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    - N... Na... Navina? Y..y. you.?
    - Who's she babe?
    - She is Navina, I was about to tell you honey, she keeps on following me. I, I.. Why do you keep following me Navina! Go away.
    - * Navina* Oh do I? Well, I was not the one who called for the blind date, despite having a girlfriend. Did I.?
    - She is lying babe. You trust me right? All of these is a non- sense she is just a crazy stalker. Babe trust me.
    - *Seema* Is she brother?
    - Seema.? Why are you here? Don't stay in all of these go home now! Right now!
    - Why brother? Did you thought once of me and Celesta before selling the apartment.?
    - For God shake Go Right now! This is my Order!
    - I don't take order from cheats like you bro..!! Get a life. * Leaves*
    - Heena, listen to babe, listen I love you.
    - No, you love my father's power Suhas. And that's exactly what you liked all these years. Not anymore Suhas. I'm Done. * Leaves*
    - N...no... wa..it don't. Navina.? I'm sorry I just realised how much I love you, you are gonna stay right?
    - * Slaps* No Suhas. You made me feel bad about myself and that's the worst thing you can do to a person. I deserve better Suhas. Not a greedy idiot like you, who wants to turn my house into some stupid mall. *Leaves*
    - N... No..No! Wait Wait..wait.. Navina please wait..
    *The End*

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    Bitter Truth

    - Did you knew about us, Heena?
    - Obviously NOT!
    - Sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.
    - That's okay Navina.
    - Seema? Tell me something if Suhas just wanted my property why did he got angry with me?
    - Nav, it was a part of his plan. He thought he would fix all the papers for now and he will come back and he knew you would forgive him and he was going to brag about his losses and he would propose you for marriage and ask for your help. He knew you would help him with all you had. And meanwhile he was fixing his house abroad. Then the deal will be done, he would leave you stranded and marry Heena and use her father's power abroad.
    - Papa, was right Seem, he told me if Suhas didn't accept me as I'm and love me then he won't in a week, year, or even forever.
    - But why are you helping us Seema?
    - Because he wanted to sell the apartment we are living in. He didn't thought of me, Celesta or you or Navina. He just wanted money and power. I can't believe he is my own brother.
    To be continued.....

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    * A year later*
    *Navina's papa passed away, now Navina was the only one living in her house.
    Everyone came but Suhas didn't. It hurt her even more, he didn't even texted once neither did he called.*
    * Navina to herself*
    -Should I call him? I'm feeling so lonely now. What if he again insults me..
    Oh I dont know what to do. I feel like dying.
    *Knocks on the door*
    - Who is it?
    - Hi, Nav it's me, Seema.
    - Oh.. yeah come in.
    - I'm so sorry about your father.
    - hm..
    - I came here to tell you something Nav.
    - What is it Seem? Suhas misses me right?
    - No, actually he never even loved you.
    To be continued..

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    Be Strong.

    - Because it was not the right time to say. But we loved you enough that you also never felt that way. Everything has a time beta. If Suhas loved you he won't have treated you like he did today.
    - You and mum loved me more than enough pa. And No pa. I think he is just angry.
    * One week later*
    - Papa. I think he doesn't love me anymore for what I have done to him. He has not texted me called me even once, and also he is not answering mine. I have done such a mistake pa.
    - But what have you done?
    Yes, I know you should have said it to him at the beginning, but down the lane you knew if you do he won't stay and thus you gave it time, you showed him the actual you, the love the carings everything. And if he didn't love you then, he won't love you in a week or in a year or maybe forever.
    Don't let him make you feel bad for who you are Navina.
    To be continued..

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    SHOCKED. EP:- 8

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    - Hey Navina!
    - Sorry, I kept you waiting.
    - Oh that's okay. I'm not hungry anyway.
    - Haha! Let's order.
    - Yes please!
    - So, Suhas whom do you have in family?
    - Well, I have my sister Seema and my dog Celesta.
    - I lost them.
    - Oh I'm so sorry to hear that.
    - No don't be. They are not dead, they have divorced, mum left dad few months after Seema was born. Dad was really heartbroken but he did his best for both of us, then he changed too. I turned 20 and Seema turned 18. He got married again. And they shifted us in another apartment. Both mum and dad send us good amount of money and they think that's enough.
    -Oh dear.
    - Ya. What about your mom?
    - Mom left this world when I was 10, since then papa took care of me.
    - Hey Suhas, do you want to go somewhere?
    - Yes. Why not.
    *Pays and leaves*
    To be continued....