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  • sprinklet 2w

    नजदीकियां अक्सर दगा करती हैं
    रुसवाईयां अक्सर खफा करती हैं
    दिल की गहाइयों में गोता लगाकर तो देखो जनाब
    यहां तो अक्सर ये जालिम
    तनहाइयां ही वफ़ा करती हैं


  • sprinklet 2w

    Nightmares have started haunting me
    I am finding myself always lonely
    Imprisoned in the cage of my own thoughts
    This darkness is all I have left with

    I am no more shinning
    I am no more smiling
    Every second of my breathe
    Seems to be fake
    I am trembling now
    Coz' all my dreams have shattered
    This darkness has completely
    Turned me into an aimless person
    My existence has become questionable
    Life is seeming so unstable

    Are you willing to help me
    Will you save me from my own pessimism
    Will you help me come out of my darkness
    Coz' only you have that power to
    Save this descending life of mine

    I don't have much time left
    I can't hide my demons anymore
    It seems like they are overpowering
    Over the innocent me
    Will you save me from turning into an evil
    Will you save me from killing
    That sincere person
    Who once used to have big dreams
    Who once used to smile inspite of miseries

    You are my last hope
    In this darkness
    You are the only firefly
    Which is sparkling bright
    You are the only spring
    That can blossom the
    Flower of optimism
    In withered tree of my heart
    You are the only door
    That can let me out
    From my own darkness
    Save me! Will you?


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    You are the only firefly
    Which is sparkling bright
    You are the only spring
    That can blossom the
    Flower of optimism
    In withered tree of my heart
    You are the only door
    That can let me out
    From my own darkness

    Save me! Will you?


  • sprinklet 5w

    Dark past, bloodied memories
    Broken heart and forgotten glories
    Mind full of thoughts
    Regretting over undone stuff
    Related to that crumbling relationship
    Which was standing on a thin thread of trust

    Trust got broken
    Love shattered in few minutes
    Heart started sinking down
    Again in those beautiful memories of
    The time spent with each other
    Nights spent under the starry sky
    In each other's lap
    Smiling face of that beautiful person
    Aroused in front of eyes
    Who once said "WE ARE PERMANENT"

    Tears started rolling down from those cheeks
    Which were once kissed and poked
    By that person
    Who made a promise not to bring
    Even a shed of tear in those
    Mesmerizing oceanic eyes
    In which one can easily drown
    And forget their way out.

    Cruel are those memories
    Which makes a person weak
    And steals their smiles and peace
    Cruel are those who
    Break the heart of an innocent
    Cruel are those who
    Break promises
    And left a person broken
    Alone, terrified and hurt!


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    //Nothing seems real after
    A trust is broken
    It shatters a person comprehensively
    There is an irony
    "Always those persons get hurt,
    Are shattered
    Who once used to believe that
    Everyone around them is kind
    And trust worthy"//


  • sprinklet 5w

    Of being rejected
    My peace is getting
    From my aim
    Looking for someone
    To blame
    By always getting hurt
    Searching for a place
    To convert
    All the pain into smile
    Wanna take few steps to
    Cover the mile
    Of distance
    Created between heart and mind
    I am gloomy of depressive kind
    Can't control my emotions
    Everything around me
    Is full of commotion
    Wanna hide
    I can save myself
    From all this pain
    I want all this negativity
    To restrain

  • sprinklet 6w

    All those days and nights
    When you were mine
    Your smile was for me
    All those laughs and cuddles
    When your time was mine
    And that feeling of love was combine
    How am I supposed to forget
    All of your lies?

    When your whole purpose was
    To broke my heart
    Then why did you give me
    A ray of hope
    That a person like me can also be
    Loved by someone so perfect like you
    Why did you say that I am your sunshine
    And left me alone in this darkness

    Was it fun to destroy me
    Was it fun to watch me crying
    Was it fun to broke my heart in little pieces

    Look, my love!
    Even though you turned me into a clown
    In front of this world
    Even though you make a joke of my existence
    Even though you said I mean nothing to you

    I kept tripping over everything you
    say and do
    I know I am just a bloody fool
    But how can I deny my love for you
    People always say never to get too much attached to someone
    But my love! Tell me how could I
    Ignore your smile which melted my heart
    How could I
    Ignore those sparky eyes which makes my days bright

    I still want you in my life
    I want you to be with me
    Coz' my love!
    You still mean everything to me
    You are my world
    I want you sitting beside me,
    holding my hands, smiling with me
    Even if it's all fake
    Even if it's just for a show

    That's the depth of my love for you
    So can you please also accept me too?


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  • sprinklet 8w

    I push away the people
    that I love the most
    Coz' I know they will break
    My heart when they will find out
    That I am 'lost'
    They will mock at me
    When they will find
    That I am too vulnerable
    This will destroy me
    Coz' I am so emotional

    I cry in the dark
    So that no one can see me in tears
    I repeat this until my mind clears
    From the negative thoughts
    From the lost hope
    I still struggle to find
    Even a little bit of scope

    I will remain strong
    Even if it's just for show
    I will still thrive
    Even if no one know
    My hardships
    My insecurities
    I will bury all my curiosities

    I know this will make me all alone
    But the feelings of care and love
    From my heart are long gone
    As long as I am alive
    I will kill all those emotional vibes
    That will try to strangle my heart
    In beautiful lies of love
    Coz' I can't be able to survive
    With another piece of broken heart

    My heart is beyond repair
    I am trying to
    Come out of my state of despair
    And I made a pact with pride
    Not to get any help
    So I will struggle
    With my whole to dwell
    In this life where
    I am a prisoner of my own thoughts!!!


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    I push away the people
    that I love the most
    Coz' I know they will break
    My heart when they will find out
    That I am 'lost'!

  • sprinklet 11w

    I was struggling with my issues
    in that empty room
    Abandoned by world
    Fallen into the great pit of grief
    Sadness was taking over me
    I was crying loudly,
    asking for help
    Trying to break the cells
    Of my dark thoughts
    But nothing was working
    No one was coming.

    Then one day
    You came into my life
    While I was a mess
    Struggling constantly to live
    Your sweet voice and tender touch
    Soothed all my agony
    I was bloomed again
    Into a flower

    With you I forgot all my hardships
    All my life time griefs
    I was jubilant again
    Your precious smile
    Your beautiful eyes
    Were healing me gradually
    I was falling for you consistently

    But how can a cursed
    person like me, be happy
    Everything that I loved
    Always got snatched away from me

    And now it was your turn
    I prayed
    I cried before Almighty
    Not to seperate us
    Not to make us apart
    Nothing worked out

    To my great fear
    HE snatched away you
    HE left me all alone again
    HE broke me once again

    Now I am still more like numb
    Everything is still around me
    I am just waiting
    Waiting for death
    To take me away from this horrific life
    Thinking about why am I still alive?
    Why a cursed person like me
    Is still breathing on this earth?
    Why am I not taking my life?


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    But how can a cursed
    person like me, be happy
    Everything that I loved
    Always got snatched away from me

    And now it was your turn.....


  • sprinklet 12w

    Dark red blood
    Dripping slowly from her arm
    Eyes filled with tears
    And her body was shivering in fear

    She did it again today
    Even though she promised to herself
    That she would stop cutting
    But the darkness swept over her mind
    Again leaving her broken
    The sadness covered her completely
    Her arms felt like aching badly

    So she searched for the blade
    And decided to cut away all her pain
    With three new deep cuts
    It gave a soothing vibe to her mind
    Even though it was hurting like hell

    She started humming a self made
    Poetic lines with her rusty voice
    While sadness took over her and
    Tears started falling endlessly

    "Oh mom! Oh dad!
    Sorry for being so bad
    I am sorry for hurting your feelings
    I am sorry for shattering your dreams
    I am truly sorry for being a dumbhead
    For never taking care of my future ahead
    I am just worthless
    For your love, for your care
    I am just tired of living
    This life is just hurting
    And this pain is never ending
    I wanna take my life
    Yet I am afraid to die
    I don't wanna make you cry
    Over this worthless body of mine
    So I am struggling to live
    So I am faking my smile
    So I am trying to look content
    Even though I am really tired
    Of always faking my feelings
    But I will do this for you
    Dear Mom, Dear Dad!
    I will fake every moment of my life
    To see a smile on your face!"
    In the end of the day
    All she can think is
    "Why is my life so ABSURD?"

    And she went to sleep
    To wake up again
    To fight with her demons
    To fight from this world!

    She is strongest than anyone
    Because she is still struggling
    Even though it is hurting her
    Cracking her body, piercing her soul
    Yet she hasn't given up.
    She is living and she will live
    Eventually, her struggle will win
    She will win
    She will snatch away her life
    From the dirty and vicious claws
    Of depression and suicidal thoughts.


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  • sprinklet 12w


    I am on the edge of roof
    Standing with bare feet
    Taking a deep view of the city
    And road down to me

    Should I jump to
    Fall badly on the ground
    So that my body will be
    Broken, twisted and smeared in
    Dark red blood?

    What are you gonna do
    Will my shattered dreams come true
    Will you come to save me
    Or will you just let me be
    To vanish from this world
    Do you also think that
    My existence is absurd?

    Will you leave me alone because
    I am suicidal
    Or will you hold onto me sincerely
    And never leave me lonely
    Until my condition becomes ideal

    Will you help me out from
    My suicidal state
    Or will you just ignore
    Me and escape

    I already know the answer
    No one wanna hold onto an unstable future
    No one wants to sacrifice their happiness just in order to save an unpredictable person

    I am just tired now
    Wanna sleep until
    Everything turns out right
    I am too vulnerable
    Wanna fade away
    Until I found the lost me

    Yes, I am suicidal Yet I am living
    Not because I have a family to take care of
    But because I am too afraid to die
    I am afraid to get my last physical pain
    I am afraid what if I will be in hell
    What if the other world will turn
    Out to be more painful than this
    What if I will be alone there too!


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  • sprinklet 13w

    Yes, I am broken in many stance
    But baby, believe me
    I will love you with each and every
    broken piece of my existence

    Even my soul will protect you
    When I will die
    In the midnight rain without any clue

    Yes, my dreams are shattered
    But baby, believe me
    I will give every ounce of my
    wisdom to get your dreams completed

    Even my broken heart will support you
    When I will be shoted with gun
    In your success party without any clue.

    Yes, I am not the best option
    But baby, believe me
    I will do my bestest to
    get the first place in this commotion

    Even my darkness will help you
    When I will vanish
    In the broad daylight without any clue

    Yes, I am all alone
    But baby, believe me
    I will socialize just for you to
    make you proud among everyone

    Even my smile will delight you
    When I will be murdered
    In a dark alleyway without any clue.

    So baby, believe me
    Please don't leave me.
    Without you I will not die,
    But I will live like a
    Dead person with mere heart beat
    Whose life will turn into a lie!!!


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    Believe Me

    So baby, believe me
    Please don't leave me.
    Without you I will not die,
    But I will live like a
    Dead person with mere heart beat
    Whose life will turn into a lie!!!

  • sprinklet 14w

    ��I AM CONFUSED ��

    The things which used to hurt me a lot
    Now matters nothing to me
    The words which broke me once
    Now have become my familiar
    Their laughs that taunted me gravely
    Now have become part of my life

    Why am I feeling nothing?
    Why I am satisfied yet empty?
    Why I feel lonely with everyone?

    Has the pain changed me
    Into a numb person
    Without any sympathy and emotions?

    I laugh with others
    I smile with others
    I try to be nice to others
    But all this seems fake!!

    Am I faking my behavior?
    Am I afraid of them
    Leaving me in solitude?

    But what's the point of
    fearing from being alone?
    When I don't enjoy their company!
    Will I ever be happy by faking my behavior?
    I am not what I try to be among others!
    Then why do I have to care about them?
    When I know that it's not what I want !

    I am perplexed, Utterly in pain
    Because of my own fears!
    What should I do?
    How should I be myself
    When I know being myself will
    Turn me into a 'loner'.

    But the thing is they have abandoned
    me when
    I followed their path
    I agreed to all their commands
    I trusted them with my heart
    They left me
    When I was a mess!

    So why... why do I still fear
    Why I have no courage to be myself
    Why I don't want to hurt them
    When they destroyed me into pieces
    Why I care too much

    I have become insane,
    I don't know now
    What I want to gain !!!


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    Why am I faking myself
    Why am I trying to be happy
    Why am I afraid of being in solitude
    When I know that
    I am all ALONE

  • sprinklet 14w

    When the whole world is wishing
    'Happy Father's Day',
    I am silent papa.

    When everyone is happily posting
    Their father's picture on social sites,
    I am peeking at your picture secretly papa.

    When everyone around me is calling
    Their father"Best Father Of The World",
    I am still finding my words to wish you papa.

    When everyone are near their father,
    I am staring at our distance papa.

    When the whole world is laughing with
    their father
    I am trying to let a cheerful cry papa

    When everyone is stating importance of father in life
    I am trying to figure out the void between us papa

    Why am I all alone even around you papa
    Why aren't we on good terms papa
    Why are you unaware of my existence papa
    Why am I unwanted papa
    Am I truly that unworthy
    Is my existence unacceptable for you
    Am I nothing to you?

    These questions are sulking in my
    head papa
    Yet I will never ask
    Because I know you will be stunned
    Maybe disgusted by my questions papa

    Hope one day
    I will also say
    Without any hesitation
    "Happy Father's Day"
    DEAR PAPA!!!


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    Dear Father

    I am sill waiting for your acceptance
    I am still waiting for you to put your hands on my head and embrace me in your arms
    I am still waiting you to call me your child
    Will that day arrive in my life???

  • sprinklet 15w

    My heart broke again today
    Into little pieces
    Shattered badly
    I don't know where to find
    Happiness anymore

    My home does not feel like home
    It has turned into a mere 'house'
    With non-living bricks and cement
    Without any sympathy,
    Laking love and care.

    Now I am all alone again
    This time darkness doesn't
    Swept over me
    This time sorrow doesn't
    Occupied my eyes
    This time nothing hurts
    that much.

    Now I just feel one thing
    Called emptieness
    Yes, I have become empty
    Shallow from feelings
    Just like a blank page
    Left unwritten.

    I am living without
    Any reason, any aim
    Just living for
    The 'sake of living'

    I have no guts to take my life
    Can't even say 'wanna die'
    Maybe because my soul has died
    Long time ago
    And now I have left with some
    Uncountable breaths,
    Just waiting to leave this body.

    I am so tired of being empty
    Being hollow, being abandoned
    I want to sleep peacefully
    for a long time


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    They asked me after abandoning
    how I am feeling
    My answer was

  • sprinklet 20w

    Living a peaceful life seems hard
    I am writting it today
    On my 'death card'
    There is left no hope,
    Life has left me with less scope.

    No gaurdians, no friends, no spouse,
    I am all alone in my empty house
    Where to go
    Where to stay
    What will they think
    What will they say?
    All this goes in mind of mine
    Not only during day
    But also at night in sleep time!

    I even tried to save myself
    Laughed and cheered when
    I was feeling like hell.
    But nothing in particular change
    I became more despondent
    I became more strange.

    I am depressed
    I am all alone
    All lovely feelings of hope
    Have long gone.

    But what is encouraging me
    to thrive,
    What is the reason that
    I am still alive?

    Is it a flickering hope to live
    a jubilant life,
    Or is it just a horror of what
    would happen when i wouldn't be alive?

    I don't know the reply
    Maybe I still wanna live
    Still wanna laugh and still wanna cry!!!


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    On verge of death,
    Still not dying...


  • sprinklet 23w

    Do you know how it feels to be lonely,
    Do you know how it feels to be betrayed
    by your loved ones,
    Do you know how it feels when everyone is
    ignoring you?

    And you are left all alone!

    I will tell you how it feels...
    Because i have been in this situation
    Struggling for my exsistance
    Competing with others so that
    They can notice me,
    My grief, my loneliness...

    It feels hella empty
    It gives too much pains
    You can't remain happy
    You sleep with teary eyes
    And no one stands by your side
    No one tells you to 'remain calm'
    Or 'Don't be afraid, everthing is gonna
    be okay'

    No one cares for you or your wishes
    You become just a toy for others
    Your exsistance is completely denied

    Your life fills with terror
    Terror of dying
    Without even getting noticed
    Terror of falling
    Without even standing up
    Terror of getting beaten
    Without even Protecting yourself

    You start self-loathing
    Degrading yourself and feeling worthless...
    All the negativity and susidal thoughts
    Capture your mind
    And your soul starts tearing apart...

    This all happens to you
    When you are anonymous
    Even while you are doing your best!!!

    @Writersnetwork @mirakee#Writersnetwork #mirakee#alone#heart break#broken#pod©sprinklet himu

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  • sprinklet 23w

    *Warning: It is about self-harm*

    I was bullied
    I was abused
    I got beaten up everyday
    I cried a lot
    I thought a lot

    'What should i do
    Should i die
    Nah! It is not easy'

    I had no hope to live
    But still i want to live and grow
    What a ridiculous thing to know!!

    Then i found out about self-harm
    It kinda kept me warm
    From all the pains
    From all the tears
    From all the fears.

    It was my first time
    When i hold the blade in my hands
    I glared at it like it was
    Rare and precious thing
    Like it was the only thing in this world
    That would keep me safe from dying.

    I looked at its sharp and shining edges
    They were kinda screaming at me
    To sink them deep down on my
    White skinny flesh!

    I hesitated a bit
    But then all the evil memories
    Of my past swept over me
    And tears started streaming down
    It was too much painful to handle.

    So i holded the blade tightly and
    Cut my skin as deep as it can go
    It hurted... it hurted a lot..
    It hurted as if i was going to die
    But the blood running from
    My wriste gave me a unique

    Then I washed the blood away
    And a deep scare showed in my skin
    At the same time
    It was so soothing, so warm
    That i decieded to continue
    Doing it every day.

    And now it has become a habit
    A habit which can only be changed after death!!!


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    All feelings have gone


  • sprinklet 23w

    When I was shining bright
    Under the sunlight
    You were beside me
    Taking care of me
    Like I was a precious diamond to you.

    You were possessive for me
    Jealous for me and obsessive over me
    I was the luckiest person to have you
    I always thought you would never left me alone.

    I was clumsy
    you said you like the 'clumsy me'
    I smiled and you gave a sweet peck on my cheeks
    I was happy with you and I assumed you were also having fun with me.

    THEN, suddenly..my days changed
    I stopped shinning
    My spark was gone
    And i was left alone...

    But I didn't shudder
    Because I thought you will be always
    With me no matter what
    And having you beside me
    i can get over with my bad time.

    I....i was so wrong ....
    You pulled my hands tightly
    busted me against the wall.
    said,"everything is over now. You are useless. You have lost your shine and i don't need you anymore."

    I was aghasted
    I became upset
    I looked into your eyes
    It seemed they were smirking towards me and saying me to 'Go away. You are not needed anymore'.

    My mind stopped thinking
    I trippled on my knees, holding your face with my hands and begged you to stay beside me, with teary eyes and stuttering voice.
    But you jerked my hands off from your face and pushed me to the ground saying," I loved you for your spark and shine.but now you have left with nothing. So I don't love you anymore. Don't try to chase me, you stingy girl."

    At this you went away
    And my heart suddenly stopped beating
    Everything became hazy...
    Your love, your smile, your promises
    Everything turned into denial.

    I became unconscious
    My heart was severely broken
    I was damaged
    My soul, my heart, my mind
    Were saying me to give up on you

    But how can i forget you
    I am perplexed
    I am still unaware of my surroundings
    I don't know what is happening to me
    It seems I am in coma and i need diagnosis
    But how can i cure when my only medicine is gone?

    What should i do now?
    Should I die
    then what about our love
    Will our love FADE after my death
    But what if it remained with me..
    What will i do then
    Tellllllll... meeeeeee...
    Please..realse me from this pain
    Tell me what should i do now??
    TELL ME!!!!


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    Your love damaged me severely
    And ruined my life pathetically!!