlight that reflects on the sea, with a song birds created that I can't understand, with threes hurting my hands as I grab them to get back. With my body upside down, with my thoughts moving around. It feels like I'm still far away from reality (I'm not). It feels like I'm lost, alone in my own 'beautiful' world (I'm not). So I grab the threes once again, hoping I can get back home even though I gave up a long time ago.