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  • mmbftd 103w


    We were young
    Out on our own
    Free from our parents
    Hovering eyes
    Free from entitled
    We wanted to starve
    To feel something real
    To fight for something
    More important than ourselves
    We were skinny
    No money to eat
    Noodles filled our bellies and brains
    For meaning
    When the truth had been withheld
    We knew nothing of the world
    It was closed off
    And kept from us
    From learnin
    The truth
    That I am me
    And you are too
    And we are one
    Math doesn't divide
    They do
    On purpose
    One is the numeral that deceives us all
    Hungry for knowledge
    This lesson repeats
    For anyone strong enough
    To put the needle down.
    Older not wiser
    Listening though I'm deaf
    By the music that lifted me up and away from myself to connect with you
    There was always something to that
    Static pause before the needle drops
    Now they wiped away that static
    Analog destroyed
    Lasers don't have that dramatic pause
    Before the music message drops
    There is no time to wait for pauses now
    The pregnant pause
    Is miscarried
    Like justice
    And skinny
    Want out of themselves
    Just like all the others
    They try to emancipated their souls
    As red blood comes to the surface
    Lines to follow
    Scars to mark the passing of your life
    And I see your pain
    Take it in
    Then purge it out again
    I can barely hear the static anymore
    Do you?
    Slinking away to isolate
    Give me back my soundtrack
    So I can share with you
    Drop the razors and take up
    The staff
    Up on that treble clef
    Slink under the covers of bass
    Beating like our hearts
    Fast and pure
    We were once young
    Like you.

  • mmbftd 125w

    I should have learned

    I should have learned
    To read the night sky
    Messaging me
    Through the velvet blue
    Orion burning on
    Three times you let me see
    That Virgo
    Bent and needing rescue.
    And those that came before us
    Knew so much more
    A multitude of burning discs
    Shining on in cymatics
    Vibrating with creation
    Eminating epiphanies
    Straight at us
    Yet we do not see
    We do not even
    Raise our self centered heads to the sky
    The abyss filled with light and sounds
    So many questions
    Already answered.
    We are them and they are us
    Points of light and song
    If we are anything at all.
    Astrologically speaking
    There is so much more to see
    Yet the ancients saw it all
    Mapped it out
    To show us their significance
    And we look down on them
    As they looked up
    To see their inception
    Their song of birth
    Billions and billions and billions of worlds and more
    Like Carl said
    He wasn't wrong.
    And I look up
    At those mystical 3
    Orion's belt has always
    Mystified me
    It beckoned and tempted and enticed my soul
    Like a carrot on a stick
    Who is it calling to me from there?
    Across time's flat circle
    That spiral round and round and then here we are right next to each other all along
    A string of quantum theories
    Played like a symphony
    And I think its just me up there on that burning fire belt of frequencies
    I think I'm calling to myself to see
    That we are all unique points of light and music
    One and the same.
    And we've been here and there and everywhere
    At all moments
    Its comforting to know
    I'd still take the time to say hello
    To myself from so far and yet so close.
    Maybe I'll take some time
    To learn to read our night sky.