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    Desiccated earth
    Radiating with longing,
    For moist pecks from
    Bulky door of paradise,
    In calming rain, finds
    the heart's belonging
    Releasing the saccharine
    aroma //petrichor//.

    The mist of mellow moist
    wafting whimsically,
    Kissing and engulfing
    in an elusive ethereal spin.
    A feeling ensnared by the
    clenches of fond remembrance.
    Like the rhythm of your breaths
    upon my shrivelled skin.

    A taste of your valedictory dance
    on my fervent lips,
    Aroused with each droplet,
    still makes me yearny.
    I left my head,
    enchanted by memory's grips,
    Craving you again, to make my heart explode.

    Here again,
    Two drenched hearts
    encaged in a glass,
    Quiescent spirits amalgamated
    together like before,
    Promises swaddled and
    Tied to the gaits of each other,
    In eternal dance, laced with
    redolent sempiternal //petrichor//.

    H e
    hor make
    my soul alive.
    I am a pluviophile.
    When the drizzle
    comes, I become so
    Ecstatic. Leaving behind all
    My agitations, I sway with full
    Of joy.The rain always makes
    Child who is busy building
    her own fantasyland.

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    #concrete #raindrops #tears #daadigotyourback

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    P. S: This concrete poem is inspired by many writers of
    mirakee ��

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    Here again,
    Two drenched hearts
    encaged in a glass,
    Quiescent spirits amalgamated
    together like before,
    Promises swaddled and
    Tied to the gaits of each other,
    In eternal dance, laced with
    redolent sempiternal //petrichor//.


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    #ebullientc #concrete? @writersbay
    @writersnetwork you really liked this??
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    Don't know if it makes any sense -.-

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    astral buds
    to engross
    her soul

    Still, it's the cologne of the moon, she coveted to drink in. //A moon paramour she was.//- Advita

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    Always remember, whatever the phase you're going through, it shall pass. Try to realize the worth of lovely moments of life and relieve yourself from the pain of miserable days as they will be followed by delightful ones.

    Life isn't that bad!
    #beauty @mirakee @writersnetwork thank you ^.^

    a teardrop, does it look like one?! :p

    (Main bhi gyaan dene lagii hoon Xd)

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    not scared
    of miseries,
    not ever since
    she has mastered
    the art of stringing
    pearls of her tears &
    donning them on,
    with elegance.

    After all, the beauty of life lies in "falling onto the grounds and rising up the skies."

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    Teachers are the key to SUCCESS. They've got to gift you the sweetest of sides with lots of efforts in the back. We, as students, never appreciated those sacrifices and the hardwork they put into us with affection. We criticize them for all the scoldings and harsh toned sayings. After all, a sculpture is made with continuous bruises, right?
    At least, let us take a moment to appreciate their efforts. TEACHERS ARE ALMIGHTY IN DISGUISE.
    Thank you teachers ��❤️

    //The epitome of patience and affection found
    Everytime in those shimmery eyes;
    A selfless dedication towards their young
    Children with efforts of days and nights
    Having infused into aspirant minds towards the path of
    Excellence and perseverance with lots of
    Radiance to shine like a star in the darkest of days//

    Thanks for the like @writersnetwork ��
    #skp_writes #teachersdayacrostic #pod
    #concretepoetry #concrete
    (Is it looking like a key��)

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    epitome of
    tolerance and
    affection with an
    ebullience in the soul
    and a shimmer in the eyes
    makes you feel heavenly and
    benign, but vexed and sorrow
    sometimes; you lose your
    calm and donate it to
    your chaotic
    but love's
    never a
    lie, it is
    a ne'er
    ts, th
    ey are
    key to

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    No, it can't get any worse.
    #concrete @mirakee

    Me:I won't try a concrete. I won't try a concrete. I won't try a concrete. I won't try a concrete.

    Also me: Here's a concrete.��

    she comes
    in layers; And t-
    -he outset is cold.
    Her warmth concea
    -led; in the deepest f-
    -old. Her irony is unsett-
    -ling; She tends to push a-
    -ll away. But if you choose to
    explore. You'll find every reaso
    -n to stay. You'll find her whel
    -ving in solitude. Her ca
    -ptivating eyes paired with an a-
    -ngelic face. She obscures her allu-
    -re under the veil of faith. And wears
    modesty with all it's grace. Her efferve-
    -scence is eccentric. There's an undisco-
    -vered glaze in her eyes.She weaves mag-
    -ic at her finger tips. And flies in the elysian
    S K I E S.


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    Thank for your help dears : @xiaoko and @petrichor_tales

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    Please forgive the flaws in grammar and spacing, made intentionally for the alignment ��
    PS: Title is an oxymoron

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    On the laps of life when seated,
    The night appears in front as a camera,
    The stars seem like piercing sadness.
    Numerous and pointing.
    They pierce a lost heart so strongly,
    and tears of blood bleeds in mourning,
    Viscous: they, for long,
    then slowly and steadily
    flow through the dismay.
    They create a nude shade of lost memories.
    Scarlet red droplets of blood,
    form the stars of the sky.
    Smiles on this face,
    is a joke on their vision.
    Lips wave happiness, while eye cries tears.
    Within is a burning piece of coal;
    Still, burning hot fire,
    furiuos and frustrated.
    For how long will the smile try to hide my tears?
    For how long will smile be distracting?
    Like a black hole grasping in all the sorrows!!!
    when the world is left with happiness.
    And their sorrows that this black hole of smile ate.
    They make fun of this life,
    and their jokes are but only terrific.
    It percolates slowly and slowly into the heart.
    It rust the roots of the arteries,
    eats them: like white ants.


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    . on the
    laps of life
    when seated
    the night appears
    in front as a camera
    thestars seem like pie-
    rcing sadness numerous
    pointing they pierce
    a lost heart so strongly
    and tearsofbloodbleeds
    in mourning; viscous they
    for long thenslowly and
    = steadily flow through
    the dismay they create
    nude shade
    of lost mem-
    ories scarlet
    red droplets of
    blood form the stars
    of the sky, smiles on this
    face is a joke on their vision
    lips wave happiness while eye
    cries tears. Within is a burning
    piece of coal, still burning hot
    fire; furious and frustrated for
    lo ng, will the smile try to hide my
    tears for how long will smile be distr
    acting like a black hole grasping in all
    the sor rows when the world is left with
    happiness and their sorrows that this
    black hole of smile ate, they make fun
    of life. The jokes are but only terrific
    It percolates slowly and slowly into
    the heart. It rusts the roots of the
    arteries and eats them: white ants


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    @petrichor_tales @aaditya @manasaa @veloc1ty_ @diyabedi ����

    @writersnetwork 2nd one, thank you������
    @mirakee Thanks for this mind- boggling surprise!!
    My first ever pod❤️������

    I've done good compromise with grammar and punctuations so as to keep the shape firm.
    And, do read the complete version of the piece below.
    (The shape I tried was a streetlight)


    I love the towns on rainy nights;
    The pleasing aroma of the petrichor,
    The pattering sounds on roofs
    When hit by those minuscule droplets
    of soothing pluvios,
    The bliss zephyr that warms your soul
    Along with those soft kisses of the azure rains,
    Perfectly tuned with a coffee cup in hands n'
    Favourite lyrics whispered
    by the sweet watermelon lips.

    Citylights seem to glisten the diamonds-
    The captivating drops of mizzles.
    For they do scatter light by themselves-
    The light of grace and rejoice,
    The light which reflects my spectrum of emotions.
    //Rains in citylights look more attractive
    Than prisms dispersing spectrum bands//

    Drizzles in the voice seem to speak a lot to me,
    For they do have similar senses to me,
    For their eyes long to meet their love- the grounds.
    They hug themselves bosom tight,
    Making me remember my saga,
    A lorn book of my life.
    //But they do make differences,
    As I never regained and never enjoyed,
    But they do meet and enjoy//

    The paved asphalt roads now look
    Like wide pearl chains, with crystals close.
    Footpaths are mere gardens with a sight,
    Where leaves seem charming with dewdrops,
    And flowers longing for sun to bloom.
    //Every vision here is rejoicing,
    Except one mere fact-
    Towns can never completely personify
    My nature's beauty and aura//

    ~S r i K r i s h n a P S

    ~Penned and Posted on July 29, 2020.

    #PoetryWednesday #skp_writes #concretepoetry #concrete
    #readwritersbay !!

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    the towns
    on rainy nights;
    The pleasing aroma of
    the petrichor, the pattering sounds
    on roofs, when hit by those minuscule
    droplets of soothing pluvios, the
    bliss zephyr that warms your
    soul along with those soft
    kisses of the azure rains,
    Perfectly tuned with a-
    coffee cup in hands n'
    favourite lyrics whis
    pered by the sweet
    watermelon lips...
    in the
    to sp
    eak a
    lot to
    me, f
    or th
    eir e
    to m
    eet t
    ms ti
    ght t
    es m
    g me
    my sa
    ga, a lor
    n one fro
    m my life..
    The paved asphalt roads
    now seem more radiant like a wide chain of pearls arranged close to each other. Footpaths are mere rows of gardens having scenic views with leaves having dewdrops and weeds seemingly merrier. Every sight is rejoicing except the mere fact that towns aren't completely personifying the beauty of the sight and the aura of the nature.

  • pragya_a_dreamer 9w

    My very first attempt to concrete poem...
    I know it's childish
    But believe it took a lot of effort
    And hats off to all the concrete poem writers ❣️❣️

    Okay so for all your clarifications...
    I tell that what I have tried is the Cresent Moon
    Ik.. it's not at all looking like that����
    But you could bear with it...
    No offense ����

    #concrete #poem #selfesteemmatters

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    Alone in Dark
    Is now
    More √√
    For it has
    Now realised
    That what
    Matters is
    It's own
    Smile. That would never
    Ever get faded even
    In Any eclipse
    Of life

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    ----------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------


    inhale the

    soothing petrichor

    Of the p a c i f e r o u s

    grey clouds wetting the sac-

    rosanct mother earth scruplous-

    ly, bringing solace to burning hearts.

    Leaves and petals consoling the sky

    by capping the soft diamonds dredged

    by the lachyrmose sky.Lovers with clasped

    hands sing silent paeans making the wide

    blue yonder smile through it's polychromatic

    arch and sending warm rays of hope from

    the vault of heaven comforting broken

    hearts , promising them tranquillity

    and taking them away on a jaunt

    to a far away secret

    nirvana .


    Paean : a song of appraisal.
    Nirvana : any place of complete bliss, peace and delight .
    Lachyrmose : tearful , sorrowful.
    Sacrosanct: Holy.
    Jaunt : a short journey taken for pleasure.

    @mirakee Happy birthday ♥♥ Thank you for helping me in many ways. I owe you. Thankyou for letting the writer bud in me grow.

    Ps: I'm kinda hesitant about this one. Idk if i did well.
    But your feedback matters. It encourages me to express myself in different ways. Again, it's my first ever concrete poem. I'll get better. Hopefully. ♥♥

    #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #writersbay
    #concrete poem

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  • petrichor_tales 11w

    It's her birthday!
    @manasaa ! Our little popcorn loving unicorn!

    and I'm done with excuses
    I just had to pull the literary rabbit out of the writersblock burrow. It's a nifty little bugger❤️

    I've been having preoccupations upon preoccupations lately..
    couldn't write something for two other beautiful people on their respective birthdays.
    The people I consider family here. This is for you too.. little sister and brother.
    @seyfert & @_rainfrost_

    All three of you are young and have beautiful futures ahead of you.. don't ever stop your dreaming!

    with love,
    your brother and all the people who love you here❤️

    #concrete #concretepoetry

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    To the girl w h o weaved
    magic into letters made them
    into words brought the stars and
    the biological miracles into fluttering
    poetry with lexicon to aid as wingsto the
    one who remembers how things were and
    how things could be in beauty to the imaginery
    delicacies she devours nonchalantly upon rainbows,
    being a unicorn! If imagination was a creator and reality its canvas why can't
    unicorns roam the earth
    poke into tenebrous hearts
    spread joy into the creatures
    of misery and make them forget
    and forgive? To you little sister
    of the middle earth for bringing
    magic and lore into the hearts
    of destitute souls and your
    world of delightful innocence.
    I hope it exists there,
    a prismatic fire
    through the monochromes of life

    Happy Birthday

    From ol grumpy me and a whole lot of loving writers from mirakee❤️

  • sruthisankari 13w

    Tried my first concentre poetry. Thank you #writersbay for the challenge. #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #concrete #chrysalisc

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    the closed
    cocoon's comfort,
    When the next step is
    uncertain and frightening,
    Everything stays down below;
    That's the place, magic happens -
    Hours in plenty for contemplation...
    Space to procrastinate and practice
    Conquering your fears one at a time
    A little break, abundant rejuvenation
    To discover answers to puzzles due
    And readiness will break the silence
    It ain't just dormancy, but chrysalis
    And happens as many times as
    the burning soul wants for,
    to hide, think, prepare,
    wait, smile, break,
    emerge and


  • niviee 13w

    The Seed

    Hopping and popping, a seed asked me
    What in future will I be
    I replied with belief
    Of course you grow up as a tree
    She queried, Will I be a tree of stone
    Coz there's concrete and cement all over
    Soil is lost and unknown
    Disappointed there stand I
    My present is gone
    Uncertain how will the future survive

  • zohiii 13w

    Words and Guns

    • a gun kills a man once but words bury him alive
    a gunshot is heard once but words echo in his mind for
    ever until he kisses his death bed he lives in a trauma
    throughout his life with a broken heart cause words
    might not hurt his body
    but they slice up his
    fragile heart // //
    arms are licensed
    fromthe mouth
    of naive m e n
    who can harm
    much more a
    gun ever can

    A slip of the tongue is more lethal than an accidentally pulled trigger.


  • raika 14w

    DAD You put in
    a window for me
    so the zephyr will b-
    ring along dreams and
    kiss my skin leaving
    traces of hope
    that'd stay.

    You are
    scared to
    let the shield
    down, but so am I
    to walk out in the wild
    who didn't pity a soul like you
    rs but you whisper
    in my ear that,itwill
    be okay. I have got your back a
    nd those words w
    ere enou togetme
    going ilov eyoudad

    Your tears
    can bring about
    a flood on my entire
    being, leaving riots but
    your smile is enough
    to scare away the
    darkness of
    my soul

    -raika, a scared daughter of a dauntless brave father

    Not very neat, but my first try..
    Happy father's day.
    #happyfathersday #concrete #dauntlessc #rshapes

    21 June 2020

    My first pod. Thankyou so much.

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    . III
    You are
    something the world can't
    break but it has br uised
    the e- dges. The sh ine fr
    -om t he outside is wear
    -ing o ff but you sm - ile -
    + which makes +
    the in sides---
    lit up with th
    e light of love
    dad i l ove you


  • zohiii 15w

    Disclaimer: The slaughter of grammar and punctuation in this piece was intentional.

    #pod #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee #mirakee
    #concrete #concretepoetry

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    my true
    love O at the
    end of all days
    it's only your love
    V stays taking away
    the dread of this life
    grey, why do I want to
    have coffee with friends
    when I could munch upon
    all the chillies you share
    with me all cacophony
    is hushed when we sing
    unanimously your sharp
    ∆∆ sweet voice and mine
    a foul sound of a sonorous throat
    I wish you could
    en v e l o p e me
    in the wings of
    yours but my
    dear one
    the cute
    you give
    on my
    to me
    il y

  • captainfatimahabiba 16w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #raven63 #yaminiread #writerstolli #pod #readwriteunite @mirakee @writersnetwork #concrete

    ^ | | ^
    ^^^ | | ^^^
    it's | | either
    by an | | accident-
    al click. | | to land on
    this island| | with ink as
    sea & pens | | as trunk of
    trees & the | | rhyming wind
    that in collab | | discover the
    hidden ink | | soul within
    whomever Or everyone
    that this very platform wel-
    comes and then nurtures
    the chosen weeds like
    me you.

    © captainfatimahabiba

    Thanksssssss a million @writersnetwork for your recognition��

    Image credits to the rightful source

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    M M
    I i e I
    R r e R
    A a__k A
    K K
    E E
    E E
    © captainfatimahabiba

  • bklyn464 16w

    I Love Baseball/Fearsome Jungle
    Baseball is a Fantastic Scary Mess
    Tough Dirty Anxiety Driven Hot Strikingly
    Tense Jungle Blindingly Annoying Ferocity of Focus Strange Cold Night of Aluminum Moment of Clarity Vividness of Color Red White Pungent Smells Cling In the Air A Ball is Hurled Blurry Jungle Gnats Mosquitoes Fierce Winds of Change Yellow Imminent Curve Panther is Unfurled Attacking with Sharp
    Razor Claws Clutching onto the Night of No Return Strikes Swinging Big Bad Behemoth "Don't Mess With Me you'll get the claws" Bat Expectations High Sudden CURVE SLIDER No FASTBALL...CHANGE-UP GOALS ARE UNCLEAR The ball is HIT Frantic Movement and Rapid Pace Crowd is awed...Ball up in Air Lands in Uncharted Territory All Eyes on Me Blinding Lights on Me... Cool Calm Focused Iron Will
    The Umpire Calls it...
    I Love Baseball

  • petrichor_tales 17w

    . To be alive!
    a moment's
    delirious pain
    gave way once
    to ecstatic joy in
    tears of eclectic
    emotions, her
    moods were
    suddenly in place
    crystal clear and in
    focus, on a point of
    singularity, a single
    concentric life
    snuggled into
    her bossom
    An ethereal
    sensation to her
    instincts, enlivened
    by the touch of a soul
    dependent on her, to exist
    as a single entity, until an
    ennead in months come to
    pass, overcome by a need to
    care nurture and nourish for,
    twisting turning and tumbling
    inside a vessel of verklempt
    growing, until the water of
    elegant existence break
    forth, ruptured and
    contracting, beads
    of perspiration
    adorn a face
    until a chord
    o symphony
    emerge out.
    bare till
    she kiss
    touch &
    her own
    love 's
    An existence!