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  • akaaba_usman 1w


    The smiling days are gone, the system is down, trying all its best to reach out to the norm, detriment bringing it back to the ground.
    Now that the driver is down, what should the passengers do?
    A quick answer to that: " the passengers need to come out of the train, to reach out to the norm"; for the driver has no idea when it will be up.
    It's time to bring out the ideas, team work, social interactions in terms of learning, and flow of knowledge. It shouldn't be all about the designers every time, let the designs create their own artifact.

    ©Akaaba Usman

    Some used words and their reference...
    Driver... Education
    Passengers... Students
    Designers... Teachers, lecturers
    Designs... Students
    Train... Breakdown
    Artifact... Ideas, norms, values...

  • mishti__ 1w

    Dear Diary,
    Before you get replaced with other diary tomorrow, I'd like to tell you feel things which I've never told you in this whole fuckin' year of 2020. This one is for you. So I kindly want you to know this clearly and very clearly :-
    I've always been tried to be a better human being and you surely know that about how I try and how I do try to make amends of my mistakes. It haven't been a much long time since I started writing you but you've taught me self-love in a different way. You've taught me ,where I am wrong and where I'm right! You've showed me the road to my well being. You've taught me what is the real meaning of "GROW THROUGH WHAT YOU GO THROUGH" with a bitter taste of situations and made me happy every other moment. Not only that, you've been the only friend in my life who's a good listener and also a really good speaker. Some people may think you don't speak but you do. And whenever you speak, you leave an impact on me. Every time I talk to you, I feel like my every fear and pain is gone. Before talking to you my chest feels heavy and I feel pain in my heart but after I pour my heart to you, I feel like I'm normal.
    I've been a extra paranoid of a person. Who freaks out at little things and panics at every small situation. Whenever I've wrote to you, I felt it's easy to convey my miseries to you. Even if I shatter and start to rupture into tears, you'll listen and soak my tears into your pages showing a lil sign of my grief with a single droplet on you and will always be there as my shoulder and won't say me to stop because you know that it's worth crying sometimes.
    I've had so many complaints. I bring every single complaint at your place and the thing you do is listen and then after listening you give me a chance to go through it all over again and then I find a solution everytime and the next day I come and write more shits and not even saying thank you to you for solving my fucked up shits. Still you keep on going and don't stop to have my back. This is the kind of a true friend you've been. And a genuine one which slaps on my face without touching when it's my mistake.
    I've never said you but today , I'm thankful to you. Thank you so much Diary (Hope). Thank you for believing in me even when I don't believe me. I'll miss you. Thanks for bearing me this whole year. The last thing for today , Je t'aime and Happy New Year.❤️


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  • niviraj 1w


    No one in the world to understand you....
    Everyone in the world to underestimate you...
    Pure love is yours...
    Betrayal is theirs...
    You are the giver of love,
    You are the taster of hatred...
    One day everyone will search you in ...
    Two situations when....
    Third person hurt them or...
    Four sides you need for them..
    If you want to show ....
    Who you are...
    You have to be a step ahead....
    When they search you or...
    Don't be in this world....

  • rhymed_genre 1w

    Be the anchor of your own ship

    Yes! all the destructions are painful and dark may it be a slow poison or a rapid strike. It drags you into the darkness where all you have is your flesh and your broken heart. That time would seem the worst, the toughest and the ugliest, you may also feel this is the end, that there is no way going back and no reason to move ahead.
    But this will also be the time when you will have to ignite the hope buried down beneath your fears and be the anchor of your own ship. Always remember, you are never responsible for any person or their actions and so is nobody else responsible for you or any of your doings. This brings us to the place which says why it is so important to look out for ourselves and not wait for anybody to pull us out of our miseries. Everybody has their own battles to fight, fighting their own first is what a wise man will choose.

  • the_vacant_soul 1w


    Mirakee Creators,

    Greetings! I'm here to thank you for the wondrous creation 'miraquill', which allows varied minds to independently express their mind through the most serene way of writing. This wonderful app has changed many lives.
    When I firstly logged to the app, I literally addicted to it for 7-8 days just reading the content over. It was amazing and thrilling. Enough to race hormones of a teen.
    By time, I started posting my poems on board, reposting the amusing works and also befriended with some of the mirakeeans. It helped me a lot during my sad days, It's always there for me. Wandering through the lanes of poems, proses and letters this is something that I do here. In one word, it's more than other 'micro-blogging' or 'social' apps.
    Different contests and the features of the app are amazingly designed that one can't disappoint. No doubt, it'll be a major attraction for future budding poets. I just wanna to thank you for the this app. Your creation had power to save a depressed individual, who's me, myself, once. So, it's lifesaving and also the most lovable and close to me. The act of writing, whether it makes sense or not but expression is all that matters. Thank you for your creation.


    Ps: Always be there, cause' world have many anonymous writers and readers to praise.

  • lilacsandroses 3w


    The plight of the artistic mind

  • tikilove 3w

    Ocean therapy

    My tired body floats; my mind is free.
    I let myself drift away.
    At the mercy of the sea.
    Letting the ocean carry all my worries away.

  • vmkhan7 5w


    When you passionately work for your dreams,,
    Then you don't search a way,
    Rather you create a way to achieve it.

  • mrsohail 5w


    And out of the box

  • memosfrommomo 8w

    When we look inside ourselves we rarely like what we see, but it's okay to acknowledge that. The truth is that we are broken. It's like in sci-fi stories where the good scientist made a beautiful invention but an evil scientist who was envious inserted a corrupt chip in the creation, setting off a curse and now it does not function as it should.

    But the good scientist, who loved his creation so much, knew the only way to set his creation free from the curse was to throw himself into the heart of the evil force, and destroy it by being destroyed by it.

    So now the creation is free, but when you look inside, there are still remnants of the corrupt chip, but they are temporary. The scientist's death created a vessel that gives you his own power to fight these remnants. But wait! The plot twist is...he is still alive!

    The good scientist was wiser and stronger than the evil scientist. And he is leading the creation to him, through him. To a place where all the remnants of the corrupt code cannot enter, and the creation will finally be good. Very good.

    So when I am discouraged with myself, I look to Jesus. He is the perfecter and finisher of all we should be, of the goodness of God, the image of God, and He's made us able to walk in His perfect footsteps, no matter what missteps we make. Thank You Jesus.

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    When I am discouraged looking in,
    I look up.
    Life is more than what we see.
    If there is a door to good news that has not yet been opened, current despair is all you know.
    But when you open that door, everything you know changes.

  • james_taumas 7w


    Whiteout landscape
    Stand above or within
    Spontaneity or plan
    Decisions of a god
    Etch the details
    Wireframe world
    Clay people
    Paths created
    Stumble alone
    Into the woods
    What story to tell?


  • deepflowsoul 9w

    I hope to provide a life that is full of possibility without the heartache of demanding a remedy.

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    My role as a future parent won't be
    To dictate and mold to relate.
    They will be an honor to create!
    I hope to provide them with all the tools,
    And allow them to follow what they choose.

  • athought 9w


    You dont have to raise questions to know forcefully,
    U have to create a comfort zone to know automatically.

    This thought is for those who think their bf's or anyone dont share theirs stories even uh do. This is bcz they havnt got that comfort zone to share. And u are responsible to create it. Read my qoute again.

  • thunder_thoughts 9w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Identity
    #Create your own identity.. :-)

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    Parents identity doesn't defines their kid..

  • sarahrachelea 9w

    Create your own happiness
    That way, nobody can take it from you


  • poetviviyanniki 11w

    Bold arrows. Structured flames.
    Flicker under the moonlight.
    His black beard
    touching her cheek
    gently, with a smile...
    A bump of rhythms,
    so peacefully. Through the night.
    Tucked to sleep, within, each other's arms.
    Creator. Making you proud. As we drift to sleep.
    A new page,
    written within.
    Reflects, union.

    A friend once spoke. Destiny.
    Always changes.
    Looking, between, the lines.
    Our hands. Inner self, reflection.
    Be kind to self. Take good care. Surrounded self with like-minded,
    peaceful, content, driven stars...
    We all connect. Acknowledge -
    the negative. Learn from it.
    Block the negative.
    Thriving well, with union.
    Stand path PROUD. With a
    full heart. That this too
    shall pass.
    Pass it with. We got this! What cannot be changed, can be born.
    Destiny sings,
    within my heartbeat. I am singing.
    With a smile.


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    ये जो बात - बात में तुम मुझे देखकर मुस्कुराते हो ।

    सच में मोहब्बत है या दिल में नफ़रतें पाल रहे हो ।।


  • victoriaibukun 13w

    No. NO. NO! Was what resonated through my mind as I tried to shower. I recalled how much the last "no" from my job interview made me feel.
    I had prepared myself weeks before the interview, read tips and tricks on how to act in an interview, composed and recomposed how I was to boldly answer the questions. Ironed and kept my suit in a safe place.
    All those work for feeling unworthy.
    Then like a ray of hope, I remembered the birth of my closest cousin son I had witnessed three days before my interview. How I had felt like it was me being born twenty seven years ago.

    Light, darkness, light again. Life.
    Tears dropped on my cheeks but mummy was there. I sucked the breast milk to soothe my thirst, all I knew was I had to eat so I would live.

    Now grown, I don't see the point of life.
    But if I hadn't seen the point when I was young, I bet I still would have eaten.

    So I wiped my tears, rinsed the salt off, went on my knees and let the shower wash my tears away.

    All my stories are fictions.


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    Your will is life

    Life is hard, but pushing through the suffering, saying what you wish loud and working for it. Is how you can bend life to your will.


  • yungdanielson 13w

    IG: omercifulme

    For those who enjoy my content. I'll be posting majority of it on there.
    Just created it today. Here is something i recently posted on there.

    I'm just on standby watching the world slowly come to its end. The credits are playing and everyone who played a part in this story, name scrolls by, but the tale has yet to fin. So what will become of the people who still roam? Will fear & worries control them or will they one day find their way home? Or is this dying land their only reality? Well... I'll just continue to surf the wavs to the Promised Lands away from the depths of this sea.
    The Siren's are beautiful and their songs are tempting but I have my own, "Sweet Dreams".

  • poetviviyanniki 14w

    It's A Learning Lesson - Grounded Footsteps

    Embrace it.
    Embrace with a content mind.
    Touching the leaves, foot -
    on ground.
    Giving Gratitude
    For these