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    A cemetry, an odd beauty
    with all secrets buried


  • ethereal_soul 6h

    Sitting on a windowsill.

    Meera, sat on a windowsill, with a cup of tea in one hand and 'god of small things' in the other . While listening to mesmerising music of sirimiri, she completed her book and gulped down her drink. Meera started looking outside the window sill, and started feelings the warmth of rain, it was a good book indeed. She suddenly heard the siren of ambulance tearing the beautiful rimjhim of rain.
    Her heart started feeling the burden of grief. Her terrifying past was reapproaching her , the same very past which she had closed within her books somewhere.

    3 years ago

    Meera was waiting for her 5 year old daughter, Kiara and husband to return from PTA meeting, She never attended Kiara's PTA meeting because of Kiara's demand of spending time with her dad.
    5 hours had already past and there wasn't any sign of return .
    Initially Meera thought that they must be spending time with Kiara's grand mother ,as they used to do. So she decided to call her mother in law.
    Meera- Mummy ji, Namstai
    Mother - Yes meera, good afternoon, it'd be well and good to greet me in sophisticated English words.
    (Meera's mother in law always nag her because of her middle class values.)
    Meera-Yes mom, I will take care of it from next time. Now can you please give the phone to Kiara?
    Mother - Kiara? They have already left my house an hour ago. They must be on way.
    Meera- Ok mummy ji, have a great day.
    Meera hung up the phone and started worrying about her daughter and husband.
    She went to the window sill and started wondering about her loved ones.
    2 hours had already past and meera was still sitting on the window sill. Rain had become more stronger and intense.
    Meera unknowingly had fallen asleep. But her peaceful sleep was disturbed by a siren of ambulance. She looked out of window and noticed an ambulance had stopped in front of her house. Ambulance men brought 2 bodies covered in white cloth.
    Meera's heart started pounding loudly..She ran towards the Ambulance. Her whole body was covered with water. She slowly uncovered the veil of bodies. It was her daughter kiara covered with blood and other one was her husband. Her body was numb because of cold rain water, her heart was not responding and brain wasn't working. They met with an accident, that's what doctor said. She lost her senses and fainted at that very moment.

    Her heart again started pounding after seeing the ambulance. She calmly drew the curtains went to her library (Kiara's room which she had converted into a Library) and picked out a book among hundreds of unread ones.
    'Death; An Inside Story: A book for all those who shall die - by Sadhguru ' was what the cover of book said.

    Aviral Kaushik

    This story is completely my creation and all rights are reserved.

    Hope you like it.

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    The quote mentioned below is take from The god of small things, by Arundhati roy.

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    Sitting on a windowsill

    "It is curious how sometimes the memory of death lives on for so much longer than the memory of the life that it purloined.”

    The God of Small Things.
    Arundhati roy.


  • deadlittlesongbird 7h

    The Waves

    The ocean whispers sweet nothings in your ear,
    As you succumb to the worst of your fears.

    Its difficult to accept
    That you are about to drown and die,
    The tears that escape mingle with the water as you cry.

    You hear a voice murmer your name,
    From beyond the grave is where it came.

    The voice fills you with warmth
    Creeping into your chilled limbs.
    The voice belongs to him.

    He died the same way,
    You knew you'd see him again some day.

    The cold reawakens ans caresses your skin,
    You fight with all your strength,
    But the water will always win.

  • beaubearic 14h


    I wrote this song on my cell phone using notes/ it's a message that not too long ago I wrote to my bro and I know/ if i keep crying about this shit then its gonna get old/ this is a message from my soul i had to get out, why did you decided to fold/ you buckled under pressure and your mental couldnt hold/ I need you to know, that your memories I will hold till the day I join you after I'm gone and cold I wish I could know the real reason you felt you had to go / we were almost the same age adopted in 4th grade/ same sense of humor and liked the same video games/ you were the closest.... no fuck that you are my brother more so than blood/ more than blood related ever could/ your my brother my best friend/ still to this day even tho your life ended/ I always thought we would grow old/ be neighbors/ our kids grow up with their stories told/ we remeness as we watch our kids stories unfold /and I feel like If i call your phone I'll hear your voice say hello/ so many stories I have and your sides going untold/ you knew me the best but you left me alone/ I'm short one brother/ and his name and number are still in my phone/ you took your time man/ you fucking made a suicide plan/ why was calling me never apart of it god damn/ maybe that's my fault fam I'm sorry I really am/ for the two years we stopped talking i was never prepared man, for your life stopping/ our lives were so different and with you full of your ignorant judgment and me being addicted to amphetamines you pushed me away the moment I had to lean/ i would of helped you/ had it been flipped so i took it personal when you acted like a dick/ but now i wish i would of just dropped it/ i would of helped you/ I could of helped you understand/ goin that soon wasnt part of any plan/ I go from so sad to so fucking mad/ i wish so fucking bad that i had one more day I'd hug you hard and id say," i love you bro" then I'd scream, "HOW THE FUCK could you take your life leave behind 2 baby girls and your wife/ all those times you made me feel like shit for being an addict telling me your pissed at my choices and habits but life gets a speed bump Nd you couldnt handle it/ ya you said you were more of a man then me because your sober but where did sober land you/ I love you mother fucker but fuck you/ what was this suppose to do/ leave us all behind/ because you couldnt let yourself heal with time/ mother fucker I may have my problems and i get lost at times/ but my kids still have their father for some time/ yours wont even remember you after some time/ I'm so mad and so fucking sad but still it's off my chest now bro im saying the from the heart of Beau it's time I let you go/ your reasons are unknown exept to you and you left with no answers to be shown and it's time now time I let you go/ I got love for you forever but I gotta get back to living and I'm sorry if this sounds bitter/ but its a choice I'll always make cuz I ain't no quitter I wont be remembered as a for forfitter and I wish you were still here I wish I could look you in the eyes and say these things to my brother but I cant man I dont think I'll ever understand.

  • scriblost 19h

    The plague we called COVID

    My heart aches and my soul shakes
    When i remember the dread of that plague
    Its horror and its stories still keep me awake
    Millions died and millions cried but some still called it fake

    I remember when i was locked in my own house
    I felt like a prisoner who can't even meet his own spouse
    How long is it gonna be that was all i used to browse
    There were countless nights i was restless like a mouse

    I lost many friends to that scary plaque
    Everyone was fighting for humanity's sake
    Everyone united together since everything was at stake
    Millions died and millions cried but some still called it fake

    I still remember the view of crematorium from my window
    Where many dead souls were brought and burnt in a row
    I still can't believe how such a little virus can be our biggest foe
    My best friend suffered for months and then died very slow

    Now that we have almost won this ugly war
    But remember my friends another one is not far
    I thank all the heros who attained martyrdom
    We will always cherish you and bow down at your tomb

  • the_miss_x 20h

    Not everyone dying wants to live
    Nor each alive wants to quit.
    The departure satisfies when they've done their will
    But it turns into an icy pain when we think
    We could never do enough to them.

    We should be glad for the gift we have as 'memory'
    We can keep the departed alive forever within us.
    Just close your eyes and remember
    what they would tell you for this situation.
    What would they tell you?
    What would they do if they were in it?
    Let yourself know that your loved one still adores you.
    Keep the relationship between you and the departed alive
    with the exchange of care, respect and appreciation.


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    The Fire is cold for those who grieve
    The Pyre is peace for those who leave.

    It's till we are breaths, we want to stay
    Then we know no war or play.


  • faraigutu13 1d

    A child who slept early

    I can finally hear the doors opening and my heart starting to slow it's throbs down.
    I am very sure the time is upon thee though I am still asking just a little bit more time.........
    I can't just leave the world whilst this juvenile and unexposed.
    It's very unfair that bad things do happen to good innocent souls.
    My spirit is already reaching for the white light but my soul still needs to stay, it still needs an answer.
    This Earth was it's home and now cryptic whether to believe there is a better place afterlife.
    The promises of a silent harmony, where lions and zebras are actually best friends.
    All this is alluring but why did I have to leave this early.
    I also hoped to grow white hair sometime, I also wished to walk with a staff someday.
    Why was I the chosen one to depart to a place I don't know.
    If only I had a glimpse of it, maybe my soul would rest in peace.
    All those who cared are left with a hollow dark space in their hearts, not to say those who really loved me.
    It's petrifying feeling my lungs letting out the last breathe.
    I can't help it but to cry for my soul, may it go to rest in peace in the after life promised.

  • manuhere 1d

    मेरे बिना भी मुद्दत का सवेरा होगा
    शरबती शामें होंगी, रातें होंगी
    इंतज़ाम होगा शर्तिया शिकायत की महफ़िल में
    ज़ुबाँ पे नाम होगा, हज़ारों बातें होंगी।

    मनु मिश्रा

  • miss_silentlyweird 1d

    I don't know what does it feel when we died,
    Did we simply close our eyes and feel nothing?
    Or we enter another world and vision of consciousness?
    Maybe our ancestors ancient beliefs right or they might be wrong?
    However, whatever it is I desire to discover peace.
    On the off chance that I were passed on I would prefer not to burried with laments.
    I need to burried with great recollections and smile of my love ones.
    They don't have to burried my favorite sheet or things with me,
    All I need is their prayers of guidance.


    Jesus said “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die."

    —John 11:25-26

    Source �� Pinterest
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    I need to burried with great recollections and smile of my loves one.
    They don't have to burried my favorite sheet or things with me,
    All I need is their prayers of guidance.


  • writerdew 1d

    Death Note

    I wonder whose name should I write if I get the Death Note.
    Maybe I should write the name of Poverty,
    The one who is responsible for the death of many innocent,
    Or should I write the name of the Unequality,
    Who is not playing fair with everyone,
    Or should I write the name of Greed,
    Whose hand is stained with Blood of many,
    Or maybe I can write the name of Fear,
    Who makes even standing for love a challenge,
    Or maybe in the end,
    I should just write the name of Hate,
    Then everyone would be Loved.

  • tanushree1719 1d


    If I died soon enough I would like to get buried with a sarangi.
    Do you know what a sarangi is ?
    When people die they used to play the sarangi on the radio.
    The notes are so beautiful and uplifting and yet so sad.
    Resonating with your soul so beautifully that it's difficult to forget.
    Like a wailing tree in autumn bereft of its leaves . Like mother weeping over a child. Like an uninhabited house.

    Would the sarangi play ragas for me?
    Rag marwa
    Miya ki todi
    Rag lalit

    Maybe rag yaman in afterlife.

    The day I die , that's how I'd like to be .

  • pallavi4 1d


    When the cold shroud of death comes over me
    Finally setting my soul from my mortal form free
    And I am placed on a pyre to be set aflame
    With only two gold coins left to my name

    To be taken by Hermes to the river Styx alone
    To be judged by the good deeds in life sown
    Ferried by Charon for the judgment of my soul
    By King Minos and other ancients of old

    If I find a place in the Elysium Fields pure was my soul
    If placed in the Asphodel Fields I wasn’t a part of the judgment roll
    And then there is that special place to burn a soul for all eternity
    Tartarus the pit for sinners and other perversities

    I am not scared of entering the underworld
    Where Hades lives with his flag unfurled
    Nor does the judgement day make me fear death
    For I will be allowed life until my dying breath

    Even when my mortal body I am rid of forever
    My soul shall live on, dead but dying never
    I came to this world all alone and free
    Carrying nothing but my life with me

    And that’s how I’ll go when death comes calling
    Without any effects for my afterlife, into the depths of death falling
    I hope I find a safe place for my soul in Hades’ home
    For this soul I ferry around like a loan

    One can neither buy good graces with any amount of gold
    Nor are good deeds in little bags sold
    One can only hope to be judged kindly by the kings of old
    Always bearing in mind we are only vessels for our souls


    4th of March, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • jeetspeaks 1d

    Beauty doesn't last forever

    There are many in this world who are very proud of their physical appearance. This body will definitely decay a day, even though you take utmost care of it. There are also people who sometimes look down upon other average looking people being intoxicated by their false pride. It seems they might have forgot that this skin-deep beauty doesn't last forever. After fifty, the skin will start to wrinkle, face will turn pale, hair will start falling and turning grey, eyes may see less, and then what? What about those bitter words you exchanged with the average looking people once? Therefore, do practice self-control. Love everyone, hurt none.

  • sadar_ammar 1d

    A buried body, a lost soul

    I wish to be buried with the pain I've caused people
    As the rain pours as well as their tears I only wish to be buried with years of memories
    Perhaps that will numb the pain yet their fears of other loved ones dying won't
    Perhaps it might be dumb yet I also wish to be buried with my favorite teddy bear
    The one I've had for years who's become my dearest friends

    I'd like to spend my after life buried with him as he tells me more of his stories that bring me joy even after death
    Death is inevitable indeed as to why I write this being more cautious
    Cautious I was yet not cautious enough for here I stand my body being buried
    Buried yet my soul roams freely with ease but I,
    I wished my soul would be buried so I could go to heaven

    Heaven where I can meet my loved ones that went so soon yet here I stand witnessing my own funeral
    Unknown to me that death was coming even though I knew it was inevitable I only wish I didn't get buried with my regrets
    Regrets that I'm unable to forget for they're here with me yet only vividly
    Me, who am I now? am I just another lost soul everyone will forget?

  • a_gentilischi 1d

    I can't seem to think of anything else.
    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi


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    Trapped within blood and sweat of mine own kin
    My restless, chained soul is laden with the weight
    Of this crumbling pyramid in the Valley of the King
    A rotting corpse guarding gold, with looters in wait

    I'd rather be a breeze, caressing the sun-kissed Nile
    Unwanted and dead.
    But free and alive


  • safi___ 1d


    What wish i seek for my burial you ask???
    Its nothing so special that of a task

    For I wish not of jewels nor of material wealth
    All I hope is to have lived my life with good health

    And when my time comes calling on that hour
    I wish to have been truthful and let all prayers pour.


  • sanka_ 1d

    Let me rest

    Entered earth with empty hands.
    Craving more to fill my grands.
    Let me at peace with empty hands.
    To embrace God with open hands.


  • scriblost 1d


    I think that i am caught
    And I am left here to rot,
    I don't know where to start
    I don't know where I must stop...

    My whole life is in the dark;
    I am no longer that smart,
    Once i used to be a genius;
    Now i just feel so heinous

    I sometimes want to end this mess
    But i have no idea how
    To end this quest
    To keep my heart numb
    To feel that i am not dumb...

    I have many souls around me
    But i have no one to really own me,
    I can't pour my heart out to them
    Because they are trying to find their own gem.

    I have many thorns in my heart
    But i believe there are also some flowers,
    I am waiting for life to give up on me;
    Because i am done and now i disown me!!

  • cranq_art 2d

    Broken Soul

    I'm a sad happy little man
    A broken and lonely soul lies deep in my heart
    I can't smile or laugh even when I'm having fun
    Because after ever live heartbeat, I'm hurt

    Without the sight of you, I'm lost
    Without your charming smile, I doubt
    I doubt whether it's possible to be lifeless
    Lifeless but still able not to love less

    How long should I cry alone
    No shoulder for my head
    Whenever I lose myself, no love to guide
    Whenever I feel sad, no chest to hug
    When I'm afraid at night, no one to call
    Why it had to be me, I don't know

    But if I get another chance to be with you, then death won't stop me
    Death won't fight me
    Because it doesn't take life to be in love

  • spiderweb 8m

    If you can sleep compared to the same, it is only sleep to death

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    Do you take time to sleep in the middle of the night?
    If you can sleep peacefully then you will have achieved a lot.
    It takes a lot of hard work to get a good night's sleep.
    But often no one has a way to get it
    Because desires have no end or fulfilled.