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  • pooja17 8m

    Like human like animals
    The more we made them suffer
    The more we also have to face...

  • pooja17 24m

    #writingcontest #creativearena
    True refresher and an Invisible power bank
    All time favourite for everyone
    May the trend changed
    But the musical tune coming from it always
    Spread beautiful and positive vibes
    All around. .

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    True refresher and an Invisible power bank
    All time favourite for everyone ...
    May the trend changed
    But the musical tune coming from it always
    Spread beautiful and positive vibes
    All around. .

  • agjproverbs 3h

    Open-minded Open Concept

    She stood her ground as she had since her building in the early 50s. A brick exterior held in her strong bones. To the world she would be conservative closed off close minded, a mid century modern shaped prison; a fortress of yesteryear. Her curb appeal leaves no Doubt she's not to be involved with a "Green New Deal". Her perfectly manicured Republican Red Rose bushes did not allude to a bleeding heart. But her welcoming Fourier offered a different story. That 70 year old house had gone through a Reformation of de-compartmentalization and with the declutterization went the time capsule of the old that was her soul. And like the fresh paint on the walls brightening up a darkened Den she welcomes you in. Wrecking cold isolation of a butler's pantry for beautiful sight lines of family celebration. This Grand room viberates genuine and warm welcome for all to gather at her table. Her heater hums as the third generation join the congregation...and if only for a moment her loved ones love is undivided and unencumbered.

  • the_late_night_tales 14h

    You can not stop a storm coming to you,
    but you can become a feather to survive.


  • thoughtsprocess 15h

    I am Moon
    I don't know that
    I am blessed or cursed
    But I have been wandering
    in the sky for ages
    I am surrounded by
    countless stars
    But still sometimes
    I feel like
    I am lonely
    I watch people on Earth
    Some broken hearts
    keep awake
    and gaze at me
    I shower my soothing
    moonlight on them
    to heal their invisible wounds
    Some poetic hearts
    soak their nibs into
    my moonlight
    to write romantic poetries
    Some love birds
    seek beautiful faces
    of their beloveds in me
    Some find resemblance
    of their beautiful
    beloveds in me
    I silently observe them
    I become witness of
    their smiles and tears
    Whenever I see
    arrogant, egoistic people
    I want to advise them
    I know that
    they can't and
    they won't hear me
    But I would love
    to tell them
    to be humble
    Please be kind
    to those less fortunate
    I am telling this
    because I know
    the consequence
    of this type of behavior
    When I become
    full and look
    the most elegant and beautiful
    I become arrogant and egoistic
    And gradually
    I start losing my beauty
    and elegance
    When you reach at the peak
    Be humble
    Be more responsible
    to yourself and
    Speak gently and softly
    Respect your elders
    If you don't observe
    these rules
    you would fall
    in the deep valley
    of darkness of failures
    I have been experiencing
    this cycle for ages
    I love Earth
    I love each and every
    living being on this planet

    With lots of love
    and moonlight,
    Yours truly,

  • the_lesser_known 18h

    Be the MOON not the STAR

    Why so obsessed with burning yourself down to brighten this life.
    Learn to reflect back and brighten this dark sky with your own moonlight.

  • pooja17 18h

    Leads to depression
    Leads to disappointment
    Leads to stressful zone
    Where no one to hold on
    What you wish and why?
    You started living in darker sides of everything bcz you over thinked so many petty issues which needs to be given very lesser time infact to resolve...
    Don't be a over-thinker
    If you want to live tension-free life
    Bcz the more you think
    The more you tense your brain and heart as well
    Please don't bother too much
    May God bless everyone with good; healthy and happy life.
    Stay blessed and happy always. .
    Keep writing and keep shining everytime. .

  • blinganshu 18h


    I have seen the moon through the windows of my house for long
    It's different everyday
    It's brightness, it's shape, it's size
    It all changes constantly, day after day
    It seems it is burning and a part of it is melting away
    Then I see the melted part falling down on my house
    In the backyard, in the driveway, on the roof
    Leaving wide, ghastly wounds
    It seems that they are both in huge pain
    But they are scared to shed tears
    For it might break a heart
    Or maybe two.
    And then a breeze of wind wakes me up from my daydreaming
    I look at the moon and realise that I am just overthinking
    The moon is what it is
    What changes constantly is just how we see it
    For some it depletes constantly
    For some it grows constantly
    And for idiots like me it burns and melts, constantly.

    I stop overthinking and go to sleep trying to no longer disturb my house. ©blinganshu

    #moon #wod #writingcontest #creativearena #overthinkerc #blinganshu #idiotsmoon

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    Idiot's moon

  • msushil 21h

    My Home:
    Oh! My home,
    opening the door of your bosom,
    you give me the place to reside.
    Exhausted I return,
    enervated I return,
    you never ask questions.
    Serving the meal
    on dinning table
    you appease my hunger.
    Tousling my hair,
    You lullaby me in your cosy lap;
    The winter doesn't harass me
    The summer doesn't perplex me.
    I remain strong
    And I remain safe in your arms,
    Oh! My home.

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    My Home:
    Oh! My home,
    opening the door of your bosom,
    you give me the place to reside.
    Exhausted I return,
    enervated I return,
    you never ask questions.
    Serving the meal
    on dinning table
    you appease my hunger.
    Tousling my hair,
    You lullaby me in your cosy lap;
    The winter doesn't harass me
    The summer doesn't perplex me.
    I remain strong
    And I remain safe in your arms,
    Oh! My home.

  • benkim 22h

    My house sings this beautiful songs
    soothing ones which eases my blues
    It's my companion that sympathies
    With my flaws and unbearable habits

    Yesterday he was telling me this joyful stories
    That took away sad mood and boredom
    Together we laughed the whole night
    And when I slept he was holding me like a baby

    She cooks for me this beautiful memories
    That makes me come for more when am gone
    There is this love we have in common
    Nothing can change it not once

  • mishti__ 1d

    My house:-
    Hey. Take a sit and listen.
    You know what, I'm just cement and other materials. Just fixed together, fixed together to be called a flat. Now it's kinda different because you 6 people call me 'yours' house. You take my support for shelter and I really like supporting you all. I'm a non-living thing, sure; yet you people, your joys, your miseries and etc your everything has brought life to me. Like, oh my stars, I've a family. And yeah, your fights with your brother are entertainment at its best. LoL. I enjoy them everytime. They are like telivision to me. Woah woah.
    When you fix something new on me. Like furniture, paintings etc. It hurts, like a lot of pain.ouch. but hey, hey,hey, wait up. That pain makes me happy as I get a new friend. Maybe temporary but you bring me a friend. The wall and the floors and the windows are my permanent friends until I break down and the curtains, the bulbs ,etc are my temporary friends. They have a short life span. I feel sad when they go away, I miss them but then you bring a replacement and give me a new friend again and see you make me happy again. Now I feel like the walls , floors and windows are like professors and the temporary things like curtains, bed sheets,etc are students. We stay and they get passed every single year. Haha.
    Those moments are très élégante (very elegant) when something happy happens under my roofs. Like your bday parties, various celebrations etc. I feel like the happiest house alive. You people are so lovely.
    Ohh yes, I've few complaints. You apply so many Stains and marks on me. I feel dirty, so clean me like you feel like showering everyday. And yes, learn to eat you dumbass. Everytime you sit for eating, you eat less and throw more. That's gross. So try. The walls said, your brother is a good artist but maybe he needs to learn more. Tell him not to paint the walls everyday wit different crayons, even if it looks pretty. Your wardrobes were ready to go on a strike, you make them messy everyday. Don't treat your clothes like trash atleast.
    Okay, sorry. I'm done with complaining. Now I wanna tell you few things that I feel. I want you to be happy. I don't like when you cry your eyes out. You look like a witch while doing that. Your happiness is gonna make me happy, so smile. Please. I want you to put a smile everytime you look towards me. And when you'll go away, always remember that I miss you and I'm waiting for you to come back. So come soon. Last thing but not the least, I love you and everyone in this house.❤️


    A short essay with personification.
    Please like comment and repost. ❤️
    I'd love if you support me.

    If house could speak. It'd have said me this.
    #writingcontest #mirakee #creativearena #writersnetwork #persnofication #mirakeeworld #imagery #Mirakeeworld #writer #support #pod #wod

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeassistant

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    My House :-

    "Thank you for bringing life to me and making me feel happy and alive. I feel like I'm your family. You treat me like one. I love you"

  • taekook_maknae 1d

    #lame #alliteration #personification #writingcontest #creativearena @writersnetwork
    Reposting this again
    Accidentally got deleted it

    Bye bye❤

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  • mindreams 1d

    Spring in my step.

    What does the bottom stair feel?
    First to drown.
    First for a stampede.
    How does the bottom stair live?
    Always below.
    Today and tomorrow.

    She told me her secret once,
    Whispered it even, beneath my feet,
    "Without me, there are no others. I'm the first. I'm the last. No one sees me, but I'm alive."

  • medusas_child 1d

    A love story if only?

    It took place on a river,
    Salty and disturbed.
    I realize I am swimming in my tears...ugh!
    How am I supposed to be havoc without my chaos?
    I knew I would be your harley to your mister J.
    To my chucky from your Tiff.
    You left me here with nothing.
    But a broken heart and unanswered questions?
    We we're gonna journey through hell together.
    Fuck up the world, it's you and I forever.
    You are the darker to my darkest.
    Your pain is my savior.
    The way you understood me.
    Leaves a burn on my heart everytime I remember.
    You've made promises as soon as you made them quickly you forget.
    I was the chick of the moment.
    Not the ride or die I thought you wanted.
    As I adjust to being monstrous on my own.
    I still ponder on what could've been.
    Lilith is nothing without her satan.
    We could've bee A bomb to an apocalypse.
    Ride off into the sunset.
    Damaged and destroyed.
    Bonnie and clyde ain't done yet.

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  • sreeramvan 1d

    When our home becomes our safe haven... #writingcontest #creativearena @mirakee

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    Falling in love at first sight,
    We came together,
    Making each other better,
    Creating our own world..
    A safe haven,
    She has always been,
    Warmth in winter,
    Calm during the storm..
    She stood by me,
    In happiness and sorrow,
    My own home,
    My hero...

  • sharmistha_writes 1d

    That time was good

    There was a time when no pain could catch me... Because then I grew up in the lap of nature... I used to walk around with the flowers all day behind the butterfly .... Sitting in the shade of a tree and making new things with leafs every day... The sweet smile of the sunflower would have been more beautiful in the sun,The noise of the bees was the best song of that time ..... No one had to obey any restrictions... All day long I was intoxicated with the family of my dolls.... I would marry the dolls and decorate them with beautiful clothes... They also became more beautiful by being colored with shame.... I used to give chocolates to the groom's relatives at the wedding of my son and daughter doll... But they always neglected, and never ate chocolate.... I had to be very careful that the groom did not run away during the marriage of the girl doll.... Because at that time I had an idea that the marriage would break up if the girl's mother was not careful during the marriage ....The girl doll used to hug me and cry a lot during the doll's wedding... I used to cry when I saw those tears... At the time of marriage, the boy doll would suddenly get up and leave, so the marriage would not take place at that time.... Then I would tell my daughter doll, don't cry, I will bring you a better groom... And at that time my golden daughter doll would fill my family with her sweet smile..... This is how I spent my childhood, the happiest thing then was the smile of my daughter doll ... I still have that girl doll, although the groom doll is not married anywhere else... But now I don't see that smile on my daughter's face.... Maybe the dolls have become lifeless with the passing of childhood.. Now the dolls are no more, the pain has become my friend, who is holding on......

  • tornromantic 1d

    The house swayed back and forth between
    each groan of disappointment.
    Each hole that would form would leave the
    poor house crying like the rains from a
    So tearful but so angry the house would become.
    Like a lion on the hunt for its prey, the house
    would stalk every new stranger that entered.
    The house grew more and more irritated as
    hole after hole formed.
    The people inside never cared because she was
    a house and no one believed she had feelings.
    The house is now alone with no one to shelter
    but herself and her new lover.
    She is a house but she is proud, because no
    matter how many holes people strike into her,
    the house will never give up..

    (#writingcontest #creativearena)

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    She is a house..


  • adeahsmommy1587 1d

    IF walls could talk

    If I had a home...and my walls could talk, they'd guide you on, an eventful walk.
    If I had a home my walls would weap, and all my secrets, they would keep.
    If I had a home, my ceiling would cry, they'd tell you about every false alibi.
    But if I had a home, my walls would laugh, smile, chuckle, and even grin.
    Because in those walls a lot of memories end and begin!
    If I had a home, the walls would be warm, filled with love, filled with grace.
    The walls would explain, it's life you embrace.
    My walls would tell you they've seen the good, they've seen the bad.
    They'd tell you the happy and tell you the sad.
    They'd tell you the plan, the ideas at hand. They'd agree things didn't turn out as planned.

    But I'd have to have a home to say these things.

    And I did...

    I hope he's happy with her, that part still stings....

  • shine_like_a_moon 1d

    The sun and the moon

    The sun itself can even doesn't gives its light to the moon,
    but it never leaves its friend