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    Dhoni Seems to be Missing the Test Crikcket Badly

    They say - Dhoni is a great Finisher.
    Indeed! but for opponents!


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    Tied up shoelaces,
    Pulled up my socks,
    Woke long before the sun could peep out from the horizon.
    Took out my bat and was doing everything silently as I don't want anyone else to wake up.
    Then suddenly your friends start yelling your name (even after knowing that you are awake��). So loudly that everyone in your neighbourhood would wake up and curse you and your friends.

    How crazy we were then??!!
    I am thinking now.
    When others were enjoying their sleep in winter vacation, we, on the other hand, had sacrificed the warmth of our quilt and reached our playground at dawn and piled up those 9 bricks (our wicket) on our favourite pitch.
    We never missed a chance to play cricket.
    I remember making the excuses of first ball being a try ball or the ball was too fast after getting out.
    I remember switching from a "Cosco" ball, to "Mark" or "Vicky" and then later to "Flash".(I wonder why it was called Flash but I do know it went like a flash when hit by a slight swing of the bat).
    Even being short statured, I wasn't afraid of the bouncers thrown at me which was really easy for the bowlers..
    We didn't think of ourselves less than Sachin. ��
    And then the craze for that HELICOPTER SHOT.
    I remember all of us tried hitting the ball out of the park on every other delivery and surprisingly, 8 out of 10 times, the ball reached its destined place - Wicket of course (We weren't Dhoni��).
    Meanwhile bowlers were thinking they had got some supernatural powers.

    The most amazing and memorable thing that I remember about playing cricket is when our ball used to get lost in the bushes.
    At first, only the fielders used to start the treasure hunt, then the bowler and wicket- keeper, then the players of the other team who were enjoying in our so called "PAVILION" and when they couldn't find it either then the royal batsman and runner had to leave the pitch and as a reward for hitting such a massive six, we were bestowed with the prize of entering the bushes and help them finding the ball.
    Actually the batsman had to come as he got worried. (as if a mother lost her child).
    Thrilled by the mere thought of not getting enough batting.��
    Jumping and running back to our places after finding the ball (sometimes found someone else's too��)

    Ahh!! A lot has changed during this time.
    Cricket, now-a-days, is as easy as swiping your finger left or right for that Off-cut and that on-drive.
    Ooo!! And for fun they have even added a meter for the speed of bowling and angle for the swing.

    I feel like, today, the ball is actually lost in the bushes.
    I won't blame the ball for that. I'll rather put the blame on bushes.
    Bushes have grown taller with time.
    The "GRASS" of assignments and tests in school.
    "SHRUBS" of choice between Sciences, Commerce and Humanities.
    Tall "BUSHES" of chase for a good career
    all these have made that ball hard to find.
    The ball is lost somwhere beyond our reach.

    I thought all this while I was passing by our old playground.
    And a great thing happened - I found my childhood in the bushes - a ball.
    Picked it up, tossed and turned and twirled it in the air(which we love doing whenever we get a cricket ball in our hand).
    I won't lie about it but at first I thought of taking the ball with me to my home.
    But finally I placed the ball where I found it but not in the deep bushes expecting someone will come and find this ball easily.
    The ball is meant to be played with.
    It won't look nice lying still in my shelf.

    (P.S. - I mentioned "passing by" the playground.If I'll tell you that I actually went there just to see it then some Chandler Bing would say -
    "You got way too much free time" ��)


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    It is so hard to find people with both,
    Status and simplicity..
    Success and serenity..
    Glamour and humor..
    But if it is Rahul, we got to admit that he is that sort of a soul. Even after achieving so many things, and scaling the success-summit with so much of desire and hard work; You stayed so simple and remained humble. You never seemed as the man of the moment, which you have been on many occasions. In the period, where aggression was ascending and Aussies were ruling the cricketing fields; you have played the way you have and brought lots of laurels to the Nation. And that is where Rahul is different from others; it is always the spirit of the game and sportsmanship that mattered. Yes, winning is your ultimate goal but not at the expense of values.

    When people refer you three, the Sachin-Sourav-Saradh, as trimurties of Indian cricket, I always said to myself, here Brahma has to be Rahul. Because, Brahma as well, like you don’t have any temples to his name and didn’t get pray and praise like the other two, Vishnu and Maheswara. Yet he is the one who scripts all our lives, and you as well scripting the fates of budding cricketers being the coach of India – A and the Indian Under – 19 team and making them blossom. So a lot of similarities there, sir.

    After all this, sir, I would like to thank you for being the man that you are. You have been an inspiration to many of us. You are one of the proud sons of India. You are our pride and glory.
    Thank you Rahul sir


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    The blue that's just blue.

    Cricket is "Energy Transfomer", without an electric wire connection!


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    Competing, never quitting. That is the attitude with which all the great warriors are made of. And this Australian team, though lost its ascendancy, have never kept that fighting spirit away.


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    MS Dhoni returned to the t20i team for #nz series.
    #cricket #indianteam #odi #t20i #cricketquotes #captaincool #greatest #

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    कश्मीर से कन्याकुमारी
    गुजरात से अरुणाचल
    खोजते रह जाओगे,
    पर धौनी सा ना कोई
    दूसरा मिल पाएगा।

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    द अंसंग हीरो

    मोहल्ले की भीड़ ब्लैक एंड व्हाइट बक्से वाले अंकल के घर में जुट चुकी है, एक्साइटमेंट में कोई कमी नहीं काले- उजले टीवी में करोड़ों भारतीयों की धड़कन ने मोर्चा सम्भाल लिया है।मल्टीपल प्रश्नों का सिंगल बेस्ट जवाब - सचिन तेंदुलकर। भीड़ के लिए ' रश्ना ' का इंतजाम हो रहा है। घबराइए मत ये दशक 90 है और यहां परिवार का मतलब 'मोहल्ला' होता है। शारजहां का क्राउड मोहल्ले के हल्ले से कम्पीट कर रहा है। फौरचून टेलर्स की प्रतिक्रिया चरम पर है ,हर गेंद का भविष्य चार या छह ही प्रतीत होता है। किसी युद्ध के लाईव टेलिकास्ट से कम आंकना गलत होगा, फर्क इतना कि गोलियों की जगह गेंद हैं और बंदूक के जगह बल्ला। शाहजहां में ब्लास्ट लगभग तय है , मास्टर ने पूरा मन बना लिया है। कहते हैं ना मोहब्बत और नफरत अपनों से ही की जाती है , हर गलत शौट के साथ माइल्ड गालियां फ्री हैं। रहीम काका ,मिश्रा जी सब आज जल्दी काम से लौट गए हैं भाई एवरिथिंग इज फेयर इन लभ एंड वार। एक पारी के अंत के बाद क्रिकेट एक्सपर्ट्स ने चाय और पारलेजी के साथ मोर्चा सम्भाल लिया है। दूसरी पाड़ी की शुरुआत जावेद मियांदाद पर वेंकटेश का वार। यारकर्स का एक आधा जवाब आ रहा है । रोमांच चरम पर है कि तभी जैसे मुंह से निवाला छीन जाता है, घोर बिट्रेयल की फीलिंग छा जाती है ,बिजली इतने प्रेमियों का दिल तोड़ चली जाती है , बैट्री ने भी जवाब दे दिया है कि तभी मिरैकल होता है , रहीम काका का रेडियो सेवियर बनकर सामने आता है। दशक नब्बे 50 लोगों के बीच पूरा सन्नाटा , सबके कान रेडियो की ओर मुड़ गऐ हैं , हनुमान चलिसा और आजान दोनों एक साथ जारी हैं। आखिरी ओवर शांत मोहल्ला 6 गेंद 7 रन बोलर्स एंड पर श्रीनाथ। आखिरी गेंद 2 रन और दुआओं में बंद आंखें, इतनी दुआ कभी वेस्ट जाती है क्या, सुरक्षित हाथों ने पूरे देश की उम्मीदों को लपक लिया है, द मास्टर ब्लास्ट्स।
    दशक नब्बे और पूरा मोहल्ला सौरी पूरा परिवार सेलीब्रेट कर रहा है। रश्ना और चाय का इंतजाम होने वाला है और लोग अपने अंसंग हीरो को धन्यवाद दे रहे हैं - रहीम चाचा के रेडियो ने कमाल कर दिया।

  • the_dikshant 6w

    You should take the full revenge. Just show them who we are. Our militia stand equally as they stand. This time you don't have to lose.. You can do it.
    Bro fighting is not the good option. Say calm, said his friends in a fearful tone.
    Fight? What? I was talking about India vs Australia series, said the cricket fan madly.


  • vasundhara_ghose 6w

    इश्क़ 20-20

    इश्क़ २०-२० क्रिकेट के मैच तरह लगता है - फ़ास्ट एंड एंटेरटेनिंग -टिंडर के राइट स्वाइप से इनिंग शुरू होती है और फेसबुक पर ब्लॉक करने पर खत्म
    दोनों ही टीम में एक-एक ही खिलाडी होते हैं और लक्ष्य होता है एक और एक ग्यारह होना
    पर इंसान के चाहे कहां कुछ होता है ,होता वही है मंजूरे -ऐ -ख़ुदा होता है , तो आप हर 'I love you' पर छक्का और हर 'I love you too' पर चौका मार रहे होते हो , आपके दोस्त आपको चीयर लीडर्स की तरह चढ़ा रहे होते हैं और आपको मन ही मन कह रहे होते हो "कभी कभी लगता है साला अपुन ही इश्क़ का भगवान है और अपुन लव -स्टोरी 'सबसे अलग' पुराण " . पर इस बीच आपकी बॉल सीधे पड़ोस वाली आंटी के शीशे पर लगती है और आपकी लव -स्टोरी की 'लग' जाती है मतलब ऑडिएन्स में आपकी 'एंटी -लव एलिमेंट्स' शामिल हो चुके हैं और इससे पहले कि आप कुछ समझ पाए दूसरी टीम announce कर चुकी होती है "You will found BETTER MATCH than me" , इस प्रकार ये मैच कभी 'मैच' नहीं हो पाता और 'unmatching' के लम्बे दौर के बाद 'फिक्सिंग' ही नियति है जिसे सरल भाषा में अर्रेंज मैरिज भी कहते है ,इसके बाद इश्क़ २०-२० नहीं रहता , एक दिन 'वन-डे' बन जाता है। ...


  • mrcricket 6w


    You can have that power of hitting the last ball for a six, to see your team win.
    You may be so skilled that you catch a ball out of nowhere by flying like a bird in the air.
    You can get into the skin of oppositions with your active vocals.
    You may cleanup the most rated batsman with your searing pace.
    Be it anything!

    You might do everything that can earn you so much of fame and money in your life.

    With all your unbeaten talent, you might attract those giant companies to promote their products.
    But keeping all these commercial elements of, ‘What you achieved and How much you earned’, aside, what is so essential in a human’s life is, the character with which he/she lived. The smiles one has brought with his presence. The service they did to the betterment of society. The number of souls they inspire with their work ethic. These are the things that count the most, of course if you belong to the normal human psyche.

    And Gauti is such a character, an admirable one.
    He is a short guy, built with so much of fire inside. An aggressive athlete, who always fought for the benefits of the team and played with spirit throughout.

    It is never an easy thing to be in that Indian side with all the stalwarts , the Sachin, Sourav, Dravid, VVS, Sehwag, Kumble, as getting the attention of people isn’t easy by any stretch of imagination. Yet he competed, played to the potential and got his own place in the team. And that itself is quite an achievement.

    Scoring five centuries in a row in test cricket.
    Getting that crucial 75 in the final of 2007 T20WC final against Pakistan.

    That 150 versus Srilanka and offering his MOM award to then budding player Virat, who also scored a ton in that game, just to encourage the young talent.

    Over 10K international runs.

    Sweeping the Kiwi team 5-0 in his regime.

    Scaling that top rank in both Test and T20 formats.
    Receiving ICC Test batsman of the year award for his prolific display of batting in 2009.

    And finally those priceless 97 in the 2011 WC final at Wankhede to make the 1.2 billion people proud by bringing the cup back to where it belongs to after 28 years and making the God’s dream come true.

    These are the few highlights of Gambhir’s 15 year career.

    Above all these achievements and awards, the attitude with which he played the sport. The spirit he inculcated in the young players by being the captain for KKR and that never say die attitude. They all will be some good stuff to learn from the little man.

    Thank you for being the one to look up-to. Thank you for all your services. Thank you for the entertainment. Thank you Gauti.


  • mirakee_voice 7w

    Love yourself because you will be the only one with whom you gonna end


  • witty_writer_opj 7w

    क्रिकेट का प्यार

    "हद से ज्यादा तुझसे प्यार करने की जुर्रत की है,

    तभी तो दुनिया से लड़कर भी तुम्हे पाने की कोशिश की हैं।"

    - cricket fans to 2019 Cricket World Cup.

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    The Only God I Have Seen

    M.S Dhoni.


  • neel93 8w

    sadness is.....
    Australia beat india by 4 runs (D/L)..

    Hard luck team india ....
    #india vs Australia
    #1st T20I

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    A chirp in the night
    The sweet symphony
    Lulls me to sleep
    Thabkful to hear and not see
    The beauty of a cricket.


  • ajquotes 10w

    Dhoni 07

    Age is a just number.
    Lion is always a king of jungle.


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    सोचता हूँ धीरे से धक्का दे दूँ...
    इस ख्वाहिश को छत पर बुला के...