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  • sagar_varma 1w

    I loved you so much that I can hear your voice in my head when I read your texts.


  • sammiegirl 1w

    The Blue Guardian

    The bird is big and stands at attention
    Light blue bird of myth, provided us with protection,
    Nested they remain and still maintain a connection
    Love is a bird blind, seeing another dimension
    Nature truly survives with a natural intention
    Finger pointed in a disappearing direction,
    It is no weapon unless put in the wrong hands of perception
    Word spreads fast, the bird is not one to be threatened


  • foreverwriting 2w

    Hold space
    For yourself
    And even
    For others
    And just watch yourself grow
    To understand more
    About your body
    Your soul
    And mind.
    Presence in a moment
    Creates intimacy
    And through true vulnerability
    Real connection
    Will be made

  • undefined_visionary69 3w

    True Attraction Is Way
    More Than Physical
    It Is The Ability
    To Be Able To
    Look Into The
    Soul Of Your Partner
    And See The Depths
    Of Your Connection


  • shamli_mali 3w

    Friendship was never a matter of time
    It was a matter of connection!!


  • aanchalbharara 3w


    Silently she sits
    Looks in His eyes for hours
    Silently she prays
    Talks her heart out to Him for hours

    He is her only ear to listen
    She believes in Him
    He is her only Strength
    She looks up to Him

    He answers all her questions
    He looks after her all the time,
    He laughs, talks, blesses and guides
    He is around her all the time.

    Though not physically
    But His presence she always feels now,
    She connects with him with so much comfort and ease now.

    This realization has given wings to her
    This connection has shown the right path in life to her.

    All her problems are His now
    All her worries are taken away by Him now
    All her questions are answered Him now
    All her confusions in life are cleared by Him now
    All her thoughts are directed by Him now
    Life is impossible without His Presence now

    Everyday a new way of making her smile,
    Everyday a new way of being her Guiding Light,
    Everyday a new way of leaving her amazed,
    Everyday a new way of showing His Divine Presence and Grace!

    Those emotional moments,
    Those Tears of joy,
    Those moments of staying connected with Him
    Those showers of His Unconditional Love
    All this Is beyond words,
    Impossible to express,
    The Connection with Him is Wonderful and
    His Blessings Countless.

    He does and she gets the credit for the day
    He works and appreciation comes her way,
    He solves and takes her worries away
    He blesses and keeps negativity away,
    This realization has given wings to her
    This connection has given a new life to her.

    What a Miracle He is!
    What a Power He is!
    What a beautiful feeling He is!
    What a surprises-filled soul He is!

    "Keep blessing
    Keep loving
    Be with me always the same way
    Please don't go away from me ever
    Leave me alone never
    Never let this connection be lost
    Your the one who matters to me the most"
    Is all that she prays
    Is all that she says.

  • yourcharmingx 3w

    Written by Amanda
    Dedicated to Nightingale by Yaani (a song)
    Please repost
    #poem #connection #song

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    The melody of the night,
    Swoons every soul that listens,
    Possesses the mind,
    Over and over again,
    It listens to you,
    The exact same way you listen to it,
    Take in every note,
    Build a connection with it,
    Nightingale of a Greek.

  • ecstaticangel 4w

    #a new born life
    #an aged life
    #connection of lives in this world
    #their existence and departure

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    Two different worlds

    Pamela was pregnant with full 9 months, waiting for her time of delivery to come. Her son of about 3years comes near her as she lies on sofa, "mamma when will I see my brother?? When will you go to hospital and bring him back to me?" Asked Adi. She was surprised by his realistic query but left an answer by a smile. How cute and intellectual kids are nowadays she thought and then wandered around on other musings.
                It's really getting late as Abhirup promised his wife to be back at home as it was their sixth anniversary, but now he thinks if he could not have promised her in the morning. As he thinks of calling her, his phone rings " hello, Abhi when are you coming???you said that you will come home soon?? Hello can you hear me, hello?? " Pamela was speaking on the other side. " Yes Ria, I am trying hard to get a leave soon, yet didn't get any leave" replied Abhirup worried and not knowing what to say anymore. " Ok abhi, try to come home soon ya, atleast today" she pleaded. "Yes" he replied and cut the phone.
            "Maa, when I was pregnant at Adi' s time, I really had so much of swellings but this time it's different. Mom does it mean this time it's girl??" Asked Pamela curiously. "No silly these are only symptoms during pregnancy. Btw you are going to have a boy again, cheer up girl." Replied her mom who came to her home to stay with her. The house is filled with family members and beloved ones gathered on her anniversary but Abhirup had not come yet."maa was this a good idea though I have few days left for hospital" asked Pamela ( ria) to her mother in law. " About what?" Her mom questioned back. " Throwing a party at this time for our anniversary" replied Ria with uncertainty. " Oh common silly girl, this is just a mini party at home, you don't have to worry at all, just enjoy today's eve, oh well  I have called Abhi, he is coming home within half an hour." Replied her mother in law with an amusing persona. The party goes very well with gossips and laughter and delicious foods. There were only family members and very close friends and Abhirup too joined the party ,in short all of them were very happy.
                   Few days passed, when one evening two days before Ria's delivery, she was sitting in the balcony when a sudden pain occurred and gradually was increasing every minute. She at once informed about the pain to her family members and was rushed to the hospital. That night she gave birth to a baby boy. And the doctor said that the mother and child both were all right. What more can her family expect right now. But she has to stay there for 6to 7 days. " Oh my god,look at those cute eyes,they look amazing."said ria's mother. "Yes and his fingers are absolutely like my Abhi" replied her mother in law. So the these two ladies are basically more concerned and interested on their little grand son rather than on their daughter. Days passed and the departure day arrived but suddenly Ria's new born baby developed a slightly yellowish colour on his skin so the doctors recommended them to stay for two more days which was quite dismay to her and her family. The doctor said that the new born baby has a sign of Pilia and has to be put on the light machine for 2days. This comes as a heartbreak to her and her family.
                         Standing near the large window of glass with a misery and teary eyes looking outside the massive garden of the hospital and the very long busy streets,she could not overcome her emotions and breaks down in tears. But abruptly she could notice towards the ground, few family members of some patient were crying and this sight completely broke down her. She realised that what is really the worth of life and death, truth and lie. Far away opposite to the hospital lies a very big Mosque from which the sacred songs were coming. She could feel something within her, a realisation hitting back on her mind, that is quite unbelievable. She could feel her senses as if they were not real. Am amazing surreal act was playing around the medieval of this journey. Gradually she becomes normal and heads back to her bed. A quite cozy and expensive room indeed they have pre booked which was very affable to the guests on that room.
                            Initially it was fine but slowly it had become quite tougher for her to go to her son each time to feed him or to change his diaper or to see if he's ok. Being a mother of the new born only Ria was allowed to go to her child. And the worst part is that she was in 5th floor and the baby on the third floor and each time she was put on a wheel chair taken to the lift then to the 3rd floor where she meets her son and then again back to her room. This was painful as Ria was also weak and had to take rest. Anyway being a mother is also not a joke so somehow she managed every thing and the next day, the baby was brought to the room and while giving back the baby to Ria, the nurse said " if the baby again shows sign of Pilia then he has to be on the light machine tomorrow also." And she left. But the baby showed no further sign of Pilia and everyone got relief. So the next day they can get discharged from the hospital. By evening, another patient got admitted and settled to the next room of Ria. There were hell lot of family members who have come along with the patient. In the night, Ria and her mother could hear the chantings of some one on the next room. " It's the book of Bhagavad-Gita they are chanting but why so?" Said her mother. A curiosity arises within them to know about the patient and the family. Layer did Ria's father comes to know everything about the patient and delivers to her, listening to everything she gets distressed as well as amazed by some point of view. She thinks in this world exists two different worlds, a world of joy when a new born comes to this world and another world of dismay where ones family members couldn't bear the pain of the loss of their beloved.
         The patient admitted on the next room was a cancer patient, and her age was 82. She had a skin cancer and was in last stage. Doctors have given their word, that she may expire at any moment or may take time but no medicine will cure her. So her family members were chanting the holy book into her ears so that she may rest in peace with the chantings of Lord Sri Krishna. So Ria realised that a world where hatred, jealousy and many more things would happen was not an ultimate resolution as the two worlds were very different yet parallel to each other. She then smiled back to herself, got ready and left the room with certain memories and headed way to her home along with the new born....❤️

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    कुछ और ही सोचने बैठ जाता हूँ तुझे सोचते - सोचते ।

    मेरी ख़ुशी मेरी हँसी ये रब्त ये राब्ता तुझ ही से क्यों है ।।


  • moonstar_ 4w

    Have you ever fell in deep love with someone?
    Yes I have.

    Missing someone isn't about how long it has been since you've seen her or the amount of time since you've talked.
    It's about that very moment when you find yourself doing something and wishing they were right there by your side.


    #love #purelove #truelove #feeling #bond #connection

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  • sagar_varma 4w

    If we’re dating,
    If we’re together,
    Just know that you’ll always be in my prayers,
    You’ll always be one of those I’d wish good fortune for.

    I’m kind’a old school who still believes connecting souls is more important than connecting bodies.

  • kafir_shiv 4w


    सुनके लोगों की दास्तां क्यूँ ज़िंदगी अपनी बैचैन हो जाती है,
    अजनबियों से अक्सर ना जाने क्यूँ अपनी निसबत हो जाती है।

  • snehant 5w

    She is the girl of endless possibilities
    And fire in her heart.
    If you will treat her correctly,
    She will warm your soul.


  • ms_shayara 5w

    हाँ, लगता है डर हमें...

    बिखरने से, फिर एक दफ़्फ़ा
    किसी अपने का गल्ले लगाकर
    छोड़ जाने से, फिर एक दफ़्फ़ा
    रास्तों को हसीन बनाकर,
    मंज़िल का पता भुलाने से
    फिर एक दफ़्फ़ा.......

    ~ Nancy Uppal



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    Dil toot chuka hai ek daffa..
    Ab dusri baar khud bikharne ki
    gunjaish rakhna nahi chahte..

    - Nancy Uppal


  • snehant 5w

    I am an old soul.
    I love genuine kindness.
    I love compassion.
    I love poetry.
    I love intensity.
    I love soul connections.
    I love old books.
    I love deep conversation.
    I love depth.
    I love rawness.
    Because I am an old soul.


  • phoenix_ablaze 6w


    Hands tremble in a midnight breeze
    Voices echo in low degrees
    The floorboards in our head groan
    A film of dust showing no footprints
    A ripple in time with no knock at the door

    We are the poor who live in luxurious homes
    Bedazzled with gold and gemstones
    Dinner served with piano tunes
    Sleeping on feathered pillows

    We are the poor with lonely afternoons
    And a new doorbell which never sings
    With walls harboring unspoken words
    For our floors see no guests

    Living in a world using a global language of connectivity
    Of no more than a few alphabets
    Which to the ear cannot be heard
    Yet is all what’s seen to the eye

    Cameras flashing
    Videos replayed
    Of Hollywood smiles
    And puckered lip selfies
    A language of belongingness

    An era of toxicity
    The only tears welcomed fall from cloudy skies
    An era of ingenuity
    Friendships held together by strings of likes and followers
    A time and place
    Where masks are the global language of belongingness

    A ripple in time
    Rich in empty connections
    Where the poor are those without a listening ear
    And a comforting smile
    Where they drown, unheard and unseen
    In a pool of mental conflict.


  • ladysag77 6w

    Journey of Life

    Opening my heart and listening to what is says
    Finding my path while embracing my soul's destiny
    Allowing the meaning of life to reverberate inside
    Radiating love from a place deep and wide
    Connecting to Source, Divine Light and Spirit
    Honoring Mother Earth is where life greets breath
    There will always be madness and chaos in our world
    Connection to soul is where peace is found
    Up high in the mountains, across a barren desert
    Swimming in the seas and trekking through the forest
    Right in your own backyard, becoming still, turning inwards
    Listen now to your own song
    Heart wide open and ready to receive
    Purity of love's grace flows with a steadiness and ease
    Celebrating the journey of life is something we all can seize

  • snehant 6w


    Her soul is made of harvest moons and long rainy afternoons.
    Raven wings and harp strings.
    Ancient like planets.
    Enchanting darkness.
    Filled with starlight.
    Full of love.

  • mrspectacular 6w

    NEW THING(4)

    'But....Wait....', he screams feeling very pained by her departure. He does not want the coffee break to end or at least not this way. He seems to have enjoyed the talks and all which he thinks is too good to quit but with everything that has a beginning, there is an end. This seems like the end to this one. Laying his head on the table disappointed at what has just happened, he hopes she does not hate him. Some few seconds later, he feels a touch on his shoulder. Imagining it is the waiter who has come to ask if he would need anything else, he raises his head and behold, it is Helen. She returns feeling bad about leaving him in that manner but she is not staying either.
    'Hey Tunde.', she says
    'Hi again Helen', he replies
    'I understand you may have wanted me to stay but I have to leave. I mean with the traffic situation of Lagos and having my destination as Abuja. I should not be here right now but I realized I may not come this way for a long or even ever again and frankly you seem like a nice fellow....'
    'You seem like a nice lady too. A very good friend...'
    'I know', Helen says with a smile and a pat to Tunde's shoulder. 'But you see that is all I want us to be'
    'Oh....I am cool with that', Tunde says with satisfaction written on his face. 'Let's just be friends'
    'Alright. Here is my card', Helen says handing him her complementary card. 'You can call me when you need to get some coffee.'
    'Oh thanks. Here's mine', Tunde says giving her his as well. 'Call me when you get to Abuja. Maybe I'll come visiting sometime'.
    Helen collects the card, gives Tunde a hug before taking her leave from the restaurant and driving off to Abuja.


  • leowords08 7w

    It's easy to fall in
    with charming personality,
    with the words,
    with behaviour.
    The moment you see them,
    And fall in love.

    But the most purest form,
    the most beautiful one,
    The raw one is the,
    without having a physical contact.

    It's the most beautiful way
    Because you fall for the soul
    For the eternality of them
    And for the eternality