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  • akshiwrites 16w

    Do I believe in ghosts?


    Of course, I do believe in them!
    In fact they are all around
    No, they don't look like scary humans
    as they show in movies

    In fact, I don't know how they look exactly
    I can just feel them deeply
    They are there in my mind
    I feel them in my insecurities
    I feel them in my anxiousness

    I feel them making me tired
    when I want to feel excited in the morning

    I feel them making me nervous
    when I want to feel confident while having a conversation

    I feel them keeping me awake all night
    when I want to have a sound sleep

    I feel them entering my body
    while I inhale oxygen
    But I don't feel them leaving my body
    while I exhale carbon dioxide
    I feel them flowing along with blood in my body

    Ironically, they don't haunt me
    They are trying to stay friends with me forever, but I just can't .

    I will definitely bid them goodbye,
    sooner or later but I will.

  • akshiwrites 17w



    What is life?
    It is a continuous hunt,
    hunt for qurencia,
    where you would feel
    yourself a little more,
    where your heart would feel secure,
    where your soul would experience tranquility

    I had set myself on this hunt too
    I was also in quest of qurencia,
    trying to search for it
    in the company of people and
    in places I felt I belonged

    Tired of trying,
    I somehow managed
    uncovering it at last
    It was right there,
    inside me

    It was in that moment
    of realization,
    I felt most secure
    and solid

    My querencia had a
    heart and a soul
    It could talk to me in a way
    nobody had before
    It could make me feel in a way
    I had never felt before

    All this while, it tried communicating
    It's just I had never been an effective listener
    But I am glad I found my querencia,
    my safe place. It was me.
    It had always been me.

  • da_scribbling_pen 19w

    Seasons at the window sill

    Deep engrossed in life and occupied with that deadline, I sit by my desk and can't move my eyes beyond the computer screen.

    Suddenly I sense darkness in the background,
    Quizzed I lift my gaze up. Gifted with the precious corner beside a window, out of the leads gaze.

    A pearl like droplet slowly sliding down the window pane, adding little shine and glitter amongst the plain.
    Marvelled and engulfed in tracing its path, I forgot my pain.

    Like noise destroying the silence, waves destroying the footprint, the rain started to pour heavily and brought me back to my reality.

    How I adore the rains, like a pause from mundane.
    They make us ride the memory train, from joy and vain.
    From childhood games in the rain to the romantic daints,
    I smile with a deep breath from the cool breeze, sure about many more dreams.

  • akshiwrites 19w



    Oh! It's that time of the year
    when days and nights
    will be colder than hearts of
    many individuals out there

  • shreya4rockey_ 130w

    U may shine in ur fancy clothes, u may shine like the brightest star but u should never forget to shine in dark.

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    U may shine in ur fancy clothes, u may shine like the brightest star but u should never forget to shine in dark.

  • siddharth_tlw 155w

    Oh that soothing wish of ‘sweet dreams’ ,
    Got me some sound sleep somewhere .

    Now that I’m in love
    With the midnight nightmares ,
    And talking with silent walls !