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  • miss_esha_317 26w

    Virus fare

    Rooj rooj aisi barish ho rhi h
    Aisa lag rha h ki indradev bhi corona virus se
    Dar rhe ho or vo bhi bar bar hath dho rhe h

  • dr_transplant_soul 27w

    50 years of #EARTH_DAY
    With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, there is uncertainty around the world. Nobody can tell when we are going to get rid of this virus completely. The terrifying black clouds of coronavirus have enveloped almost every part of the world, spreading its vibes of fear among the people.

    Without any doubt, this pandemic is the most disruptive experience of our lives. Together we anticipate seeing the brighter days for the light in our dark lives. In this time of chaos, we must not ignore the possible silver lining. Despite the panic and human loss, earth is healing.

    As the global death toll from coronavirus is increasing every day, governments have locked down their citizens to prevent the local transmission of the disease. People around the world are practicing social distancing and staying in their homes. This has not only helped to decrease the spread of this pandemic but it is also helping mother earth to heal. Earth is becoming cleaner.

    China has reported a significant improvement in its air quality. Fossil fuel burning is the major contributor to air pollution throughout the world. 40% reduction in emissions has been observed due to a restriction on transportation and closure of power plants and factories.

    According to the European Space Agency, a decrease in particulate matter was observed in the air. Particulate matter concentration in this February was compared with the past three years, surprisingly, studies revealed 20-30% reduction over China. The skies are blue and sunny these days while they were covered with smoke in normal circumstances.
    COVID-19 and its impact on the environment
    One of the major reductions in pollution levels could be seen over the city of Wuhan which was put under a strict lockdown in late January. It is a city of 11 million and serves a hub for different industries. According to NASA, nitrogen dioxide levels across eastern and central China have been 10-30% lower than normal. Nitrogen dioxide levels in Italy have also fallen by about 40%.
    It is unfortunate that Italy is declared as the epicenter of coronavirus but the silver lining is that Venice canals have cleared up. As there is a lockdown in the country, boating is banned and there are no tourists around. Swans, dolphins, and fishes are making their way to the waters of Venice.
    The water is blue and clear. The apparent cleanliness of the water is not just attributed to a lack of pollution but also to the absence of motorized boats, which normally churns up the muddy canal floor.
    India is also under lockdown from the past few days. The reduction in Mumbai Marine Drive has been observed which is due to decreased water traffic. The absence of water transportation has led people to witness a school of dolphins playing in the water.

    It is the right time to say that our planet would breathe a long sigh of relief if humans were to vanish. But this is not how it should be. We should take the opportunity of this lockdown to reflect and see how we can be more organized and live in harmony with nature.

    With so many industries shutting down due to the corona pandemic, it is the ideal time for them to brainstorm plans to return more environmentally conscious. If companies would change their plans to consider the environment, this small and reasonably fast, change we are seeing now could continue to change the fate of planet earth.
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    "An Ultimate Medicine For Loving Earth To


  • amii__ 29w


    Bahir Mahamaari Or bhitar bhukhmari.


  • phoenix_angel 29w

    The sun stares deeper,
    Air triggers to leaper.
    Cozy bed feels unwarmed,
    Floor's hard like a storm.
    Animals wander finely,
    When we thought Cleverly,
    That made us less living.

  • armansuse 31w

    Covid19 (coronovirus)

    as modi ji announce complete lockdown for 21 days in entire india...
    (1)Ghar k zaroorto ka saman ghar me zarurat anusaar stock karle'or zaroort par he chizo ka istemal kare..
    (2)Paise save rakhe.
    (3)apne Ghar'o me he rahe.

    (Only in bhiwandi)if anyone need some help massage me for some stuffs like medicine&food..
    Also its your responsibilty to help others..
    Apna soch kar apno ka b soche..
    jinse jitna hosake khud ka or apno ka soch k kharch'madat or istemaal kare..
    Madat k naam par ghar se naachte firte na nikle..
    Gharse na nikle!
    Gharse na nikel!
    Or gharse naa he nikle!!

  • armansuse 31w


    Tufan k halat hai'
    Na kisi safar me raho.

    Panchiyon se hai guzaarish'
    Apne sheher me raho.

    Eid k chand ho'apne he ghar waalo k liye!
    Yeh unki khushkismati hai'unki nazar me he raho!

    Maana bazaro ki tarha ghume ho dagar dagar!
    Waqt ka takaza hai'apne he shaher me raho!

    Tumne khaak chaani hai'har gali chaobaare ki!
    Thode din ki to baat hai'apne ghar me he raho..

  • writernilofar 31w


    ऐ खुदा, अब हमारी आवाज़ सुन ले
    हमारी तड़प की साज़ सुन ले
    क़सूर हुई पर अब इतनी सज़ा न दे
    हम गुनाहगारों की आवाज़ सुन ले

  • noorhalizamn 32w

    Day 4 Malaysia

    Q:Can the smoke and gas from fireworks and firecrackers prevent COVID-19?
    A: No. breathing in the smoke and gas from a firework or firecracker is dangerous and does not kill the new Coronavirus.
    The smoke from fireworks and firecrackers contains sulphur dioxide,
    a mildly toxic gas that some people are allergic to.
    It can irritate your eyes,nose, throat and lungs and could even cause an asthma attack.
    Also, you risk getting burned if you are near enough to firework to breathe in its smoke.


  • noorhalizamn 32w

    Day 3 Malaysia

    Q: Can regularly rinsing your nose with saline help prevention infection with the new coronavirus?
    A: No.There is no evidence that regularly rinsing your nose with saline has protected people from infection with the new coronavirus.
    There is some limited evidence that regularly rinsing the nose with saline can help people recover more quickly from the common cold .
    However, regularly rinsing the nose has not been shown to prevent respiratory infections.


  • noorhalizamn 32w

    Day 2 Malaysia

    Q:Can eating garlic prevent infection with the news coronavirus?
    A:Garlic is a healthy food that may have some antimicrobial properties.
    however , there is no evidence from the current outbreak that eating garlic is protected people from the new Coronavirus


  • noorhalizamn 32w

    Day 1 Malaysia

    Working in wet markets?
    stay healthy ❤

    frequently wash your hands with alcohol based soap
    wearing protective gowns, gloves and facial protection
    remove protective clothing after work and wash it daily leave at the word site
    wear the hand sanitizer if you are at your home also

  • yardini 34w

    Disease is dependent on density of thought