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  • ssunayana 5h


    I asked God one day.
    Why did you create humans anyway?
    We kept on ruining all that you created,
    the plants, the animals, the Nature.

    God said.
    Because you are also capable of making the best out of all that I created.
    Humans are capable of being the best of my creation.

    I asked God again.
    You believe in our capability even after all this distaster. What gives you that hope?

    God smiled. She said.
    I hope. And I dream.
    Because I am a dreamer.
    What else do you think this entire Universe is,
    if not a unbelievably beautiful dream?

  • untold_diaries_story 5h

    उसका और मेरा साथ
    सुनने में तो अच्छा हैं
    पर खयालों से भरा हैं

  • tessyphilip 8h

    A Glimpse

    A wave of water spouted outward,
    Thumping me of my feet
    Suffocating, drowning somewhere
    I could scarcely see anything or could inhale through the dirt.
    I didn't have the foggiest idea how to swim !
    Yet,I can plainly review ,I wasn't weeping for help.
    There was nothing, not a solitary sound but the sound of my battling hands and feet .
    I knew, If I didn't sob for help, I may not endure.
    Still not prepared to ask out for aid.
    What was I sitting tight for?
    Is it that I was too adamant ?
    Or was I excessively subdued?
    Is it safe to say that I was really anticipating someone?
    Or was I suffocating with only despair ?
    Foggy vision , distinct mind,
    My entire life flashed before my eyes.
    Prepared myself to surrender.
    Complete quietness took over.
    Not even the sound of my hands and feet battling in the water.
    I quit thinking.
    What's more, I opened my eyes
    I checked out my dull dry room
    A sigh of relief.
    Well now what?
    I am befuddled, should I consider this as a bizzare dream and proceed onwards?
    Or should I just simply cry, for the reason that it was all
    A Glimpse of My LIFE ?

  • nancybhardwaj19 11h

    ज़ाया हो जाते हैं हम
    और हमारे अल्फ़ाज़,
    कुछ यूं हो जाते हैं फना हम
    जब आए तुम्हारे ख़्वाब।

  • bluemystery 12h


    I sit here surrounded by your warmth in a closed cocoon gently being swayed by the wind forward and backward admiring the tress which are moving with me in sync and the clouds which are moving away from me

    This gentle rocking and cool breeze that's passing me by makes me wish to get away from everything and to be in this moment forever

    It feels like I'm being taken away from this world to another dreamy state where I can forget everything and be in this state till the end of time

  • diana733 14h

    Obviously it's a fiction, just thoughts of a mere 16yo teenager. I hope it creates a vivid image in your minds!��

    My body turns to ice,
    Maybe I am in paradise.
    I inhale the fragrance of a giant hydrangea, and
    A dew drop pours over me , washing me throughout, void of sand.
    I behold an orchard,
    Chrysanthemums, water lilies, petunias and peonies; breathing them feels like a drunkard.
    I face the truth that I am a liliput
    I slide down a slender leaf, like a pixie, my voice meek and mute.
    The VIBGYOR was never this elegant,
    I met a leprechaun with a clover leaf, his stupor bent.
    Puff! Came a sound and he was gone.
    Leaving behind a pot of four leafed clovers instead of gold, prone.
    The nymphs and dyrads carry me under an open night sky.
    I sit there stargazing and suck in the beauty of night, whom I personify.
    Time slips by, I lay there, unaware.
    Nostalgia hits me, my soul bare.
    The grass beneath gets fabricated,
    I am now on a bedsheet in my pastel room, elated.
    Exuberant but somewhere hypnagogic,
    I realize it was a dream, no need of logic!

    Thanks for reading! Writing after long time! So please bear my words! I knw they are way to fictional but still! I tried to make it aesthetic! Hope u like it! ��������

    #mirakee #pod #postoftheday #writersofmirakee
    #dream #aesthetic

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    Time slips by, I lay there, unaware.
    Nostalgia hits me, my soul bare.

  • preciouschibeze 21h

    I closed my eyes
    And entered the dreamland
    The fabled land of rainbows and unicorns
    And the beautiful castle in the sky
    As I took full awareness of my surroundings
    It didn't register to be the place I thought of
    A dusky grey sky and a chilly zephyr
    No living thing in sight
    There was a mansion in the wasteland
    Curiosity got the best of me
    Then I entered
    It didn't take long before I screamed into reality
    Drenched in sweat and trembling
    The cat died that night.


  • supshabd 1d


    It was pouring but i have to reach my destination,
    I carried my umbrella of self esteem and wore my confidence,
    Road was full of masses running walking in all possible direction,
    It was all muddy -stone,which along with the people scared me,
    Hurray! In midst of all this i saw some lovely people - my people,
    I asked them way to my dream,which they promised to have well acquainted of,
    I was grateful for them for accompanying me,for being my saviour and gifted them my trust,
    But,i was killed on my way with misguided knife full of rust,
    I suffered severe injuries of betrayal ,with misguided knife still on my back,i was pronounced dead,
    The motive behind my murder is said to be envy,hypocrisy and selfish ambition.

  • ayushi_mridul 1d


    With my eyes closed, I see,
    My pathway is made up of gold;
    I am walking beneath the silvery sky with a glee,
    My future has never been told;
    In present, it will always be a mystery unknown,
    But still, I predict my future;
    Because I am going to create my own,
    By healing any trace of a puncture!


  • viku72 1d

    Big things come to those who dare to dream big..

  • thandebaste 1d

    ज़िन्दगी का एक और साल ख़त्म होने आया है,
    पर ये ज़िन्दगी अभी भी थमी हुई सी है।
    सोचता हूं उस हसीन सपने के बारे में,
    जिसकी तमन्ना एक अर्से से कहीं दब्बी हुई सी है।


  • afreenfathima 1d

    She was a Dream,
    Obscured with brimful Enigmatic Cosmos whose Interpretations were Bewildering Neblas...

  • leejinae_nv 1d


    I'm wide awake
    Looking up at the ceiling
    It's three o'clock in the morning
    And I'm falling into a daze

    It's like I'm here, but I'm not here
    It's like I'm there, but not entirely there
    I'm not sure what's what anymore
    I've been falling into a haze

    I'm running away
    I'm hiding in the dark
    I'm scared that someone will get me
    I'm scared I'll be caught
    I'm losing my mind
    I'm dreaming of a lie
    Or am I dreaming up a life?
    A life that'll never come into phase

    I'm wide awake, but I want to sleep
    Go back to the dream
    That haunts me at my wake
    A piece of a reality I'll never get to embrace

  • paresh_ai 2d

    A Dream

    Some dreams, they say, do come true;
    And I hope one of those comes to me too.

    But from what I've know, my dreams leave me feelin' blue;
    Because when night meets dawn, I dream about you.

  • upsilon400 2d

    #night #sleep #dream #drink

    I don't really drink alcohol, but I can only imagine how things would turn out. Adam's wine is another fancy way of saying water.

    You want a message
    Here's a message
    Don't drink alcohol to the point of getting yourself drunk (and with cancer, and liver failure, etc.)
    Instead, drink alcohol in moderation or else you'll die (or end up depressed, and more depressed if you drink while already depressed)

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    Sober up in your dreams

    Hey, have you heard? Did you hear?
    Last night I had a beer
    to wash away all my fears.
    Never have things been so clear
    when these smiles went from ear to ear
    Giggling, a bundle of laughter and cheer,
    a toast to the strangers eyeing us queer
    another round around me and my peers
    flipping chairs, sitting on tables uttering jeers,
    I fear that the end of our vigil nears.

    My pal worked a millstone
    now he's reached a milestone
    no longer bound to the stone
    Lucky you, and you alone.
    It takes more than that to break your bones.

    This night we raise a glass
    to the boy who got hitched with a lass.
    Walk her down along the grass
    You're proposal's fast, the first and the last,
    be her suitor that best suits her,
    and get a suit, go on, be a lover
    before it all goes south don't end up a drinker.

    Next morning, the first drink I supped,
    a mug of Adam's wine, for my sleep was abrupt.
    I wish I could go back to bed
    and dream again of those two newlyweds
    or a group of friends drinking alcohol
    happily in the dining hall.
    What a dream which I can recall,
    this ain't a memory at all.

  • sunidhi_shrivastava 2d

    I dance to be free,
    I dance to be me.

    Singing or dancing, I had two options,
    I was surrounded by so many confusing emotions.
    However, deep down, my heart knew, it was dance,
    It was something which made me happy so how could I take a chance!?

    In this modern world, classical dance is almost on the verge of extinction,
    Nevertheless, it still shows a different, mesmerizing, and charismatic reflection.
    No wonder, I got attracted towards its serene purity,
    I certainly developed a very unusual affinity.

    I used to behold the dancers overall,
    However, being an amateur, if they could fly, I've just started to crawl.
    No, I don't feel shy to admit,
    that there was a time when, I even had a thought to quit.

    But thankfully! I didn't,
    I reminded myself that if I said that I love dancing, then I mean it.
    I tried to get the best out of myself,
    all I wanted was just to get excelled.

    I always had a desire,
    to be in that overall classical dancer's attire.
    I'm glad I succeeded in making my wish come true,
    Not only that, I made my parents feel proud too. :)

    I dance to be free,
    I dance to be me.


    #dance #poem #dancers #dream #poetry #classical

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    Danced my heart out.

  • lunalight 2d


    My story. In one line
    "Dream to be with you, fail to live in my dream"


  • daffodil_as_pheonix 2d

    Good morning, folks. Something has been disturbing me for a few months and will continue to do so if people don't stop.
    I have finally joined Instagram, so you can follow me there. The username is daffonix.

    @shaliya @nitin4youalways1997
    @whentherainfalls @_tanvi_

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    Thank you so much for your support ��������

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    We all are screwed up. But...are your problems really problems? Please don't fake or over exaggerate your "problems". There are people who are really hurting out there.
    Do you know the word, "depression" is used way too commonly now. All thanks to the sh*tty diction of cinema. This is the reason why, in DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), the mental illness spectrum of depression has been given Major before it, making it "Major Depressive Disorders". Do you even know what is depression? It is not something that comes and goes in a day. It is not being unhappy because everything is going wrong.

    It is a clinical illness that lasts for months and years. It is being unhappy even when everything is right.

    Being sad and being depressed are two very different things.


  • i_qaisar 2d


  • moon_at_heart 2d

    I can dream. . .
    when my world falls apart.
    I can dream. . .
    when tears overflow my heart.

    When nothing seems to stand,
    My feet are planted on shifting sand,
    When mighty waves roll o'er me,
    And tears glisten, I can't see. . .

    I can dream. . .
    I can dream. . .

    I can dream.