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  • angels_halo_shines 2w

    Lit Fuse

    This time
    Like everytime
    Diseased psychopath
    Leeching on
    Burning himself
    Inferno ignites
    Can't stop
    Keeps burning
    Always lit
    Shorter fuse
    Each time
    A bastard
    Hurts animals
    Lillian cries
    Fuels him
    Fuels him
    Stronger now
    Until she
    Cowers down
    Lillian's scared
    Me too
    She won't
    The Angel
    There is
    Trouble on
    The horizon.
    Oh please
    Lillian listen
    To me.
    No one
    That cruel
    Will change

    Let Him
    Go now

  • kalp_cloud 4w

    Bewildered was her mind
    And nerves all freezed
    Soul pondering over the pain indeed
    Screams all lost in secluded dark
    Every bit of her shredded apart
    Red weeping eyes with shattered dreams
    Shivering limbs and heart pounding
    Credence in humanity was all sinking
    And she prayed to the God
    To cease her breath.


  • bluemushroom 4w

    These are now becoming norms.
    They say there's freedom
    (but we're caged with their claws).
    They say there's opportunities
    (but was used to be an excuse).
    They say we're safe
    (but instead exploited).

    This is how cruel this world are,
    authorities are given power to manipulate,
    they pretended to be haven but they're bound to be abused.
    Fear were already instilled,
    and even lives are already claimed

    #obscure #wod #agony #brutality #cruelty #pod #abuse #power @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    the world is now changing to obscurity

  • yashvibansal 6w


    You complain that storytelling is gory.
    You complain that storytelling seems to have become story yelling.
    You complain that storytelling weaves magic with witches and demons, not fairies and angels.
    You complain that stories smell of sweat and blood, not roses and dew drops.
    That they whisper muffled screams, not sweet nothings.
    That they glorify death, not life.
    You complain that stories shout ugly truths, not pretty lies.
    That they murder virtue, and glorify vice.
    You complain that storytelling doesn't work one step at a time, but rather rolls a dice.
    It isn't a make-believe world where fairness rules
    Instead, it's a world where cruelty reigns,
    And angels sigh
    And devils grin.
    Where happiness droops
    And sadness sings.
    You complain that storytelling is bitter.
    The opposite of sweet nectar.
    You cry that it is devoid of colour
    But it isn't my darling, it's simply grey
    It's simply a reflection of the real world
    Where tigers stalk their prey.
    You complain that there are no muffins on the tray
    But there are my dear, they are simply made of mud and clay.
    You complain now that storytelling mirrors the real world
    And of course it does.
    But my darling, it doesn't have to be that way.
    You see,even though witches rule,
    Fairies do live.
    And both bask in magic.
    And even though cruelty reigns
    Kindness does breathe, you know.
    Even though the words are bitter
    At least we know of sweet nectar.
    And though devils grin
    We do have the knowledge that angels sing.
    And murdered virtue can be avenged
    And glorified vice condemned.
    Cause darling, sometimes the rolling dice,
    Does give one, you know.
    And sometimes, just sometimes, you get a six too.
    Cause darling, storytelling is magic.
    Even though it may be black at times,
    You see,
    It's all a matter of perspective.

    Image credit to the rightful owner. I picked it up from Google.

    I tried my hand at turncoat poetry, the results of which are in front of you.��

    Wrote this while I was supposed to be studying and got a nice scolding��, but I believe all the pain is worth it when it comes to writing.��

    This is Part 1 of the 'You Complain' series. I was going to just leave it at 'You Complain', but then decided that 'Storytelling' was a better title. The second part of 'You Complain' will be up soon.

    #story #storytelling #gory #magic #witches #demons #devil #angel #fairies #fairy #complain #you #stories #sweat #blood #roses #dewdrops #whisper #screams #sweet #nothings #glorify #death #die #gold #life #ugly #lonely #truths #prettylies #pretty #lies #untruths #uglytruths #cries #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #pod@mirakee #daily #challenge #chal #imagination #destruction #whirlpool #emotions #crescent #soul #sprituality #home #cruelty #perspective #darling #nectar #dear #earth #anotherworld #makebelieveworld #world #worldsofwonder #worldofwonder #wonder #colour #grey #reflection #real #reality #dreams #one #six #black #white #colourful #bitter #virtue #vice

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    Murdered virtue can be avenged
    And glorified vice condemned...
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  • mmbftd 8w

    Enormous Wings

    Enormous Wings
    As in, a Very old Man With-
    Was a story that stuck with me over the years.
    I re-read it countless times
    To myself
    Or others
    As we lay in summer beds
    Soothing our beach skin
    And drinking tea
    With tiny chips of ice nearly
    Gone away melted.
    I empathized with that poor old man, sympathized, and wept for him.
    I understood as strangers tried to size him up
    He; dirtied and frazzled in the chicken coop.
    As the people tried to make him something he wasn't.
    Something they desperately wanted him to be.
    They tried to mold him, prod him, poke him, hurt him, bend him into what they thought they needed.
    Yet still he remained himself.
    I respected that so much.
    When I was younger, I wondered how he managed to do that?
    How could he be so resilient in his being?
    As I grew old I understood more, how it is always best to stay yourself regardless of how others try to sway or force you into being something else.
    Wether we have wings to spread or simply feet to put one in front of the other, it is best to make a quick escape from those who would see you captured up in their snares.
    It is dark morning here now, as I am up far too early, before the sun I hold so dear. And a very old man with enormous wings comes back to me from the past. He is a messenger for me, or perhaps I am making him into something he is not? Just like the rest?
    I dust off my book, creak it open, smell the age of it, the importance of it. I feel the textured pages with my fingertips. How I cherish these physical books. How permenant I once thought they were. But time changes and degrades things and people.
    The message I find in these pages changes too through my years. Different messages for different phases of my life. And though my eyes see blurry now, I read again and listen, for my message, my epiphany.
    My empathy has never wavered for the old man, although now I understand the mean-ness and cruelty of the people a little more. Life let's you experience both sides the longer you go at it.
    I sit with the story. Let it resonate like some ancient tuning fork picking up my frequency. I need adjusting. To find my way back to a more authentic me, without influence of others on my truth.
    I sip my now cold coffee. I once loved it sweet but now prefer it bitter. Time spins me into new iterations of what I once was.
    I close my cherished book. I wonder how sad it must be for someone to never have had such a tactile experience with words.
    I fold my tattered wings, curl up in my blankets and try to catch a dream again before the sunrise.
    And that old man, he smiles at me, from a past I used to know. Goodnight old man. I love you.


  • aisha_k 10w


    let me keep moving in the ecstasy
    of this cruel world
    undressing their cruelty until
    nothing is left to fall down.


  • thearchanasingh 15w

    If being nice is a bad thing,
    Then I'm a Bad Girl!!

    For you

  • one_little_words 17w

    Some random person comes into our life. Some of us make them our friends, some think of making them a life partner.

    But this random person is actually hiding his/her true face and they fool us with that fake mask of theirs.
    We gradually get addicted, can't live without them. Make them our first priority.

    But when time comes they take off their masks and reveal their true colours. Start blaming our innocence. We still try to convince them keeping aside all our anger, ego, attitude.

    Still they wont spare us. They'll curse us, hurt us by throwing badwords. They still won't stop they'll apprise everybody, that We're cruel.

    There dies humanity, trusts. Because innocent people are not spared in this selfish world.
    #liars #fakers #cruelty #inhumanity

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    Fooling innocents.
    Blaming their impurities.
    Is this a sign of humanity?

  • normancrane 21w

    Da capo

    He brought spiders to the schoolyard
    to crush them
    He attended Julliard
    to learn Bach's partitas for violin
    He pays women to undress for him
    and beats them
    Knowing culture is a game
    we play
    The boy and the man are the same
    Performed in various ways
    the notes stubbornly remain
    What's born cannot be changed
    one musical phrase
    Nurture is Nature's

  • james_taumas 21w


    You shout
    Beat me
    Lock me up
    Whimper in the cold
    You don't care
    A new scent
    Stranger arrives
    Kind words
    Loving hugs
    Release the chains
    I wag my tail.


  • majestyice 23w

    Struggling For Peace

    Have you heard those noises
    Those yelling and pleading voices
    Those people shouting and screaming
    I thought I was only dreaming

    Those people lying on the ground
    Yet some was not yet found
    Now everything was destroyed
    Armies were deployed

    People crying for help
    Yet some cannot help it but to yelp
    Watching them weep
    A promise that can't be keep

    Justice is in our hands
    Together all we stand
    Fighting for freedom and peace
    That can bring us instant ease


  • suryanshisinha2009 24w

    A word is not a word

    You said something bad,
    Tore me apart,
    But you are glad,
    Because you broke my heart.

    When I asked you to me why will you hurt,
    You said a word is a word.

    It is not what you think, yes really,
    And if you think this is just a poem, no this is reality,
    They'll leave you crying until you die,
    Spreading rumors, spreading lies

    But you don't understand how hurtful it can be,
    For the people who belivied you and for them you turned kindness a disease

    At the end a word is not a word it is everything cruel and mean,
    Even if I am alive from inside I have drowned inside the sea

  • lvnsharma 24w

    Humane Beeing

    I have a family
    We love each other
    We take care of our Mother
    We made a Home Together.

    I have a Family
    We Travel to the mountain
    To the garden with a Fountain
    With the work burden, not on picnic for certain.

    I have a family
    We store our money for the next generations
    We store our money for the tough situations
    We store our money and it gets stolen.

    I have a family
    We still work hard for a better future
    We still work hard, it's in our nature
    We still work hard and still get stolen.

    I have a family
    The Honey is our money
    The Hive is our heaven
    And the thieves are human.

    I had a Family
    My mother's wings were scissored
    My brothers body was burnt
    To summarize my agony
    I have worked my entire life to bring you a spoon of honey!!!!

    - LVN

  • anjalijaman_ 26w

    The world is full of cruel people !

  • angels_halo_shines 26w


    I can't deal with this.
    My chest hurts.
    Now I can predict when it's coming.
    Like an alarm.
    I am tired of hearing dogs cry out.
    Crying out in damn pain.
    I can't go down there, they have guns.
    Animal wardens came, they won't answer their door.
    I'm over it.
    People like that have a special spot in Hell, just for them.
    I am calling it the day.
    I been up an hour and 1/2.
    It's enough.

  • heather_ 27w

    It was raining
    I was sleeping
    Suddenly I woke up
    And I saw through the window

    As it was raining
    The window was hazy
    I cleaned the window to see through
    And I saw a injured crow.
    It was lying in the road
    Everyone was passing by it
    But no one gave there attention to it.
    I ran away to save the crow
    Than i thought why I m saving it though
    Then a truck came by
    I ran into side.
    But I couldn't save it
    The truck pasted it .
    I felt so inhuman
    Why I wasted my time on thinking
    I would rather save it.
    I went near it
    And started crying
    A car came and hit me
    I was dead .

    I fall asleep again
    After sometime I woke up.
    I found myself in a open ground full with trees
    Banyan tree mango tree and cherries .
    I walked for sometime
    I fo a garden full with cherry blossom
    Pink and brown
    After sometimes of walking
    I found a queen wearing crown.
    She told me to have a trip of there
    I accepted it and started wandering.
    I saw a boy helping a little cat who felt in the well
    It reminded me of a poem.
    I read it in nursery
    It was pussy cat .
    I kept on walking again
    and I saw a injured crow
    Lying in the road .
    Than I saw myself
    Trying to save it
    But I couldn't
    Than I saw myself
    Crying near it
    And a car hit me.

    I got fainted
    Than I opened my eyes
    I saw myself in a wheelchair
    I was surprised
    I saw my sister
    Calling me
    She asked ' is everything is okay '
    I said yes.
    Than I went near the hazy window
    I cleaned it to see through
    Then I saw the crow pasted by a truck
    Then I felt like being human sucks .

    I think the above poem is little tough to be understood but its meaning is we are so inhuman we only care about ourselves if we see other organisms in road we just ignore it . so this a fictional poem. I hope you guys will understand mainly talking about inhumanity .

    I know it makes no sense totally flop ... But still i told u I m annoying and I m not gonna change myself...

    Thanks for reading this annoying piece sorry for spoiling your mood and day !
    Thank you ❤

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #writersnetwirk #mirakee #pod #ceesreposts #crow #life #nature #window #hazy #inhumanity #cruelty

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    From the window


  • onelinerpoet 28w

    This World

    World is full of hypocrites,
    They won't welcome your love.

    We serve a perfect God,
    Still treated as criminals.

    Your love is unconditional,
    But ours is adulterated.

    We get everything from you,
    But forget to repay.

    You gave us freedom,
    We misused it.

    Marriage is not marriage,
    Definition of love changed.

    Spend everyday doing sinful activities,
    On Sunday, we confess.

    People learnt how to hate,
    Being covered by anger and enmity.

  • suadshaikh24 30w

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writerstolli @readwriteunite @writersnetwork
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli #pod #mirakeeapp #cruelty #bad #Negative #inhuman
    #write #life #writers #readwriteunite #indianwriters

    ' CRUELTY ' a small word but the most hurtful phase for the person who Has gone through this.

    We know That The one Who slays is always kind
    And the one who lays Is always cruel
    Because the Kindness and sweet gesture
    wins over cruelty and Pathetic Behaviour

    Ain't it enough to get difference between this two?

    Everything is acceptable but cruelty isn't ��.

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  • raindropsoncacti 32w


    The second-most of most brutal of all savage entities is one's own bludgeoned self-opinion and terminal self-doubt.
    The first is those who inflict such damage that causes these in others, when being humane instead is always an option...


  • truedrop_rains 33w

    मत करो कोई लगाव
    मत न उठाओ कोई सहानुभूति का बोझ
    मत रखो कोई हमदर्दी
    न किसी जीव न किसी निर्जीव के लिए
    मत न करो कोई उपकार
    मत बोझ उठाओ इस संसार का
    इस संसार को रचने वाले
    खुद इसका जिम्मा ढो लेगें
    रे मानव!तू क्या तबाह करेगा मानवता
    वक़्त का रुख़ भी ऐसे मुड़ेगा की
    हर क्षण कराह की चीख़ भी खौलेगी
    और तबाही की आग भी नहीं सुलगेगी