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  • my_secret_life 1w

    This weed pipe is and and the sigs

  • w3ston 2w

    "Life in the game is not a place to play games"

    What it is,
    is what it is.
    And it's gonna be what it's gonna be.

    (Rough draft, right off the top of the dome)

    I have three questions to ask the reader.
    If you answer yes to one of them. Then you have experienced life in a similar way as we have. But for the purpose of those who have not been through the "most" I have to add examples of real life situations. The feelings during and the outcome.
    Also I know that the "most" in my life maybe not the same as others, and don't deny that the "most" could be opposite situations but the same lessons learned and the same pain felt. With that said.

    1.would you help a person who needs it even if they stole lied or hurt you?
    2.have you slept outside or had nobody in your phone contacts to call
    3.have you been spiritual awakened or experienced things that people call you crazy for speaking about?

    This GAME is a serious thing to be involved in. 9/10 people are gonna get the worst outcome. Death. Prison. Waisted time. Kids become users and thugs. Cheating. The
    Look of you changes. Money gone. Respect gone. If you are in the game and still wet behind the ears... My only advice is this.
    Learn chess and apply "those principles to all aspects of the game. The rest is understood and does not need to be said". And then everyone assumes there positions and awaits there outcomes. If that's the choice you want to make and the chance you are willing to take. Respect. I don't knock it. As long as you get the most from it. And I'm not meaning money or jewelery or women or clout . I mean the wisdom from the knowledge you get from the life lessons and experiences. And don't become a Savage in the mix of savages. The worst of the worst. As dark as you can get. From loosing weight maybe your biggest problems all the way down to covering up murders. To demonic entities coming physical and angry. To snow to heat and total absence of God....

    I'll finish this "rant" and "lesson" and my life's experience if there is any interest. In this one.. no point to blab about personal life when it's not relivent to the life's around me. I'm used to being alone. If u want my storey share and like and when it touches 50. I'll go into depth and truth about the reality that is shared among us all. Only from my perspective. If you choose to recognize you will see. If you choose to ignore and leave that door shut then I guess your ignorance is your bliss. Much love and respect to my friend out there

  • tulipkaira 3w


    Thinking of the people I left behind,
    my selfishness broke many hearts and leaving never ending tears........
    My addiction can't be destroyed......
    Leaving everything that holds meaning.....
    Living on streets just to get high......
    With bruises on arms, ragged clothes, unkempt hair....
    Nothing can be undone.....
    Beacon of light that is present before is not visible in the darkness that I plunge myself into.
    © Kairatulip

  • devilfish 3w

    American Shield

    I feel patriotically boastful
    I feel optimistically unstoppable
    And realistically the chance of my win is very plausible but the cheers are inaudible as they are falsified
    Duplicated to to the point where
    Authenticity has been compromised
    Magnified into a hyperbolic exorcise
    Or all it's meaning refraction of the light
    Immortalized with the footprints left under light or red white and blue stripes
    Of red rotten fruit not fit for eating
    Which once seemed ripe

  • thawarriorpoet 4w

    The best way to describe her...
    Shes aggressive,
    but not possessive;
    of only the way
    I kiss bottles of wine;
    and Toxic,
    in all manners
    of making love;
    She is truly a drug,
    The one I crave always.

    ©Tha Warrior-Poet

  • weirdo_notes 6w

    Fake smile

    That guy's one fake smile make me love my life as drugs.

  • allymohh 7w


    All they wanted was him to go wrong
    Because all the way around he was
    Something different
    There he always stood, stood with his charm

    Now all they see is him way beyond
    For he has turned into the ground
    Tis not him we say
    He's a mess we say
    But all he tell is that he's ok

    Sympathic eyes lay on him
    As there stood people who cared
    And loved around him

    But he won't see them
    For under control he is
    All he see is nothing but a cloud of distress

    A world full of Chaos is what he see
    Melancholic music is all he can hear
    Triump of numbness is what he feel

    Deep down he know he's a mess
    For he was a boy
    With nothing but fear fullness

  • vegiisaur 8w

    Austin Roose

    I could see it in your eyes
    You never wanted this life
    You tell yourself lies
    Just trying to survive
    Your always wanted out
    I swore you'd make it someday
    See what life's all about
    Keep in touch along the way
    You made it out alright
    I just heard the news
    The drugs won the fight
    I really wish it wasn't you
    But sitting here today
    I can hear it in your voice
    Every time you'd say
    You wish life gave you a choice
    The decision was yours
    Going back to the Queen
    Only four weeks ago
    I was proud you were clean
    So imagine my surprise
    And the sheer disbelief
    When you met your demise
    Now you're free from the grief

  • deadlittlesongbird 9w


    Damn my green injured eyes
    Searching yours, trying to find
    That unknown thing deep inside
    The reason why you hate me.

    That look in your eyes
    Is it the high?
    Or mainly resigned?

    We were sick, a little twisted
    Fractured by the pain.
    We know we are not the only ones
    Who cave, give in, before going insane.

    You only smile when you're high,
    I can only laugh when I'm drunk.
    These two pieces fall apart.

    Damn your blue, empty eyes
    Gazing into mine
    As the knife punctures my gut,
    Delving for an answer.

    That shadow in your eyes
    Is it just stoned,
    Or mixed with dead inside?

    Cut me deep to solve your riddle,
    The last piece in the vast puzzle
    Of why I loathe you,
    Yet somehow still love you.

    From this hurt I realize
    You try so hard to control me
    With the drugs that control you.

  • guafevc 11w

    Emotion Series: Pain

    I know, we said we wouldn't do it again.
    But baby the pain is too hard to take.
    A needle is all that is needed to partake.
    And feel the euphoria wash the pain away.
    And asleep we go, where there is no pain.

    I know we said we wouldn't do it again.
    But the crying, won't go away.
    White smoke from shard keep it distances away.
    Even though it's temporary, it helps me through another day.
    As we come down, the crash keeps it at bay.

    I know we said we wouldn't do it again.
    But the pain is getting in the way.
    A pill and we dance the night away.
    We have till 2am to get high and crossfaded.
    Until then, it keeps the pain away.


  • swiftlove 12w

    Part 1

    When you feel like there is nothing left,
    Except sins of the flesh.
    It makes you not feel,
    and nothing seems real.
    You stay in the present,
    because everything seems less relevant.
    This action stops the pain,
    the hateful names,
    the memories that won't fade.
    Sex is like a drug,
    You can never get enough.
    You become addicted,
    And that makes you feel conflicted.
    This is supose to be physical love,
    But your using it like a suppressive drug.
    You wish that it was enough.
    Sex has become your love drug.

  • brknpoet 12w


    I was stricken by the affliction of my addiction. Veins being constricted, air ways became restricted, a happy life was depicted but sickness was inflicted now I live my life conflicted and sickened as I lay twitching with my schizophrenic suspicion, heart pumping like pistons. Switching veins like a car switchin lanes. When I'm gone please remember my name, don't let it be taken in vain as I lay here R.I.P, Resting In Pain with my soul tied in chains my life was conquered by the game.

  • aintbroken 13w


    Too sad to eat,
    Too numb to sleep,
    My pills help me function
    For my sanity they help me keep.

    Sometimes four or five
    Maybe six or seven
    With a little alcohol on the side
    Makes life feel like heaven.

    My ecstacy is my rock
    Mary Jane is my lover
    Cocaine is my oxygen
    Oh my God when will this pain be over?!

    My life is all about puffing clouds
    And injecting substances through my veins
    For I know one day this will all end
    I mean there cant be a rainbow without a little rain.

  • wifey_suicide 15w


    Anything that is true, is labeled a conspiracy
    Which leaves life nothing but a mystery
    You can have thousands of sources
    And still have a theory
    Not because nobody wants to hear it
    It’s because all of it is in bits and pieces
    Nothing makes sense
    Life is nothing but a evil joke
    And you have to put the puzzle together
    Without looking at the picture

    The devil wants nothing but your throat
    He’s the greatest of all time, that’s why he’s a goat
    He makes you believe money is the only way for hope and change
    While you spend it all on pizza
    Even that has a story of it’s own

    But truth to be told
    Nobody even holds family close
    They rather be the lonely lost sheep, than the pack of the wolf
    To keep us all protected

    The devil mocks on all creation
    While we all forget about the Constitution and Bill of Rights
    While the devil creates a new app, united we fall into hatred and confusion
    Normalizing what is wrong, so we hate on the things that are right

    Selling sexual body parts to pedophilia without being labeled prostitution while overdosing on drugs, while being told it would help mental health, before seeking actual help, while the neighbor’s kid goes missing, while we stay stuck inside losing our minds to a disease so deadly, that only a mask can save us this time.

    That’s only one percent of it.

    Open your third eye.

    The devil is brilliant for ruining our lives.

  • __blah_blah_blah__ 15w

    Don't let people use your like a cigarette,
    They only use you when they are bored and
    Step on you when they are done.
    Be like the drugs
    Let them die for you.

    - Billie Joe Armstrong

  • thawarriorpoet 15w

    I've tried drugs once.
    It was in her eyes,
    her touch;
    The way my stolen shirt
    hung slightly off of
    her shoulder.
    She was all the "high"
    I wanted to feel.
    I was an addict
    for the substance
    she possessed.

    ©Tha Warrior-Poet

  • ezza2004 16w

    Took a pill for my depression,
    But depression was my pill.
    Every breakdown was like a session,
    But drugs are less likely to kill.

  • coldstar 17w


    I tap my fingers
    I tap my toes
    I bite my lips
    I pull on my clothes
    I hum a disorganised
    I punch the wall
    Just to feel free
    I've popped some pills
    I've smoked some bush
    I've drank some shit
    And went right back to kush
    I bite my hands
    And stomp my feet
    I do a small dance
    That I never complete
    I spin and sway
    And make little beats
    That blow me away
    But I struggle to repeat
    I thrust my hips
    I reach for the sky
    But I'm not fucking around
    And I don't wanna fly
    I stomp, stomp, stomp
    I think about my life
    I kick, kick, kick
    And I like to play with knives
    I try to find myself
    By copying you
    But I hate the way you are
    I hate the things you do
    So I tap my fingers and
    I tap my toes
    And run around staring at
    This great big world
    And I hum, hum, hum
    Some songs to myself
    And walk around acting
    Like I don't need anyone else


  • moondot 17w


    The reason I get high is because I’m depressed, I’m depressed because you make me cry, the way you make me feel makes me wanna die and that’s why I get high

  • wifey_suicide 18w

    Addiction becomes an antidote.