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    दक्षिण-पंथी बनो पर झूठ के सौदागर नहीं, वाम-पंथी बनो पर सच के सौदागर नहीं।


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    SUPERHERO of Imagination part 2

    After 5 years he had mastered many of his powers and almost every single present form of knowledge on earth ( excluding ancient knowledge and Alien society knowledge) he was still mastering it. 

    And that Alien spy accidentally met this kid who's now of 22 years and coincidentally they became besties where that Alien was helping him in mastering his powers and he was teaching him humanity , creation instead of destruction.

    That kid was always helping poor and weak people instead of crushing , he always utilise his powers to benefit mass of people instead Using them in making destructive weapons ( same concept as we can utilize nuclear energy to create missile and also to create mass of energy which will provide electricity to human kind for years) also many positive uses , which exactly opposite of Alien's nature also that alien lost their power of evolving and learn something new like humans were evolving always and also learning many thing new day by day so he was amazed of it.

    And since he had knowledge of everything he already knew about dirty Politics in his country that how politicians actually misuse their powers and always take benefit of innocent public , entire system is corrupt. They took every single blood from body of a poor to fill their bank accounts.

    Because of this his uncle(youngest son of his Grandpa) is now a gangster infact biggest name in the state, once he was an extremely talented student & topper of his class but got rejected for clerk job many times cuz he couldn't afford to pay lakhs of rupees as corruption money to get that job , his all marks all medals and achievements were nothing but garbage.

    So he took a loan of 10lakh(1M) INR from a local gangster on remand of 21 days, thinking he'll pay it once get the job. 

    But someone snatched that packet of money when he was carrying it to gov. Office ( actually home minister was behind all this corruption thing he can easily make 100s of carore through these job applications) 

    And after 21 days that gangster warned him to return his money within 24 hours or he'll kill every single member of his family, then he forcely did a crime very first time a kidnapping which gave him 10 lakh rupees and later , he got caught by police then opposition leader ( who was biggest criminal of state himself) gave him bell and made him his right hand and now after 10 years he is biggest gangster

    *Back to present*

    Once again the clerk job advertisement was published and same thing is set to happen again but this that kid (superhero) who already knew everything interrupted here by applying for job then recording everything he were told to do so and later after getting job of assistant of district magistrate he was recording every single time how many money that officer takes for doing which kind of work and exposed all officers included in this corrupt operation only leaving politicians and he warned all those who're involved in it. ( actually opposition makes money through crimes and ruling party through scams in gov jobs funds etc) 

    Later he keeps on exposing all corrupt gov officers, MLAs , MPs and even big business tycoons , by working for them and showing them that he is trust worthy or by other spying ways too ( he was not having much problem in getting proof since he himself was knowledge and technology) and opposition was supporting him in this. 

    Later all political parties attend a meeting together where they discussed that if this guy will be alive we're going to die even opposition won't be safe since they are the one who do crimes such as heist , kidnapping , murder , bomb blast etc and we rulling party are the one who do scams.

    So it's better to kill him and for this purpose they were about to call his uncle(that gangster) but suddenly that kid teleported in another room of that building from no where and appeared in front of them saying "well well well so y'all are planning to kill me han , I'm here do it" 

    Everyone pointed their gun towards him then he showed all hidden camera in room and since he was technology himself he had already hacked all TV channels and everything they were talking was directly live telecasting on TV. These political leaders just exposed themselves in front of everyone , also all those big business tycoons. 

    This led the anger of public they burned their house buildings and all other properties they were hailed for such crime. 

    Then later they were living life of King in jail (by giving some money to jailer) and that too was love telecasted on TV that hailer got suspended , thousands of the officers around the state got suspended and instead of them all skilled , educated and well deserved officers got the job.

    There were 100s of thousands (lakhs) of youngersters who were forced to be gangster just like his uncle due to condition and dirty corrupt system are now living life of responsible citizen since all of their gang were demobilized by honest police officers and on basis of proves shown by SUPERHERO  that they were forced to do such things their punishment were minimized 

    He strictly warned all new politicians that think 100 times before making any promises and you must have to complete it within your working period( 5 years) and No Religious , no cast , no black white not any dirty politics focus on GDP per capita not GDP all of election topics should be on development ( transportation , unemployment , education , Starvation , Homeless people , health , proper recources , least inflation etc) if opposition is doing well appreciate them if they're doing wrong tell their mistake expose them in public no second chance and if you won't do such I'll handle y'all to public then they don't even what will they do 

    After few years everything was going well not in that state he started spreading it all around nation , leader of terrorist organization LSIS came to meet him and called him at PM house by saying it's PM who called him (PM was also involved in it) actually it's terrorist who controls business tycoons , it's business tycoons who controls government and it's government who controls these gangsters 

    Then they surrounded him and said now who'll save you then he said "hahaha on my one sign even your own bodyguard will Kill you" then he snaps his finger and his body started firing just ahead of his foot without harming him(terrorist) then everyone got shocked wth is this and how it happened (remember his powers he was technology himself so he can control all machines including his weapons and he was form of knowledge means every single knowledge which includes hypnotism too so he can even control his body if victim is mentally weak enough)

    "But but I won't do it this way I'll chose another way , common guards" 


    Then all guards tied SUPERHERO's arms and pointed gun on his head terrorist leader + PM was still confused that wth is happening and suddenly all cameras started working every channels were covering them that how PM is working with terrorist leader and how they're going to kill their hero( actually that SUPERHERO) suddenly all commandos present in capital surrounded that area snipers shot all terrorist body guards then that terrorist leader tried to escape and got shot at sight too 

    Later on PM with his some ministers imprisoned in same prison where already thousands of corrupt politicians and businessman were imprisoned ( on the special request of SUPERHERO who actually was hero for nation so everyone in nation supported his request all the politicians and business tycoons were imprisoned in same prison)

    But in return they said one word to SUPERHERO , "This is Politics kid , and mind manipulation of public is not that tough , we'll rise again this country gonna be trouble again" 

    Then that kid said you know nothing about me and smiled against said even Lord Shri Krishna used way of cheat to erase evilness in dwapar , I'm only his devote and this is kaliyug , how would you think my charecter is like Shri Ram? I'm same as my Lord Shri Krishna for demobilizing evilness and badness I'm going to follow his ways then after few hours in night time entire jail was blasted by the bomb carried by those terrorist and everyone Blaine's terrorists for doing such thing and by doing this all the dirty minded politicians died at once.

    Also many gangsters who were forced to do so due to their condition are now living peaceful life in country with no corruption now everyone is rich value of rupees is continuously going up and up , as he warned everyone politician only focusing on development topics , no officer is corrupt now since extra advanced Ai(Artificial intelligence)are present everywhere and since he himself is form of technology he is everywhere in country and he won't let any such activity happen , since police is no more corrupt and lazy and all deserved officers are their crime rate is also at it's least position everything was going well it took 10 years in making everything good and a corruption free nation , that 32 years old man is very happy now with is alien best friend 

    But but but..... 

     Superiors of Alien planet waited cuz normally it took around 5-6 years for spy to know everything about an unknown planet but they keep on contacting him 

    But Since that Alien spy wasn't replying to his superiors from years 

    They sent and extremely advanced Robot on earth to know the situation and what exactly is happening and why their spy ain't replying to them since many years.....

    What's happens next stay tuned to know 

    Will that alien society which is expanded in thousands of solar system destroy our earth or that SUPERHERO and Alien spy will save us.....

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    "Use it well"

    What use am I if I wasn't used enough to say I am used to it?


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    Our Youth

    A bright but unsteady light has been awfully quenched


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    Lost hope

    My mother calls for me and says
    "Simba come here,let's trap this little water that comes with the rain,as our home is as bare as the Sahara desert"
    And I answer back "oooh mother don't trouble your self with that little water, cause when I grow up I will fill ever gallon with enough water like the Indian Ocean because I'm simba"
    My mother just laugh and says "how will you
    grow big when all we have is just sand in our cooking pot?"
    And continues "my son we have nothing but corrupt leaders who cares more for their stomachs, who are fighting to divide the national cake rather than fighting for ?"
    And look from my right to my left but I found nothing just an emptless,
    And I saw the moon staring to show up and the sun vanishing right through my eyes
    But I can't seem to open them as my skin feels cold and wrinkled when I'm only twelve years old
    I ask myself why where is the country rich of honey and gold they promised?
    Only to come realise they only got that country for themselves,and we only got nothing but death

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    Inside the hearts of this country's population, there is only frustration.
    Outside the system's constipation, the situation is such that there is saturation.
    Public wants to know the justification of this intoxication.
    There is right to information but to that there is objection.
    Police has the power, but it has it's own limitation.
    The one who has designation doesn't have the intention.
    The one who has suggestion doesn't have the position!
    @mirakee @writersabode #mirakeewriters #mirakeeapp #mirakeeworld #ceesreposts #challenge #pod #corruption #india #world

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    देश के लिए तो तुझे काटने पड़ेंगे
    मेज के नीचे बढे़ उन दोनों हाथों को


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    Those journalists who are afraid about their security of life should leave the noble profession of journalism but those members of the media who are always eager to suck a portion of money obtained by corruption needs to be kicked out of the profession without delay.

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    Here in the land of wealth
    They hoard inheritances
    Strip off the rights of people
    Forced them down the road of penury
    & then they sell them what belongs to them.

    “Here, this is yours but it’s 500 naira now”


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    When kasala don burst means when there’s trouble.

    #endsars #nigeria #corruption #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    When it comes to money
    You see them everywhere
    When it comes to power
    They’re always first in line.

    When kasala don burst
    They lose their voices
    When there is fire
    They are asleep.


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    They wear their flowing agbadas and suits
    Use our plights and pain to solicit help
    Then they keep it in their already filled barns
    Leave us to scavenge for our living
    Tell us folktales in broad daylight
    & repeat it all over again.


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    Sorry....had to stop the holloween fun for some letting off steam. 2020 is a hard and scarry year for many reasons.

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    Snakes in the grass
    Snakes in the trees
    Snake burrowing in the ground
    Eating dirt
    Bought off sheep
    With ravenous wolves inside
    Professional haters
    Destruction of homes
    Places of merchandise burning
    Snakes with pens
    Snakes with gavels
    Kissing butt of the destroyer
    Of man rights
    Shackles and gags
    Prisons and secret places
    Wake up sheep
    The goats swallowed poison
    Danger danger danger
    This time Henny Penny is right
    Will right fight with might
    Will right, again, win the fight
    Will mother Grizzlies roar
    Will the eagle fly high and free

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    Raaz- ek rehsaya

    Ye story parts me hai.
    Part 1

    Present Day 

    Location - Chennai.

    Character - Karan singh (CMC कॉलेज का छात्र)

    मेरा नाम करन है, मैं आज आपको जो घटना सुनाने जा रहा हूँ, यह सच्ची है और मेरे दोस्त के साथ घटित हुई थी।

    यह घटना आज से एक महीने पहले घटित हुई थी, मुझे आज भी याद है-

    एक महीना पहले -

    सुबह 7 बजे-

    (फ़ोन की घंटी- टिंग-- टिंग-- टिंग--)

    कारन - आज सुबह इतने बजे किसका मैसेज होगा यार- 

        [MESSAGE - आज सुबह ठीक 8 बजे  असेंबली ग्राउंड क्लास 1 की फॉल इन है। 

         सभी से रिक्वेस्ट है, कि समय पर पहुंच जायें।  (co-leader)]

    आज सुबह अचानक से फॉल इन क्यों है? वैसे फॉल इन तो हर वेडनेसडे को होती है।

    करन- अरे यार, रोहन आज सुबह अचानक से क्यों फॉल इन है ?

    रोहन - पता नहीं यार, मैंने क्लास ग्रुप में मैसेज आया था पढ़ा था।

    (रोहन दूसरा छात्र है जो इसी कॉलेज में पड़ता है)

    असेंबली ग्राउंड-

    सभी छात्र पंक्तियों में खड़े हुए और सभी एक दूसरे से बात कर रहे हैं।

    कुछ देर बाद -

    DEAN सर भी आ गए।

    DEAN - दो दिन पहले, रात को एक छात्र ने मेरे पास मैसेज किया था, कि  एक छात्र जिसका नाम राज सिंह है। वो कॉलेज                    कैंपस में वापस  नहीं आया है।

    आज पुरे दो दिन गुजर गए हैं और तीसरा दिन है, लेकिन उस छात्र का कुछ भी पता नहीं लगा है। इसलिए मैं आप सभी से पूछ रहा हूँ। 

    राज सिंह जो क्लास 1 का छात्र है, उसके बारे में आप छात्रों में से कोई जानता है?

    सभी छात्रों चुप थे, किसी ने भी कोई जवाब नहीं दिया।
    ठीक है, आप सभी अपने अपने क्लास में जा सकते हो।
    करन तुम मेरे ऑफिस में आओ।
    Karan- जी सर।

    कुछ समय बाद -
    करन - सर क्या मैं अन्दर आ सकता हूं?
    डीन - हां , आ सकते हो।

    करन ये हैं, इंस्पेक्टर साहब।
    इंस्पेक्टर साहब ये है करन, राज सिंह जो लड़का लापता है उसका रूममेट।

    करन अब तुम शुरू से इंस्पेक्टर साहब को बताओ की क्या हुआ था करन के साथ या उसका किसी से कोई झगड़ा था या जो भी है।



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    One two three,
    Breath and set it free
    Let the animals flee
    They're dying, can't you see?

    Four five six,
    Stand and start to fix
    The forest is at risk
    They're burning, aren't you vexed?

    Seven eight nine,
    Wake up, you'll be fine
    Once again, humanity must be defined
    We're losing, would you cross the line?

    Ten eleven twelve,
    Speak, act, and live
    The rulers we have are thieves
    We were deceived, what more can we give?

    Thirteen fourteen fifteen,
    Open your eyes, it must be keen
    To find the truth behind the screen
    They're lying, isn't that a sin?

    Sixteen seventeen eighteen,
    Think and use your brain
    The oceans are cying in vain
    They're drowning, can't you feel the pain?

    Nineteen twenty twenty-one
    Listen and never run
    See the children holding a gun
    They need you, would you give them a hand?

    Twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four
    Look and you'll see more
    Dying and homeless poor
    They're lost, will you open the door?

    Twenty-five twenty-six twenty-seven
    Write and fight even
    The politics is all rotten
    It's tiring, could you please stop lying?

    Twenty-eight twenty-nine thirty,
    This is for you and me
    Where are your eyes of sympathy?
    Where are your minds of liberty?
    Where are your ears of serenity?
    Where are your souls of spirituality?
    Where are your hearts of sincerity?

    One two three,
    We won the battle between terrorists and army
    But we lost our battle of humanity.

    I lost count
    Your turn.

    written: 2016

    Tags: #poetry #poem #mirakee #nature #poverty #environment
    #community #war #humanity #animals #terrorism #politics #media #homeless #lies #corruption #countdown #sympathy

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    final countdown

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    #corruption #gandagi #politics
    Inspired by Kumar Viswas...

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    हर तरफ भ्रष्टाचार का शोर
    मोहल्ले नफरत के हर ओर
    सड़क में इतना ज्यादा गंदगी
    विकास की उलझी उलझी डोर

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    हर्ज नहीं है अच्छाइयों में,
    क्या रखा है बुराइयों में,
    माना कि,
    बहुत बढ़ गई है महंगाई तेरे शहर में,
    मगर दुआएं तो अब भी सस्ती हैं इन कठिनाइयों में...!!!


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    It's not always about strength...
    It's always about Heart...
    If you have a good and strong heart,
    No one can ever corruption you...