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  • the_amorphous_soul 4d

    Never has the sun shone so brightly that it dims the danger ahead, with the wilting leaves, falls my hope.

    We'll meet on a darker night someday, with frail strings which still ring of my hope.

  • passing_clouds 3w

    Fear not to the fear, to fear is to lose a battle but aware of the danger.


  • ammypunjabi2 4w

    Bahut buri Yaar ki hind choriye ...

  • ylviia 4w

    Double life

    In the daylight I am doing my own thing
    Everything is normal
    Ms life couldn't be more boring
    A routine that's been followed
    Living life like every other person
    A day in life that's usual and appropriate
    But that's simply not enough for me
    I crave more than the normalness
    Need more than the plainness
    Simple is boring, easy is not challenging
    I want action, adrenaline, control
    I want to feel in fire...alive
    So the double life opened up
    A perfect opportunity to live my needs
    At night the adrenaline runs through my veins
    I could run a marathon, jump from a plane
    I could take on everything
    That's a feeling everyone seems to have forgotten about it
    It's rare and beautiful
    I felt at ease and for once i had a purpose
    All the doubts in my life suddenly disappear
    All I could think about, is this very moment
    Cuz being conscious felt so good
    Not looking at your life like a train passes by
    I did it for me, for my own sake
    Before I lose myself in the world of society
    Cuz life before was senseless, emotionless
    There was no purpose, no sense to live
    But in the darkest night, somewhere out there
    Every emotion is running in my system
    I take control, it's my time to shine
    Although it's dangerous, it's worth it
    I never felt so alive, it's refreshing
    Like inhaling a fresh breeze of air for the first time
    Like cold water splashing on your face
    And I for once can laugh carefree
    No worries, they can wait until the sun rises
    I know it's risky but that's exactly
    What's pulling me in like a magnet
    I can't keep away from danger,
    It's calling my name, pulling me into it
    I can't help it, don't blame me
    But even if I could rewind time
    I wouldn't change a thing, that's my path of life
    And I need it
    Cuz without risks there's no fun, right?


  • writesasr 7w

    3 word prompt on strangers.

    #mirakee #pod #stranger #danger

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    Strangers allure Danger.

  • ___alxita 7w

    -- Good Night --

    I've gone to sleep, in which I still do
    Inside the home, outside is the darkness too
    The night will stay, until dawn arrives
    Until then, I'm in a full trance, but still alive

    But, who knows? I may have already slept
    Too much, I've become so inept
    Was it the darkness that secretly crept?
    I'm unsure, there're boundaries I could've lept

    Silence was too beguiled within the room
    It's rather encapsulating my mind with its lonely gloom
    Yet I'm in a trance, so lethargic, in need of recovery
    But I still am conscious, as the outside brings misery

    So strange, did I sense some bad aura?
    To which it regrets the tranceful body laying in bed
    While they still do, as I'm in a nirvana
    Now they'll start, and bring bad luck with waters of red

    Silence marked with agony filled the room
    In which the waters of red have bloomed
    Outside the innocent body, another sightful terror
    As it wishes me a good night, but with no morning to honor

    #poetry #thoughts #life #danger #sleep #sleepparalysis #trance #agony #night

    Poem no. 24
    Apr. 13, 2020, 6:35 PM (GMT+8)

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    Good Night

    "Silence marked with agony filled the room, in which the waters of red have bloomed"

  • ___alxita 7w

    -- 11:59 --

    When the clock ticks down before midnight
    Make sure you've done everything right
    The new day comes with no warning
    Even as the sun rays start to shine at morning

    Eleven fifty-nine, and darkness continues to shine
    Its charcoal light too dark to be sublime,
    Or worthy to deem beautiful as it covers
    The landscape, secluded until night's over

    But I'm still wandering, above the milky droplets
    With its subtlety of beauty that doesn't fret
    But with the environment comes its dangers and lies
    Too risky, I'll get in trouble as the night flies

    To be so inconsiderate to one's body
    Neglection of oneself, who's outside, riskfully
    Walking, darkness accompanying
    But still, continues to do so, it's not even "trying"

    Still walking like below's all the frights
    But the beauty undiscovered was never so bright
    Eleven fifty-nine, one minute to spare
    Before midnight's arrival, what a sight to forever glare

    #poetry #risks #danger #beauty #nature #warning #night #thoughts #midnight

    Poem no. 20
    Apr. 10, 2020, 7:50 PM (GMT+8)

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    "Still walking like below's all the frights, but the beauty undiscovered was never so bright"

  • 13623_bt_ 8w

    Aku Masih mencintaimu

    Sudah lama sekali,sejak perpisahan yang tak terduga membuatku menjadi sangat gila.Aku terus menunggu kabar darimu tapi hanya sebuah sakit yang ku terima.Aku tidak bisa menerima kenyataan bahwa kita telah berpisah.
    Setelah melalui rasa sakit ini.
    Akhirnya aku memilih untuk bertemu dan meminta maaf padamu.Sekarang aku telah berhadapan dengan sebuah tali untuk jalan menemui dirimu.Walau ini benar-benar salah tapi aku sudah banyak menyakiti diriku sendiri.
    Tunggu aku sayang...aku akan bersamamu di alam sana.

    Author : _P04_

    Only Story

  • keentiwari 9w

    Better than

    Being busy is better than gossiping on any unuseful matter

    Sleeping soundly is better than dreaming worthless

    Being creative by using wastes is better than wasting useful things

    Being prisoned at home in present scenario is better than feeling free outside uselessly


  • vasubandhu 9w

    बागडोर (भाग २)

    अंबिया, इमली, गुलमोहर और पेड़ सभी; फल-फूलों को लेकर ठहरे हैं। पर बच्चें पत्थर छोडकर, मोबाइल को पकड़े बैठे हैं।
    बचपन से आंगन महकाता था, शोर से सबको सताता था। अब तो रहता सन्नाटा है, बिजली के बिल बस बढ़ाता हैं।

    सब पंछी लौटे घौंसले में, सूरज के पिघलते रंगों में। नज़ारा तो ये आज भी वैसा ही, जवां था और अब भी गहरा है।
    मौसम ने पहना सहरा हैं, वर्षा का उसपर पहरा है। रजनी के संग बंधन को देख, संयम का बांध नित तोड़ा है।

    फिर चाय की चुस्की याद आयी, सब घरवालों को फिर संग लायी। पिछले त्योहार के बाद है आज, ऐसी शाम है किस्मत में आयी।
    खट्टे मीठे कितने चर्चे, चटकारे तीखे किस्से लायी। अखबार सुबह से रूठा देख, मैनें आखिर उसकी मानी।

    खुलते ही पन्ने छींटे निकले, कहीं खून कहीं कीचड़ देखा। एक दूसरे को खींचते इंसां का, एक नया अनुठा दलदल देखा।
    प्रगति की कोई खबर नहीं, खुशियों की कोई लहर नहीं। मन कड़वा होता देखा जब, मोबाइल खोलना ठीक लगा।

    खुलते ही उसके चौंक गया, महामारी कोरोना मुझे वो ही लगा। सो काग़ज़ लेकर बैठा हूं, कलम से उसको रंगाने को।
    दुनिया सुंदर भी होती है, चाहो और अगर तुम मानो तो। दिन कितना सुहाना बीता था, सपने में जैसा सींचा था।

    चाहो तो खुश रह सकते हो, अपने खयालों पर आपा पा कर।


  • vasubandhu 9w

    बागडोर (भाग १)

    भोर से आज सौंधी पुरवाई बस रही है, नींद भी गहरी आयी है। थी बचपन में पंछी चहके, अरसे बाद वो कान मे गूंजी है।
    अंगड़ाई भी थक कर देते, सालों बाद उठते ही आयी है। फुरसत में पड़े थे बिस्तर में, जाने कब से तरसे अब भायी है।

    आज मां भी जल्दी में ना है, मेरी घड़ी की सुई उसपर ना है। और साथ बैठ कर खाया है, मानो इतवार ही आया है।
    पौधे सारे कब बड़े हुए? और कितने गमले फिर खाली है! कभी शौक भी बूढ़े होते हैं, बिन मर्जी के रह जाते है।

    कमरे को सच में देखा है, दीवारें आज भी जींदा है।तस्वीरें मेरे यारों की, मानो पकडे दीवारें है।
    आज उन सबकी आवाज सुनी, अधुरी छोड़ी कुछ बातें थी। संग जाने के थे घूमने को, अब फुरसत है दीदार नही।

    बिखरी पड़ी तब मेज़ दिखी, थी कितनी चीजें अधुरी पड़ी। ना बचा अब कोई बहाना है, सब साफ़ करके ही नहाना है।
    दराज़ के निचले हिस्से से, चिठ्ठी तेरी मेरी मिली कितनी मिठी सब चीज़ें थी, सहेजने में उनको वहीं फ़ना हुई।

    मां को छुट्टी देने की ठानी है, आज रसोई मैनें ही संभाली है। कितने वक्त के बाद है मां ने कहा, अब क्या फरमाइश मनवानी है।
    मोहोल्ला भी कितना बदल गया, खिड़की में शकलें अंजानी है। छत आज भी शायद बस वैसी है, सूखे पत्तों से ऐठी है।



  • tooli_singh 9w

    ये शहर के सन्नाटे चीख़ रहें हैं,
    कि इंसां ने क़ुदरत को शांत बहुत किया है।

  • justseafoam 9w

    If you are the clift
    Then let me free fall
    If you are the ocean
    Then let me be shipwrecked
    If you are the fire
    Then let me be the wood
    Like a moth to the flame,
    I'm only attracted to that wich will burn me.

  • vasubandhu 10w


    है लगता आभास है पर अब तो जागो,
    ये डर सच्चा एहसास है अरे अब तो जागो।
    दफ्तर ना कोई ट्रॅफीक जल्दी घर भागों,
    छुट्टी छुट्टी कहते थे मिल गयी अब तो भागों।

    जो किए नहीं है काम वो कर लो अब तो जागो,
    है वक्त अब दिन और शाम तो कर लो अब तो जागो।
    मौका भी है दस्तूर भी है; इसां तो अब भी इंसां है,
    कहने को अब तक देश भी है।

    है लगाम भी तुमने ही थामी;
    अपनी, सबकी और मूल्क की,
    ना करनी नौकरी सेना की,
    नहीं जरुरत वर्दी जड़ने की।

    बस घर बैठो और सांसें लो,
    अपने अभिदान की दृढ़ता लो।
    कहीं अंजाने में तुम बहको मत,
    यमराज से ऐसे उलझो मत।

    नहीं वक्त कृपालु काल है ये,
    तल धरा का एक आघात है ये।
    संकेत नहीं आगाज़ है ये,
    ना रुकेगा खुद नहीं राज़ है ये।

    अपनी ना तो घर की सोचो,
    घर के आगे सब की सोचो।
    एक ग़लत कदम अभिशाप ना हो,
    घर के बाहर अपघात ना हो।

    जो हो भी गया नहीं समझेगा,
    पर नहीं किसी से संभलेगा।
    तुम तो भुगतोगे तफरी की,
    और सबको तुम ले जाओगे।

    ऐसी तफरी करवाओगे,
    तुम सबको मौत दिलवाओगे।
    तुम ही ज़रीया बरबादी का,
    तुम रोकथाम का शस्त्र भी हो।

    बस डटकर घर पर जमे रहो,
    ना बाहर जाकर कहर करो।
    तफरी तो बाद भी आएगी,
    नहीं जान जो गयी ना फिर आएगी।

    ना - करो ये भुल है छोटी बढ़ जाएगी,
    संग अपने ये बिमारी सबको ले जाएगी।
    ना - करो ये गलती जान पर जो बन आएगी,
    ना बक्षेगी ये सबको का जाएगी।

    अब तक बाहर सोते अब घर में जागो,
    नहीं सस्ती इतनी जान किसी की अब तो जागो।
    ना - करो तुम कुछ बस आंखें खोल के जागो,
    दुनिया कि नहीं वर्दी को मानो।

    बस सभेद है बस खाकी है इन्हे भगवान जानो,
    इंसान सही दे देंगे ये जान इन्हे तुम अपना मानो।
    मज़हब, शोहरत, पैसा, इमान धरा ही रह जाएगा,
    वर्दी का ये वरदान ना हो सब ढह जाएगा।

    ना - करो इसका अपमान नहीं जो आदर होता,
    ना तु होता ना मैं होता ना इंसां होता।
    इतनी सी तो है बात लो मान अरे अब तो जागो,
    है जान नहीं सामान ओ प्यारे अब तो जागो।


  • manju_murugesan 11w

    Get up like a seed during rain for success
    And get down like a turtle during rain for safety...,

  • tashpointohhh_lyrics 13w


  • mrspectacular 14w


    It's always been in that house
    Since we moved into it
    With it, we had no grouse
    We didn't think much of it.

    Walking into the house
    He never expected such an occurrence
    But it did stick on him like a louse
    He make to this incident, a reference.

    That night,
    He had waltzed into the house with his wife
    Both in a mood so happy & bright
    After what could be termed as the best night of their married life

    Coming in, a voice says Welcome Oliver
    Did you say something dear?
    No, darling. I'm still in the moment's fever
    You gave me a wonderful day, teddy bear.

    Hi Mrs. Oliver. It's me
    Why are you calling me Mrs. Oliver love
    I've been your wife for the years of more than three
    Please address with a word I love

    She gives him a kiss
    The voice says I would not do that if I were you
    For it is something you should diss
    And completely rue.

    Who said that?
    "Over here" says the mirror in the sitting room
    Let's have a chit-chat
    I will tell you things you don't know about your bride & your groom".

    Coming closer they sit before the mirror that hangs in the room
    What have you to show
    Is it of good fortune or doom
    Would it bring agony?

    Well that's for you to decide
    As I begin to play my last seen,
    Enjoy the ride
    Mind you, scenes may make you red, blue & green.

    The entire point is to expose the concealed
    Now we begin.
    Watch as secrets are revealed
    Feel free to weep or grin.

    The mirror begins with Ben Oliver's clips
    He is shown at different times in coitus with different ladies
    From a kiss, he moves to the hips
    And before long they are in bed unclad or in just undies

    The mirror plays numerous clips with this theme
    Prompting Mrs. Oliver to scream, it is enough
    This has gotten to the extreme.
    I have had a day that's rough

    I need some rest
    To this, the mirror says: No, Mrs. Oliver,Not so fast
    Before you go to your sleeping nest
    Let's also watch the clips of your past.

    What clips?
    I have a clean slate
    I don't take depraved trips
    I need to sleep; I don't want to wake up late.

    It wouldn't take so long a time, I promise
    Just sit & enjoy the show
    Calm your surmise
    I hope it doesn't hit so low.

    Right then,
    Her own show starts.
    Mr. Oliver is becomes anxious brethren
    Wanting to see, so quickly, the end of these charts.

    Mrs. Oliver is shown in her bedroom
    Planning an escapade with a lover of hers
    Saying "I will now leave my room;
    Come meet at the Dolan Hotels & Towers"

    This she is shown to have been doing every week-on-end;
    Until now, she was never caught in the act
    Mr. Oliver finds it an issue difficult to comprehend
    He doesn't know how to react

    Was he to send her packing
    But he too was guilty of same crime
    Of innocence, he was lacking
    Hence he was worthy of an anger-currency dime

    To their room, they both stump & sulk
    Right there, they sit backing themselves
    The one with conscience as large as a hulk
    Puts a hand into the make-up shelf

    She goes: I'm sorry dear
    To hurt you was not my intention
    I cannot say why I did what I did that brought this wear
    Or why I kept in secret's detention

    But what I know for sure
    Is I regret every bit of it
    Please forgive this suture
    For eversince, it has preyed on my soul like a nit

    Turning to her,
    He sees tears welling up in her eyes
    This causes the man in him to cower
    Inside, he dies

    He pulls to her, close
    And pleads for forgiveness
    They both pull out their mercy-hose
    And shower each other in excess.

    Giving all externals a cut
    And happily they lived.


  • dinfazil 15w

    Do check my page on instagram link in bio

    Once upon a time
    There was a place
    Where everyone used to feel free and safe
    It was called paradise on earth
    But few hypocrites ruined its name
    And turned it into the deadliest place
    Where a human life had no worth
    Those who tried to raise their voices
    system changed their fate
    Trusts were betrayed
    Dreams were murdered
    bloodshed on every road
    Hands full of blood
    Guns in their hand
    Feelingless hearts and Meaningless life.
    Helpless souls with tears in their eyes
    Madly Begging for their lives.
    If this is how heaven looks like
    Then i wonder how dangerous
    hell may look like.


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    Once upon a time
    There was a place
    Where everyone used to feel free and safe
    It was called paradise on earth
    But few hypocrites ruined its name
    And turned it into the deadliest place
    Where a human life had no worth
    Those who tried to raise their voices
    system changed their fate
    Trusts were betrayed
    Dreams were murdered
    bloodshed on every road
    Hands full of blood
    Guns in their hand
    Feelingless hearts and Meaningless life.
    Helpless souls with tears in their eyes
    Madly Begging for their lives.
    If this is how heaven looks like
    Then i wonder how dangerous
    hell may look like.


  • poornimagowda 16w

    Serials Have Become More Dangerous Than Serial Killers

    ©Poornima Gowda

  • thesananpost 16w

    I want to

    I want to see the world
    Swim across every ocean and feel the adrenaline run through my fingers.
    I want to breath the air of the Himalayas, soak in the beautiful smell of the snowy ground.
    I want to dance the night away with my best friends in a club somewhere in Vegas.
    I want to annoy my brother to the ends of the world, and make him admit he wouldn't like it any other way.
    Learn from my dad all the tricks of his trade.
    I want to get a matching tattoo with my mother, one butterfly on the left shoulder.
    I want to sail the Carrabian like Jack Sparrow and never let anything break my stride.
    I want to love like Hazel Grace and I want to see the world from Augustus's gaze.
    One lifetime isn't gonna be enough for what I want to do but, it will still be a good lifetime, spent with people I love.