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  • mungmung 2w


    A girl named curiosity sat in the back of the mind
    Doodling various ideas and wondering was her pass time

    She peeped through the windows of eyes
    Looking for something interesting and nice

    But the mind shut her and scold
    "This is not good!" He told

    Curiosity tried to push her interest and asked him to start a new
    But he shook his head
    because he knew

    He is the great one
    He is the important one
    He can make rational decisions

    Curiosity is below him
    And she is going out of line

    He locked her again in a cage
    But curiosity wouldn't budge from her stage

    She declared a war with mind
    Her interest are shining armour kind

    Rationality lost with a boom
    Curiosity was now free to bloom.


  • thebhavnasaxena 5w

    I go to pick flowers,
    End up at the graveyard,
    Oh my heart, even in the
    Winter, there are roses
    Standing tall, and they
    Drip red, I wonder, are
    They dipped in blood,
    I wander barefoot,
    Stumbling on graves,
    They don't have names,
    But I know them all,
    My tears in the grass,
    Fallen as the leaves
    Fall too, oh the cruel winter,
    The longest night approaches,
    And I am afraid, what if the
    Lights die and I have nothing
    Left to burn, a tiny burden settles
    On the sleeve of my dress,
    Fireflies in the dead of the night,
    They seem to tug me off the
    Ground, I follow the fireflies,
    Their bodies little lamps,
    Lighting up my dark,
    I follow the fireflies,
    Deep into the woods,
    Feeling my way around,
    My feet pricking on thorns,
    I leave a trail of blood behind,
    As I follow the fireflies,

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    I don't know what is on the other
    Side, but I go on, the child in me
    Alive again, oh the magic, of
    Curiosity, I look up at the stars
    And they are winking at me too,
    Telling me, all the love I have lost,
    Will come back to me, and there is
    Enchantment to be found,
    Who can tell how my fairytale begins,
    So I follow the fireflies,
    Will they take me home?

  • shubhamjoshi 5w


    जी चाहता है
    फिर चला जाऊँ
    उन्हीं अपरिचित गली में
    परिचय के अगले मोड़पर
    इसबार जब तुम मिलो
    तो रहूँ चौकस
    पकड़ूँ स्थिरता
    और जब जिज्ञासावश
    घेरा जाने लगे
    घुमावदार प्रश्नों से
    तो छिपाकर रखूं
    अन्तिम उत्तर
    जो रहे
    तुम्हारे लिए रहस्य
    तुम्हारी जिज्ञासा बनी रहे व
    मेरा भ्रम भी न टूटे

  • warm_weird_witty 11w

    Mysteries are magical.

    As soon as you lift the veil,
    the charm's all gone.


  • joban8 12w

    Love Curiosity

    ਲੋਕਾਂ  ਲਈ ਚੜਦੇ  ਦਿਨ ਸੱਜਣਾਂ
    Loka ਲਈ ਰਾਤਾਂ ਹੋਣਗੀਆਂ,
    Subah ਸ਼ਾਮ ਹੈ ਯਾਰ ਨਾਵ ਜਿਸਦਾ
    ਉਹਦੀਆਂ ਤਾਂ ਹਰ ਪਲ ਈਦਾਂ ਹੋਣਗੀਆਂ,
    ਕਈ ਤਾਂ ਰੋਜ਼ੇ ਰੱਖ ਰੱਖ ਵੇਖਣ
    ਸਾਡੀਆਂ ਨਾਮ ਯਾਰ ਦੇ ਨਾਮਾਜ਼ਾਂ ਹੋਣਗੀਆਂ,


  • scribbles_1810 12w

    Questions From A Restless Mind

    What are we?
    A clump of flesh or a simulation?
    God's dream turned into reality
    Or star stuff from an explosion?

    Are you me or am I you?
    Because you look like me but you don't.
    Do mirrors lie or is my reflection true?
    Maybe an another dimension's clone?

    Where do we go when we sleep?
    Are we born again everyday?
    What happens when we die and what is left to keep?
    And this life we live,is it meant to be this way?

    Sometimes a storm ravages my insides
    I get swallowed by self-generated high tides.
    No beginning,no end,it is too overwhelming
    Sometimes these questions from my restless mind are a bit unsettling.

  • joan53 19w

    Shark poo
    No one never seen a shark poo
    But they must

    Black holes
    No one has ever visited a black hole
    A theory

    Some people seen some UFO's
    Passing through

    Has anyone seen gravity
    Feel it

    Has anyone died from too much curiosity
    Not me...yet

    Sherlock Holmes
    I try to be like a Sherlock Holmes
    Figuring out stuff


  • mona05 19w

    लौ यू जली मेरे उम्मीद की
    जैसे सुलगते सपनों को रोशनी मिल गई।
    जितने भी कौतूहल थे मेरे मन के
    उन्हे सारे अंधेरे निगल गए।

  • veerakanellore_bhavana 21w

    He always made her feel curious
    Because his motivational talks use to inspire her
    About life, love, nature and everything
    And that made her fall in love with universe
    And made her grow in life.
    That curiosity never turned off
    Just because of his beautiful and meaningful talks.


  • bhawna__ 22w


    Leaving through the excuses that were obstacles to the words of healing,
    It was the explanation to justify the room full of mockery and ignorance,
    There are two lines just opposite each other and most importantly they were just parallel to each other.
    To maintain that constant distance throughout the whole journey and till the end of the breath, there was no particular effort.
    But the particular rule to suffocate...
    When they encountered and unintentionally looked into each other's eyes and talking.
    They were honest, curious, and respecting each other...
    But with the time honesty turned into the ignorance of words and existence of each other.
    ...curiosity pacified and there were no more feelings left because they were never there but the curiosity.
    ...and they don't respect each other anymore.
    They don't have any feelings...
    Because curiosity finds its new love every day and it is not stable.
    And unstable nature always knows the game of blaming you.
    "I didn't do this, it was just you."
    "And I don't feel like anymore."
    I'm sorry, but I'm done."
    Did you feel that?
    If yes!
    I'm not sorry.


  • sudosk 24w

    Is Curiosity a Curse?

    I wanted to understand their way of thinking... They thought I was against Ideals

  • lost_memoryy_ 25w

    Write about Me....

    Was the first time, she started the conversation by herself.
    I mean, it was a surprise as well as a treat to me.
    Like I was served with the sweetest dessert of all time.
    Cuz, an introvert is damn hard to impress.
    She never speaks much and I do all the blabbering.
    She stays a mystery to mankind and I offer, a welcome drink and a tour to the inside.
    She loves reading fiction and I prefer action thriller.
    She replies in hours and I respond back in seconds.
    She likes to sleep in rain and I choose a plate of fritters.
    She questions the answer and I answer the questions.
    Comparisons of all sorts can be drawn between us;
    But the most important thing;
    She opens up only to her close friends, and I am just trying to become one of them.
    So when she said, "Write about me.....";
    I knew in my heart, I had become her friend.


  • abhimanyu1660 25w

    Trap doors tickle my curiosity, more than survival bounds me

  • pbwrites101 27w

    Your eyes, all the way open,
    Anxious as the waves
    Of the streams, the lakes, and the ocean,
    What's more, I am very curious
    Your face, rose of May,
    Which says such a great amount without words,
    Which says the unmatchable word,
    That blossom delectably wanton,
    Blossoming in Paris in the sun.
    #naturalbeauty #purebliss #curiosity
    Pic credits : Miss Sah
    By listening soul

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    Listening soul

  • mrstoryteller 28w

    I had a friend,
    Talented as many people said about him,
    But I would say he was passionately curious.

    All rounder he was;
    In every aspect he stumbled upon,
    Whose achievements knew no bounds.
    Brilliant in acedamics,
    Grades coming great without his optimum efforts.
    He played cricket since he was 4,
    He could bat as well as bowl, his fielding exquisite.
    All day he just wanted to play,
    But realised that it's not gonna take him far away.
    He was a part of school soccer team,
    He hasn't broken records,
    Breaking glasses everytime he played.
    He was fond of his mother tongue,
    Tried to mastered it along the way,
    Along with other languages he learnt.
    Worked really hard, got into med college,
    Really never knew he wanted to;
    But did what was demanded at that time,
    Now there was no turning back.
    He liked art class in school time,
    His sketches were better than most at that time,
    But he never made more efforts in that art.
    He was more obsessed with the music he heard,
    His playlist well organised,
    With tunes running all over his head.
    Fascinated was he after watching tennis and TT,
    His natural instincts of learning helped him,
    He played both well, people would say.
    Obsessed with movies, watching one everyday,
    Had a different perspective of observing things,
    Appreciated every art form he came across.
    Sketch, music, magic, sports, study, life.

    So after a long exhausting list,
    Some of his hobbies still left,
    Most of which have left along the way.
    Origami, skating, his childhood activities,
    Scientific experiments, searching for patterns,
    Solving puzzles, mysteries with his aptitude,
    Psychology, human behaviour fascinated him.

    You may question,
    What is it that he is so open minded in learning?

    Found beauty in every people he met,
    He was like a sponge with a filter;
    Absorbed all the virtues from the people,
    Incorporated them into his life,
    Bad qualities went into drain.
    Making him one of the best learners;
    I had ever seen.

    Wouldn't like to speak much, lost in his own world,
    Thoughts, thoughts and thoughts,
    Some weird, some subtle, some ideas.
    Solving the deep mysteries about how life worked.

    Turned pages of many books,
    In an attempt to know what gives life meaning.
    He would calmly listen to the spiritual knowledge,
    Questioning wasn't his style,
    No doubts he would ask, rather think for himself,
    For some questions are rather unsolved,
    Ponders upon the existence of life.

    Now the surprising part,
    I asked him, what is that you don't like,
    He said I know people but people don't know me
    In this world of democracy, irony is
    You are judged by what you share,
    People only like you if you do anything
    That fits their perception.

    Livin boundless, isn't possible in reality.
    My professors want me to stressful,
    My colleagues want me to be faithful,
    My parents want me to be successful,
    My elders want me to be careful,
    My friends want me to be cheerful,
    My bbfs want me to be joyful,
    My sports coach want me to be playful,
    My relatives want me to be helpful,
    My country men want me to be dutiful.

    So behaving with people has become relative,
    Giving them what they want,
    To see if they are pleased.

    Everyone comes to you with different demands,
    Wanting you to put a fake mask
    In order to meet what it requires of the task,
    Irrespective of what I need to bask,
    Can't someone just care to ask?

    And here he is, trying to describe, his life
    In the form of a poem,
    Seeking the world to repay his debt,
    That was owned to him in the form of knowledge.

    So question is what I want?
    In the world of expectations,
    Haven't we failed to know oneselves?

    I could understand his pain,
    But nothing could I say.
    Sometimes you need to be your own friend,
    And dive deep into one's own conscience,
    To realise the beauty that exists within you.


    Thanks for reading. Please like and repost if you really liked it!!
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #curiosity #mirakeeworld

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    Curiosity kills.
    Poem in caption.

  • bidisha_s 28w

    Ignored my last post?
    Somehow at some point maybe you wanted to say "yes".

  • bidisha_s 28w

    Would you tell your ex "i still love you" as a joke?

  • spadesunderground 29w

    Who needs a vanity bedroom mirror
    When you can have a bright blue sky?
    One shows me what I am on the outside
    But the other one reflects who I am from within.


  • marianotsaint 30w

    Letter by my Inner Child

    Dear Adult,
    Express love. Embrace me. Hug me. Laugh with me. Explore with me. Hold my hand and allow me to take you around my world through my eyes- my innocent, curious, blemish free eyes.
    Kiss my pain away. Wipe my tears. Fill me with strength and confidence to run free again no matter how many times I fall.
    Give me space to make mistakes. Don't smother me. Leave me alone sometimes with my thoughts and dreams. Watch me from afar silently if you please!
    Guide me when am confused indirectly for I want to solve the puzzle of life on my own and in my own sweet time.
    Throw pieces at me but do not complete the puzzle for me.
    Don't force me to tie my curls. Let it be free. I know it may get weak, it may get tangled and it may even break!
    Still, give me the space to untangle myself slowly. Nourish me with your love and care and watch me grow back stronger again!
    With love,
    Your inner child.

  • jee_tu 30w

    A woman was dancing with lots of vessels

    Vessels one above the other and so on

    Everyone was surprised, baffled, even amazed at the feat

    One person quesioned this

    Turned out everything was sticking with glue!!

    It's good to be surprised. It's better to question everything

    Questions lead to discovery

    Mere acceptance leads to surprises and maybe disappointments