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    In the shadow of your departure
    My bruises heal slowly
    Still my heart bleeds
    Through the shirts you bought me

    Masquerading in the haircut
    Every two months I reminisce
    Your praises sounded hollow then
    But memory phased it wholesome

    It has been years since I left you at the restaurant, half-hearted
    Blaming myself for being unworthy
    Wished I were taller, handsomer, smarter
    Wished I were richer, bolder, stronger
    Sophisticated and charismatic
    As you described your ex then
    I wished you would describe me one day
    As you did so in bed
    To the man who shared it.

    But he is the father of your child now
    The man of your dreams
    The guy you chose, to let and relent
    And I can't bring myself to hate him
    I can't will myself
    To resent the light in your life

    But I feel uneasy, as the years go past
    And the Instagram account you blocked off
    The one where you were a woman with
    An aura of invulnerability
    Hid the giggling little girl
    Happy to show off every little glitter
    Hasn't been updating as often
    The profile picture is the same as
    When we were last together

    Did you give up the glitter or did you stop shining
    Is the girl out now, skipping under the sun
    Or does she hide, forced to let go her baubles


  • grotesque 7w

    Guzra Hua Kal aur Aaj

    Woh kehti thi pyaar nahi chahiye
    Woh kehti thi sacchai chahiye.
    Main tha saccha. Main tha pyaara.
    Use toot ke chaha; usse rootha, usse hasa.
    Par usko samajh nahi aya, mera dil
    Kis hadd tak raat bhar roya!
    Ek din subaah woh chali gayi.
    Aur dooniya tham sa gaya. Main ruk sa gaya.
    Dooniya soona sa lagne laga.
    Phir maine dil ko samjhaya, ke ab aur nahi.
    Bas aur pyaar nahi. Ab bolegi toh sirf meri qamyabi.
    Maine bht kuchh khoya aur bht sapne sajaye.
    Par usne jo dil toda toh sab le gayi.
    Ab mujhe woh nahi chahiye.
    Woh laut aye ya na aye
    Mujhe meri qamyabi mubarak.
    Yeh dooniya zaalim hai. Isse pyaar do
    Toh nafrat deti hai. Aur use toh maine
    Apni dil-o-jaan diya tha...
    Badle mein mujhe sirf tanhaayee mili.
    Shuqr hai ki meri saansein chal rahi hai.
    Uske aane ke har darwazein maine band kar diye hai.
    Iss jaandar dil mein ab dhadkane nahi
    Sirf banjaar aur kaante basti hai. O janiya,
    Tumse bas yeh kehna hai
    Main bhi dekhta hun, mohabbat ke beena
    Kaise chain ki neend soti ho.
    Mujhko rulake kaise ab tum khush hoti ho.


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  • wanderwords 9w

    My love is a hurricane
    Uprooting hearts from the soul
    For they don't deserve the
    unrequited love of broken hearts
    My love is a hurricane


  • ovais43 10w

    A scientist once stated, literature is the most unnecessary thing in this world, while inking down his theory on a piece of paper to get it printed in the form of a book.


  • ericwinnert 11w


    There is a draft in my mind:
    It blows the musty cobwebs;
    It swirls about the dusty floor,

    But it disturbs me not. 

    There is a draft I have written,
    The second draft of the day
    That was born of the movement 
    That swept through my open mind,

    But I disturb it not.

    I have drunk a draught from the cup of love -
    It has blown in my soul a violent storm;
    Agitated, I scrawl down in one blast
    My own sawn song.


  • mrstoryteller 15w

    I have my memories safely packed in boxes.
    Just have forgotten where the boxes have been kept.
    Or sometimes, I don't know whether the box exists or not.
    When I search for the box,
    And finally unpack it, I find everything.

    I wish some boxes didn't exist,
    I wish to throw some of them,
    I wish some to be never opened,
    I wish someone doesn't tamper them,
    I wish some to be shared with people,
    I wish some to be remain open forever.


  • wanderwords 17w

    Partial self belief will
    get you nowhere
    just like partial
    love for them
    You can't be in love
    with yourself or them
    Life doesn't work partially
    So does your thinking
    There is no space for partial


  • wanderwords 18w

    Bare my thoughts
    (Once I enter this in my book I am deleting)

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    We have been so busy
    giving definition and
    understanding the meaning
    of healing
    that we forget
    Healing is not a trend
    it doesn't need to be defined
    It is like a season
    That comes and goes


  • wanderwords 18w

    They forgot
    a broken me
    Could be fixed
    not with metaphors
    or acrylic paints
    But the flame
    burning within me
    which they failed to
    put of
    At the end
    I was the same as broken glass
    which can be remelted
    And given the desired shape.
    If breaking me is easy
    Building myself is the easiest


  • wanderwords 19w

    Our imagination flies
    like the dried leaves
    on the abandoned porch
    Swaying to the rhythm of silence
    Obscuring the dreadful dreams
    Paving way for reality
    painted with hues of grey
    Like changing seasons
    Visible through the wrinkles on face
    Our imagination flies
    Touching the skies of hope
    Woven with fate and faith
    Our imagination flies
    along with patience


  • wanderwords 20w

    Lets skip the
    Modern initial steps
    of falling in love
    Instead exchange
    Metaphors and rhymes
    through the post
    Let's create memories
    on pages before
    Clicking pictures
    And pinning on the side of mirror
    Lets meet on the other side
    by staring at that
    Same night sky
    And hope our stars will match one day
    Lets fall in love with heart and soul


  • glittery_ink 23w

    Kabse draft me padi h ye post,but its perfect time to post this !!��

    Independence day special ����

    This is to show my regard towards our country, our freedom fighters, to our soldiers ,to are heroes of the nation ,they are the reason why we are alive and safe.

    We will never forget their sacrifice ����"Happy independence day "���� may our spirits rise with the flag today !!

    Feel the pride of being a part of such a glorious nation:))

    FREEDOM in the mind
    FAITH in the words
    PRIDE in our soul

    Lets solute our nation together on this independence day :))

    #proudtobeanINDIAN ����
    Happy 74th independence day ����

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    काँटो पर चलकर भी ,फूलों सा मुस्कुराया करो!
    फौज का सिपाही न होकर भी, देशभक्ति के गीत
    गुनगुनाया करो !

    खुद मुश्किल मे होकर भी ,दूसरो को हँसाया करो !
    हमारा देश महान है हो सके तो इसकी गौरव
    गाथायें लोगो को याद दिलाया करो!

    खुद अच्छे बनो, और दूसरो को भी यही सिखाया करो !
    जहाँ भी जाओ ,अपने देश के यश का गुणगान
    गाया करो!

    खुद न डरकर दूसरो मे भी, हिम्मत जगाया करो!
    हालात कुछ भी हो झंडे की शान और, भारत माँ की
    आन को ठेस न पहुँचाया करो!


  • twinkling_girl 24w

    let the dreamer of tranquility
    remain sober in silence
    as the thorns anguishes beauty of flower to infinity

  • mrstoryteller 15w

    "Now, I can understand romantic movies better", he said with a little sparkle in his eyes.

    A heart breaks, but the brain gets fixed.


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 30w

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    27 June 2020 7pm

    Mind Garden

    There comes a time when all over the garden
    Sprouts those weeds, spreading everywhere
    As if choking the land from taking a breath
    Denying the sunlight and drops of rain it owns

    And the clouds turn dark, darker than black
    All fears accumulate and pour over the pain
    Rare it sprouts here, the seeds of wisdom
    The ones most awaited, much harder to root

    Once the roots search for the soul of the land
    Grasping tight to its fists, seeking moisture
    It fills in the veins, pumping life throughout
    Grows new leaves of hope, the plant flourishes

    Such is my thought, weeds of fear easy to sprout
    And I choke on the fears, away from light of sense
    Despair looms over my mind as a dark cloud
    Tears pouring over the pages of life again and again

    Those rain of tears found a sparkle of hope
    Sowing it deep in my mind, worries watering it
    Once the sky clears, new thoughts sprout in me
    I adorn them with figures and lexicons exquisite

    That is how poesy bloom in my mind garden
    Uprooting thought weeds and beating dark clouds


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    Mind Garden

    Once the roots search,
    For the soul of the land
    Grasping tight to its fists,
    seeking moisture
    It fills in the veins,
    pumping life throughout
    Grows new leaves of hope,
    the plant flourishes


  • harshittt 32w

    I like you because you're beautiful and young.

    I like you because you eat alot and you're strong.

    I like you because you're so Frank and don't hide anything.

    I like you because you're childish! So childish.

    I like you because you like me for whatever I'm.

    I like you because whatever you did, your purpose for that is always positive.

    I like you because you do alot of work in a day.

    I like you because even if you're not with me, your eyes always stuck on me *on my every move*.

    I like you because you never ignored me.

    I like you because you're tough and down to earth.

    I like you because you do everything by own.

    I like you because you don't take advantage of anyone.

    You don't need to change yourself because of someone else.

    I'm sure there is someone out there that will love the real you.

    You don't need to be the very best.

    You should just be yourself.

    #You #draft

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    I like you.
    Because you're You.


  • _aahana_ 40w

    #Draft post #ajkal itna kadak ni likhti ��

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    एक चेहरे पर कई चेहरे लगाए नहीं जाते
    कुछ किरदार मनाने को कुछ सताए नहीं जाते

    कुदरत कब पलट ले बाजी किसको यहां पता
    यही सोच कर मासूम दिल दुखाए नहीं जाते

    चंद मुलाकातों में तय कर ले सफर जो जिस्म का
    मायने इश्क मोहब्बत के उन्हें समझाए नहीं जाते

    अनकहा अनसुना समझने की न करना कोशिश
    बेखयाली में जज्बात दिलों के सजाए नहीं जाते

    मत पूछो बार-बार सबब खामोशी का मेरी
    मसले सभी कह सुनकर सुलझाए नहीं जाते

    हम तो गुम हैं हमेशा से खयालों की दुनिया में
    तुमसे कैद में चंद रोज भी बिताए नहीं जाते

    जरा सोच कर रखना कदम एहसासों की दुनिया में
    निशां इनके वक्त से भी मिटाये नहीं जाते


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 41w

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    #draft #repost #dream #bts #euphoria
    A draft, full version of view challenge
    Then we were free
    Now are caged...

    The View of my Dreams - Euphoria

    All my life I wandered through thorny and rocky paths
    Searching for the destination of my dreams, a Utopia
    The road not taken, lead me to the ancient ruins
    The secret door I found was the hardest to open
    But the view that the door withheld was the most amazing
    I found the yellow sunlight of my life again
    The green grass of the valley of childhood
    The orange blossoms of teenage fantasies
    The red sparks of the secret love hidden
    The blue waves of the ocean of adulthood
    All my childhood mind wished to see, to feel
    And always believed that I will find...
    Only someday......
    ......Today I opened the door of my dreams
    Nature was waiting, arms wide open
    She took me in, craddled me in her lap
    My soul rejoiced, I found solace, peace...
    Let me bask forever in this Euphoria !


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    The green grass of the valley of childhood
    The orange blossoms of teenage fantasies
    The red sparks of the secret love hidden
    The blue waves of the ocean of adulthood


  • kindahappy 34w


    He is amazingly crazy obsessed loving person I have ever met!!
    The first time I saw him he was wearing dark colour shirt with a wrist watch on his left hand...the side look of his I can never forget dat jawline with black specs!!!!