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  • juhiyverma_ 1w

    The problem is that sum ppl still think we Dental Surgeons aren't at any risk at all.
    I wonder how they have the audacity to ask-
    "How are u related to covid?
    U arent a doctor...u r just a dentist.
    U arent supposed to be involved with covid?? Are you??"

    Seriously ???
    Are u insane or high on sum goodkind of shit??

    Hey buddy, hold on ...pause fr a moment, think fr a second before u open that ugly mouth of yours. Do u evn realize wat are u speaking?


    You only know how to make ppl feel miserable. Right??
    You better take out that mask off ur face , n move around, i bet u. If u hv any guts to do that ..then also u dont hv the right to judge me for my noble profession.. we as dental surgeons are even at a much higher risk than the so called Covid warriors( gen physicians.)...ldt me make it clear,I m not talkng about the critical care unit doctors, anaesthetists, pulmonologists ,researchers,the sanitation workers, nurses and other staffs etc.who actually have to be close to the Covid patients wand are truly the covid warrirors bt ppl hv generalized all mbbs docs as covid warriors n i cannot ageee with that at all!!
    They arent acknowledging evn the slightest , how much pain and rizk we dental surgeons are at.
    We get in close contact with our patients since we have to deal with the head and neck region.
    We are in direct contact to their oral fluids, and mucosa and skin , since our area of work is majorly the oral cavity, but No!! We arent at risk at all. We dont treat patients...we are just dentists.. the next tym u hv a toothache , u bettter visit a physician or a gen surgeon, i m sure he would treat u better thsn us dentists.

    No..u got it all wrong!!

    .i m nnot freaking out fr nothing.

    despite working amidst this chaos since mid june, it really feels sad when someone esp ur closed ones say such things....we hv been working in OPDs n Clinics , just trying to cure ppl and allevating their pain, all along risking our lives , staying away from family, only to hear such shitty things. God knows wen ppl wud realize how miserable they make sumone feel ,with their words n actions . I really feel sorry for them...and feel evn more prouder to say that i m providing my services to those who actually need them, evn amidst this global havoc, though nobody is gonna acknowledge our efforts and risk we are imposing on ourselves..I m glad sumobody brought this topic up, atleast i got to vent out my frustration...���� ��������



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    If You cannot respect me, atleast don't judge me!!

    "How are u related to covid?
    You arent a doctor...
    You are just a dentist.
    You aren't supposed
    to be involved with Covid??
    Are you??"

  • _alfaaz 3w

    Thankyou for being
    More than just a teacher
    A guide and an inspiration,
    We will idealise you forever.

    We were an underdone
    Piece of clay.
    You helped us in shaping
    Ourselves in the best way.

    You made us learn
    From our blunders.
    And transformed us
    Into excellent learners.

    We came to you
    As a blank paper
    You turned us into
    A life Savior.

    Even in the harsh times,
    Whole world being in Quarantine.
    You Altruistically chose
    To be on the front line.

    You taught us
    That being a Doctor
    Our foremost priority
    Should be, being a rescuer.

    Thankyou for being
    More than just a teacher
    A guide and an inspiration,
    We will idealise you forever.

    #doctors #teachers #frontline #warriors #corona

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    Happy Teachers Day

    To the front line Warriors.

  • kehta_hai_joker 3w

    Chose Nice font because doctors can also have nice handwriting or atleast type-writing.

    I try my hand at humor of all kinds at #stopthatplease.
    Do check.

    #writersbay @writersbay #everythingc #doctors #doctor #medicine #corona #satire #PPE

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    A doctor's love letter.

    Dear love
    If I die tomorrow

    I want you to have everything that
    I can in such a short time get
    And everything that I already possess

    But that would just be me
    Handing over to you
    papers of student loan debt
    Poor PPE kit, political pressure,
    threat of violence
    And a positive Covid test.

    Yours truly,
    A covid warrior fighting
    without right weapons.

  • liii17 6w

    Confidence at peak,
    Helping others is what they always seek...
    Restless Days and Nights,
    Imperiling themselves for others...
    Sacrificing their personal time,
    Isolating away from their kins....
    Cheers to all the health care workers,
    Without you all we couldn't have made it till here!

  • agrimakhurana 7w

    Let my sthetoscope be a weapon to all diseases.
    My hand a weapon to every cut and abrasions.
    My voice a weapon to every patient's stress.
    My love a weapon to every patient's heart.
    I'm a doctor
    So let my passion be everyone's hope and scope

  • dr_scolly 9w

    She worked her best charms...
    When adorned with a white coat
    And a stethoscope!

    The ages of struggle
    Hiding in her dark circles...
    Added an elegant charisma
    That saved millions!

    ©Dr Scolly

  • _tamanna04 9w

    Not every girl dream to wear her boy's coat
    Some dream to wear white coat
    Not everyone hold hands to feel safe
    Some hold to feel the pulse
    Not everyone need to be love by others
    Some love the need of others
    Not everyone fights for respect
    Some deserve respect!!

  • drpriyanko 9w


    कभी नदी किनारे बैठे
    सूरज ढलते देखा करता था ।
    काश के वनों में से गुजरती रेलगाड़ी और..
    मैं पतंग लिए समांतराल दौड़ा करता था।
    मानो हम दोनों में एक होड़ लगी रहती थी..
    लेकिन इस प्रतियोगिता का परिणाम सदैव निश्चित था!

    आज पसीने से लथपथ पीपीई किट उतारते हुए
    हमें याद भी ना रहता कि दिन है या रात!
    आंखों पर धुंधलाए हुए चश्मे के दृश्य
    कुछ हमारे भविष्य से मिलता जुलता लगता है।

    पर आज भी वह बचपना जीवित है!
    कुछ उस पतंग लिए दौड़ते बालक सा-
    जो इस उम्मीद से हर बार दौड़ लगाता था..
    कि कहीं आज विजयी हो जाए
    कहीं आज रेलगाड़ी धीमी हो जाए!


  • merlinanu 11w

    Life savers

    From learning theories,
    To understanding the theories
    From fear to hold,
    To confident to hold
    From inexperienced,
    To experienced
    From unknown causes,
    To known causes
    From unknown diagnosis,
    To known diagnosis
    Every doctor grows
    Every nurse grows
    Every physio grows
    Every medical team grows
    Grow as life savers..

  • juwain 12w


    People said you have a beautiful smile,
    But it was just for a while.
    Noone knew it was a fake,
    All i knew was for sake.
    She said she can read your eyes,
    I repeated again and again its lies.
    All she uttered is to stay ‘cool’,
    And i learnt in school its a ‘golden rule’.


  • lumos__ 12w

    #doctors #happydoctorsday

    I haven't seen my father for the last one month.
    He is assigned to fight the Corona virus.
    He battles on ungrudgingly to honour the hippocratic oath, fighting an invisible enemy,
    To unite others with their own daughters and sons.
    Each day, he dons his PPE like a superhero suit,
    To save others, risking himself in the process.
    Sweltering heat does not deter him.
    He flaunts the marks left on his face by the mask, like battle scars.

    I haven't heard from my seniors in a long time.
    While the rest of the world prepares themselves to stay locked inside their homes,
    Their landlords have forced them to vacate their homes.
    They have taken the difficult route,
    They have endured long hours in the dissection hall, the formalin burning their eyes and numbing their smell,
    They have pricked their fingers repeatedly to make the perfect slide,
    They have dedicated their life to lifelong learning,
    In order to help others celebrate their own.

    From the person who first held us we entered this world crying,
    To the one who plugs out the life support the day we leave the world, dying,
    From the person who injected you to make you immune to polio,
    To the one who answered your call at 2 am when you were breathless, sacrificed his sleep to help you breathe better.

    Instead, how do we repay them?
    We abuse them when a patient's condition deteriorates because he did not take the prescribed medications.
    We threaten to sue them when we are asked to perform x rays and scans which are necessary to detect the disease.
    We trash their skulls when they can't save a life even after trying their level best.
    We confuse them with some God who can magically treat people with the flick of their scalpel.
    We forget that they too are humans like us, capable of hurt and pain.

    Somedays, the news headlines fill me with dread.
    "Another young doctor killed in another part of the country"
    "Old doctor dead with Corona virus; infected while on duty".
    Sometines, I question my choice to enroll into a medical school a year back,
    When I had just a single aim: to help save lives.
    Now I do fear for my own life, but if i could go back in time,
    I wouldn't have done things different,
    Cause at the end of the day, the desire to help others overpowers all fears.


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    Let this doctors' day be a reminder to be a bit kinder to doctors and all other health professionals.
    Not just today, but all round the year.
    Let us not forget that they too are humans,
    Just like you and me.


  • musingsofriya 12w

    National Doctor's day.

    An Angel stood by his side assuring him, "Don't worry, you'll be fine."
    No she didn't have wings or a magical wand.
    But, wore a white coat with stethoscope on...

  • ritwika_somya 12w

    Sirens of incoming ambulances alarm their ears,
    But they never fail to assuage the sufferer's angst and fears,
    Next to God , is the stature given to these warriors,
    So unswering and unwavering are these onus carriers.
    And I wonder if we could ever pay off our debts,
    From the many sunrises to the many sunsets,
    To these heroes trading in their lives for ours,
    Selflessly turning their cheeks to their own maladies and scars,
    And losing their sleep over someone else's sleep,
    So that his well-wishers aren't cornered to sob and weep,
    And even when they do, they flip through the sides of their bed,
    Repeatedly till they fall asleep out of weariness and dread,
    These heroes lose tracks of hours and days,
    To keep the flame of assurance and hope ablaze.
    They breathe in the oceans of the ailing and the rivers of the dead,
    Unchaining them to a condition too stranded.
    They paint a ray of hope when are hearts go colourless and pale,
    When cascades of diseases and ailments hail,
    For they know it's them whom we ultimately lean on,
    From day to night and from dusk to dawn.

  • shackledthoughtsexpressivepen 12w

    Saga of a superhero!

    A little girl from a humble family had big dreams,
    Whenever she opened her book it transported her to a very different world!

    As she grew up she enjoyed reading about
    how amines reacted with acids,
    how a moving charge created magnetic fields,
    how Australopithecus evolved into Homo sapiens,
    how Krebs cycle regenerated oxalo acetic acid!
    Her tiny world of books had tonnes of hidden fantasies than the humongous world full of conflict!

    She failed,failed and failed but never gave up,
    she grew to become the most confident woman and her dreams came true,
    people started referring to her with a word she always dreamt of being referred to with!
    She was startled by how complex the working mechanism of the human body is,
    she was fascinated to look at,in real life all the structures she has studied about in books!
    Her first dissection class in her med school fed her curiosity!
    She learned tonnes of things in 5 years!
    When she took the Hippocratic oath, tears of glee rolled down her cheeks!
    When she finally became a post graduate with distinction,
    She proudly wore the white coat with her name engraved on it and stethoscope which once seemed like a dream!
    She became a surgeon,
    her hands were skillful and she was known for her precision and hawk's eyes while performing surgeries!
    Sleepless nights became her new routine!

    She found the love of her life,
    then she became a mother!
    She inspired her child and many others to keep going and to never look back in life!

    She witnessed some of her colleagues getting verbally and physically assaulted for things that were out of their control!
    She contemplated about the worth of her and her colleagues' hardwork over the years and what the society has been giving them in return!

    Her life almost collapsed when her marriage came to an end,
    but she rose like a phoenix from the ashes,
    she found a man who'd support her no matter what!
    She moved to a whole different country leaving her child and with a heavy heart!

    She started from scratch,
    carved a niche for herself in the foreign land!

    When all of us are trying to stay safe in our homes,
    she now goes to work with her PPE like a knight
    even amidst the pandemic,
    to save lives putting her own life at stake!
    She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife and most of all,
    she's a DOCTOR and she is what they now call a WARRIOR!
    She is a woman but is still my superhero!
    Happy doctors' day mumma!❤️



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  • misty_2004 12w

    Happy Doctor's Day

    I have not seen God,
    But I have seen a Doctor...
    I have not seen magicians,
    I have seen a Doctor...


  • hiya04 12w

    Service to mankind...

    Hand in hand
    Lost in thoughts
    They sit there by the ICU
    Waiting for their little gem
    Who's fighting for his last breath
    To see the morning sunshine again.
    But they can't spare his pain away
    For curing him is not a child's play.

    Now their ray of hope
    Lies on those lives ,
    Who spent their countless nights
    Away from their loved ones.
    Sleepless nights, 24×7 ready
    To save one's life.
    From hearing the cries of the newborn
    To that of losing near & dear ones .
    Their journey's not been so easy
    From spending years in studying
    To the struggle for their job.
    Those days when they fail to save a life
    No one knows the emotional trauma
    That goes through their mind.
    But still we can see them smiling
    Assuring us & giving hope ,
    That we have a tomorrow to look for.

    They are our doctors spending days & nights
    In healing & curing us.
    The heroes that are always there for us .
    We salute u for your relentless service
    To mankind...


  • angel_sneha 12w

    May your days be wonderful and healthy like you make it for others I want to thank you this doctors day you are an incarnation of God to others.
    On this doctor's day , I want to thank you as I am hearty and healthy again , hope you have a great day


    HAPPY NATIONAL DOCTOR'S DAY......��‍⚕️��‍⚕️��‍⚕️��‍⚕️

    #thankyoudoctors, #doctors

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  • trickysweet 12w

    #happY#doctors#day#to all doctors��‍⚕
    The legends of the world ����‍⚕��������‍⚕����

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    For FutureDoctors ‍‍⚕

    Kyu deta hai dil dastak tere paSss hone Kiiii----- ‍⚕
    Abhi to saFar shuru hua hai Par manjil hai baaKii .....

    H@ppY Doctors DaY


  • __silver__shades__ 12w

    Wishing everyone a very happy Doctor's Day!
    Let us all take a moment to pay our heartiest respects to all the guardian angels out there!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @writerstolli

    #pod #doctors #happydoctorsday #keepsmiling #loveyourlife #healers #life #thoughts #diary #inspiration

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    Some dream to be one,
    But only a few get lucky enough
    To witness the transformation of an ailing face into a refreshing, glowing smile.


  • aarushisood_as 12w

    I have a dream
    I can proudly scream
    Medical profession is a feat
    Profession with which no one can compete
    It requires purity of soul
    Emotions you'll have to control
    I imagine my life
    Serving the nation all the time
    Wearing white coat
    Giving people hope and support
    Someone's life saviour I wanna become
    It's my passion not a source of income
    Littmann is the jewellery I always wanna wear
    Equality and patients will be my first priority I swear
    Dying hopes will again wake up
    I am your Doctor Trust me don't give up
    This stress, anxiety , pain and depression
    At the end when goal is reached I'll give you all a happy expression
    Penning something I wanna reach
    Work hard that's what my teacher's always teach
    Heartbeat, Skeleton, blood and lymph
    Becoming Doctor will be my greatest Triumph

    To all those Morons who only wants title
    The Doctor word for them is utmost vital
    Greedy for only money
    Just like bee needs honey
    Respect every job for God's Sake
    You'll always work purely that's the pledge you have to take
    Work and learn honestly
    Books will love you back Earnestly

    Don't let yourself down
    You all deserve different crowns
    Stay positive and spread love and peace
    Never let your Dreams paint in Grease
    Bud wake up Rise and Shine
    Don't let your dreams faint like brine