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  • eniarahblack 1d

    I've made so many wrong decisions in my life but meeting you was never one of them.

  • thebhavnasaxena 1w


    If love were the fire
    That could burn my
    World down, tell me,
    Where to find the
    Match, I would myself
    Put my brimstone heart
    Into the flames, and
    Wait in agony to be
    Consumed, for I have
    To know, when I rise
    From the ashes, would
    I be a phoenix, or a dragon
    Who herself breathes fire,
    But I know for sure, I will
    Be a creature that has known
    Magic, and for that, I will
    Put my brimstone heart
    Into the flames of love,
    And wait in agony, to be
    Consumed, a thousand times over.

  • brokengypsysoul 1w


    I cannot cope with reality without abusing a substance of some kind


  • soumi_mallick 1w

    My way of confession :)❤️

    " I love you" is so recklessly used these days that it's like balloons, once you let the air go or once it hits something sharp.....
    "Booom".... it's done bursting and no longer the same.
    Finding myself rare in this so overrated world of trends and copying people....if i ever find feeling anything for someone...
    I would better prefer to say,,,," You can read my diary!!!!" rather than saying 'I love you',,,,, which is a confession in my verse.

  • _deepika_gupta 2w

    Confession of an introvert

    I Know I'm an introvert...
    Sometimes I may find difficult to make new friends...
    But if you think I am empty hand..
    Then sorry my friend you don't know what gems I held...

  • crazyintellectual 2w

    One last Confession

    It's been more than 2 years since I have been admiring you and I guess you know it, but you never seemed to ignore me or you never hated me. The way you dealt with me really changed my way of thinking towards you and now I realised that I missed a good friend in you while I was chasing you for your attention. Sorry for all the times when I invaded your privacy and all the times I irritated you with all my stupid talks and Thanks for being so patient and generous towards me.

    Right now all I can ask you for :
    "Is it possible for you to accept me as your friend???"

  • anetita 2w


    She sat so pretty on that drunken tongue,
    Teetering on the tip,
    Looking a lot like love.

    Once in a blue moon she came out to play,
    A message in a bottle,
    Or several in your case.

    Muttering her name in your inebriated state,
    Your sober mind mislaid its memory,
    So she rarely seemed to stay.

    You never meant to introduce us, did you?
    She was a temporary taste.
    A hollow truth spurred by liquor and brew.

    What a shame.
    What a waste.


  • oceanblack 3w

    In all honesty

    I tell you ‘I love you’,
    Although I’m not sure I know it’s meaning quite yet


  • shrey_awaken_words20 3w

    He grabbed her,
    Holding her hand slowly,
    And whispered in her ear,
    The secret of his life,
    The never ending love he confessed.


  • thebhavnasaxena 3w

    I inhale and the scent
    Of roses brings it back,
    The way I bled on thorns
    Because all I wanted was
    To have the most beautiful
    Flower tucked in my hair,
    I breathe in and on a dry
    Summer's day, I am drenched
    In an onslaught of memories,
    The way she looked at me, my
    Mother, suddenly realising I am not
    Her little girl anymore, to be pacified
    With the stories of princesses in
    Enchanted forests and knights who
    Storm in to save the day, I was hungry
    For something more than just the berries
    From the local market, the world was
    Beckoning, it was full of things I had
    Never seen, but I wanted, oh so much
    To make it a feast, and I left, I left my
    Home, with a kiss from my mother and
    My hands still moist from wiping her tears...

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    I draw in more air, I am out of breath,
    From running so much, chasing after
    Dreams, I used to think, my dreams make
    Me who I am, so defined by the desire to
    Get more I was, more, more, more, a voice
    Would chant in my head, and I somehow
    Forgot, the way my mother would sing
    To me of little joys and simple truths,
    But here, as I lie, wounded by my own
    Ambition, I wonder, if this will be my grave,
    I inhale, and the scent of roses,
    Brings it all back, now I want more again,
    More time, more life in me, more days,
    So one day I can go home once again,
    Is more too much to ask for?

  • manseehada 4w


    Meri diwangi tumko kya samjhaun...
    Jo mere shabd na samjh paya wo mere jasbat kya samjhega

  • firealfawolf 5w


    Okk guys mujhe kuchh confess krna h
    Kuchh din pehle hm friends dinner karne gye the to after dinner restaurant k samne ek aadmi mila. Usne meri friend se kuchh paise mange biscuits khridne k liye ki wo bhuka h and maine mna kr diya. Mujhe lga ki wo jhuth bol rha h. Kuchh smy bad usi restaurant ek aadmi ne use kuchh chawal aur sbji diya. Mujhe is bat ke liye bhut bura lg rha, maine bhut glt kiya. Ab ye to mai bdl nhi skti pr still mere dimag se ye bat nhi ja rhi.
    Maine ye bat kisi se share nhi ki smjh nhi aaya apni glti k liye kya hi bolu.

  • ellecalestina_ 5w

    She wanted to murmur a
    'thank you'
    For teaching her to fight her demons
    For letting her combat her fears
    For giving her a towel to dry all her tears
    Now, she's learned some hard lessons
    And have pondered several reasons
    - to not give up, to keep going

    But, she also wanted to tell you a plea; to not break her heart
    Please, do not give her a dosage of a drug
    that might consume her, that might trick her

    It's fine if you'd promise her your everyday presence
    It's cool to vow to her that you'll always stay by her side

    But please,
    do not show her a love that's untrue
    do not make her believe it's you she's been waiting
    Because she would love that.
    You—you're everything she wanted

    But if you'd keep on telling her lies
    She might get blinded
    She might let her walls down
    And that would be aching,
    When she's forgotten the truth that she can't have you
    That you, and all those who promised her happiness are fated to leave.

    Everything She Wanted, Volume 2


  • ellecalestina_ 5w

    She wanted to tell you a secret she's kept
    In a facade of colorful hues put up in a palette of blues

    She wanted to show you a glint of a spark;
    of erratic heartbeats; and the beat of your own heart

    She wanted to make you feel the shudder, the extreme delight—of how great it was when you lit up her sky, painting the darkness in her room with luminous shades of sunlight

    She badly wanted to do those things
    But she can't risk to burn a bridge that connects two lost souls
    She can't cross the lines that intersect at several points

    She wanted to tell you everything
    But doing so would mean losing
    the friendship she has with you
    And she can't risk that
    She can't lose her everything; you.

    Everything She Wanted, Volume 1


  • kajolm 6w

    आखिर क्यों?

    जब मोहब्बत है ही नहीं तो मै खास हूं तुम्हारे लिए ऐसा जताते क्यों हो?
    अगर तुम्हारे दिल में हूं ही नहीं मैं तो यादों में होने का एहसास दिलाते क्यों हो?
    नमुमकिन से इश्क़ के मुमकिन होने के सपने आखिर दिखाते क्यों हो?


  • ishanomar 6w

    बाकी है!

    काफी मुलाकाते हो गई,पर अभी बात बाकी है,
    अभी तो झलक दिखी है,अभी तो सौगात बाकी है!
    बादल गरज गए,बरसात हो चुकी,
    कुछ दूर चलना है, किसी का साथ बाकी है!

    दोस्ती दुश्मनी के किस्से तो हमेशा चलते रहेंगे,
    रिश्ते कभी टूटते ,तो कभी बनते रहेंगे,
    पर काफी देर हो चुकी ,बस याद बाकी है!
    काफी मुलाकाते हो गई,पर अभी बात बाकी है!

    बंजारा बन चुका , अब संभलना पड़ेगा!
    बीच मझदार में हूं,मंजिल तक चलना पड़ेगा!
    काफी कुछ बीत चुका,काफी देखना बाकी है,
    काफी मुलाकाते हो गई,पर अभी बात बाकी है!


  • pheonixian 6w

    Dear crush

    Dear crush ,
    I'm so much miss you in these 8 months. Because of this covid yes fucking covid-19.
    What if everything gets normal?
    Every morning I'll follow you from college bus to main gate. yes it's sounds like a stalker but I'll always follow you.
    While watching you from a distance those details ,
    Your curly hair swirling,
    The perfume of your clothes makes a magic,
    And your blushing smile and dazzling eyes they are enough to make me crazy about you.
    I have your number too but I don't dare to do anything.yeah I'm a coward because if anything goes wrong I'll definitely lose you. That scares me love.
    If you ever want to be my girlfriend just let me know we can make this official.
    If I was your boyfriend I'll give you all my time .
    Take you dancing , travelling and everything you wish except taj Mahal coz I can't afford that .
    Trust me I'll make you laugh whenever you're sad .
    We can sit at the edge of a freedom cliff with mouth full of gum counting the stars touching a little kiss a little all night long .
    I'll always cuddle with you whenever you feel down.
    Just can't wait for the day you're lying right here next to me .

    Love Rishi

  • unspoken_emotions 7w

    Ya, girl I am in love with you and I have been ever since
    I am in love with the thought of you by side all my life
    I am in love with the idea of you scolding me whenever I make mistakes
    Ya, girl it’s true I am in love with you and have been ever since I have known you
    I see perfection as the perfect definition for you, girl
    That’s the only word that can describe you fully
    I am in love with the thought of spending my whole life with you
    I am in love with the idea of being yours all my life
    Ya, girl it’s the truth that I can’t deny any longer
    I am in love with you and have been ever since I known you

  • writeranavah 7w


    I had been using various pseudonyms for my online work throughout the decades that I have been writing. They range from Ana B to Anna Grace and several in between. Ana is taken from the last three letters of my given name. Few months ago I came across the Hebrew word for humility which is the phonetic equivalent of Ana and the first three letters of my surname. Giving me my perfect pseudonym, my own identity. So those from mirakee who wonder about my new pen-name, this is just a clarification.As far as using the word Moses for a surname, those who know me personally may experience this. Verbally I am slow to speech like the legendary Prophet. But that doesn't stop my words. Those who are new... yes I have a longer, more Indian name I use only when in school.

  • faiza_wani 8w

    With your name
    On my lips,
    I waited
    With unfaltering faith
    Now tell me O Beloved,
    Is this wait
    Not the confession of my love?

    #confession #love #faith #writersnetwork #pod #microtale @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Is my wait,
    O Beloved,
    Not my confession of love...