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  • rosalynbreathingsky 5d

    One and All

    You can
    Be your light
    Be your truth
    Be your path.
    Within you
    Is that immense
    From the good
    You source
    Yourself from.
    If I can
    So can you.


  • mr_quantum_ 2w


    She traverses often
    unreeling through gravity
    crystallized in complexity
    of space and time
    daring to cross billion miles
    until void ,
    until her ultimate infinity .
    There she unleashes her true self
    to rule , to avenge the world
    of the torment , of the loathes
    for her .
    Cz she is the queen
    of herself and her universe
    Everyday she hides a bit of her
    to be a mystery in her parallel universe

  • rosalynbreathingsky 3w

    lessons from yellow flowers

    To stand in beauty
    Without shame
    Without reservation.
    To stand in radiance
    Without fear
    Without apologies.
    To simply live
    This life
    This time.


  • thatgeekgirl 3w

    I, the Un-omnipotent...

    What do you think I would do to you now,
    Given the chance, what wrath would I unleash? Would I send all the misfortunes in the world out leech you?

    Do you think I could drag you over jagged rocks of a cliff then shove you, wait 'til you submerge, then observe you, lifeless, wash up on the beach beneath you?

    Or would I string you up in the centre of town, for all to see, taunt and judge you, remove all discretion, preventing anyone trying to protect you be able to reach you?

    Perhaps I'd chain you to a desk, make you write thousands of apologetic lines, punish you harshly, have a stern lesson to teach you?

    Maybe I'd turn you into a peasant, remove every ounce of esteem and ego, and as if I ruled the world with an iron fist, effortlessly command you, with no need to beseech you?

    The truth is even if I could do anything, I would do nothing. I'd give you no time. You haven't defined me. I've defined myself, so well, that despite you, I even mastered turning pain into unwavering speech, too.


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  • i_chaki 4w

    Follow my instagram handle �� i.masakkali (link in bio)
    for more quotes, poems and short stories.

    #pod #selflove #depression #empowerment #women #pinkpower

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    Hey you, take a look in the mirror. Yes you. No need to fix your hair or brush off those pimples under layers of foundation. No need to tilt your head at the correct angle to hide the imperfections. Just go in front of the mirror and take a look at yourself, just as you are. Don't focus on that one pimple, one bald spot or anything else that you had been trying to hide for years. Look at the complete YOU, the you that people see every day. You are not defined by one flaw, one emotion or one or one mistake. The beauty is you are a motley of every colour there is. You are beautiful and ugly. You are patient and irate. You are brilliant at certain aspects yet nonsensical in others. But you had been recognising and living with only half or a quarter of the magnificent uniqueness of your soul. The rest, you had been trying to copy and forefully imprint on yourself. Why be defined by one emotion if you can feel them all? Why be defined by one imperfection if you have a little of everything? Why must you be confined to a box, when you were meant to fly, fall, roll over comically and fly again? So, do me a favour and look into the mirror and say hello to the whole YOU for the first time.

    instagram: i.masakkali

  • yoursflorallady 5w

    I hated his behaviour
    But I hated my silence more.


  • thoughtfulguy 6w

    Thousands of thoughts stabbing me like a knife,making me melancholic and pensive. Who has the upper hand in this game called life? Is it them who brag about their happiness and a subtle life,or is it them who are vagrant, enjoying every path they take in life. I try to figure out what kind do I belong to,the braggers or the vagrants? But,I feel typecasting myself to them is the lowest thing I could do to myself. It's upto me who I am,it's upto me where do I belong. No one will ever make me believe that I belong to one of them. It's my journey and I'll decide who do I choose to be;a person who belongs to no one but himself.Being yourself and defining yourself is the self empowerment everyone thinks of but no one ever speaks of. Be you,stay you.

  • anupama_sarkar 6w

    22 दिन के लॉक डाउन में पूरे 528 घंटे, घर के अंदर रहना, परेशान कर गया न? सोचिए तो उनके बारे में जो सदियों तक यूं ही ज़िंदगी के लगभग हर घंटे घर में रहने पर बाध्य रहीं!

    "बाध्य" शब्द पर ध्यान दीजिएगा... बस यही है जो चुभ रहा है नहीं तो मर्ज़ी से घर में बैठना किसे नहीं भाता...

    सोचिए न, कुछ महीने हम लोगों को ही बिल्कुल बाहर न जाने दिया जाए न ही किसी से कोई interaction, सिर्फ़ पास पड़ोस और रिश्तेदार ही दुनिया बना दिए जाएं तो कितना वक़्त लगेगा, हमें submissive होने में... नॉलेज इज़ पॉवर, वही छीन ली गई थी... इसके बाद प्रभुत्व स्थापित करना कितना आसान रहा होगा... आज देर तक सोचती रही, लगा कि संघर्ष करने की ताक़त जुटाने में उन स्त्रियों को कितना वक़्त लगा होगा, जिनके लिए चारदीवारी ही दुनिया बना दी गई थी...

    हां, मर्ज़ी से होम मेकर बनना अलग बात... उसमें आपकी चॉइस, प्रेम शामिल होता है और अपनों का साथ भी, उसके विरोध में नहीं हूं... अनुपमा सरकार

  • mokshika 7w

    #empowerment #raiseyourself
    For my friends ������

    ऐसे वैसे लोग मुजे पसंद नही आते है, पर मिट्टी का मटका बनाने के लिए हमेशा तैयार हूं, तुम्हारी हर कमियों के साथ तू मुझे कुबूल है पर तुजमे कोई भी कमी ना रहे वो में चाहती हूँ ।
    मेरी नज़रों में नही ! तेरी खुद की और दुनिया की नज़रों में तुजे उपर उठाना चाहती हूँ । तू मेरे जैसा बन जाये वो मुजे मंजूर नही , तेरी खुद की एक पहचान हो सिर्फ तेरे सामने वो सच्चाई कबूल है !!!
    #mokshika #yqdidi #yqgujarati #yqquotes #level #beyourself

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    EQ & IQ

    रोज शाम होती है !

    पर बाते तुजसे आम होती है ।

    सोचती हूँ भोर में चार बजे बात किया करु !!

    थोड़ा EQ और IQ भी check किया करु !


  • _gangotri_ 7w

    ‌ নাৰী : এ‌টি ‌ সংগ্ৰামৰ ‌ পৰিচয়

    নাৰী এটি শব্দ নহয়,
    হয় এটি সংগ্ৰামৰ ‌পৰিচয়।
    দুখ যন্ত্ৰণা আৰু‌‌ বহু কষ্ট সহি
    আগ বাঢ়ি যোৱা‌ 'নাৰী'
    যি এটি‌ মাথো শব্দ নহয়,
    হয় এটি সংগ্ৰামৰ ‌পৰিচয়।

    অন্ধকাৰৰ আঁচলৰ পৰা ওলাই আহা
    বিচাৰা তোমাৰ প্ৰকৃত অৰ্থ।
    ভাগৰি নাযাবা, ভাগৰি নাযাবা
    বিচাৰা তোমাৰ প্ৰকৃত অৰ্থ।
    উদয় কৰা এক নবীন সূৰ্য,
    যুঁজি যোৱা,‌ ভাগৰি‌ নাযাবা,
    কাৰণ এই সংগ্ৰামৰ অন্তত
    বিচাৰি পাবা‌‌ তুমি
    তোমাৰ প্ৰকৃত অৰ্থ।

    কিমান সহিবা অন্যায়,
    কিমান দেখিবা মৌন হৈ থকা দৃশ্য?
    কাৰণ আমি নবীন যুগৰ সূৰ্যময়ী নাৰী,
    অন্ত কৰিম সকলো দুখ,‌ সকলো অন্যায়।
    পাহৰি নাযাওঁ, পাহৰি নাযাওঁ,
    আমাৰ ওপৰত কৰা অত্যাচাৰ।

    জাগ্ৰত হোৱা হে নাৰী সকল,
    লোৱা‌ পদক্ষেপ,
    উদয় হ‌ওক এক মোহনীয় সূৰ্যৰ,
    পোহৰাই তোলক সকলোৰে জীৱন।
    কাৰণ নাৰী এটি শব্দ নহয়,
    হয় এটি সংগ্ৰামৰ ‌পৰিচয়।


  • kumbyong20 7w

    Let me

    Let me sigh a peace out in this violent world,
    Let me sleep deep in the noisy world ,
    Let me breath to the freedom in chain world ,
    Let me live ,let me survive ,let me grow .
    I am a women let me roam without the fear of vultures that tears me apart ,
    Let me fly like an eagle ,dont tear my feathers apart ,
    Hear my voice of grief ,a grief from the child I was born to the death I bear being a girl child ,being a women.
    Indeed I am a blessing not a curse ,a women is a blessing not the burden .

  • julyhues 8w

    I'm a woman

    I'm a woman, this is not the first time
    I'm under quarantine
    I've tasted this insipidity since I was less than fifteen
    The rules were stricter, the lockdown bigger
    It still prevails in the modern genes
    I'm a woman, this is not the first time
    I'm under quarantine

    I was distanced socially, was never allowed to
    shake hands, was constantly demeaned
    I was told to cover my face, not only while sneezing or coughing even when I was a teen
    I'm a woman, this is not the first time
    I'm under quarantine

    For ages, I wasn't allowed in the kitchen, in ceremonies when I bled in pain, they said I wasn't clean
    I was locked in my own house, wasn't allowed to go out, not even for essentials, is it not mean
    I'm a woman, this is not the first time
    I'm under quarantine

    I wanted to fly, to touch the sky
    To feel the horizon to smell the green
    now you find it hard to stay indoors
    despite having modern machines
    I'm a woman, this is not the first time
    I'm under quarantine

    I knew I would find my way back
    Someday I would also beam
    how recklessly you've discriminated
    how I bore your spleen
    I'm a woman, this is not the first time
    I'm under quarantine

    I will emerge from the ashes carefully
    crafting my radiant mien
    I promise this would be the last
    coz I'm no more a claim too lien
    I'm a woman, this is not the first time
    I'm under quarantine

  • feral_thoughts 10w

    Anger was running through my veins,
    Waiting when the justice will be served,
    Court kept on dismissing the mercy pleas
    Of the devils, unperturbed.
    Today is the day, you four will be hanged.
    For the reason, in cold December night, you ganged.
    She was alone and helpless, crying for helping hand,
    But you all scanned her as if she was a brand.
    Today, after 7 years, she can finally fly
    Bidding last words with her family before she actually die.

    -Nirbhaya (The Fearless)Verdict:20/03/20, 5:30am


  • iimena 10w

    The fire that burned

    In the cold nights, she embraced her own
    In the tough days,she fed her own
    In her failures,
    she was shunned
    In her successes
    she was taken for granted
    They thought that all she knew was
    To cook and clean
    With making babies an obligation

    But little did they know
    The fire that was burning inside her
    Little did they know
    What wonders her small hands
    could make
    Little did they know
    How many equations her small head
    Could crack

    The world didn't know her potential
    It didn't know
    That she was the heart of a home
    The soul of a community
    The brain of a nation

  • gnqonqo 11w


    Your eyes signify the true
    Meaning of your story
    Your broken smile conveys
    Your true intentions
    Now you tend to be violent
    Over a senseless act of love
    Sincerity and sympathy are like
    Daggers to your soul
    They say you are ferocious

    You cloak yourself with
    Shame and dishonour
    The past still haunts you
    As a consequence you chose
    To drift further away from the truth
    Ignorance causes disruption
    You are already like a dissolved substance
    Waiting on the arrival of suitable heat
    To allow for your complete transformation
    Into a gas that has a potential
    To escape into the atmosphere
    Your cry tears that are in vein
    You need someone who is not
    Going to judge you & leave you in despair

    Why don't you love yourself first?
    Why do you curse yourself?
    Why do you let yourself fall
    For the evil projections set by the enemy?
    Your peculiarly special
    & beautiful inside and out
    The only person standing in your way up
    To success is no one but yourself
    So you better think twice

  • ake____ 11w

    faded illusions

    The little kid curled up tightly in bed.
    not rising not even for a bite of bread.
    bolt crackles prodromal to storms ahead.
    little one in fantasy lands from books he had read.
    celestials, greek and roman myths riding unicorns wherever his dreams led.
    completely oblivious, relieved from intense dread.
    danger grew near defenseless boy and creatures are about to be fed.
    seeking refuge in fiction and illusions he might aswell have fled.
    he knew he could get far,though never from their reach no matter how much he sped.
    the poor thing almost drowned from all the tears he had shed.
    all the repressed fear came rushing through and courage took it's stead.
    creatures fell back in shock and in all directions at once spread.
    he yanked one fleeing and with a slash it was dead.
    maybe there was a chance at mercy if only it pled.
    facing the wave of beings, absorbed the view then he tread.
    they came at him but he wasn't the one that bled.
    peace at last, at every corner lays a chopped head.
    now his coat is stained with his favorite shade of red.

  • yashvibansal 11w

    She's a nerd, a geek
    What an awful freak!
    She doesn't like sports, prefers books
    Can you ever imagine someone curled up in a nook?
    Their voices yelled
    In her head
    Getting louder and louder
    They filled her with dread.
    But she had the dove
    Of self love.

    ''Ruining my mental peace?"
    Challenged she.
    "Try me!"
    There's change in the air
    She's no longer frail!

    She's black, she's dark
    She has curls all over her head
    She reminds me of the walking dead!
    Cried they
    Piercing her heart and her way
    They were adamant, but so was she.

    "My beauty is my mind
    Which no longer cares for thorns of this kind!"
    There's change in the air
    She no longer needs to be fair!

    She's never heard
    Not because she doesn't have a voice mingled with tears
    But because
    Society has turned a deaf ear.

    But that must change
    She's stronger by the day
    She paves her way
    Instead of letting thorns lead her bleeding feet astray.
    She'll listen, she'll tell
    She's not afraid to yell
    She's no longer a timid hare
    She is now a fearless mare

    She doesn't bear anymore
    She breaks down closed doors
    There's change in the air
    She does dare!

    There's a lot left still
    But there is also her iron will
    Which will make her fight
    With all her might
    Pushing away all the horrific frights
    She now knows her rights.
    There's change in the air
    In fame she now has a share!

    She's a shining star
    Breaking all bars
    She dances, she sings
    She flies with hard earned wings.

    She wears her wedding ring with pride
    But she also rides with strides
    There's change in the air
    There's change in the air!


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    I know International Women's Day was yesterday, but I wasn't at home then so couldn't post.
    Happy International Women's Day!!
    Let's make every day Equality Day!

    This poem is especially dear to me, because I composed it in an audition round for a slam poetry competition and was selected to go ahead.

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    There's Change In The Air!

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  • purpleenigma 11w

    Beautiful girl
    Close your eyes
    And listen to the wind
    Hear how it howls
    As it swirls around you
    Of infinite colour
    Rising and falling:
    The wind
    It is calling your name
    And speaking its truth
    You are beautiful
    You are rare
    You are poetry.


  • labyrinthine_souls 99w

    “I am the gathering tempest —I am the howling wind, the roar of the rain, the voice of THUNDER!” - Ororo Munroe