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  • kelsang 23w

    Sitting, thinking, dreaming, writing
    Not blinking my eyes, wondering
    Calculating, feeling like stopping taking a break, but realising I'm no where yet
    So I continue... And going on to move outside
    Tired I would want to have our traditional Butter Tea. So tasty... So homely, so cozy

  • crescent 25w

    Hey Diary,

    The place is crowded than usual maybe the light drizzle made many crave for warmth.

    I slowly suck my cigarette and between the smoke my eyes look for her.

    It is not hard though buddy, few seconds and I find her sitting at the same spot carefully taking a sip as usual. Eyes closed she savours the hot drink wrapped tightly around her palms.

    And all I could think was,
    "Will I ever be her cup of tea?"

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #coffeeortea

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  • thehasisshaik43 25w

    My Cafe

    Hot coffee during rain
    Drains our cold pain

  • sumana_chakraborty 25w


    Everytime we meet during tea
    We still our moments
    We mend our cleaves
    With favourite poetries
    With love , life , childhood , festivals , politics , language , what not ...
    Out tea sessions get interesting and hot
    With warmth , aroma and laughter
    We come closer and closer
    Discussions gradually get a touch of flavour
    With vapours our rifts dwindle
    With redolence of our life we giggle
    Our Dawn breaks with chirpy mood ...
    Nights seem pleasant aftermath
    Sipping each other's meaningful gazes
    When we solace and rest
    Life seems blissful and
    Our tea breaks are mere excuses .


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  • arkasingha 25w

    In a moment..

    In the midst of the busiest life, it wipes out emotions for a moment, fatigue of life.
    Just like the night of the rainy season in the city, see the busiest roads in the city. A sip tea frees up all the fatigue of the day.

  • souravbose24061990 25w

    Tea in the rain

    And then when it rains
    You're all soaked and wet
    Run to the nearest tea stall
    And have a cup of hot steaming tea
    That's what I call instant love
    Ah...Heaven brewed in a cup!


  • ner 25w

    I wish a tea

    I look out the window,
    autumn sings,
    winter runs
    an icy breeze
    appears and dances.
    A ghost
    blows in my ear
    whispering poems to me,
    verses i haven't written yet.
    On the table
    blank papers,
    i close my eyes
    to savor the flavor.
    A cup of tea!

  • alamshagufta 25w

    Sitting by the window
    Looking at the clear drops
    Falling from the sky
    Holding my favourite mug
    Sipping that lovely coffee
    While thinking about how beautiful the scenario looked and how i could make a poem out of it.

  • ashtree 25w

    Tea all the way lol. I like to overflow it with sugar and just sit there and watch a movie

  • bani745 25w

    Now that I've drunk tea,
    I'm on a writing spree!

  • profdeli 25w

    Coffee or Tea

    When I am down,
    And my blood is too hot,
    Needing something to diffuse my system,
    I go in a for a cup of tea,
    That calms my veins down,
    N takes me to the dream land.

  • misty_2004 25w

    The taste of life
    Is like coffee:
    Bitter in sweet
    Sweet in bitter...


  • joan53 25w

    Rain comes down️
    In spring it's a celebration
    Rain in summer️
    It's a blessed relief
    Rain in winter️
    It's hot cocoa season
    Hot cocoa in my hands
    Warmth fills my insides
    With hope
    Rain in any season of life️
    Makes rythemic music
    Makes for a better sleep
    Pitter patter
    Caddence for my soul

  • maria_poesi 25w

    *A Cup of Seasons*

    "Day by day
    Years to years
    Each seasons shares,
    it's roses in a cup of coffee or tea"


  • _snazzle_ 25w


    Ideas brimming in my mind,
    Like drops of rain.
    Coffee is the impetus my brain needs,
    And love is the start that my heart chooses.
    The strong smell of it chases the thoughts of my brain,
    The deep taste of it conquers my feelings.
    I get coffee...
    With my pen between my fingers,
    It takes me to wonderland of words

  • that_freak 25w

    Tea or coffee I asked
    'I don't drink' you replied.

    That was the last time we met.


  • blackangel_ 25w

    Coffee is my cup of tea
    Fresh brewing aroma and
    the fragrance of petrichor
    fills me with euphoria..


  • discarded_musings 25w

    Coffee or tea?
    Why not both,
    one for the romance,
    and one for the heartbreak


  • ru_pali 25w

    Coffee in rain

    With the cup filled with coffee
    I choose to sit near the window
    In my cozy spot
    Watching the evening closing in
    As the rain is knocking on the drain outside
    Long streaks on window
    Run like the memories of you
    On the lonely lanes
    Reminding me of the good times
    We spent together
    In this pouring rain

  • blueheaven 26w

    Coffee, tea, or me?

    I watched the raindrops race each other, eating up smaller ones to gain momentum. I could never find a winner. I marveled at café’s décor once more as a sweet waitress came up and served my order, one cup of macchiato. I smiled at her and took my book out, grateful for the ambience so suitable for reading.

    Before I could delve into my book, I caught a sight out of the corner of my eye. There she comes, walking briskly towards the nearest shelter; the café that I was in.

    Her feet glided gracefully through the soaked pavement despite being perfectly fitted in heels. Her tiny slender hand was helplessly trying to shield her hair from getting wet. She stopped by the door to brush off droplets of rain dew from her clothes.

    She was petite in frame, probably a head shorter than me even in heels. She wore cream colored pants, a black top covered by a thin cardigan and an unbuttoned long coat that flapped elegantly behind her.

    Her hair was jet black but not in the over-dyed emo way, it was of the perfect shade. The hair flowed passed her shoulders in shimmering curls that only twirled around the tips to adorn her glowing porcelain-like skin. Her eyes, framed by long lashes were as black as ink yet they shimmer as though they had a smile of their own. Her straight nose that was accentuating her high cheekbones was just above her full lips, the color of a red rose; she seemed a picture of perfection. Had she smiled, the world would sigh in contentment. Had she laughed, the world would laugh with her.  And had she wept, the whole world would want to comfort her.

    She peered through the glass screen and scanned the café for available tables, but none was free. She continued brushing water off her clothes and her possessions at hand.

    Sitting by the door, this was my chance. Unconsciously, I cleared my throat, making mental conversation starters, pumped and poised to jump at the next opportunity to speak to her.

    She peered into the café once more to check if anyone was leaving. Her eyes circled the café and finally her eyes caught mine. Before I got too mesmerized by a brilliant set of eyes, I managed to signal her for her to come in. As she went through the door to approach me, I mustered up my courage.

    “Hi, would you like to…”

    “Oh, are you leaving?” she asked quickly. “Thanks.” As she proceeded to sit beside me.

    “Actually, I…”

    Rii-ii-ii-ng. Her phone rang before I could finish my sentence. Her eyes looked at my apologetically and she lifted her finger in that just-a-sec way and answered her phone.

    I smiled back at her. Now all I had to do was wait for her to finish her call and take it from there. It gave me time to calm my nerves for my next move.

    However, the female ability to talk on the phone amazed me. The waitress had already served her coffee and she was still on the phone. Now, I was even more nervous. Maybe she was just waiting for me to leave. Perhaps the person on the other end of the line had already hung up.

    This just wasn’t my day. While she was facing the other way, I stood up to leave. Right at that moment, her proffered hand that was reaching for her coffee collided with mine. She spilled her coffee and me, my book. She hung up immediately as we both scrambled to pick up my coffee soaked book. We dashed under the table and our foreheads collided.

    I picked up my book and smiled at her.

    “I’m so sorry,” she was remorseful. Not that I was angry facing a face that could make even the grumpiest grandpa smile.

    “Nah, I wasn’t really digging this book anyway. Sorry about your coffee though. Mind if I get you a new one?”

    “You don’t need to. It was…”

    “I insist. I was going to ask if you’d like to have coffee with me anyway.”

    She smiled. “I would be glad to.”


    “CUT!!!” shouted the director.

    Everyone in the café had their tensed shoulder relaxed. The sprinkling of artificial rain halted. Personas were removed as everyone took pleasure for a short break.

    “That was perfect,” said the director.

    That was perfect, I thought.

    All of a sudden, the other side cast members were gone. The director was gone. All the cameras around disappeared. It was just one of the myriad of scenarios I’ve imagined every time I see her. In my fantasies, many things happen. Sometimes, the café would be invaded by aliens, terrorist, muggers or even a giant ape. In all of the scenarios, I end up with her. No giant ape will be running away with the girl of my dreams.

    I snapped back to reality. The only thing that remained from the scene is the rain, albeit being different from the one before and also - her.

    But this time, I am not in the café. Nor is she walking towards me. It is her standing by the glass screen where she is sheltered from the rain. Also, it is I, walking towards her.

    I gather every ounce of my courage as I get nearer to her.

    I smile at her as her I catch her gaze.

    “Hi.” I waited and wondered how we would end up this time.

    It will be exactly like my fantasies. It will be like the movies only without the cute-meet accidents, the bumping of heads, or even terrorists, muggers, aliens or tower-scaling giant apes…