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  • m0s4ic 37m

    Miserable desire

    What a miserable life
    This turned out to be
    For I am felt but seldom seen
    As the monster I am
    A fiend of desire
    A slave to sin, a flickering fire

    What a sullied trail
    I've trotted so long
    Writing a hymn, singing my song
    To a rythm of brass
    And percussion of fear
    A pointless trail, soaked in tears

    What a pathetic heart
    Beat to the dirt
    Stomped and trampled, unable to hurt
    I feel I am numb
    But I cannot quit
    Desire drives me
    yet it's lead to this pit

  • nightmare_01 2h


    Ironic, isn't it?

    I used to say her that she is the bright sun in my lonely sky...

    But I never realized this at that time...
    Even the sun sets... And darkness gathers...
    Just like she left me in darkness

  • aditi_jha 4h



    feelings of severe despondency and dejection.


    the inability to recognize or describe one's own emotions.


    Unknown specie in existence;
    Homo sapiens

    20th century and so on

    Dear Depression

    How are you? I may admit that till now I am fine, my adrenaline is doing okay, my head is behaving, my tears went for a holiday and my smile has returned to take care of me. I am happy.

    But I still miss you , I miss my dejected self , my loneliness.


    You adress me like my first love
    Showing me my own image which maybe never existed
    Provoking my bad blood to capture my existence
    You make me mourn on my own death, like I have been watching a mourning dove
    I digest my desperate adrenaline
    Which you have been playing with
    I absorb my running tears with a emotionless grin
    Like you have been my only myth
    My mocking thoughts were red with my blood
    You planted them as culprit
    The seeds of happiness I sowed , has been disappeared in your flood
    Yes, you make me ruin myself everyday bit by bit

    You make me suffer from alexithymia
    A rare disease which you injected in me
    You make me turn into a lonely freak
    And I again start living alone, trying to seek people but I am just able to find a monstrous me

    Thank you for introducing me to my dejected loneliness


    Thanking you

    Yours faithfully
    Never mind


    -Aditi Jha

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    A Letter to Depression

    (Read Caption)
    -Aditi Jha

  • _uncanny_words 15h


    एक और कहानी शुरू नहीं हुई,
    एक और प्यार अधूरा रह गया उसका।


  • autumnbreeze 20h


    The sun showered flames of distant comfort. I stood by the greasing smell of burnt whispers. The knit basket contained Iris, smudged in the hope of believing again.

    The day looked concerned about the delicacy of love. You tuned the rhythm of bravery, only to be kidnapped by the well of darkness.


    Every corner of the mushed bed lead me to the rage of withholding. Timid blankets, sharp pillows, nostalgic nightstand, doomed clothes and beloved cigarette butts recited the harms caused by the worshiping in abandonment.

    The day redefined how birds mourn for past deeds. You tried to hide the mess of agony, but shunned it at the pavement of loosened sustainability.


    There are many ways to hail out the rigidity that smothered you. I chose the simple way to decay. The debris from your prolonged livelihood sinked in the harsh water. The rings of the sirens depicted the lucid cries of gathering sanity.

    The day witnessed a crime of clenched existence. I wheeled the clocks of disturbance with my own plucked hands. Every single person behind the barrier of peace watched the drips of your sustainability flow through opaque spaces of my fingertips. No one preached the echoed voice of healing.


    Mundane rituals of drifting were performed right in front of disappearing. The guest list was short yet deliberate enough to create noise of relief. The barren coffin healed a spirit of spilled wisdom. When my name was called, I yelp every bean of survival loaded in me. The tears on despicable faces were of apological deeds which didn't lay amongst the grid of solace I manifested.

    The day seized memories of tiring liberty. The grave got dressed in the colour of withered Iris. I brushed my burnt fingertips on the glorifying tombstone of yours. The words glimmered the air with hollow affections. I kept reciting those words on my way to the pilgrim of forbidden norms. The letters still ring on every trespasser who convinced to breed them. The tombstone till now reads -
    "Death sees the beauty
    of a broken soul.
    It hums the whispers
    of blossomed tragedy.
    I once heard it through
    the reign of my beloved soulmate.
    I drift with the purpose
    of making it hear to all."

    P. S.:- Inspired by the intense writing style of @bluebird

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    No one preached the echoed voice of healing.

  • nbtasnim 1d

    Y. A. C. B.

    I am thinking of you.
    I dunno why,
    I dunno how
    You became someone close to me.
    I know you felt it,
    The connection, the attraction
    Between us.
    Sparks are flying in the air,
    But you are not ready to move on
    Not ready to accept love again.
    Going on in your life
    With the pretense of a player.
    I wished you to let me in
    You did too,
    But kicked me out at next moment.
    I understand how you feel,
    I really do.
    I have been in your position before.
    But it'll get better,
    Trust me.
    You just have to forgive her
    And move on.
    You will be better again.
    Give yourself a second chance.
    Life isn't over yet,
    You are still young,
    There is still time.
    Your whole life ahead of you.
    Just hold on to the hope
    Of something better;
    Even if the hope is not for love,
    Even if it's for your career
    Or family
    Or something else.
    Please hold on to hope
    And everything will be okay.
    Don't lose sight of your aim.
    Just please never give up
    And get better soon.


  • realityisokay 1d

    The poet forgot how to write

    It's been so long since I've picked up a pen
    Or wrote my thoughts down on paper
    I've been trapped in my mind
    I lost who I am
    I haven't seen her in a long time
    Finding the light is the hard part
    The drive, motivation, ambition
    All lost somewhere far far away
    I haven't been living
    I'm just here surviving


  • ayshu17 1d

    How can I get past this depression when I know tomorrow will be exactly the same?

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    My depression....a

    saying I'm ok
    walking thru life in a
    sleep is my band-aid


  • fariii 1d

    In the middle of all those happy faces & friendly chats, you're meant to be only a girl.
    You'll be there when time demands and gone when you're not needed anymore.
    You shouldn't question them, cause they are not bound to answer.
    You should remain unnoticed, cause you can never be equal.

  • la_paz 1d

    Friendly Pain

    Who is my friend?
    Love? Joy? Peace? Wealth?
    I don't think so
    What is pain?
    Oh, I know all about that one
    Pain is my friend
    When love runs off, pain comes forward
    When joy flees, pain comes forward
    Peace? Wealth? They never really hang around
    But pain is always there
    Never seems to go
    What more can I ask of a friend?


  • beeblebroxwho 1d

    Nothing so sexy

    I hear local birds, between the gusts.
    The soft hum of the boiler
    It's dark, only the cold glow of the smartphone illuminating my fingers.
    I don't feel sad. Took my first tablet today, maybe it will help.
    Maybe it doesn't matter. Matter doesn't matter.
    Antimatter is better than doesn't matter.
    The tingling of chi energy at the back of my neck.
    If I leave my head, I can travel where I want, its enticing.
    It would be so easy.

  • orionsbelt 1d


    that day
    i was four
    t'was one of the first
    times in life that
    I felt fear engulf me
    as i waited on the footsteps of the school
    i knew that he never wanted me
    but I feared she too didn't
    after having seen the last of kids leaving the gate
    i remember asking my friend
    if she could take me home with her
    at that time
    i never knew no other fears so great
    little did I know it was just the beginning

  • princessesierra 1d


    Visceral sting locks
    Around exposed ankles
    Driving me to seek comfort
    In lists and concrete

    Forgotten prose falls
    Down a distant rabbit hole
    Into untouchable lost world's
    Just beyond the reach

    Of the cruellest whips
    Of knives driven
    Into long suffering shoulders
    Open gashes weeping blood

    Up and down loathsome thighs
    Scalpels dragged across soles
    Of traitorous feet/ of fires
    Burning through lungs and veins


  • sayantaneeray 1d

    There's a saying
    "Survival of the fittest"
    but in the journey of survival,
    I forgot to live my life,
    It's strange how scared I'm of ink
    gushing into my veins,
    words flowing into my tips of fingers
    paranoid, unconventional thoughts
    blocking my brain,
    the light too harsh on my eyes,
    Pupils dilated, frowning gaze of mine,
    I don't like the warmth of light anymore,
    So I cover myself in shags,
    draw lines of solitude so that none
    should ever try to break into it.
    There was no medication to my disease,
    my dislike towards light and love towards darkness,
    Sometimes I feel with a heavy heart,
    Sometimes I don't at all.
    I'm sledging away from all kind of relationships.
    Solitude is the only key to my broken wings.
    I prefer being alone in a room with
    rainbow playing at the ceiling of my room,
    soft music echoing,
    It's beautiful while I enjoy my solitude
    Tell me if I'm fit to survive ?
    Does depression look like this?

  • indecisive_emu_711 2d


    In all the times I've thought of the day I'd finally break
    I never imagined being alone while I picked up the pieces,
    Cutting my fingers on the shards of my heart

  • mayureshk 2d


    It's only when you stop chasing it all the time,
    Happiness will sneak into your life.
    In the form of something never imagined or foreseen.


  • tiredgirl 2d

    Don't Go

    My emotions mix and leave an overwhelming ocean of sadness and anger.

    Everyone leaves me as if I'm a danger.

    They get someone better or change their own lives.

    I continue to fight myself and fail countless times.

    I miss the days when I could feel light and happy without desperately needing someone to make me feel okay.

    I don't blame anyone because I know there's no reason to stay.

    I'm too broken and I have too many problems.

  • pastelrose 2d


    Medication and potions,
    Under all this commotion.
    The pill is beautiful in color,
    Maybe it'll make me take another.
    The pill in my mouth makes me calm down,
    Calming all these crazy sounds.
    The strength of the drug,
    Running through my veins,
    I shallow the pill, hoping things will change.

  • jodi_writes 2d

    Darkness hides the lies


  • pratishtha023 44w

    These words address to the problems teenagers now-a-days go through. A person during the time of puberty,not only suffer from physical problems but,from mental problems also. So here,this is a short poem,telling about what a teen many times feel like !
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    Teens' Dilemma

    I'm not a whole,
    Yet I've lived too much.
    Deep inside my soul-
    Breaking,falling-I've suffered such.

    There were times, I was in sorrow
    Due to those pains which,from others,
    I was ready to borrow.
    Apart from this,I had been euphoric,
    From those times of my historic.

    But my life had always been sick,
    To my pain,no one ever did pick.

    Everyone abjected me
    And no one did give respect.
    I had always been like a bee
    Loitring for everyone's aspect.

    But never had I abdicate
    To situation that seemed difficult.
    And for those,to me,who hate,
    At my back,I always have a catapult!