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  • tazmanian_angel 1d


    Such beauty I’ve seen fall
    Your heart my soul still calls
    Leaving broken hearts behind you
    Now gone where no one finds you
    Your tenderness I miss
    Your laughter, smiles and bliss
    Broken empath, rainbow child
    So smooth yet somehow wild
    Strong unlike those who beat you
    They never truly could defeat you
    This mother’s heart still shatters
    For your joy is all that matters
    My little narcissus flower
    You are brave but lost your power
    With the happiness you find
    I’ll try not to lose my mind

  • angels_halo_always_shines 4d


    (L)imitless is the knowledge we soak in.
    (I)ntegrity Is the souls barrier.
    (M)aking the lines blur, appears
    (I)importance is life, long or brief.
    (T)aking for granted anything is just a way out.
    (L)earning to know thyself, is the key to mindfulness.
    (E)veryone scrambles to impress the world.
    (S)peak highly of yourself, talking down hurts.
    (S)eeking out the pain, only to kill it.
    Limitless is all how we view the world.

  • angels_halo_always_shines 5d

    Slash My Tongue

    Sometimes, it's tragic & inevitable what comes next. Silent Silence.
    Your actions of today come forth,
    at another time and place. Most likely you won't be expecting it. Catching you off guard. And had you been able to prepare yourself, things could have been, a different outcome. And then the damage has been done. I could have slashed my tongue. Maybe it's not to late to make amends. Seems it is. I miss you more than you know. I don't know what's right, or wrong anymore. I just know that I am wrong. I am always doing wrong. I know it all to well. If. I. Could. Take. It. All. Back. I. Would. I would for you. I love you Molly.

  • sarahrachelea 5d

    She lives in this world
    But doesn't belong here


  • angels_halo_always_shines 1w

    In Spirit Only

    The illusions of you still linger before me. The illusion you are still here. The painfully sad moments, when I have to remind myself you are no longer among us. You are here in spirit only. JimmyJohn said yesterday, how he wishes you were still here. I do too, I do too Jimmy. Acceptance started as an illusion that has acquired our pain to comprehend what is real.

  • angels_halo_always_shines 2w

    God's Plan

    To see is to feel.
    To feel is to see.

    To share is to care.
    To care is to share.

    To hear is to fear.
    To fear is to hear.

    To have been used.
    You are already fused.

    I seem to be in my shackles.
    As it is there are most of my tackles.

    But I'll be damned if I only let you hear one side of a story.
    You needn't have a worry.

    I have dug myself out of worse.
    I am as strong as a damn horse.

    My husband, he looks at me and says I'm tough as nails.
    I just laugh, as time tells all tales.

    See, what y'all dont know is that through my writing, I heal.
    It seems it's my way of disposing what I feel or don't want to feel.

    You heard a bit of my writing, and you let yourself define me on your damn terms.
    Close minded, and a misunderstanding on your own part.

    I have demons, I have a life, as do you.
    We both see how unfair life is.

    You live with so much money, you have your big house.
    And you have a house in Mexico, that's more than I have ever had in my lifetime.

    And I am the fool.
    I let myself be the fool.

    If only things were different, and we actually knew who one another were.
    Maybe we would know the cure.

    As to the future, our family, you all are spoiled, had all handed to you with the golden spoon.
    And I am just fighting for survival.

    Must I be judged by you because I don't work, I don't have this, I don't own my own house.
    I am only a woman, who learned to accept what is, pass no judgement, listen to anothers story, and feel as they do.

    I learned that to be selfless.
    I know that to be blessed, that's the way it goes.

    I was chosen for this life, I believe that in a perfect world, as in yours.
    I needed this lifetime, as it has shown me what needed to be.

    So, in my next lifetime I will be accepted, by the foolish, by the damned, by the chosen ones.
    I am the light, I am the one to show others their way when they fall from grace.

    I let myself fall on my face.
    I been put in my place.

    I am looked down on by you, and others, and I know this.
    But if I gave a shit, I wouldn't be who I am today.

    I had 4 kids, I love each of them, no matter the brainwashing that has been instilled.
    If it came down to it, I would die for any one of them, to save their life.

    It's through them, I saw how the world was.
    How cruel, how greedy, how fake and unreal many of you are.

    I am me, I am a woman to speak my mind.
    Without a voice you will never be heard.

    So, I tell my story, I know it's not filled with glory.
    I can't be as you are, I can be myself.

    Whether acceptance is in my cards or not, I will be me.
    This lifetime I have given so much of myself, and I would not have it any other way.

    That's why I am here.
    That's why I am blessed.

    I wish you could understand.
    It was all God's plan, I just did as directed.


  • sarahrachelea 1w

    Yes, I can feel you
    No, you can't fool me


  • angels_halo_always_shines 3w

    Clearly seeing all these faces.
    Blankly staring into the air.
    Starting to get uncomfortable.
    Feeling numb, we stare.
    Stare into the unknown.
    The unknown species, unbeknownst to us.
    We stand in awe, and welcome.
    Welcome them into our Hell.
    Our sickness, our evilness.
    Hoping for some form of purity.

  • angels_halo_always_shines 3w


    To see is to feel.
    To feel is to see.

    To share is to care.
    To care is to share.

    To hear is to fear.
    To fear is to hear.

    To hate is to carry your fate.
    Love thy mate, seal your faith.

    Don't look back, not at the pack.
    Follow your lead, and no other's.

  • sarahrachelea 3w

    Beware when someone's telling you
    "I don't wanna hurt you"
    It's not an act of empathy, it's a warning
    Save yourself
    Stay away from them

    - Protect your energy

  • ladysag77 4w

    It's a humbling feeling to experience God's love, when we can connect with our soul and realize our purpose. Messages from beyond are how I interpret intuition. A beautiful way to flow through the energy of life❤

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    A stirring starts from deep within
    My soul immediately knows something's about to begin
    Messages from beyond felt first in my gut
    Pulling me out of any sort of rut
    Inner strength and salvation comes each time I surrender
    Patience is gained through the pain feeling tender
    Enlightenment is reached when we choose what serves our highest self
    Actions are answering to everything with love
    My soul's purpose and clear direction on this path
    God's will shall be done, working on his behalf
    Glory be to God sung throughout the land
    I bow my head because in this I understand
    Following along as His humble servant is an honor
    Each time that I listen I feel so much calmer
    Thanks be to God for trusting me so
    He's with me as I travel through on this journey and grow
    His love is what drives me and this I just know.

  • ladysag77 4w

    Shifting and allowing my soul to be held in God's grace gives me such warmth and peace. Thank you God for showing me the way. Thank you for the struggles that have turned into strengths. Thank you for allowing me to see your masterpiece amongst the mess. Rising up with the rest of humanity into acceptance of our connection, love and eternal bonds.

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    Being held in grace

    In God's eyes we are love eternal
    Beginning to grow exponentially at levels internal
    We are everything and everything is inside of us
    Just waiting to break free and shine our light without fuss
    Warmth, reassurance and Divine's grace
    Allows me to bow my head, shed a tear and feel His embrace
    Spreading the love and light beyond space and time
    Creates deep feelings so sublime
    Gratitude overflowing like a waterfall from my soul
    Understanding all along this is His goal
    Shouting from the mountaintops throughout our wide world
    Amen, Amen and Amen shall his work be done

  • ylviia 4w


    You don't know what it's like
    Actually I do
    I don't want to argue about that but
    I felt it when you were sad about a boy who broke your heart
    I felt it when you were angry at the world
    Furious why it's not meant to be
    I felt it when you were happy again
    Rebounding with your love
    I felt it when you were irritated about what he said
    "You're heartless. Cold."
    I felt every single emotion from the ones I care about
    I don't understand it myself
    It's not enough that I can't deal with my own emotions
    I feel others and it's a curse
    I see the tears in your eyes as they poured salt in your wounds
    I felt the sharp pain in your heart when they reminded you of him
    It's weird
    A few days you said to me
    "You're still so young. You're like a Caterpillar who still hasn't gained enough experience to develop to a butterfly. You can't understand my situation."
    I would have screamed I DO
    But you wouldn't have believed me
    So I kept silence
    It's weird because I sometimes think they are mine
    But I don't have a reason to feel that way
    And you have
    It's also a blessing because I exactly know what to do in these situations
    Because I know how it feels like
    So when you tell me again
    "You don't know what it feels like."
    I will just keep silent again
    But actually I do know

  • angels_halo_always_shines 4w

    #empath #empathmind #ceesreposts #mirakee #mirakeeworld #facts

    Photo credit myself downtown 4th Vine St. Cincinnati, Ohio

    Time ...
    All we have is time,
    Not really.
    It ticks away.
    Time put in,
    Goes straight to Hell.
    We are only human.
    So it's said we live one life,
    Do we really though?

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    Time ...
    All we have is time,
    Not really.
    It ticks away.
    Time put in,
    Goes straight to Hell.
    We are only human.
    So it's said we live one life,
    Do we really though?

  • tazmanian_angel 5w

    The Heyoka is one of several types of empaths, such as myself. Here’s a short description taken from Wikipedia :

    The heyoka (heyókȟa, also spelled "haokah," "heyokha") is a kind of sacred clown in the culture of the Lakota people of the Great Plains of North America. The heyoka is a contrarian, jester, and satirist, who speaks, moves and reacts in an opposite fashion to the people around them.

    #heyoka #empath #overload #erode #mind #heart #tears #sacredclown #laugh #frown

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    The world erodes
    My mind locks up
    My heart explodes
    Tears falling down
    A “sacred clown”
    I make you laugh
    So I won’t frown

  • angels_halo_always_shines 5w

    Never Too Much

    Acquiring knowledge comes easily. Just have to be open-minded. Your brain can take as much as you can. Being knowledgeable about things, can come in great timing. When one needs it most, you can save the day.

  • pattyortega_ 6w

    I am an empath
    I am feeling quite anxious these days
    I would rather be in another place
    One where I wouldn't open up my phone
    and immediately soak in the horrors of the world

    I am an empath
    I wish others would acknowledge me as a strength
    Not a burden,
    Recharging keeps me up
    That's why I love the nighttime
    When everyone's asleep and I can just be

    I am an empath
    I can be quite a lot
    And I feel guilty for needing so much space
    So much solitude
    But when I am around others
    I pour of myself until
    I have nothing left to pour

    I am an empath
    What's your superpower?

  • sarahrachelea 6w

    Dear Empath,
    It's not your capacity
    To fix a dysfunction toxic narcissistic
    That don't even want to change themselves
    Sometimes you just gotta let go
    It's of your business
    To shower them with affection, love and compassion
    They'll always taking you for granted
    And using you like a doormat
    Let them be and deal alone with their troubles
    Set your boundaries
    Don't let them bitter nor hurt you no more
    Remember, only The Creator
    Can change and transform them for good
    Don't let it be burden to your shoulder
    It's not your capacity
    It's ok, you don't have to be their saviour
    Just run and leave
    For the sake of your safety and sanity


  • angels_halo_always_shines 7w

    Waving Goodbye, to all that was

    I'm always misunderstood, by family people that say they are my friend. Then just end up disappearing in the end. I learned to do what I was directed to do, do me. Do me while I'm here. So, when people wonder why I'm so distant, they can look back and reflect upon the past. Holding the key, the past. Can't be changed, I won't forget.
    I wish you were here B. I wish you were here Dad. I wish you were here Autumn. The world would be a better place. I try my best, to do good. I promise. I hope y'all see, all I do. To try and be the best I can be. Despite all the reasons people think I will fail. I am sure many thought I would look to my drug of choice, but I fought that shit. Even though I knew I could make me numb. Numb to the pain, the hurt, that I fight daily. The shit haunts me. Haunting me, like a damn shadow over me, like a stalking animal.
    I am the one that's came back strong.
    I came back with flying colors passing all the damn tests thrown at me. Sure, yea I lost people close to me along the way. It had to be. I nee not explain myself to anyone. No more of it. If you can't understand, it's on you. I need not apologize. No, no not for the hurt it has caused me. I give some a damn chance and I end up getting broken in the damn end. Yea well, I'm done. I can't handle it. I can't handle the hurt, the state of depression I stay in. And where is anyone, where the fuck is everybody at? No where to be found. I am pissed. I'm angry. I am tired, of holding in my pain and hurt, it's a burden to me. Today, I write this as a goodbye to it all.
    Wave goodbye, as I give it back to the universe. Hoping to set me free, I wait.
    My wings, they shall fly again. I will rise above in the end. I will be me again. Against all the odds, despite all the ones waiting on me to fail. I rebuke all of it. The truth is revealed, as it always is, in the end.

  • unheardexcerpts 6w

    Rising as a phoenix.✨

    I'm trying my best, constantly transforming myself. After hitting rock bottom I realized one thing for sure, We live our all of our lives pretending to be alive, pleasing & entertaining others, while in reality deep down we all know it's hollow.

    I strongly believe in solitude, for it is the reason behind strength that I have today to fly this high. I'm humble enough to know I've still miles to go.

    I rose from the ashes of my cremation, not knowing that there is life even after this cruel death. It taught me that you need to honour your tough times & learn from it in order to transform. And trust me, it requires a lot of purging, which is never easy.

    Now that I'm figuring it out, I realize the power of solitude. We often get intimidated by the idea of loneliness not realizing that we're never alone as long as we're in tune with our spirit.

    Today if you have a gut feeling to separate yourself from the others. I emphasise you to go for it. Be a loner, trust me I know the process is hard. Your soul needs rebirth in order for you to be the best version you're destined to be.

    In this process you'll see the silver lining. Slowly you'll get used to it, & you'll realize that each moment some or the other part of your core is shredding & renewing.

    Trust me, you've got the power to built yourself from these ashes. Honour this, and you'll see the big picture. Trust the universe, center yourself & you'll find you're surrounded by synchronicities. Have faith and patience. Things are aligning for your highest good. Lastly, break the cage, spread your wings & fly high.

    ©unheardexcerpts, perseverance brings wonders.