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  • lifeofshiv 14w

    I want to be heard somedays
    I want to be alone somedays

    I want to be felt by the people I love somedays
    I just dont want to feel somedays

    I want happiness to stay forever somedays
    I miss being sad somedays

    I feel like i'm not loved somedays
    I feel like i'm on top of the world somedays

    I wish for a different life somedays
    I question if i can go on somedays
    I wish my vibration was higher somedays

    Don't we all feel some type of way somedays
    I even hurt somedays, but i stay grateful for all my days
    When i wake up; I thank God, for all my days

    My first sonnet. What do y'all think?

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    I don't trust the way I feel somedays


  • its_anjo 112w

    People, its just my thought... Not to hurt anyones sentiments...

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    He is everywhere
    As people think.
    "Yes, in a man" ,
    I say as i wink.
    Why to find
    In a stone
    Search it in
    A soul zone.
    He resides
    In the most
    With always
    His enemy ghost.
    Being good
    Make him a god.
    Caution of demons
    The toff's fraud.
    Its just a
    Consideration of mind
    He might be in you
    Why elsewhere to find!

  • maryekeleme 140w

    Born into the world with blood stains,
    Hit on the bum to arouse the tears from deep within,
    Those cries are of innocence and smile equally bright with pureness,
    Then your laid in the arms of your mother,
    Her eyes becoming a stream of joyous water,
    Your taken from the comfort of her bosom,
    She let's you go so as to be clean and clothed,
    She's filled with the hope of seeing you again to let her breast become a feeding bottle,
    And her aim is to satisfy your growing hunger.

    Time passes in a slow motion,
    Your once tiny hands and little feet are grown;now able to stable you in place,
    You have become a man in the eyes that saw how she pushed you from her womb,
    Now the cycle has changed and she had become your priority,
    You feed and cloth her with the wealth from your riches,
    Making her smile at the success she has made of you,
    Her heart is filled with love from the memories of your growth and troubles caused,
    She sleeps at night without hearing your cries that awoken her slumber,
    And your bosom becomes a safe haven.

  • tubelight 145w


    Her memories is just like the unopned tabs on my browser :-

    -- I opend them before for purpose.

    -- They will always be open.

    -- Dont want to close them because if i will , then i'll loose them
    -- Having them makes me relax.

    -- I never go through them.


  • jusastranger 184w

    Just asking...
    Like c'mon, Why are we supposed to answer about our life decisions to people who barely know a single thing about us? Why has this become a mindset of every other person, that 'what people woukd think?' Why everything that is just fine before someone interrupting just becomes a hell of a big problem when someone asks about it?


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    Why do people keep on interfering so much in others life yet get pissed off when the same happens to them?