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  • mjqutbi 3d

    Don't write me off

    Do not write me off, yet.
    At my best, I haven't been,
    But to reach this, the horrors I've seen.
    How I still breathe, is a miracle.
    Once, nobody could say,
    If I would open my eyes the next day.
    No winds in these sails,
    Yet, my ship keeps chugging ahead.
    Breaking through one wave after the other.
    Of going down, I'm not afraid,
    For my faith lies in the one above.
    He will take me to a safe harbour.
    A place I've not been before.
    Every day I do my best.
    With some results that show and some, not yet.
    So please don't write me off, yet...

    ~Mo'iz Qutbi

  • rizigogoi 1w

    Final Armageddon
    -Arjun Gogoi

    I behold the sight of the heaven we know gets perished
    I hold you tight for there will be no mourners, no one left for our memories to be cherished
    Piercing sounds and ashes fill the desolate air
    Catharsis of emotions burning rage, agony and despair
    For what caused humanity to meets its bête noire
    A world at war
    Vendetta of chaos is what we dared
    Knave politicians, unholy priests and us gluttonous souls we all had a share.
    For if there is a heaven after it I know not
    Facing oblivion
    Cause this was the only real thing we had got
    A euphoric world where we sang in harmony we could have built
    A war waged not between good and evil,
    But a confrontation of fools.

  • snehawassan 1w

    Childhood! The most precious gift,
    A chateau they built with fright and guilt.
    A puerile heart, small and frail,
    My life began without any caveat pre-hand
    A Child's first love is Parents, they said
    Sadly, they never warned me that locutions have exceptions as well!
    It commenced with getting beaten back in time,
    A callow, young and enchanting smile,
    Swiveled into a crestfallen helpless child.
    Father loved me hell lot with care,
    But all his ardour came out on the flowery bed,
    And mother, a womb to keep me safe, watched it all, without any regret.
    I was your princess, winsome and sweet!
    Then why did you take away my innocence without even a speak?
    The strongest bond in the history of the world,
    Left me in despair,
    Sad and disturbed.
    Nothing new, all relatable to the precusory movie I watched on Child Abuse!
    I wish they would have casted me,
    Pretty much a pragmatic view!
    Would have solidly won an Oscar title of the Best Artist Debut.
    Let go of everything,
    Just one fear of my life,
    The door closed!
    How could you pluck up courage to sink that low?
    Did you realise I felt insecure?
    Tears trembled on my face,
    Left in my home, unsafe!
    The most precious relation that day easily teared!
    After whole caboodle they said,
    They were proud of me and one day,
    I would grow and succeed.
    If father was wrong, where was mother's love gone?
    All I experienced,
    would be a story of many, left untold!
    Evil prevailing in the world,
    Makes me speculate,
    Children, the gift of God who crave for care and love,
    Suddenly don't even say a word.
    They have dreams, way big,
    Don't traumatize their wings, before they fly!
    Different stories everytime,
    Different ways told,
    Don't know,
    which one hurts the most.
    Many have died, committing suicide,
    Others have muted,
    Lost their times!
    Let the elfin souls,
    Be nurtured with bliss and warmth and trust,
    They're melekler bestowed from the zion above!

    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite

    #childhood #despair

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  • poetic_licence_ 1w


    Amidst the deathly silence, a single daffodil raised its head,
    Swirling blackness obscuring the scene,
    The smell of charred flesh, clinging to the senses,
    Filing the nostrils with fear,
    The scarred walls are closing in.

    The ever destitute selling dreams
    In a boulevard of despair,
    The walls closed in on the innocent flower,
    Squashed it into the dried blood underneath,
    As devil sat laughing, on the highest tower.

  • vrindagoswami 2w


    Have you felt it...?
    I ask you now...
    Coz i have felt it everday every minute for a while now...
    This feeling...
    That can be best described as inadequacy...
    Or can be felt as not being enough...
    Or unlovable for anyone anyhow...
    Have you felt it...?
    Will you tell me now...?
    And if you haven't until now..
    I hope you never have to somehow...
    Coz it will feel like utter and complete despair if you allow...
    And this anguish...
    This misery is not something i would wish upon thou...
    Coz it's a pain i feel like it is flowing in my veins and my heart is bleeding even now...
    Have you felt it...?
    Coz i have felt it everday every minute for a while now...

  • unvoiced_thoughts 2w

    Like a dying rose
    yearning to be saved
    Every moment so far
    full of despair and dismay
    clouded with fears ,
    tears that I can no longer hold
    withering away little by little
    wanting to be loved , wanting to be found
    in a dark, hopeless world ...

    Now that I know
    how to wipe my own tears
    now that I know
    how to get back on my own feet
    I promise
    I will never let myself chase
    the dark memories again
    I promise
    I will never let myself grieve
    over things that I no longer can change

    I promise
    I will no longer let myself
    fall in to that pit of despair again....

    ~Hiruni Jayasundare

  • zs1204_ 2w

    Here I am

    Drowning in sorrow,
    Drowning in tears...

    Not being able to hear your voice
    Is making me hate my ears...

    You forgetting me,
    Is one of my biggest fears.

    Every single moment,
    All I can think about- is the day when we said "cheers"...

    I can promise that
    I will love you the same way, with the same intensity
    All through the coming years.

    Now that you've forgotten me,
    I'm the one about whom nobody cares.

  • faxtron8 3w


    A friend that never judges,
    Mind and body black,
    The embodiment of all your grudges,
    Your flaws and what you lack.

    Embraces those lost in thought,
    Holds hands with those who reared,
    As the miserable never sought,
    And the cheerful never cheered.

    As you die, they are there,
    Be your life full, or empty,
    And the thoughts to much to bare,
    Your life was yours for the taking.

    The manic hold hands as they pass,
    The miserable embraced tightly,
    As the facades made of glass,
    Shatter against Despair, the Mighty.

  • shewhokilledthelight 3w

    To keep and never share,
    my secret despair


  • grotesque 3w

    Depression: 1.3

    The blood oozes out like the wind;
    Swirling around my tears. Since
    Hours fell short, ages fell short of
    Feeling the obvious; the tinted glass
    Broke down for everyone's good.
    How everything has been so timid?
    As if the swampy feelings crawled
    The wall yet could not reach the ceiling.
    The texture of pain has a multiverse of
    Stories that took too long to become
    What it is now. The venom of sitting
    Silently watching the dead leaf is in
    Our veins. So the blood is oozing out
    To let it's surrounding know it's okay
    To fall asleep in despair. You might not
    Reach where you want to reach but
    Who cares anymore?! Do you even know
    That this has been in you since forever?
    Of course it is obvious that you will
    Never try to speak volume. You will know
    If you reach the bottom, you are not dead.
    If you are not dead, you are nothing but
    A mere life with experiences to share.
    And we all know, what we are hiding from life.
    We all know we actually want to be nothing.

  • ltsoul 3w

    I'm still awake
    After my hearbreak
    Wondering when ill take
    My last breath today...

  • sugarbun33 3w

    He was 17

    Momma where are you
    Momma I need you
    Dunno how I got here
    Forgot what to do

    Hey Jack, it's you
    Speak up, can't hear you
    Why are you here
    Where's Dan and Drew

    ... Hey I remember now
    We were running and I fell
    Am tired, legs won't hurry
    What's wrong, you look unwell

    Where's Joe and Larry
    We're supposed to meet
    Why are you shaking
    What happened to your feet

    ... Oh I get it now
    I see it now
    My legs are gone
    And I am down

    It's ok man
    Hey, don't cry
    So happy you're my friend
    Please tell my mo-


  • _crybaby_ 4w


           How do you draw sadness?     Despair? Hope? Anxiety?    Depression? How can you possibly depict an image that so clearly conveys the remote feeling of uneasiness churning away in your gut.  The sinking feeling every time your heart falls into your stomach like the titanic swallowed up by the sea. The hopelessness and fear eating away at your logic and excuses, like termites to wood, excuses to try and help you feel better. Excuses that try to distract you.   

           Don't even think for a second, that the feeling is gone, because you look around and all you think is this isn’t permanent. The feeling as the ocean of queasiness and anger rise up from your stomach drowning your lungs, filling you up with despair. 

       Join the club kiddo. 

        How do you draw feelings.  You can feel the lack of sleep on your eyes, your eyelids are heavy, as if there were anchors attached, you can feel the circles as dark as your thoughts under your eyes, feel the weight of another restless night take hold.  Your eye sockets are pockets for secrets and tears, anger and fears, people have skeletons in their closets, yours reside in your eyes. “ it’ll be okay “  another lie, but what else can you say. Scratch that, what can you manage TO SAY. 


      You look back to that ol’ reliable sketchbook of yours, and the page is as blank as your idea for your future. 


    You try and function but you can’t, your legs are trembling, like jelly, like a guitar string thats pulled too hard..   You feel dead. You might as well be. But youre not, you're just scared...and confused.   


  • shreya_1 4w


    Life is often made up of hope , desire and despair....

  • angels_halo_always_shines 5w

    Sometimes, when it's dark on the inside, with so much pain, you eventually have to let the light come in. If not you will wallow in your own insecurities and delusional world.
    I think that is what I have done. And let me tell you, it's not so pretty. I get lonely a lot, but I have grown accustomed to the solitude I created all on my own. I used to have a fear, of loneliness. That fear is now gone.
    Sadness, has entered my body, through a lifetime full of depression.
    I keep wishing it away, it just won't budge. Manifested deep inside my bones, making clones of their own. Buried so deep all I can do is attempt to say I'm ok, when really everything within me is broken. Broken beyond repair, despair it's always been there. There is a sorrow that burns from the inside. Why won't it just find a new place to hide? I am convinced I am not doing something right. I am tired. I fight it, but there's no use. Depression wins over all. Victory after victory. Day after day. Year after year. Many days I don't want to leave my bed, perfectly content under my blanket. Sleeping in a fully medicated state. Sleeping used to make the pain bearable. Now, I fear going to sleep. The nightmares come alive then. Reliving the Hell in full fledged misery. How much trauma can a person take in a lifetime?

    I don't want anyone sad for me. This is an ongoing battle. I may be stronger and a better person. More understanding on many levels of perception. This is something I have gotten used to. The agony, the self hatred you think that happens over night? I am here to tell you it's taken many years to perfect such behaviors.
    The manifestations, are very complex in the battles they present me with.
    I try to have hope, a little hope can go a long way. Not this time around.

    #depression #ceesreposts #ohiowriter #ptsd #manifestations #empath #empathmind #writersofmirakee #writerstolli #mirakeeapp #writersnetwork #writers #sadness #despair #nightmares

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    Lifelong Manifestations


  • starlight_07 5w

    Rays of hope

    Sometimes the world seems empty
    Sometimes it seems so full of blanks
    No matter where you turn you find yourself stuck
    In deep pools of despair and hopelesness

    But then there is that narrow ray of hope
    That penetrates even the deepest pools
    Of despair and hopelessness
    You find yourself hoping again
    Pushing yourself out of the murky waters
    Into the clear skies
    Because you know that no despair lasts for long
    That life always has that ray of hope
    For those struggling in deep waters
    That ray of happiness
    And success
    It finds you eventually
    And you reach a better place than you ever imagined yourself in
    That's life for you
    With its deep waters and clear skies
    Helping you become a stronger and better you
    So let's not despair
    For there is hope
    Even in the deepest pools
    Where light seems unreachable.

  • canadian_cowboy 5w

    She was so very sad; almost all of the time. Her heart had been broken...again...into a million little pieces. She felt truly empty inside.

    She cried way too often; and struggled to recall what happiness felt like. Her joy had withered and blown away in the wind. She had lost all hope.

    But then, one day, she met him...


  • maliha_shahid 5w

    Hey you out there,
    Walking alone in despair,
    Please pause your way,
    I have an important
    Message to convey,
    Breathe deep and turn around,
    There is someone waiting
    For you since long,
    To embrace your life,
    With love and aid,
    And to heal your pain,
    Whilst unfreezing your brain.
    It is the purest soul
    You would ever face.
    Wishes of it are the
    Most touching indeed.
    Gaze into its eyes,
    You will then realise,
    There is unconditional love,
    Residing in them,
    That it is willing to shower
    On you upright.
    So, why wait for the day
    You'll find a true soulmate,
    As the mate has already befall,
    Awaiting for you to call.
    Hence, don't think too much,
    Just turn around,
    And hold its hand,
    Grow by its side,
    And I promise,
    It will help you glow,
    Without any blow.
    Don't look around for it,
    Simply take a step back,
    There is a mirror
    At your right,
    Move ahead and sight,
    Its standing infront
    Of your eyes,
    Staring at you, very tight.
    Now, gently close your eyes,
    Feel its love and energize,
    And welcome it in your life,
    To begin a new journey,
    Loaded with self love and pride.


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    The wait


  • sojournerfrombedlam 7w

    adamah (part 2)

    To play in fields, laugh in good company, make melodies to excite and capture the ear
    To slap crazy beats, perform spectacular musicals
    Master the ballet, build finely tuned cities, farm fields with grace
    Invent technology to subdue the breadth of space-time
    Program advanced machinery to further beastly knowledge and wit
    Sing in choirs that break through heavenly clouds with zeal
    Author prose that takes one’s inner eye to realms unknown
    Pen poetry that breaks the bounds of existence itself
    To grow, to learn, to hug, to kiss
    Soak in pleasures of eros and manna
    Run without tire, jump without worry of fall
    On wings soar high, like eagles into the crystal heaven
    Do things dreamed of only in words on a page
    Yes, fantasy is reality, that’s what the story should have been...

    Yet this creature born from earth, given talents and gifts galore
    Took for himself a kingdom of graves and ruin
    His apex now war, corruption, carnal dehumanization, murder, thievery, pollution and beastly neighbors’ extinction
    Mortis be his name, now asleep in a simulated mesh
    Cyberspace the realm of make believe that his appetites delight in
    To stir all manner of villainy and upheaval on the once promised pleasure sphere
    Spinning out of control in a cosmic dance of oblivion
    All because beastly thinking is red at best
    Hot with pride, anger, lust, and malice

    Yes, lost the rainbowesque ruminations are, so one may think
    Until waters breathing true they drink

  • israelmgonzalez 7w

    The Man Behind The Mask

    In front of you, a man of great promise
    Before you, a portent of possibility
    A man it seems of great ability
    Doesn't look like a Doubting Thomas

    But deep inside is a sepulchre well whited
    With its contents well blighted
    Outside it's all triumph
    But inside a feeling of unremitting failure

    Every night he dreams dreams of unremitting torment
    Regret eats what remains of his soul
    There is no one and no thing with which to vent
    Bitter shivers then from crown to sole

    'Why did I do this? What did I not do that?'
    'What I wouldn't give to wear a different hat'
    'Anything will do to numb the pain'
    'Of living in a country of eternal rain'

    Not every crumbling structure shows its cracks
    Not a tears are wet when cried
    Not every enemy can be killed with an axe
    Not every victim cries out before it dies

    Some thoughts are best left unthought
    The man behind the mask had the temerity to think
    He opened a world of hurt and his heart does sink
    He pays everyday the price of having thought