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    विकराल भाग 1

    पता नहीं कितनी देर से समीरा का फोन बज रहा था! उसने कई बार बिना देखे फोन काटा, कई बार कान पर तकिया रखी,खैर फिर हार कर फोन कान मे लगा लिया, कई दिनोँ तक् जागने के बाद तो आज वो सोई थी!
    "हेल्लो समीरा, what's wrong with you? I have been trying to connect to you since last 3 hours! How can you be so irresponsible! उधर से बॉस की ग़ुस्से से भरी आवाज़ आयी!
    " Sir I am so sorry, कल बहोत रात नील ओबेरॉय के इंटरव्यू की तैयारी करती रही, सो आँख....
    "That means U still haven't heard the news! "
    "What news sir? सामीरा ने मासूमियत से पूछा!
    " Neel ओबेरॉय is dead! He was brutally murdered last night! Now get up sameera and pull your socks, since you were to interview him, I am giving U responsibility to cover the story of his murder! In five minutes reach his flat!!! I have already spoken to the insprctor, he might give U some details.
    सामीरा फटाफट तैयार हो के नील के एड्रेस पे निकल गयी, रास्ते भर उसके मोबाइल पर नॉटिफिकेशन आते रहे "सुपरस्टार नील ओबेरॉय डेड! सुपरस्टार नील की निर्मामता से उन्ही के फ्लैट मे हत्या! बेकाबू भीड़ को चीरती हुई जब वो क्राइम सीन पर पहुंची तो उसकी आँखे भय और विषमय से फटी रह गयीं!

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    एक वक़्त था जब ख़ुशी के मारे गले लगा लेते थें यारों को,
    आज दर्द भरे चार आंसू उनके कंधे पर बहाना भी जुर्म सा लगता है।

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    @writersnetwork @dimpictionary @manikifying @raakhaa_ #mirage #life #death #puns #stories #shortstories #shortpoetry #crime #mystery #punintended

    Did you burn thousand houses ?
    And how foolish ! The candle was doused,
    In a darkest corner, lived a lantern,
    He told , " hold me to the places you yearn".

    In a cold ridden city ,
    "Where are you"?, a scream echoed
    Were they made an object of pity?
    Lantern said, " they were all mellowed".

    Rustling leaves whispering to a wind,
    As I sighed a breathe,
    You know how many photos you pinned?
    Lantern said, " don't count when you are late"

    A cliff murdered by a raging sea,
    It cut off a side so sharp,
    On the edge I saw a symphony,
    The notes of piano lured me.

    Lantern told, " this is where you belong",
    What was this place, so long ?
    Was it a never land I had a nightmare about?
    Or a curse disguised in paradise, I had a doubt

    Mesmerizing keys soothing my ears,
    Their company I felt ,as If I have met before,
    Light in the lantern vanished suddenly,
    As a crawling shadow held my leg horrifically,

    It was a dusky evening of a conspiracy,
    For I was brought to gallows
    For a crime which was not shallow,
    Maybe, Regret is a rewind tape played on repeat

    Image credit to the rightful owner

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    Rewind tape


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    It's my blessings to have u in my life #crime partner ����

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    Dear bestie
    I will argue, irritate you and make you cry
    I won't let others to do the same

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    My take on "Paatal Lok"

    It's "strictly on need to know basis" that Amazon Prime has once again left the mark with it's newly floated series "Paatal Lok" and has further cemented it's position as prime online streaming platform particularly in terms of Indian content.

    Well, basically Pataal Lok is a gripping crime thriller with exceptionally strong language and occasional gory scenes in the greater schemes of human follies and concomitant polysemy of living and existence itself.

    Prima facie what begins as a foiled encounter attempt on the Yamuna Bridge with in station limits of the Outer Jamuna Paar Police Station turns out to be just the tip of iceberg and in turn leads the unsuspecting simpleton Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary right up to the doorstep of inferno beneath surface of the earth and further leading to the darker and murkier truths of the system itself.

    The protagonist of the series Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary is believed to be a nincompoop cop who had never been close to the real investigation and is out of nowhere entrusted or rather framed into investigating the grandest and the most high profile case of his life which is apparently made to appear like an open and shut case but actually it isn't and determined Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary who now has once a life time opportunity to take a break from his humdrum existence, decides to take the plunge to attempt his best shot and embarks upon a thrilling bone breaking rigmarole to the badlands of Uttar Pradesh in the temple town of Chitrakoot to unravel the unsaid and unknown flagitious past of the prime accused Hathoda Tyagi and in his bid to pursue the hidden truth of case, Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary is finally able to stumble upon the uneasy truth and is able to manage and arrange a high profile truce between the warring sides. He forays deep into the case of his life by challenging the preconceived prognosis of events and emerge alive out of this mess contrary to the expectations of everyone barring his confidante and colleague Ansari who himself is struggling hard to keep the minority stereotypes at bay and make it large in his life.

    This series has got an eclectic outlook and an almost perfect ensemble cast and characters which represents a wide array of people coming from totally different backgrounds and with incomparable aspirations like someone wants to have absolute creative hold over his channel, someone likes to be loved and raise children, someone holds the canines dear, someone wants medals and promotions, someone wants a sex change operation to marry the love of her life, someone who is love lorn wants his love to be reciprocated, someone wants to keep his unwavering loyalty intact, someone wants to overcome anxiety, someone wants to rise above and touch the sky, someone wants to be still human and be righteously humane, someone wants to blend in as he is tired being a misfit, someone wants to be a social climber, someone wants to remain at the helm of power and then there is this one named Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary who is like a tired and an exhausted pigeon with ever haunting gloom and despondency written large all over his face and yet a family man and thus susceptible to errors and wishes like he wants to see respect in eyes of his son who is visibly embarassed of his jumbo name and his profession as a cop, above all he has to battle interdepartmental rivalry and fear of being left out and trampled by his subordinates.

    Indeed Paatal Lok narrates an immersive and powerfully riveting tale enacted by it's richly layered characters who represents a wide social and geo political spectrum ranging from Dalit social mobility and skewed up binary gender notions, from caste based atrocities to the women being mercilessly raped in the patriarchal set up of society, from dreaded dacoity to political bonhomie leading to the alleys of power, from new wave nationalism to ages old rigid social subjugation and domination, from rural ruckus to ugly urban myths, from idea of peace to the ideologies of terrorism, from Delhi Belly of Hazrat Nizamuddin to the dubious Delhi of Patiala House Court, from parched Bundelkhand to prosperous Punjab and prevalent notions of pride and prestige therein.

    Most importantly and fundamentally Paatal Lok attempts an explanation to the very conjecture of the three different realms and the thin line between Swarg Lok, Bhoo Lok and the infamous Paatal Lok.


  • lonelylad 1w


    Love is a crime, that i commit every time.
    I need some sugar in my life which tastes like lime.
    I want my life to be a poem where every line rhymes

    Is asking so much a crime?


  • raman_writes 1w

    मोहब्बत इबादत है, ग़र करो तो से दिल से करो ।

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    बड़े ज़ाहिल है वो लोग जो मोहब्बत को सिर्फ मोहब्बत समझते है ।

    इबादत है मोहब्बत, कोई इन गुनहगारों को समझाए ये ।।


  • hanibletheone 3w


    I'm trying to get someone on the line
    I'm trying to report her
    She committed a crime
    She stole my heart
    Now I'm crying
    I think I'm dying
    Please someone answer

  • james_taumas 3w


    Amoral they call me
    A monster too
    I stole innocence
    Smeared with red
    Regret caught alive
    Left to rot
    Nightmares don't plague me
    I feel no guilt
    Relished it all
    The devil stares back
    I return the smile.


  • rakshitakulkarni 3w

    A person who has been in many relationships isn't a criminal , it's just the matter of the love he/she wants and haven't found in the ones who are no more with them .

  • sharmag_2020 4w

    THe SaNT

    शीतल मन में लगी यह कैसी आज आग है
    हानि हुई धर्म की और राजनीति कहै क्या बात है

    मर्म निर्मम हत्या साजिश लगे गौण नरसंहार है
    दुष्ट बने वह ज्ञानी जिसने किया न तक सत्कार है

    कर्म अधीर न रुका समय पर हानि की दरकार है
    पूर्व न्याय संदेह बना तुला सजा का द्वार है

    रंग चाहे जो चोला हो संत नाम एक आधार है
    दिया ज्ञान वह वाणी अमृत आज निकला निराधार है

    मन निर्मल आवेश सहज गुण नियम इनके सदाचार हैं
    भटके पथ राहगीर को एक संत ही णमोकार है |

  • keentiwari 5w

    आज फिर कहीं कोई जुर्म का शिकार बिलखता होगा!

    क्या कभी किसी एक क्षण के लिए भी हमारा देश
    अपराधमुक्त हो सकेगा?

  • shackledthoughtsexpressivepen 5w

    This series called dream diaries might sometimes come out as vaguely violent or vengeful especially like this one called 'criminal reciprocation?'.
    It's because they were the questions posed by my subconscious mind while dreaming to it's conscious counterpart,most of which might seem too unrealistic to be true,but in a way feeding the cravings, one's thoughts might've had atleast once during their lifetime!


    Use the hashtag below to discover all the parts of this series

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    Crime reciprocation?

    Dream diaries
    Part one:crime reciprocation?

    If only there was a law that says whatever a criminal had done to the victim be reciprocated towards him/her,
    crime rate would've been dwindled to rock bottom,
    chopping off the demonic wings of those evil minds, providing crutches of safety for our society crippled by crimes!

  • lifeistooochota 5w

    Have a person who watch both,
    Ramayan and Sacred Games


  • alxita 5w

    -- Sue Wrongly --

    It's as if it's a murder mystery
    Investigations underway, no need of fallacy
    It's rather tempting, but you'll blame
    The seemingly "suspicious", hate was not tamed

    Where is the proof? I don't understand
    Are they so guilty? What can stand
    As valuable evidence that they should be ashamed?
    Is there though? Hate is now in flames

    Dishonesty seems valid, but try to look again
    Were they really the killer? Do they have odd dents?
    In which it can raise suspicion, but there's none
    Time was wasted, thinking properly was gone

    It's abusive, you're abusing the wrong person
    Without a solid wall of proof, it's such a bum
    You'd be killing the innocent person right away
    Before we even know who's the killer in the first place

    It's as if the murderer is you all along
    No need for that true killer, you'd be such a mass killer
    Or are you the real one? Act innocent all along?
    Diverge the attention? We'd be leaving the open blister

    Sue wrongly, hated in the most inhumane way
    In which an abomination of theirs would slay
    The people unknowingly living peacefully
    It's such a secret crisis, hiding clandestinely

    #poetry #thoughts #wrongly #maltreatment #crime #murder #lies #fallacy #pointing #reality #truth

    Poem no. 30
    Apr. 16, 2020, 2:13 PM (GMT+8)

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    Sue Wrongly

    "You'd be killing the innocent person right away, before we even know who's the killer in the first place"

  • shailesh_d_one 6w

    Her Soul!!!!!!!

    I loved her soul,
    had a simple goal.......
    dreamt one day,
    she would complete my role!!!!!!!!!

    shy as a person,
    used to the stand near the pole........
    wondering if I could ever,
    be accepted as a whole!!!!!!!!!

    way too 'kind' ,
    she ruled my mind...........
    this is when I thought,
    "Love is blind"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but just when,
    things looked perfectly fine..........
    got booked by cops,
    for an uncommitted crime!!!!!!!!

    trapped in the game,
    I lost my name..........
    she no longer does,
    treat me the same!!!!!!!!!!!

    am out on bail,
    its a long ending trail........
    in her context,
    I often fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And why did they,
    target me?????
    'Lord' if you listening this,
    Can you set me 'Free' ???????

    Way too late,
    she is full of hate........
    Maybe this was what,,
    written in my fate!!!!!!!!

    I remain innocent,
    till so called date........
    she remains in my ,
    and I can forever wait!!!!!!!!


  • lokeshdahiya 6w


    शक्श को पहचान
    थोड़े अक्स को पहचान जरा।
    भेड़िये आज कल अक्सर
    थोड़ा करीब घूमते है।
    ©lokeshdahiya 12 april 2020

  • _its_makk_ 6w

    Endurance is the biggest crime in this era,
    Be a Rebel

  • saakshisomaiya 6w

    The Perfect Crime

    It wasn't with knives that
    He tore my heart
    But he had killed me
    All the same
    I was turned to a walking corpse
    And he without the slightest shame
    Was ready over again
    To kill another innocent girl
    With firstly loving her and
    Again stabbing her by leaving

  • dinfazil 8w

    Quarantine life
    Nothing to do lets write a murder mystery story����


    A silent night with darkness all around ,only a black n white house is visible. Someone silently opens the door and slowly enters the house . lights off darkness all around he enters every room of the house but sees no one.As he was about to leave he hears some sound from the kitchen , he walks towards the kitchen but sees no one. Suddenly a girl from backside with a steel rod in her hand walks slowly towards him. But she doesn't know that the masked man has already seen her shadow and as she was about to hit him he turned and slits her throat and leaves
    Wait a second you might be wandering who this girl is and why did the masked guy kill her.
    For that lets go


    A bunch of girls walking at night laughing and having fun. Suddenly a bike stops with two guys on it and the guy sitting on the back is seen with a bottle of acid . He throws the acid on one of the girls and escapes on the bike. The girls got panicked and ran away leaving her alone to die.next morning few people saw the body and informed the police. Police saw the body and found a wallet near the body . In it was id of the girl who's name was ravti. 26 years old .father,s name hari prakash and lives in a small villege named gorakpur. Police went to her house but their bad the house was locked . From neighbours they got to know that the family vacated the house 2 months ago due to financial issues. Ater 2 , 3 days of investigation police finally got a small clue in one of the police stations a missing complaint was filed . The missing persons identification matched with the body. So they got the new address and went their to inform the family. The family members were shocked and started crying loudly. Her father is a middle class man. He works in a small firm as a watchman. Her mother is a housewife . She also has 2 siblings elder sister and a younger brother.from neighbours police came to know that her father is ill tempered and always beats his wife.he always used to curse his daughters. Ravti was bold intelligent and used to take stand for her mother. Her brother is a drug addict and never used to get along with her sister ravti. He used to get jealous of her as he was always being compared with her. Her elder sister..........wait wait wait, the girl that died in part 1 is the elder sister of ravti. Her name was kavita. 30 years old and a teacher by profession. Married to a businessman named vishal who lives in devgunj.
    police reached kavita's house to investigate the case ,they examined the body and came to a conclusion that the killer is amateur. The forensic report suggested that kavita was 3 month's pregnant. Now police was under pressure as both the cases were getting complex . Kavita and ravti's phone record was checked . One number was suspicious but was switched off and details were also wrong. The police got no lead so they started to cross question every family member. They treated everyone one as a suspect. They went to kavita's school but got no serious information. They went to ravti's college and got a clue . Ravti had a boyfriend who is also missing from few days . Now police started to look for ravti's boyfriend who's name is ravi.after few days of search they got a lead of ravi and arrested him but he refused to accept the crime . He said he went missing because he was afraid that police will arrest him. The suspicious number that earlier was switched off was turned on and police traced the location and arrested the suspect. After questioning him they came to know that his name is ravish and had a crush on kavita and used to stalk her but she refused his love and slapped him infront of his friends.
    Now tell me who the killer is before reading the last part of the story.
    Suspect 1 (FATHER) he never liked her daughters. He thought they were burden on him.
    Suspect 2 (BROTHER) he hated both the sisters as everyone used to compare him with them.
    Suspect3 (VISHAL) kavita's husband who was on business tour.
    Suspect4 (RAVI) ravti's boyfriend who denied the accusation.
    Suspect5 (RAVISH) who used to stalk kavita and she slapped him.
    Suspect6 (SOMEONE ELSE).

    police tortured ravish for 3 days and finally he confessed that he has thrown acid on ravti's face but ravti was not the target, the actual target was kavita and ravti was killed accidently. The family got shocked by knowing the fact that kavita was present their and left her sister alone before she died.he also revealed that he did this for someone. Few days back he got a call from an unknown number that if he kills kavita he will get a healthy amount of money.
    Police traced the unknown number , reached the location and finally arrested the real culprit and it was none other than vishal kavita's husband.he is the mask man and the real master mind . When police introgated him they came to know that he is a psycho .He killed her because he doubted that kavita had an affair with ravish and she was not pregnant with his child. when he got ravish's details he decided to kill both. So he planned to involve ravish by tempting him with huge money offer so that he kills kavita and gets arrested.


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #suspence #mystery #thriller #crime #pod #poetry #story #poem #newpost #longpost #readwriteunite #writingcommunity #bored #quarantine #love #betrayel #murder. @dusky_dawn @elusive_me @mirakee @writersnetwork @zarshaq

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    Murder mystery

    Truth behind the hidden depths.

    "Read the caption"