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  • aditi_atulya 3w

    ~diary, jealous ?��
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    My diary is turning agastopia towards stars,
    since when I've started talking to constellations about us.

  • mooniverse 13w

    humans are often compared to stars.
    but i never understood why.
    i always denied calling myself a star
    for i never shone brightly,
    i just existed.

    now that i think about it,
    perhaps i am a star
    that's burning in order to survive –
    indulging in self destruction
    just to stay alive.

    it's not that i live because i can't die,
    or perhaps it is, i don't know.
    i just know that i wouldn't mind if the ground cracks open –
    molten lava swallowing me whole.
    stars never asked to live this way, did they?

    i'm just waking up in a body that's shrinking everyday–
    bones prodding out like thorns that i can count with my fingers
    bones that can barely hold me up–
    i don't even want them to hold me up anymore.

    i'm nothing but skin stretched across bones,
    clusters of self-inflicted nebulae sprawled over it.
    science says that stars are born within nebulae
    then can i make a constellation out of them?
    a constellation that comprises of all my mistakes.
    it shouldn't be a mistake if i give up then,
    because boldly giving up is as courageous as not giving up.

    i don’t remember any violent beginnings, but i do know that i’m constantly burning, burning, burning.
    i wouldn't mind causing a supernova
    but you see,
    no matter what i say, i'm still a human.
    my light constantly flickers
    but if that can be a source of a splendid view to someone else,
    if it can be a source of comfort to them,
    then i'll continue burning, burning, burning
    i’ll continue to combust until my words become muddied with smoke –
    till it's all gone.


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  • bashful_wordsmith 18w

    Yesterday I saw a crescent moon glowing orange and I wondered how summer nights turn to autumn mornings but the wind still had the heat which makes me smile.

    (I) Some days, I'm a leaf glowing gold in the sun and I fall in love with green. I remember watching a show months ago where a girl smiled warmly and looked at irises, recalling the story of her name. And I wondered then, what a beautiful thing it is to be named after flowers, before I caught myself and laughed stupidly at my irony. You see, this is how we forget about beauty when it is ours.

    (II) Some days, I wonder if there are threads which I could pull to understand the movement of my hand or the way my fingers burn down as my nails pierce into my flesh; if there are some songs which I can scream out loud to understand what horrible sounds my heart wants to make; if I could learn how to swim in my tears which I flood too much on those days; if I could have a faith which will take my loneliness away.

    (III) Some days, I see Jupiter and Saturn grin at me like pearls from a bracelet whose beads I have scattered across the sky. It is said that there are asteroids pulled by the gravity of these planets and that's how we are alive here on Earth.

    And then I wonder about the mortality of us and how we might be the only people capable of loving. How we are the people who have seen and named specks of dust of clouds and gases light years away from us Heart and Soul nebula. How we have divided the sky into these constellations; all these billion little stars who are light years apart come down together by our sheer imagination and spin themselves into these stories and tales which are passed down from generations.

    How we are just tiny specks of dust in this universe who cannot even comprehend the vastness of it. But even so, we have made these skies less lonely. We have left traces of ourselves in this expanse of space.

    How I am alive, and so are others. How many have been and many will be.

    How at the end there are little things that will connect me to you and to everything.

    And on those days I'll remember that I have seen butterflies and dragonflies and the joy it brought me to just see them flying. I will remember laughing. I will remember the flowers and their colours and the oranges we shared on the dining table and how I came to know stories about my grandmother and I'll try to remember the good in us.

    I will remember the world full of this yellow, bright sunlight and the green leaves of the trees swaying in the wind and I will cry when I will see the stars and I will be warm. And I'll try to remember this warmth when winter comes.

    It's easy to love the world on the good days. These days I'll try to love it on the bad ones too.


  • alxita 24w

    A submission to a brilliant and wonderful challenge by @writersbay

    Bingo line: "N" horizontal (roof, dream, stars, aurora, constellation)
    Challenge tag: #bingoc
    ~~ Astral Memory ~~

    Yearning for you..
    Dreams rotating by our axis..
    I do not wish to describe "my" night,
    But I want to describe it with you..

    Yearning for you..
    Since I still remember you by my side..
    Beatific with you, emotions showering us..
    Just like the raindrops by my window at sunset..

    Longing for you..
    Dreaming so much that I won't hold it back anymore..
    I wish you'll set your eyes clear..
    To see the ineffable emotions of mine..
    Verklempt to utter anything..
    Yet I know you'll still listen..
    But I won't hold back
    And utter my words,
    For this moment
    On this second,
    Beyond stars,
    I truly.... I...

    But.. you..? I don't... really know.. The last rays of sunset has succumbed to the night's surreal firmaments.. But.. those stars.. those milky dots in the sky.. the scars of mine.. it's as if a movie is imprinted in the faces of the night.. of a love that is light years away.. from us.. All in one movie, yet in reality, all are distanced from the ceaseless dimensions of space.

    Sometimes, I wish.. that if tears were crystals, I'll keep them in a jar to show how much emotion of mine yearns for you.. Even if you left me... astray.. I still cherish those pictures of us.. Because these are a thousand times more special than gold..

    Sometimes, I wish.. that even if you left me here, I wish you'll still remember me as that infinitesimal speck on the lands of Earth.. Small, yet sentimental; small, yet sempiternal.. Sobriquets of you.. written in scenes of my mind.. and displayed in the night sky as all the characters and scenarios of us..

    // Sitting on my roof, dreams swirl around me, like the stars spangling forth, the transcendent constellations, and it all ends.. with a sweet, vivid aurora of a new day.. //

    I still yearn for you.. Yearning for you.. and longing for you.. as that one milky speck in the night sky, beyond constellations and beyond galaxies out there, you're still there, as that one.. milky speck..

    But, the sun has risen from the lairs of the horizon, and this time.. I will try moving on from now on, to the cheerful days before two became "us". But.. I'll still remember you eternally..

    I love you.. My night will always be our night..
    -- SUMMARY --

    The beautiful night sky shows only how much the universe really contains. The one miniscule speck is a metaphor for someone who's really far away; someone who's left for certain circumstances, but still is the one speck that we really yearn and long for.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | beatific - showing happiness
    2 | ineffable - unable to verbally express
    3 | verklempt - overcome with emotions
    4 | firmament - the sky
    5 | ceaseless - without limits
    6 | sentimental - marked by tiresome emotion
    7 | sempiternal - eternal
    8 | sobriquet - a descriptive name
    9 | spangle - to shoot forth bursts of light
    10 | transcendent - beyond physical limits

    #night #love #lost #memories #relationship #faraway #stars #constellations #aurora #life #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 14, 2020, 10:30 AM (GMT+8)

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  • redmaplequotes 24w

    And those dying fireflies painted their final magic in the dark night under the canopy of thousand constellations quietly blinking light years apart.


  • meetan 26w


    I m in love with all of your stars ,
    the brightest ones that
    makes up your constellations
    the ones too shy to shine.
    You get intimate by the moon ,
    try hard to shine consistently.
    But darling ,
    The moonlight is a hoax
    And your stars ,
    They look the most beautiful
    When they twinkle !

  • sentha66 28w

    Rainy Day

    Hit me up on a rainy day,
    With drinks in our fingertips,
    And our thoughts fading away,
    Talking about constellations that aren't visible,
    And the obvious debates on Pluto's demotion,
    Stating all the conspiracy theories admissible,
    To every single serial killer's evil concoction,
    And countless other topics so weird,
    You wouldn't hear any word from me,
    If that is the case, then so let it be,
    But, do hit me up on a rainy day,
    With drinks in our hands,
    And our thoughts fading away.


  • penophile 35w

    Broken her heart
    Fragmented her soul
    She seems down in the dumps
    Yet gaily looking at

    ~Sheeraza Irani

  • therealnickp 37w

    A Sky Full of Stars
    They glisten

    The constellations
    Spell out I love you

    Rapidly move like lightning

    Suns shining
    Brighter into the voids

    It's breathtaking
    Each time I look into your eyes

  • selah_mj 39w

    As young we were once, we had our own versions of the outer space!!

    #cees_wow_chall #space #stars #constellations #stories

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    Slowly the dusk fades away, leaving the sky to build-up a sea of a black and twinkling star-lit night.
    The stars that light up and make the constellations,
    Are people who loved us once, or
    Are actually the army of the princess living on the Moon, or
    The solar system is of seven brothers who fought a lot and the sun is the father who is a strict one
    Like it was told through Grandma's bag of stories.
    The astral figures like the shooting star, on which adults study structures and speed
    Young minds wish for a brand new bike or a tasty treat.


  • shrihari_nandini 43w

    #shrihari #bliss #personified #golden #memories #you #love #devotion #enchanter #mind #heart #lord #mylordvishnu #tears #smile #realm #worthy #eternity #constellations #nights #days #I #nature #melody #ceesreposts

    Personified Bliss
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Amidst the constellations of your memories
    My nights and days are playing
    Oh enchanter of my mind
    Hear what nature's saying!
    My words are woven
    By your beautiful body
    Into fabrics of Golden
    songs of enchanting melody
    Your smile is the new diadem
    My heart constantly wears
    Oh King of all Bliss
    Oh Lord of all my tears
    Where am I? I seem to think
    Amidst the realm of you(your thoughts)
    But why am I even needed?
    My mind is set on you!
    Oh what's love to you, I ask
    I am not thy worthy
    All I ask if God grants
    Is devotion for eternity! (To you)

    I think anyone can guess whom I am talking about��
    Jai ShriHari! ❤��

    @writersnetwork @odysseus

    Pic credit: ShriPadmavathi and ShriShriNivaas from the movie Om Namo Venkatesaya ☺

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    Personified Bliss

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • vehementsoul 45w


    I have never learned about stars or the constellations.

    All i know is stars can be calming if enjoyed. It's kind of hope when i have seen the stars In the midnight dark.

    Stars are my friends.

    My friend when I have nothing to accompany. My friend who watched me missing you. I looked at the stars once again, There aren't much stars But the light is still beautiful.


  • yashvibansal 54w

    #sur_title_ch @thesparklingpoetry So thankful for this challenge and so sorry for the late submission!

    The tears.
    The pain.
    The cries.
    The silent screams.
    The waterfalls of broken constellations.

    The monsters, appearing from under her bed
    And creeping up into her head.
    Threatening to eat up her soul,
    Raw and whole.
    The waterfalls of broken constellations.

    Comments, painted by a thousand tongues,
    Deep and sharp, the words stung.
    She's fat, she's ugly, she's bad, she's mad
    She can't do anything
    She's a drooping flower,
    Faint and sad.
    Waterfalls of broken constellations.

    Yes there are stars
    And the Man in the Moon
    But sometimes they go away
    And leave her alone too.
    Waterfalls of broken constellations.

    They rained upon her
    Scarring in their touch
    Threw herself upon the floor
    Begging them to leave
    But they didn't heed her pleas much.
    Waterfalls of broken constellations.

    Oh, yes, those monsters were adamant
    But so was she.
    Eating away at my mental peace?
    Try me!
    Echoed she
    Waterfalls of mending constellations.

    Cried Rumor to Depression
    I can't help you any longer
    She's found what she needed
    And she's stronger!
    Waterfalls of mending constellations.

    Ran Depression to Fear
    And cried, " Help me dear."
    My roots are being uprooted
    Her soul is rising!
    Waterfalls of mending constellations.

    Said fear
    Can't help you dear
    She's found that dove
    Which helps her rise above
    She's found it at last,
    She's found self love!
    Waterfalls of beautiful constellations
    Waterfalls of beautiful constellations.

    17 JANUARY 2020

    #waterfalls #dove #constellations #soul #sprituality #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #pod@mirakee #daily #challenge #chal #imagination #destruction #whirlpool #emotions #crescent #dear #fear #roots #rumour #rumor #depression #mending #brokenbutbeautiful

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    Waterfalls of Broken Constellations

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  • purpleenigma 54w


    Because you let her fade
    The brightest star in your sky
    Fade into black
    Her magic evaporates
    Into nothingness


    Because he embraced
    Weaved into rich tapestry
    All for the love
    Of a precious shooting star


    Her heart
    A constellation
    Sparkles in sunlight


    Your love
    Dark as pitch
    Rain soaked
    Night sky
    Golden orbs
    Never rising


    She strayed
    Black and gold
    180 degrees
    A half revolution only
    To find understanding
    Love unconditional


  • akshay_vasu 70w

    She had constellations marked all over her back, and he moved his fingers gently over them, joining those dots, one after another.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • salini 75w

    Trace your fingers
    through my constellations
    and tell me what you see.
    Is it the senseless shapes
    or the shapeless senses
    that you think constitutes me?..


  • iliveindreams 77w

    we are written

    the vast sky is a blanket of glittering stars, shimmering blindingly, yet beautifully. i remember when you told me that few of them are taken and that someday you'd name one for me. i thought it silly. we had been young lovers back then, our love just in the midst of its fruition.
    but as i look at the thousand blinking gems in the night, i realize that you did name them for me. not one, but them, for everytime i look at them, i remember that night, i feel your hands, your lips, and your chest against mine.
    i look away to relinquish the thoughts and on a grave mistake, my eyes land on the letter lying on my desk. a letter that speaks of how brave you had been that day you were taken away from me, saving countless lives. a single bullet to the heart. that's what it says. now that i think about it, perhaps i understand what you felt, for it seems that a hundred bullets pierced my own.
    i look back at the stars, but they are just large spots of white before my eyes as tears cloud my vision. they are painful, yet beautiful. you named them for me, our love written in the stars, but all i see is you.

  • beneranda 80w

    She has always been fascinated by the nightsky and it's celestial bodies ever since she was a child. Meeting someone like you, whose curious nature matches hers was an icing on the cake. Not only because you were the very person who taught her all about the Big Dipper and the hidden meaning it actually holds, but also because you were one of the greatest life lessons. You see, you were someone who taught her that no matter how perfect a celestial body looks like from down below, one day or another it can mysteriously vanish into thin air, for no reason whatsoever. So when that time finally comes, all that will be left for her deep within will only be these worthwhile memories of the Big Dipper that she'll go on reminiscing every night thereafter when looking back at the same nightsky. And on doing so, she'll then realised that sometimes, even missing a person can be a really beautiful thing she can ever feel for someone. Because for the first time in her life she'll be grateful that for one moment in time their stars did align together and the universe was a beautiful happy place.


  • soupism 80w

    How i feel you from far.

    I am a writer. A superpower indeed. I traverse multiple universes exist in multiple parts in multiple stories at once.

    For me an image of you is not just your smile and instagram filters. Its all a flesh and blood human decorating a soul. Its your smile that for god knows what reason invokes a smile and a fragnance of mountains , the sound of Ganges running beneath it and a sip of tea to me. Things i love as Bhaat , a sip of tea , my mothers pilow which carries her smell , the smell of rain , the touch of morning dew. The blush of a baby and the sound of winds pass by me. You to me are that picteresque wanderlust place where i long to to be. Where i long to rest myself and stare through the sky though the orion to the deepest and darkest corner of the universe and weep profusely.

  • neha_gaur 84w

    I'll see you there

    Don't let me find you
    I don't want to meet you yet
    Sun hasn't met earth at the horizon
    And moon is still waiting for its beloved
    Ocean is still briny
    And hate is still the antonym of love
    Every love story is incomplete
    Nobody's wait is over yet
    Let's travel for few more eons
    Let's reach a constellation where nobody is judged
    Where sun doesn't drown and moon never cries to prove their adoration
    Where oceans taste sweet
    And where, there smiles outnumber tears,
    I'll see you there