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  • jaspreet_ 1d

    Dear Dad...!

    Dear dad, you were the hero of my life...
    Please forgive me, for being zero in your life ...

    Why you left me alone,
    In the world of artificial life ...
    I know, you had missed me...
    In the last, stage of your life ...

    I never expressed my feeling's...
    I never told how much I loved you...
    I really miss you for not their in my life ...

    Please Forgive me, for being zero in your life..

  • aathirasuresh 3d

    I too have a dad who brings me up , giving me all the freedom to take my decisions. #dad #love #അച്ഛാ #life #inspiration @neelimayil @sreelatha @indigosparkle @achuzzz__ @kannan_ @mihraj @thoughtful__writer

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    A girl's hero

    "Fly high my girl....
    Spread your wings...
    Chase your dreams...
    And hold them in your hands "
    The greatest inspiration given to a girl child by her father that helps her capture the whole world

  • zebagulsum 3d

    Trust me...
    If u have a dad with whom you can share feelings, thoughts and MEMES...
    You are so luckyyy❤

  • cardelljhardy 3d


    Built with love and experience
    Strong as a superhero
    But his heart, soft and kind.
    Yet reliable in his family
    With a voice that claps like thunder
    And a speech of a famous poet
    His hands like tools
    And his inspiration like a trend
    My dad loves me very much
    Sacrificed for us, such
    I am pleased to call him Father!

  • black__soul 5d

    My everything

    Every time I regret not telling one more time...that I LOVE HIM




  • ashmita272 5d

    I lost myself in you!! ❤

    The day I found you,
    I lost myself in you

    I laughed with you,
    You laughed with me,
    N I lost myself in you

    I cried to you,
    You cried with me,
    N I lost myself in you ❤

    You hold my hand,
    You kissed my soul,
    N I lost myself in you

    You made me shine,
    You made me complete
    And I lost myself in you!!!

  • sourabhbhaduka 5d

    (दहेज़ )

    एक बाप ने शादी मैं अपनी बेटी देदी,
    और लोग ट्रक मैं देख रहे है की दहेज़ मैं क्या दिया हैं !


  • firdaus_cartoon_jr 1w


    Every year, your birthday reminds me
    how grateful I am that you are my father.
    With all that’s going on in the world today,
    I’m thankful I get to watch you,
    to look up to you, being an example of the best man.
    What a privilege it is to observe your strength,
    your competence, and your kindness.
    I am so blessed to be under your wing,
    your protection, your care,
    learning important life lessons from you.
    If all fathers were like you,
    the world would be a very different
    and much better place.
    Happy Birthday, Dad,
    from your admiring daughter,

  • emyflorencemoses_ 1w

    Of regrets and guilt

    I really wish I had listened to you, everytime you told me so.
    I really wish I'd taken the side you wanted me to,
    Now I feel bad if then I hadn't.
    I can never go back in time.
    But is there anything I can do now?
    If yes, can we start again?
    From where?
    I don't know maybe I'm lost.

  • thedrunkpriest 1w

    They say superheroes are fictional. Maybe, they were wrong. Growing up, we saw you without a cape, being there whenever my sister and I needed something. I distinctly remember, every morning sleepy headed, we would wave our hands from the balcony when you left for work. We would curiously wait in the evening wondering what snacks you will bring home. Our world revolved around the small things you did for us. Be it a piece of puff that you saved from your office breakfast because we liked it or a fancy pens that you bring to us that someone gave you at work. You ran everyday relentlessly, so that we never feel any less provided. We have never been wealthy. But we had what we needed. Of all the things you gave us, the ones that I cherish the most are the family values. We learnt how a family that eats together every night, stands by each other everyday. We believed in making small sacrifices for each other without bringing it into notice. We remember the times, when you took a part time job after work so that we could manage to go to good school. While coming back, you used to bring us mango shake so that you make up for the time you weren't home. I had seen you wearing same shoes for five years just to buy me new school shoes every year. And during Diwali, I heard you saying you just got a new shirt two months back and won't need one now. We knew it Dad that we brought those crackers burning your shirt. We saw you getting old and tired with time. But your love never diminished. We never know if in this life we could ever repay you. But we miss having dinner together. We miss someone who passes extra pieces of paneer to our plates. We miss listening to late night radio show with you and mom when electricity gets cut. I love how our vacations now have become a routine of only wallowing at home. How seeing new places or going to fancy restaurant doesn't excite us anymore. How we wait every evening for us to have dinner together, when at home. Love finds us in many ways, but none of them were like you Paa, because you never said it. Although we have grown taller than you, we still find your shoes to big for us to fill. You never really had to flex your muscles to show how strong you are. The marks on your shoes speak for you.

    #dad #family #memories #goodtimes @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Dear Dad

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  • kashish_palrecha 1w


    A kid is the part of her mother. She puts all the efforts to secure their future but does she get it back in her old age..?? Today promise your mom and dad that you'll take care of them and also make them proud.

  • kashish_palrecha 1w


    Dear girls:
    Don't ruin yourself if a boy cheats you, because that guy may get a new girl but your MOM-DAD will not get their PRINCESS back.

  • hetal_gohel 1w

    હતાં તે સૂરજ પણ મારા માટે તો ચાંદ છે,
    તેમનાં ગુસ્સા માં પણ મને શીતળતા પ્રદાન છે,
    રાખી છે મને સરાખો પર મારા દરેક પગલે તેમનો સાથ છે,
    તેમનાં આશિર્વાદ થી જ જીવન મારું ખુશહાલ છે,
    કાળજાનો કટકો હું તેમનો હૃદય ના દરેક ખૂણે થી બસ પ્રેમ નો વરસાદ છે,
    ના આવવા દીધું એક પણ આશું મુજ આંખ માં મારી હર મુસ્કાન તેમની ખુશી ની પહેચાન છે ,
    સફળતા ખુશાલી આપવા અમને કરી તેમને પોતાની જીંદગી કુરબાન છે ,
    પરિવાર ની ખુશીઓ માટે કરેલી તેમની દરેક મહેનત ને સલામ છે,
    સલામત મત રાખે જીવન તેમનું ઈશ્વર તારી પાસે બસ આ એક જ માંગ છે,
    મારા જીવન નો મારા પપ્પા જ આધાર છે,
    ધણુ જીવે બસ એજ મારા અંતર ની આશ છે.
    -હેતલ ગોહેલ

  • _areia_ 1w

    In this era of "hey dad!!wish me luck"
    I still prefer touching his feet to feel the warmth of getting blessed

  • ruhishaikh 2w

    Being silent is not my character it's my Attitude


  • meghnaism 2w


    Feelings so strong
    To be hidden
    To be forgotten
    Or avoided
    Whole world is made of it
    We love everyone
    More or less
    It overshadows apathy
    It make us care and adore
    We felt loved
    When mom kissed
    Dad promised
    Friends care
    And special someone miss
    Sometimes possessive
    Sometimes obsessive
    But still proves to be strong feelings
    Love is assurance
    Love is lasting
    Let's fall in love

  • bonesinclosets 2w

    "why aren't you here" || its just my thoughts

    it hurts to know that the one person who's supposed to love you the most on this world.

    is the one person who lets you drown. knowing he could've just been the first to reach his hand out for you, and pull you out of the water.

    he watches you bleed. leaves the wounds unattended.

    so you end up being the one to tell him. he's supposed to be your dad. he's supposed to protect you from the horrors of this world.

    not let you fend for yourself as he lives the high life.


  • mimikipgen 3w

    #daddy'slittlegirl #dad'sloveisunconditional #dad♥️

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    Dreams are where I meet you;
    Nature is where I feel your sweet presence;
    I hear your voice running through my mind;
    Head full of memories;
    And Heart to keep you forever;
    Heaven will be where we find you!
    Remembering you every single day of our lives.
    Untill we meet again ♥️

  • _self_learned 3d

    When we fall ill

    You may remember the last time you fell ill

    Having hot soups and taking pills

    Sometimes it is a beautiful bliss

    All relatives giving money with a casual kiss

    Enjoy the doctor's advised holiday

    But 'you should study' is what my mother say

    The monsoonal months are very crucial

    They test your mind and body's potential

    After every sneeze, which is unpleasant and bad

    I hear scoldings from my caring dad

    So, illness is not that much bad

    You only have to change the perspective you earlier had

  • simonselvaraj 37w

    Happy Father's Day! #Dad

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    "Why did you buy this? It's so expensive."
    "Because you liked it very much."

    "Hey, let him get some sleep. He's very tired."
    "No, I'm not. Tell me what happened in school today?"

    "Why don't you eat anything?"
    "Did the kids eat properly?"
    "They did."
    "I'm full."

    Why?.... Because He Cares.

    Why?.... Because He Loves.

    Why?.... Because He Will.