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  • imutkarsh 1w

    "कूछ यादें"
    Written by me❤
    This is special
    Mix of corona and college days read this once...
    #college #student #4years #coronavirus #pandemic #thosewerethedays #yaadein #btech #outbreak #writingcommunity #writing #poetrycommunity #poetry #mirakeewriters #yourquote #nojoto

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    कूछ यादें••

    कूछ यादें, जो शायद हि अब पूरी हो
    हमारे दोस्तों से मुलाकातें शायद हि अब पूरी हो
    ना जाने ये कोरोना क्या क्या करवाएगा
    जिन्दगी का अगला पड़ाव आदमी कैसे ले पायेगा।।

    कूछ यादें, जो शायद हि अब पूरी हो
    हमारे कॉलेज कि वो मस्तियाँ शायद हि अब पूरी हो
    अब तो social distancing का जमाना आ गया
    कोरोना ने हमें एक दुसरे से दूर-दूर रहना सिखा दिया।।

    कूछ यादें, जो शायद हि अब पूरी हो
    वो रात में बेस्वाद मेस का खाना शायद हि अब नसीब हो
    ना जाने वो दिन अब कब आएंगे
    जून,जुलाई,अगस्त, सेपटेम्बर लगता है सब lockdown में हि बित जाएंगे।।

    कूछ यादें, जो शायद हि अब पूरी हो
    हमारे दोस्तो से मुलाकातें शायद हि अब पूरी हो
    अब तो video calls का हि एक सहारा बचा है
    जिन्दगी में कूछ पल ऐसे भी आतें है इन सब से हि तो सिखा है।।

    कूछ यादें,जो शायद हि अब पूरी हो
    हमारे उन दोस्तों से मुलाकातें शायद हि अब पूरी हो
    शायद जिन्दगी का यही एक सफर देखना रह गया था
    16 batch को तो history create करने का पहले से हि शौक था।।

    कूछ यादें, जो शायद हि अब पूरी हो
    हमारे उन दोस्तों से मुलाक़ात शायद हि अब पूरी हो।।

  • tathagatkaushik 1w

    N College k liye pyaar
    N College mein koi pyaar
    Badhao lockdown...... #college #student #pyaar #pyar #lockdown #lockdownextended #thoughts #feelings

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    N College k liye pyaar
    N College mein koi pyaar
    Badhao lockdown......


  • ciara1 2w

    You Talking About Me?

           Last year sitting in my philosophy class, waiting for the professor to come in. Five minutes later she enters the classroom. She was a Chinese slime size woman wearing big glasses. She always wore her hair pulled back into a ponytail wearing baggy clothing. I always sat up front in class minding my own business and wanted to learn.
    A moment in class I was asking the professor some questions about an assignment. I heard two girls sitting three tables back from me in class saying my name. I was saying in my head feeling angry and thinking, "why the fuck they saying my name for, those bitches don't even know me, so why the fuck they saying my name?" I was hearing them whisper my name talking about me saying I think I know everything. Every time I sat in the hallway  waiting for my class to start, they would keep looking at me. Eyeing me from head to toe, knowing that I dress better than them. I would pretend that I did not listen to them or see them. I would hear them say things about me wearing bright colors. The things they were saying about me I would let it affect me. I really got angry and emotional. I had to stop what I was doing in class and pray in my head saying, "Lord please do not let this nonsense get to me, this is all talk, I am way stronger than this O Lord. Please encourage me not to react O God, please do not let my anger get the best of me that I feel like knocking the hell out of them too girls, let me calm my spirit down, Lord you gave me the spirit of power, I shall use my power to not let the negative tongue affect my mind, Lord speak to me."
      After class, I had called my boyfriend Bernie on the phone and told him that I felt like hurting them two girls. "Naw you shouldn't let that get to you, as long as they don't put they hands on you, they just talking, they jealous of you, how do they look?" Bernie asked. One is fat and…" getting cut off. "Fat? You go let a fat bitch get to you? And how do the other one look?" He asked. "She skinny and light skin with short hair, " I said. "They jealous of you, " he said. 
    A couple of days later Bernie and I were sitting A the hallway until my class started. I pointed out the two girls that were talking about me. "There they go right there, they were the ones who were talking about me, " I said. "Them? The skinny girl looks like she came from a food pantry with that big black coat on, and that fat girl looks like she sucks dick for food, " he said joking. "Haha, you funny, " I said. "Man, they jealous of you cause you dress better than they asses, you look better than them with they ugly asses, they talking about you because they wanna look like you or they thinking about you. When somebody is talking about you, that means they thinking about you, " he said. "Yeah you right, that's deep, " I said feeling at ease.


  • imutkarsh 2w

    College के वो दिन

    कितने अच्छे होते थे college के वो दिन
    Birthday होते थे 3 हर दिन
    जब मिल बैठते थे यार तिन
    तो मस्ती होती थी बेहतरीन।।

    कितने अच्छे होते थे college के वो दिन
    Exam के time पे सारे दोस्त आते थे
    रात के ढाई बजे भी hostel जगमगाते थे
    ना सुर हो ना ताल फिर bhojpuri गाने से अपनी भूख मिटाते थे।।

    कितने अच्छे होते थे college के वो दिन
    जब saraswati पूजा में girls hostel के पास हमलोग नाचते-नाचते जाते थे
    नाचना आए या ना आए लेकिन नागिन डांस से अपनी इक्षा जताते थे।।

    कितने अच्छे होते थे college के वो दिन
    जब final exam का होता था the end..
    तो dj मँगवा के किया जाता था सबको entertained..।।

    कितने अच्छे होते थे college के वो दिन
    Majnu Chowk से सबका नाता था
    शाम के 6 बजे यह स्थान पार्क बन जाता था
    खासकर हरियाली देखने का सब का इरादा था।।

    कितने अच्छे होते थे college के वो दिन
    अब तो हमारे farewell के दिन आ गए
    मस्ती करते करते हम इतने दूर आ गए
    जल्द हि हम सबको अपनी मंजिल मिलेगी
    बस यही दुआ हमारी आप सबके लिए रहेगी।।

  • chris_s 2w

    Àu revoir

    The first day I saw the autumn tree it was shedding it's leaves
    I did not realise why, for I was more attracted to the north of where I stood
    All of a sudden someone storms into the room which made something in me to storm out
    and it marked a new beginning

    From there on in, many pages were turned
    Some blissful some bitter but nevertheless happy
    Some found friends some found family and more importantly everyone was involved (rejoiced)

    The rooms, which once suffocated us is now known for contagious laughs
    Those people who used to storm in on us were now a part of us

    Now after three short, wonderful years I find myself under the same autumn tree now grateful more than ever, for now I know why it is weeping, it's bidding farewell for us...

  • immature_doctor 3w

    Books thi so Kholi nahi
    Netflix hoti toh Puri Season dekhta

  • immature_doctor 3w

    MBBS tha so Jane diya

    PG hota toh Shadi kr leti


  • jenapriyavhjeenu 3w

    Unforgettable life

    As we admit at college,
    we grew with days;
    discovering the possibility of new friends,
    We had rage with senior's and Junior's;
    their we realised our full potential,
    and stimulated our interest;
    and became friends.

    Now the years passed,
    We reminisce our session is ending;
    We begin our journey of life,
    wondering about the path we came across;
    to achieve our goals,
    When I retire from Student Life;
    I can proudly say,
    "That where the best days in my life".

  • _kanishka_ 3w

    Dying For

    A stroll on the sidewalk,
    Making you carry heavy stuff after shopping,
    Sipping juice and forcing you along,
    Skipping classes to live in an adventure all day long,
    Cracking the code to where to eat next,
    Stealing a kiss or two at the multiplex,
    Signing your name at the library door,
    These are the things I'm dying for.

  • warlockhero08 3w


    The famous saying, 'college days are the best days of your lives' came to my mind as I watched the view of the mountains from our balcony. The last days of college had made me go weak at the knees. We were supposed to focus on our career, but how?

    These people who I met as strangers in the first year were family now. I remembered the classrooms I used to evade, the games we used to play in lectures, moments in the food court, the doom and gloom when exams went shit, those celebrations in the football field and the after-sem parties. I felt my heart sinking with nostalgia.

    I tried picturing the next forty years of my life, and even with the best scenarios, I couldn't come up with a moment that would be able to overtake any of these.


    Because these people made me who I am, and this place allowed me to.

  • slowlearner 4w


    koi begana dhoka kar jae toh gussa aata hai,
    koi ...begana dhoka kar jae ...toh gussa aata hai,
    pr koi apna hi shadyant rach jae toh dard hota hai...

  • akashamittayi 4w

    ഹോസ്റ്റൽ ലൈഫ്

    പന്ത്രണ്ട്-പന്ത്രണ്ടരയാവുമ്പൊ റൂമിലുള്ളോരൊക്കെയൊരു കട്ടിലിന്റെ മൂലേല് വന്നിരിക്കും....... കൂട്ടത്തിലെ ധൈര്യശാലി പിന്നെപ്പതുക്കെപ്പറഞ്ഞ് തുടങ്ങും ............ ഇരുട്ടിന്റെ യങ്ങേത്തലയ്ക്ക് പതിവു തെറ്റാതെ വെള്ള സാരിയിൽ അടപടലം പുതച്ചെത്തുന്ന പുരാതന രക്ത രക്ഷസ്സും‍♀️ .രാത്രി 10 നു മരിച്ച റൂം മേറ്റ് 12 മണിക്ക് മൂത്രമൊഴിക്കാൻ കൂട്ടു പോയ നവോദയൻ തള്ളുകളും‍♀️.കീ ഹോളിലൂടെ നോക്കുന്ന, പിയാനോ വായിക്കുന്ന സായിപ്പിന്റെ ചോരക്കണ്ണുകളും ️ അങ്ങനെയെത്രയെത്ര........ ഇതോർമയിൽ തിരുകി ശിഷ്ട കാലം ലൈറ്റില്ലാത്ത വരാന്തകളിൽ പാൽപ്പിറ്റേഷനടിച്ചും അടുക്കളേന്ന് ലൈറ്റോഫാക്കിയകത്തേക്ക് കണ്ണടച്ച് പാഞ്ഞും കാലം തീർക്കാനിരിക്കുന്ന നമ്മളും...... #ഹോസ്റ്റൽ ലൈഫ് # ഹൊറർ സ്റ്റോറീസ് .... # എടാ പിന്നിലേക്കൊന്ന് വെറുതെ തിരിഞ്ഞ് നോക്കിയേ.......

  • mohit_agarwal 4w

    You'll always find me in college canteen��


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    College Canteen

    College Canteen (n) :

    The only place where I was
    able to make 100% attendance


  • pujith_66 5w


    I recovered the Love I had for you, with the pain you left on me..

  • pujith_66 5w


    I hear the poetry of my heartbeat when my eyes behold you...

  • pujith_66 5w

    School Love❤️

    She sits on the first bench, He sits on the last bench... He was still on top of this world just by looking at her hair...!

  • nandana_v_ 6w

    College days

    Skipping the first hour daily,
    Soundly on your bed you stay.
    No one can be blamed 'cause
    these are our college days we say.

    With 75% attendance
    You feel like a topper.
    And getting a minimum internal,
    Dude you're a rocker!

    Tea from the canteen
    and eating in the class unseen.
    Filling water in between,
    Above all a feeling you're no longer a teen.

    Skin tanning doesn't matter ,
    because it's our annual fest.
    We value it more
    than every single test.

    Every class has their love birds,
    writing their own love stories.
    We sit inside those four walls,
    unknowingly creating memories.

    At the end, viva gives you tears,
    exams give you fear.
    But always there's a feeling,
    that the end is near.

    The friendship we cherish,
    I hope it never perish.
    Live your life, every single day,
    For these are our college days we say!

  • aradhana_ 6w

    Time has it's own pace
    We are again back at the end of the race
    Though there is no winner yet
    Just a finish line to get.

    Four years of my college days
    Flew like some cosy Sundays,
    I enjoyed differently in my crappy ways
    And ventured myself newly in this beautiful glaze.
    To the first orientation day, I want to go back
    To walk again on the memory track
    With my bunch of chipmunks and a heavy backpack
    Fears and terrors surrounded by a gazy whack.
    Seniors eye's pitching on that time
    with a dreadful of gust, today it seems so prime.

    My lovely friends,
    Today it feels like we've just met
    And are just about to set
    For the first class, for the vishwakarma puja with the nervousness I have had,
    It was all a stupid little mad!

    From the faces we were unknown
    Like strangers on the orientation day
    To the relationships we have grown
    In this beautiful bay.

    This amazing friendship happens once in a blue moon
    And I feel so blessed to have such a fortune
    Never thought that friendship like ours
    Will bloom beautifully like happy flowers.

    For one last time I wish to go back there
    With bag empty to collect lots of memories to make in that crazy air.
    Its like a new beginnings to a perfect end!
    But still want some time that I could lend.

    For one last time I want to go back to the HOD's classes
    And laugh my pain out as peeping through the window glasses
    From the anxiety of results announcement
    To create the best laughing moment
    Time spent in campus, canteen
    Through the sea of memories I have been
    I want to relive it for one last time.

    For one last time I want to gossip with you guys in the same class!
    Here I sit and rejoice
    The endless talking voice
    The fights that were purposeless
    And the jokes most senseless
    Preparing for the lab exams, viva, freshers, fests, farewell, trip, picnic, dyke bulaa, khatti, fishery..
    These will always be like a box of jaggery.
    How can I forget the insane voice of the dept's head
    'Roll no 1....,2..,3.....' he said.
    The massbunks, asking CR (Padhy & Debu) for a rainy day
    We all want to relive and stay
    In that beautiful day.

    Without hesitation I would proclaim
    The college memories will forever be in the same lane
    None would be so lame
    Who wouldn't wish to relive this all over again.

  • bugsbunny_13 6w


    I would not say be mine.
    Win my trust and make me yours..

  • sritherun 7w

    Have you ever slept with tears,,,

    Woke up with a beautiful dream of togetherness.

    Pull the blanket off and cried again??