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  • the_speccy_outsider 12w

    I wish there was a vintage rustic telephone booth wherein we could just blurt out all our deepest and darkest secrets. Relieving us from this dangling sword above our head that once coercively prohibited us from letting the words flow from our mouth.

    Most of us have this annoying habit of blabbering things just in order to please our audience. To orchestrate a fake mellifluous rendition of lies, for the truth might upset them and we'd be left forlorn. That is what we fear, loneliness.

    We sing the same lullaby to pacify our inner selves, sleeping, not peacefully, but with a sense of caution. Wishing that there was some kind of elixir that'd help us relinquish this nugatory habit of ours. But even though such potion is right there in front of us, we incline more towards ignoring it not because we are audacious enough to endure the setbacks, but the cowardly ruler inside our mind refuses to bow down and still please the people who don't even care.

    Sometimes I feel like shouting at the top of my voice and let go every chest of drawers that I'd locked all this time, not fearing this feeling of being alone. I want to tell them that hope feels like a phone call to an ex-lover. That sunshine tastes like liberty as I've released those inner demons to a yonder land where iridescent unicorns heal them with alacrity. And moonlight smells like the sweat of a passionate lover who allows you to hover with ebullience during the daytime and protects you in the night showering the scintillating mangata amidst sheer darkness onto the sea of your feelings. Giving a fair chance to those unheard voices inside you.

    Speak out! Dial the numbers of your past and call Anxiety. Telling her that she's more of a muse. Catch-up with those quixotic Nightmares who tried their best to haunt you in a retrospectively daunting journey. Laugh your heart out reminiscing the jaunty rendezvous with Humiliation who never left an opportunity to pull your leg making everyone else laugh, and sometimes you too. There are a myriad of compadres in the pool of your past, waiting for their turn to meet you again. Perpetually reminding you about their existence. Proclaim them as the pearls of your present. As they are the reason for the construction of the current You.

    Never let them take a detour. Keep them close, as a souvenir of the journey that you've had. Enameling them onto the blank spots of your broken crown. Let it be broken, for perfect crowns never stay for too long as the novelty fades. But the ones that are broken have the opportunity to mend its cracks.

    Thus, ensuring a sesquipedalian longevity. Ironically so.


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    Picture credits: To the rightful owner.

    Edit: @writersnetwork Thank you so very much for the sixth repost! ��

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    Unheard Voices

  • daphnae 13w

    Wandering around the dusty corners of my soul, you watched the gathering layers of sandy words heaped off my skin, just because I chose to remain idle. My lips twitch, craving to sing the unsung lullabies you wrote and left for me in the attic. But, the lumps in my throat repudiate, consecutively obstructing the voice out of my caged heart. I scream in pain, but only the papers in my table could hear it all. The tears dried in thier lap, still rhymes over my metaphors. And I watch them through the burning candle, how strong they would keep the fire. The flames jerk out in blue, and instantly, anyone would know the answer.

    Keeping track of the heartbreaks I encountered, was no less than counting the falling leaves in the autumn. The dead butterflies tucked inside those heavenly, heavy books... I feel them lurching with the ink, being smudged on their body. My hands tremble with the thought of me being related to them. Pain didn't scare me anymore, the bliss preceding it did. I have walked on the sharpest shards of the broken glass, which once carried the elixir of expectations. My feet have spurted the darkest of my blood, slowly mingling down with the tiny drops of expectations splattered.

    //And they waited, for their cure to find them. Searched every sand resting on the roads of the city. And they dried.//

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    //I have walked on the sharpest shards of the broken glass, which once carried the elixir of expectations.//

  • jlaine 13w

    Pride bowing down,
    As elixir seeds its core;
    Fealty a whore.


  • jlaine 13w

    Ego bowing down,
    As elixir rapes its core;
    Fealty restored.


  • wilmaneels 13w

    -Futile search-

    They missed the point of it all
    The magic potion was their love
    Tolerance, honesty and trust

    They were searching for an elusive elixir
    Unaware that they possessed it all along
    Wasting time on a futile search

  • discoveringself 13w

    Empathy, validation, support!
    Elixirs, the broken world seeks!
    Alas! In vain!


  • simran2315 13w

    My not-so-childish feelings coming out as childish rhyme.����������❤

    Stray thoughts, nostalgic sanity and flooded eyes.
    Isn't that what #mirakee for?

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    Oh, I wish, I could step back,
    Alas, I am hurrying on a hamster wheel.
    And sometimes I miss something within,
    so I play my turmoil n' triumphs, on the reel.

    Churning infinitely, the elixir for my blighted self,
    I try to grip all voids- the hoaxed and the true.
    And I am missing something again
    And I know, this time, it's not me, but you.


  • bclark2681 13w


    My wish is to have an elixir,
    A cure, for the many mental
    Health issues affecting all in
    This crazy world so we may
    Live with inner peace and
    Love who we are, indefinitely

  • mirakeewrites_ 13w

    Elixir(When I thought of this word, A thought clicked and so here I am with another random musing)

    Sometimes poetry is my elixir for all the pain I feel,
    it helps me take down all emotions, sadness, pain and all the zeal.
    Everytime I am sad, tangled in the threads of emotion,
    I take my pen and gulp down this magical potion.
    Travelling to faraway lands,
    where we can walk under moonlight hand in hand.
    I sometimes go over the moon,
    In that land I forget my worries way too soon.
    I have cured so many heartbreaks, even some deep scar,
    I have travelled many places some too near some too far.
    Sometimes I am on a journey from dawn to day,
    sometimes I get lost deep as here things go on just my way.
    I am the writer of my own story, I sometimes become the princess, sometimes just a maid,
    sometimes I keep the hair flying, sometimes a flower decorated braid.
    I sometimes become a lyricist, writing beautiful prose,
    sometimes just a lover with a dead rose.
    Sometimes my story is all about the words and rhymes,
    Some beautiful lyrics are also there some times.
    Other times, just the music is fine,
    In a world where I am yours and you are mine.
    This elixir surely does something to me,
    after I gulp it down and magic is all I can see..


    (PS- Something vague, don't know if it makes sense!!)


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    My elixir in days when I am lost,
    It is something I love the most.
    When ever I gulp down this vial,
    It always leaves me with a smile.

  • the_moustached_poet 13w


    darkness encrypts grief,
    nights of peril,
    minds restless like tornado
    unable to sip
    the elixir of patience


  • mann_se_ 13w

    Your sweet words
    serve as elixir of life
    for my pneuma


  • strangledsoul 13w

    recipe: the silent heart

    once upon a time, I entered the realm with unknown countenances encountering me every day/hour/minute/ second. Isn't that suspicious? Inhaling hefty breath and anxiety causing a shiver to the body in the season already waned to minus Celsius, so welcome its winter and my favorite too. Shiver caused through the anxiety not discerning strange countenances but missing the family, I never had left before in my life. Applause, it's the independent phase, they say and on the other side ( murmuring inside own self, I wanna go back home), it's a
    Foreign land, I say( still shivering).

    So, the first walk for the above-concocted recipe, take you to the period where you start realizing the need (absence of someone or some).

    And suddenly, the wind strikes the windows, all dusty and harsh blinding the sights, halting the smooth moments. Lighting and thundering sometimes shook the bench and bed( the niche, I envy when the past time goes tough on me during the routine stuff) leaving my heart pumping hastily( as I fear the lightening wails during the heavy storms or weather) cause childhood times the fear was lessened through mom's talks reaching ears as a magical whisper soothing the little soul.

    Now, wrote it down because the second phase involves the eclectic and multiple reasons for the above recipe and is the most important facet that is the past will not leave the present doesn't matter what its character good or bad because the fear never fades away rather it has to be ignored or has to be confronted once or maybe twice.

    The relief came and nurtured my strength to be confident in odd times when the emotions were numb and heart went silent cause the most subtle phase, not the last but can be for some as this recipe can only be concocted if one had withstood the fear, anxiety, depression, sorrow, and absence, failure, parted ways, and many more on this never-ending list.

    I too had gone through this subtle phase and do every day/hour/minute/seconds dawdling in the presence of someone I cannot forget even If I want to. There is a lot for me still your absences seeks answers to uncountable qualms, raised in front of me. The only recipe that has been arranged till now over my dining table to serve is the silence settled inside the heart.

    Also, the unheard ELIXIR served always with the dish because without a drink it's incomplete, anywhere you have been served. It's essential too even during cessation when the soul leaves the body through the way went from a drop of water been poured over the mouth of a human intend to proclaim peace after so much good and harsh times of life. And I too, intend it when my soul, envy the presence of you girl, didn't leave me still not with me.

    I have it ever sometimes intentionally and times when the pain seems more delicious to blood than a warm hug of yours calming my all shivers and anxieties. I can find many Yet I wanna have you with every wound on me and without any harm to you.

    #elixirc #pastpearlsc #recipec

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    unheard ELIXIR, once
    gulped through the dry throat
    overlooked all woe's

  • go_win_the_hearts 13w

    Stop you once
    just for a night's romance
    beg I chance!

    Let you dip
    whole in my colourful sea
    being worries free.

    Elixir my mirth
    ecstatic is my sprightly worth
    tempting by birth.

    Just a moment
    not to miss or lament
    live blissful enjoyment.

    Glinting your figure
    Have not seen such ever
    cause lovely fever.

    Let me surrender
    Ready to commit all error
    for you stranger!

    Damn to beauty!
    If not I cause gaiety
    in you sweetie.

    22th October, 2020

    @mirakee @writersbay @writersnetwork
    #creativearena #writingcontest #pod #elixirc

    P.C- Google/rightful owner.

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  • rekhuu 13w

    HOPE - The ever so mellifluous syllable that keeps the world going strong with each passing day and in the most testing of times giving us the power to strive hard in our various endeavours. It lights our soul with an invisible energy to have our spirits high. The priceless elixir that resonates in everyone alike, a wherewithal to help us out at the time of trouble. .


    #elixirc @writersbay @thesunshineloves

    #writingcontest #creativearena @writersnetwork

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    Collom Lune

    The refulgent hope
    with which we are waiting
    for the elixir


  • pallavi4 13w


    Your gentle, calming energy
    I want to be near every single day
    The way you always shield me
    Keep all the troubles at bay
    Those almost perfect almond eyes
    That at me always stare
    Tugging at my heart strings
    Leaving my soul to you bare
    Your sweet words are an elixir
    Filled with love, affection and care
    You brighten up the room
    By simply being there
    You are not only the one I love
    To me you mean so much more
    You lend a sympathetic ear
    Guide my ship to the shore
    A part of my everyday you are
    Although you’re so very far away
    I’ll wait for the day we’ll be together again
    Till then safely in my heart you’ll stay


    22nd of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - “Woman in white, blowing letters off page of book” by Leslie Balleweg

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  • manrup 13w

    #elixirc #pod @writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee
    Edit: Thank you so much @writersbay for your kind repost��
    1st repost by you♥️ #dgotreposted

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    A writer might leave this world but the essence of elixir remains alive in his writings

  • bhawna__ 13w

    kuch baton ki bat hai,
    kuch lamho ka sath hai,
    kuch unkahe se jazbaat hai,
    hasna khelna chalta rhega,
    jab tak tera mera sath hai,
    fir yadon ki barat hai,
    har lamha fir bhi toh tere sath hai,
    aankhe num na kar,
    bas ek bar fir se muskura de,
    bas abhi chal rahi farishto ki hi toh bat hai.

    October 22, 2020

    ({[Once he wrote this hindi poem/shayari when we were exchanging our hindi shayaris..]})

    #elixirc #pain #life #relationships #staystrong
    #humblebee #kehta_hai_joker #jandjforever
    #writersbay @mirakee #writersnetwork

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    छोटी सी आँखे,
    जिनमें कितने फरिश्ते जा बैठे हैं ।।
    उन्होंने हंस के दो बातें करदी,
    हम रिश्ते बना बैठें हैं ।।

    वक्त कुछ मुनासिब नही,
    य़े पैगाम फरिश्तों तक पहुंचा दो ।।
    सुबह तो कर देगा सूरज,
    पर शाम रिश्तों के हिस्से नही ये बतला दो।।


  • ashamurali 13w

    Writersbay Word of the Day: Elixir.


    Some friendships are priceless and they go down in the pages of history and become immortal. One such friendship existed between Savitri Bai Phule and Fatima Sheikh. Though both women were fiery and committed to the cause of educating girl children, for some reason, historians have totally sidelined Fatima Sheikh’s contribution. Here is an imaginary conversation between the two women. Let us fold our hands with respect to these selfless ladies. If, as women, we are thinking and expressing ourselves to this extent, we owe it to them. This is my tribute to the two wonderful women who have served tirelessly for this cause.

    Savitri Bai Phule:
    Who doesn’t know me? I am Savitri Bai Phule, the first woman educator of modern India. Along with my dear husband Jyotirao Phule, I started the first school in India for women way back in 1848.

    I want to tell you about my dear friend FATIMA SHEIKH, without whose support we could not have done this much. When we were thrown out of the house by my own father-in-law, she gave us place in her home, and supported my dream of giving education to girls, especially dalit girls. She was very committed and enthusiastic towards this cause. Together we would teach in our school.

    Fatima Sheikh:
    Thank you Savitri. Your friendship inspired me and that’s when I too decided to join your movement. They say that I am the first muslim woman teacher in India. Do you remember how we used to carry extra saree to our school?

    Savitri Bai Phule:
    Yes my dear, we would carry an extra saree to work, because the saree which we wore would be totally drenched with muddy water and cowdung and all trash that would be thrown at us. Sometimes sharp sticks and stones also would be hurled at us, to prevent us from going to school and teaching girls.

    Fatima Sheikh:
    Yes, the opposition was more for me because I am a muslim woman. I remember how I used to go to every house and convince the mothers to send their daughters to school and how they would close the door when they see me coming towards them. Oh! Thank you for taking my suggestion to introduce mathematics, social studies and science in the syllabus and not what was traditionally taught in schools about our scriptures. I wanted women to be empowered and basically to start thinking.

    Savitri Bai Phule:
    I must congratulate you for heralding the first joint struggle of dalits and muslims in India. It is not a mean achievement . For me, after a while people started noticing me and it was comparatively easier. When I started the intercaste marriage movement or when I started the shelter for rape victims, I got good cooperation, but not the case with you, Fatima, they just forgot you totally.

    Fatima Sheikh:
    Savitri, historians initially sidelined you too, but later on, they had to accept your contribution. Whew! gender bias exists even in this! Yes, I had to face hardship from my own kin. However, thank you for acknowledging my contribution.

    Savitri Bai Phule:
    Thank you for supporting me all through, Fatima Sheikh. I wish people remember you as much as they remember me. I was surprised that our Prime Minister mentioned only my name but forgot yours.

    Fatima Sheikh:
    It is ok Savitri, I value our friendship and when I see so many muslim women reaching great heights, I feel my purpose is served. Kudos to our friendship. I am proud that the girls are now empowered and are reaching great heights.

    - Asha Murali

    Pic credit and info from internet.
    Special note: please also see post by @hannaabideen on this subject.

    @writersnetwork thank you for the like and comment.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #elixirc @writersbay #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork #readthisj #iamfordalits

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    Elixir of friendship working towards women empowerment

  • bhawna__ 13w

    Please Heaven tell me your address.

    You didn't allow me the love of elixir.
    If I could say more, even then I was not so sure,
    Our conversation was never gonna end,
    But the desires of those walks on a single shore,
    From the day to the night, I wish I could have
    that beautiful memory, and still I'll say it beautiful shade.
    So he didn't allow me the colours of the sky,
    that kisses my eyes,
    And then he said the Love is my eyes,
    Maybe he is a little angry with my absence,
    Maybe he is more in love with my soul,
    And today he is unknown to this early morning,
    He is known to every season of the day,
    But where is he,
    In the abode of heaven, I mean
    Even I wanted to say those goodbyes to this world,
    I wanted to say it without saying it,
    and I wanted to say it without breathing and was beyond the ambit,
    But he said that unsaid goodbye with an intention,
    He made an anonymous identity when called me a mysterious abode of some little ocean,
    And now the wishes in those invisible evenings.
    And again this morning greeted me with some unexpected tanning,
    I was a stranger with some moments,
    and I missed something more to the real sand.
    And I couldn't think of more painful roars,
    Could you see the silence and numbness anymore?

    I don't know if the love is completely drowned in the unseasonal tears,
    or hidden behind the darkness from the fear of that bright sparkling light.
    But I had eye contact with my self,
    and we had locked those moments in the forgetfulness.
    Still in the deepness of the sleepy valleys,
    and it was just about the love for dreamy arrays.
    And he disappeared with his magic when wished all the happiness.
    Left the words of welfare and safety without any sadness.
    When the hope for me was just his smile,
    He left with the opportunities that he knew I am gonna fly.
    For me to say that,
    That go and now live like the strongest heart.
    And he took away the smile of my eyes,
    But I promise I'll still smile your beautiful rhymes.
    He took away the slumber and peace of those rhymes,
    But I'll find the lonely and beautiful skies.
    He took away the tears of mine.
    No, I'm not crying.
    If you're listening to my sobbings.
    This is just I ate more of chocolates with some ice.
    Now tell me, isn't that the colourless love,
    Tell me, that it is not the rudeness,
    Yes, we will call it the sober star that shines.
    It will help my heart to live in a while.
    Please, name my eyes to love again.
    And become the rainbow of my little hopeless eyes.
    Please, write my words in yours again,
    when your humour disappears the pain.
    And become a poet for one more time for me.
    Just for once,
    For the morning that just happened,
    till the next dawn in your heaven.
    And again, then always, and then forever,
    It is just love, right?

  • discoveringself 13w


    Melancholy paints your
    world a few shades darker;
    It pulls your yesterday into today,
    with tomorrow being out of
    sight or even farther!
    In the brightness
    of warm sunny noons,
    It feels like the sharp
    shards of icy cold waters;
    It leaves you alone,
    in deep thought, the solitude
    you grow to cherish and foster!

    Melancholy sets in, with
    no regard to dusk or dawn!
    It kills your joy, your hopes,
    with only you to mourn!
    It shrouds you in a
    layer of despair, a pearl
    Of tear to adorn!
    Even in a sea of familiar faces,
    you float in your
    own mire, all alone!

    And though better sense
    calls for breaking
    the crysallis and bloom;
    Those prone to melancholy
    know just desolation and doom;
    I wish there was an elixir to
    overcome this sense
    of perpetual gloom!
    Perhaps empathy is the remedy,
    before it all consumes!