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    I was fine with it. Fine with everything she did, or atleast I pretended to. Till she wasn't.


  • imariba 3h


    Unreciprocated love is always a nightmare
    Fear of rejection hanging above head
    Afraid to take step, only to lose and get hurt
    That pain never fades, always inside you
    Never to be mended again, sticking out
    On your bittersweet memory lane
    Reminding you of a broken dream.


  • zuhaib_hassan 4h

    The One About Love.


    ILoveYou raised to the power

    Love is a blessing and you shouldn’t be afraid to fall in love. Maybe the idea of giving away your heart to someone else with all the trust, and hope filled in it might terrify you. You might even be scared that your delicate heart might be broken, giving way to the broken shards of all the courage you had mustered, all the dreams you ever dreamt, all the trust you ever had. But I would still tell you believe in love. I don’t want you to fall in love at sixteen when you are too immature to decide the right and wrong. I want you to take your own sweet time, till then you can fall in love with sunsets, the sand on the beaches or the blossoms in the spring.

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    Drifting away
    From here and now
    Where can I go to rest?

    I hide myself
    Away from the crowd
    But does anybody cares?

    Lost in my thoughts
    I die every second
    What dafuq is wrong with me!

    Running away from my fears
    I found myself falling
    To the bottomless pit

    Noises in my head
    Demons I created
    Oh God, please I need a break

  • _itz_all_chaos_ 12h

    It's a sea,
    Deep and dark.
    You have fallen in to it,
    You struggle to reach the shore.
    But fast flowing waves have swayed you far.
    You make feeble attempts to draw someone's attention.
    But now,
    You are all alone in the midst of darkness.
    And the sea is sucking you deep in.
    You feel weight upon yourself,
    It's heavy.
    You are drowning.
    You feel water moving in your lungs through nostrils.
    It stings.
    Your insides are burning.
    You feel your plight is to end soon.
    You close your eyes.
    It's all fading.
    You are falling in the lap of a peaceful sleep.
    Just then,
    You are woken back to life from the slumber,
    Only to realize it's just a dream that has ended but the nightmare continues.
    You will again fall into darkness.
    You, again, will be all alone.
    Again, your insides will burn.
    And you agin will rise to survive this all over again.
    This is what depression is like.

    #depression #darkness #sleep @twt_official

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    It's a sea,
    Deep and dark.
    You have fallen in to it,
    You struggle to reach the shore.
    But fast flowing waves have swayed you far.
    You make feeble attempts to draw someone's attention.
    But now,
    You are all alone in the midst of darkness.
    And the sea is sucking you deep in.
    You feel weight upon yourself,
    It's heavy.
    You are drowning.
    You feel water moving in your lungs through nostrils.
    It stings.
    Your insides are burning
    You close your eyes.
    It's all fading.
    You can sense your plight is soon to end
    You are falling in the lap of a beautiful calm sleep.
    Just then,
    You are woken back to life from the slumber,
    Only to realize it's just a dream that has ended but the nightmare continues.
    You will again fall into darkness.
    You, again, will be all alone.
    Again, your insides will burn.
    And you agin will rise to survive this all over again.
    This is what depression is like.

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    #suicide #depression #mentalhealth



    (contents) Ra. Ra. Rasputin.

    TO: SHE-RA

    One time this one guy I kmew tried to commit suicide. He survived and made it out physically unscathed (not sure about his mind though)
    Though I never watched on Netflix, I did in fact read "13 Reasons Why" the special edition (the one with a black and white cover). I'm no critic, but for some reason seeking professional help was not an option. At least the copy I had had the alternate ending in it.
    In that ending, the female main lead turns out to be alive (Not really a spoiler since it's not considered canon)

    Read the title upside down

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    pua pes e

    Neck between the rope
    Nope, it ain't dope
    Why don't you go to therapy
    in case you have anxiety
    or feel depressed
    and so far unimptessed
    with our society
    that it drives you crazy
    you can't help but worry
    less about your mental state
    and more on the problems brought by the state,
    the people, your friends and family
    who can't help but worry.
    Everything's falling apart, sadly.
    Why did you succumb to insanity.
    You claim this is reality
    where help is always late
    You could've made a change, truly,
    you would have avoided your fate.

  • stella_writes 14h

    How long has it been?
    Well, what I mean to ask is ... How long have you been trapped inside your own head?
    Is it scary or it gives you relief?
    How did you end up here in an alley filled with toxic yet the enjoyable memories...
    Why did you even come here?
    Didn't you have a good life as you keep saying these days?
    I am wondering if that's just a facade and you are just pretending to be and yet not to be...

    Let me help you...
    Because I am doomed to do, that as I am no one but yourself...
    Let's take a walk to the brighter side of this place, because that's where you should be going not here in the dark...

  • zaanmeer 14h

    Every Morning Instead Of Making Her Feel Special & Blessed
    He Was The One Who Kinda Fucked Up Her Feelings & Always Let Her Down


  • imariba 17h

    Learn, unlearn and relearn

    What's your excuse for the way you behave?
    It won't take a second to shun your narrow-minded false beliefs
    If you are willing to take the change
    Do we still need all those differences between us
    In this momentary dance between life and death
    Where nothing is guaranteed in this uncertain world
    When an earthquake or a virus can completely upend the life
    When the line between truth and false is fading
    With false news choking us everywhere
    With leaders blatantly delivering racial, communal slurs, derogatory remarks
    As part of their mind blowing campaigns
    When the chasm between rich and poor widens, good and evil blurs
    War and competition making lives more miserable
    All that is needed is just to join our hands and help each other
    Instead we live fogged by the same old dogmas, bigotries, desuetude beliefs
    When God is seen through kindness, compassion towards each other
    We still commit the same mistakes, begging forgiveness at end
    We live in a world that is so very modern
    But our actions time and again proves archaic
    Time to learn, unlearn and relearn
    Treat people and every other being with respect
    Time to learn to keep our moral compass so high
    Where one's responsible for one's actions, without excuse
    Time to unlearn all those fanatical prejudices
    All dumb beliefs we feed ourselves with
    Making us anti-human, anti-nature, without excuse
    Time to relearn the compassion and ethics
    Try to see the bigger picture, the truth and the power of unity, without excuse
    Take that one little step, be a leader in the world of followers
    For the world is to coexist, not to only exist
    Along with equal share to animals and mother nature
    For our only duty is to make this world a better place
    To leave our children a world with meaning
    A World with peace and equality
    A world built on kindness and solidarity
    A World as it should be, not as it was
    So, What's your excuse?


  • missypoetic 1d


    Somebody take me away.
    I hate this place.
    The screams get louder,
    no matter what I say.

    Stuck in too many thoughts,
    not much my own.
    Freedom has a cost,
    that I can't afford to own.

  • mirrorsandfeelings 1d


    We've lost our right to be called humans anymore.

    We feed animals.
    But we fill the food with crackers 'just for fun'.

    We do riots against oppression against innocent lives.
    But vandalize properties of innocent people as a part of it.?

    We organize campaigns about global 'warming' and how wildlife is suffering Because of it.
    But turn 'cold' while disposing plastic into oceans.

    We parade for equal rights
    But act blind when we hear about false accusations.

    We say we love our country and act in movies about the nation.
    But when the need comes to be a real life hero, the reel villain takes the throne.

    There was a time when human character was distinguished into Black, White or Grey.
    But we HUmans are now just men with different HUES of black characters.

    We aren't humans anymore I guess.
    Not the ones we were taught to be.
    Neither are we demons.
    Because from what we're doing right now, we're worse than them.
    We humans, are worse than demons.
    And maybe, from now on when a demon does something terrible, they'd be called a human.


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    ...we HUmans are now just men with different HUES of black characters...

  • facelessbird 1d

    You try to hide your nakedness in the serenity of your monsoon dreams

    Your unhinged mind looks constantly into the positive side of the mirror;

    Justifying you are meant to be lived among the stars,

    And that the darkness in between is just a space to appreciate the flaws in our stars.

    But you can just try....

    You know that thinking only about rain will not let go of the thunder


  • imariba 1d

    What am I good at?

    What am I good at?
    The lingering question nag me at every moment
    Unable to find my answers, always losing
    The answers always changing, uncertainty galore
    Maybe I haven't yet tried my hands at everything
    To find my metiér
    The one in which I could find me living
    Enjoying every moment of it, languishing in the challenges
    Relishing the successes and savouring the failures that come with it
    Which fulfills my material, cerberal and social satisfaction
    I want a niche like that
    But I couldn't find yet
    What do I know?
    What life's keeping for me in it's future shelves
    Whatever may be, I am trying
    Trying to acculturate with the changing times
    Trying to be a better human being
    Trying to not judge people anymore as I once did
    Trying to Know everyone has their own story to tell
    Trying to lend my time and ears, also, a helping hand at times
    Trying to grow my own opinions on every thing without fear
    Trying to question everything forced upon me
    Trying to make my own choices, good or bad
    Trying to be more responsible and accountable
    Trying to work hard, also, have fun
    Trying to figure out on my own, everything
    Trying to evolve myself politically vigilant
    Acknowledging the struggles of my yesteryear men and women
    Trying to raise my voice to any injustice or inequality
    Trying to make myself a good citizen, to serve the country good
    Trying to juggle between work and family
    Not once complaining, not once sacrificing one thing for the other
    Trying to see the bigger picture always
    Trying to see the world as it is, or may be, as it should be
    Trying to enjoy the vast nature, every little thing of it
    Trying to be grateful more and more
    Trying to leave a legacy out of my life

    So, What am I good at?
    Again, I am trying
    Maybe I am good at trying?!


  • in_fragments 1d

    Written by someone who was feeling very lonely and sad, and very violent against themselves...
    Stay with us. One day, one hour, or one minute at a time.
    #pod #poem #prose #pain #depression #life #mentalhealth #mentalillness #ptsd #mirakee #writerstolli @writersnetwork

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    4-8 am
    (Volatile Mornings)

    Our human bodies are merely rags,
    love flows like water-
    life is a series of absorbing it, lustily oversaturating ourselves in it, then wringing ourselves out because of the pain and heaviness that eventually
    builds up.
    Where we go- where death is- there is no pain and heaviness, only
    the love. There is no need to wring ourselves of anything, because nothing is ever too much and we have no bodies that are too weak
    and fragile to handle it.
    We become less like dish rags and more like, one with the water entirely.
    Why are people so afraid of it?
    They try to mop away what can never go. They try to mop away themselves.

    To embrace death is to embrace the self, to take back the control that others want of your body and say, "Enough. I am mine and God's alone, and I belong only to the water."


  • santely_27 1d

    What Is Love?

    Love is like a bird when you ignore him it stays, when you pay him attention it fade away.


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    Hear your favourite song
    whenever you go through
    some difficult situations.

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    Or at least that's what she had in her mind for a while but then the boys got up nd changed their seats nd were now sitting on the seat adjacent to her on the left side. One of the boys spread his legs out of his seat's coverage nd was now blocking her way to get off the bus when she had to. She knew that she wanted to break that leg so badly in that moment but she couldn't get herself do it! When her stop came, she got up nd in order to cross that area she tried to jump over his leg but he moved it to touch her legs nd she almost lost her balance.
    She grabbed a seat so she wouldn't fall. She got off the bus. She was counting days. It all continued for seven days. She just kept thinking about ways to get rid of them, different seats where they couldn't reach her. After the third day, the boys were not just sitting on the seat behind her, but also on the adjacent seat on the left row nd the seat just before her's. On the seventh day, she had it all planned again. She will be the first to enter the bus this time so she could sit on the first seat because there was no seat ahead or adjacent to that one.
    This would leave them with just the second seat in the right row nd they won't be able to block her way from there. Everything was going according to the plan but two of the boys came nd sat behind the drivers seat just next to her seat nd the door. She felt so trapped. She has been feeling trapped in that bus for a while now even when she was not. She had nightmares, reliving everything again nd again. She looked out the window. The yellow nd pink flowers were all fleshy nd shiny nd fresh that day. The felt the engine of the bus starting nd she knew she would have to cross their wide spread spider web legs in next 15 minutes.
    She wanted time to stop somehow so she never have to get off that bus feeling their creepy hand nd legs touching her but it was already her stop before she was even done with her escape plan. She got up nd stood near the door. She felt a cold hand on her legs nd that's it. She lost it. "Let's meet in the principal's office tomorrow!". That's all she could speak. She felt every pair of eyes in that bus staring at her including the younger sister of one of the boys. The faces of the boys somehow suddenly lost every last drop of blood. She said that sentence in a single breathe as if she was strong, furious nd would take everyone down but deep down she knew she was weak because of the shaking, cold legs nd tears peaking out of the curtains in her eyes patiently waiting for the right moment to slide down her pale cheeks. She got off the bus.
    She wanted to run as if hell hounds were chasing her but she could hardly move. She couldn't feel her legs nd stumbled way too many times on the way. Her brain was somehow shutting down every single sense organ in her body. She couldn't feel anything, she couldn't hear anything nd the tears in her eyes nd on her glasses were completely blocking her sight. In that moment, she knew that none of the boys would be able to sleep that night just like her. She reached home, threw her bag on the bed nd just lied down for hours. Next day, the boys were not in the bus. It was as if they were wiped out from the face of the Earth. She thought they were on leave but then she saw one of them in school nd knew exactly what their plan was. They wanted her to feel as if they were not in the school that day so she wouldn't go to the principal nd get them expelled. She couldn't get herself to speak. She tried really hard but she just couldn't. After almost a week, the boys left the bus services nd started coming to school via their private vehicles. They left her alone but they made a 14 years old hate her body forever.

    -Pakhi ✍️

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    (Part 2)

    [Horror story or molestation story]

  • pakhi1738 1d

    Last bell rang nd students started dispersing. Once a completely silent room was now filled with chit chat nd footstep sounds. Happy faces randomly spread everywhere. Aayasha was still sitting on a bench lost in her own thoughts. She was always like this, busy in solving her own puzzles, playing mind games alone, silently observing people around her. "weird!", That's what her classmates thought about her. She didn't had many friends and preferred talking to herself or her diary avoiding unnecessary arguments.
    It was almost half an hour since the last bell rang nd her school bus arrived. She grabbed her things, stocked them in her bag nd left her classroom. She sat on the fourth seat on the right hand side. That was her safe spot. She somehow felt more safe nd comfortable sitting there during her way back home. She liked watching trees nd buildings running backwards as if they were trying to change the past so badly. Abyss, oblivion, black holes, dark matter, she had so many thoughts nd theories regarding all this weird, nerdy stuff.
    Stumbling upon her own thoughts, tossing them back nd forth she was just sitting there waiting for her stop. Everything was just as a well planned routine so far when something hit her leg. She was suddenly awake somehow as if someone just threw a bucket full of cold water on someone in deep sleep. She looked down but it was probably nothing, that's what she thought. Then it happened again. Something hit her shoe. She thought it was probably one of the kids who used to sit right behind her so she just tried to ignore it. Then it started sliding up to her socks nd then to her bare legs. She suddenly froze. She just couldn't move her body.
    Her body stopped responding to all the reflex signals her mind was sending. Then she herd them laughing nd shushing each other. That's when she noticed that those three boys were not where they were supposed to be. They were bullies nd always used to sit on the last seat of the bus. They were from the same batch as her's but in different sections. Before she could understand what was actually happening, her stop came nd she stepped out of the bus thinking it was just a misunderstanding. Maybe she was just overthinking it nd they probably hit her by accident. She calmed her mind nd went back home.
    Next day, in the morning, the boys were at their usual positions nd seeing that somehow made her feel relieved. The entire day was just like any other day. In the evening, she took her usual seat. The kids who used to sit right behind her were already on their seats. Then those three boys entered the bus. She was still looking outside the window. The yellow nd pink flowers in that small side garden of their school's bus parking area somehow looked dry that day. The boys came in, asked the kids to change their seats nd sat right behind her. She again felt something sliding up nd down her legs.
    She slided over to the other side of the seat to ignore them. That's when she felt one of their hand slowly crawling from the gap between the seats trying to reach her back. Her heart started pounding. She was so confused in that moment that she wasn't able to distinguish between what was real nd what was just a stupid exaggerated imagination of her idiotic, out of control, restless mind. She was sweating nd her hands nd feet were cold. She couldn't breathe. The boys were laughing as if it was just another game for them nd she, just a broken toy. Her stand came nd she immediately got off the bus.
    She could hardly walk. She was so angry. She always has been short tempered nd had plans of how to break bones if someone tried to mess with her but now when it was actually happening, she just couldn't think straight. She reached home, lied down on her bed nd calmed herself down to slow down her heartbeat so she could think. She was so mad at her parents because they thought it was important to let her know what to do if she scored less marks in a test but not what to do if someone tried to inappropriately touched her. She planned it all. Next day, after the Last bell goes off, she'll disappear for a while for just as long that the boys have taken their seats so she would know where not to sit. She did the same nd it worked out.

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    (Part 1)

    [Horror story or molestation story]

  • scarecrow 4d

    You are all you have

    "You are all you have". Something that I used to tell myself when I was knee deep in the quicksand of pain. I forgot it over time, as you do when you meet people wrapped in promises of forever and 'I love you' at the tip of their tongue, people who soften your jarred edges with love and laughter and welcome you into their arms, and heart, until you no longer believe that you're alone.

    But words are just words at the end of the day.

    As much as you want to believe others, in the faith that shines in their eyes and in the strength of their hands to hold you together - they'll still let you down. It's not because they weren't kind, or gentle, or soft with your heart, but because you dependent too much on them.

    Other people can't make you a whole person.

    No matter how much they love you. They will say or do something that will pound like a heavy punch inside your chest. And it will hurt. Deeply. Horribly. But that's when you need to remember the most important lesson that you learned from all those years before.

    "You are all you have". I tell myself now, knee deep in the ocean of happiness. Because no matter who comes along and who leaves, I will all that I have at the end.


  • scarecrow 5d

    Dear me, Dear you, Dear everyone falling apart
    I've some news, for your ears, for your mind,
    Especially for your insecure heart,
    The people you love sometimes live in their world
    Building it brick by brick, love by love
    And as they build, they may build a wall
    And be obvious to its presence
    And I know you want to make a window,
    I know you want to peek
    But it's so dark in there and they don't let you in
    When that happens, don't feel down,
    You weren't the one at fault, and well,
    Nor were they,
    It's just that sometimes in life some people notice that well
    And they break it down,
    While some just continue to live the same.