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    No Women Is Weak
    Enough To Get Raped
    By A Man.


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    'Women Empowerment is
    Something everyone should

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    ( Feb 8 ) Calmness and Control

    We filter information always, whatever we're recieving and create our own interpretation from it. We tend to delete a lot of information, distort and generalise them through our memories, values, beliefs, and preferences.

    A human mind uses basically 4 mental filters to avoid information overload. •Generalisation • Deletions • Distortions • Personalisation

    These mental filters are not basically important because of the limited storage of mind, but rather to improve focus and attention.

    We delete about 80 % of the data that reaches or brain. We ignore many details in order to not be overwhelmed by access of information. When someone is anxious they develop a tunnel vision where they only focus on negative aspects of a situation and deleting the positive aspects. The same happens with emotions like anger, hate, fear, etc. They all develop a tunnel vision according to our memories, values and beliefs. Often leading us to the wrong end of the stick.

    The only fundamental thing that gives you control is your Calmness.


    Clear. Concise. Consciousness. On Instagram @_snippets_stuff


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  • _magsman_ 2w

    ( Feb 7 ) Emotional time travel "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why we call it the present."

    - Bill Keane

    Traveling in time physically may not be possible, but traveling in time emotionally is possible. We all do travel emotionally in time. We have all memories in the past, good and bad, that create happiness and sadness respectively in present. Similarly we all have outcomes in future, desired and undesired, that creates excitement and fear in present.

    We can't feel excited or fearful for past, but only for the future, that totally depends on the present. What we chose to believe about what is going to be our future, heavily impacts the choices we make in present. Our future will either be desired or undesired. If we focus on the desired outcomes, it will always make us feel excited. But if we chose to focus on undesired outcomes, they'll always make us feel scared or anxious.

    "Memories were the past, present is a choice of state, vision is your future."

    - Magsman @_magsman_


    Clear. Concise. Consciousness. On Instagram @_snippets_stuff


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  • _magsman_ 2w

    ( Feb 6 ) How do you see yourself ?

    How do you see yourself as a part of this world ?
    As a Victor, or as a Victim.

    What is your locus of control ? ��
    Internal or external.

    At any moment in time, we either chose to be a victor or a victim. We either chose to be empowered or disempowered within self.
    Internal locus of control is when you choose to take responsibility of everything that happens in your life. It is the moment you chose to feel empowered. Having a Victor mindset is all about being in charge of self. It's about accepting the fact that life is what you make it.

    On the other hand if you've an external locus of control or a victim mindset, you'll always have someone to blame for your situations in life. This is the zone where you'll always find comfort and never have the confidence to step out to pursue your goals.

    Take responsibility for your strengths, weaknesses, and continuously evaluate yourself. Empowerment comes via responsibility.


    Clear. Concise. Consciousness. On Instagram @_snippets_stuff


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  • zamani 2w

    Empower your daughter first
    to empower women in society
    And remember a pointing hand
    always has three fingers facing you first

  • musingsofriya 2w

    To Every Men out there.

    Rape, abuse, harassment, acid attack, molestation, killing for rejecting love proposal.. Oh my God how many crimes against a women.. 
              That too in a country like India, where we worship Goddesess, but in real define "A girl as just a girl"
             To you I'm not just a girl, I'm your creator, if want I can be your destroyer too 
             I don't know what is good touch and bad touch so..WHY DON'T YOU TEACH ME?
             I'm a small girl, I don't know what is sex so.. WHY DON'T YOU STOP ABUSING ME?
            I rejected your love proposal saying you are not the man of my expectations so.. WHY DON'T YOU PROVE ME WRONG BY BEING BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS?
            I'm marrying you to love, share and cherish so... WHY DON'T YOU STOP ASKING FOR DOWRY?
            I'm adventurous, selective and opinionated it's me life so... WHY DON'T YOU STOP JUDGING ME?
            I earn on my own and want to support our family too so.. WHY DON'T YOU ACCEPT MY MONEY?
            I have parents and love them as the same way you do so.. WHY DO I HAVE TO ASK YOUR PERMISSION TO SUPPORT THEM?
           I cook, clean, wash, pay bills, take care of kids so.. WHY DON'T YOU STOP SAYING THAT SHE IS NOT WORKING.. 
           I want to walk late night and to take a long drive so WHY DON'T YOU STOP SAYING THAT I SHOULD STAY HOME LATE NIGHT?
           I'm not responsible for birth of a girl child, it's you so.. WHY DON'T YOU STOP TAUNTING ME ?
    Enough is enough!!! Wake up India, let the veil of darkness be ripped apart and the dawn bring the voice of every silenced soul,
    "For every women deserve to be respected not as a Goddess in templebut as a fellow Human with equal rights.

  • anonymous_aj 2w


    They prayed HER but some cursed HER
    They educated HER but some education limited to housekeeping.
    They gave HER importance but gave more importance to HIS demands.
    They celebrated HER victory but SHE isn't pious to be in the celebration.
    They eat HER cooking but SHE can't touch the food.
    They wear clothes SHE washed but HER clothes are always soiled.
    They show HER love but don't love HER.

  • rimo_15 3w


    This is no poem or scribble. This is something that I and many faces on a daily basis.
    Work place harassment - It's not a new thing that we often hear that "my boss doesn't understand me, he or she is micromanaging, he or she is bullying me". Some might also tell you, "ignore as long as salary gets credited".
    But is it worth it? Money is important but is it so important that we let someone demoralise us and mentally break us down? Or is it important to move on to a place (organisation) that values you and let you value your work! We thrive together isn't it? But why is it always that a person with polite behaviour at work is taken as a weak one? Is it something wrong in the part of the abuser or the one being abused?
    Dialogues & transparency? Is it a weapon to solve the issue or scare the victim so that they are aware of the conspiracy that can be of potential harm to them!
    Empowerment? Is it only restricted to people who pretend to work hard and a boss pleasing person? Or also applicable to those whose creativity and hard work is called as "show off or craziness".
    How many of us are today victim of verbal abuse at work, and then being told this is done as a way to motivate you? Isn't there a thin line between criticism and bullying? Or are we blind towards it because all we care is the 'job getting done'.
    Is feminism, equality, and other such terminologies are just to show off?

  • with_ink_and_quill 3w

    Be Beautiful in Your Own Way, I'm being beautiful in mine xxx

    I want to be the kind of beautiful
    That makes hearts sore in wonder

    The kind of beautiful
    That touches the lives of others in a magical way

    I want to be the kind of beautiful
    That makes people remember that they are human

    The kind of beautiful
    That spreads warmth, love and care

    I want to be the kind of beautiful
    That reignites hope
    In the people that have lost it

    The kind of beautiful
    That is happy for other people's success

    The kind of beautiful
    That inspires others to set them selves free

    The kind of beautiful
    That helps adults recall their childhood dreams
    In such a way that they become possessed to fulfill them

    Yes, there's the kind of beautiful that glamourises clothes, and make up and features
    I'm not saying that it's not beautiful
    But beauty is so much else
    Beauty is so much more
    And I want more

  • loginfaith 4w


    I wanna talk in the tongue
    You understand,
    Not in proverbs or idioms,
    We ain't weak,
    Cause if we were weak,
    We would never give birth,
    We ain't useless,
    Cause if we were,
    Our children would starve,
    We ain't "Stay at home, no school"
    Cause if we were,
    We wouldn't be who we are today,
    We wouldn't inspire,
    We wouldn't upkeep our children
    In-case widowed,
    We are strong and
    We carry the Scars of hard work.


  • the_drunken_poetess 4w

    If only...

    It was selfish of her to make a choice,
    It was disrespectful of her to have a voice,
    They decided when she could come and go,
    All because, she had never learnt to say no.

    Only appreciated for her household skill,
    Only valued if her demands were nil,
    They decided what she could wear and what not,
    All because, since her childhood she had never fought.

    Now an outdated mother and a boring wife,
    Now an intrusion in everyone's personal life,
    They decide whether she can speak or has to withhold,
    All because, how she thinks is now conservative and old.

    Vani Agarwal

  • untamed_wildflower 5w


    She was taught
    how to sit, walk and look
    Something that we all overtook
    When she liberated her gregarious soul
    People whispered, "shh.. Be quite and polite"
    But she didn't know why at first sight
    It didn't take long for her to know
    that boys and girls are divergent or so
    Believing the world that lied
    "I wish I was a boy... ", she sighed
    The world convinced her about her worth
    No, that didn't make her mirth!
    She was scared how it nearly,
    Slackened the dream's she held onto so dearly
    Grew her age, grew her conscience
    She realized the gibberish misogyny in it all
    Determined for no more downfall,
    She unleashed her pure soul and prisoned voice
    All she wanted was courage not comfort to unmute her voice
    Her opinion would no longer be swallowed
    No past myth shall be shadowed
    She is strong with a graceful heart
    Which makes herself set apart
    Don't you undermine her bold dignity
    Just behold her self identity
    With her vision, she will rise
    Until you see this world turn wise.
    With each woman as unique and powerful as a fingerprint
    See how she leaves a hint
    That every women deserves just as much as men
    Girls, realise it now, or when?

  • sakinahosennee 5w

    Chained by society's norms
    for long centuries
    Hidden behind veils
    in dark houses
    She was taught
    to be voiceless
    Deprived of childhood
    and education
    Yet, in her daughter's
    eyes she saw the woman
    she could never be.


  • someday_newyork 6w


    Raaste pe ladkiyon ko chalta dekhar
    Ye jo tum sitiyaan bajate ho,
    Aj nahi to kal tumhari bhi beti hogi,
    Ye baat tum humesha bhool jate ho,
    Jab koi use chedega to khoon tumhara bhi khaulega,
    Wo bhi kisi ki beti hai jise tum maal bulate ho,
    Sharam karo apni is nich harkat pe,
    2-4 ladkiyaan chedkar jo tum mard kehalate ho,
    Wo mard nahi tumhare andar jism ka bhookha shaitan hai,
    Jab baat aati hai apni behen par tab kyon mard ban jaate ho....
    Izzat karte ho maa ki to ladkiyon ki bhi izzat karo,
    Ladkiyon ko dekhne ki apni nigaah sahi karo,
    Mat karo kuch aisa uski Zindagi barbaad ho sakti hai
    Aakhir wo ladki tumhari maa behen bhi ho sakti hai
    Aao milke shapath lein ki ab hum kuch accha karenge,
    Bharat maa ki betiyon ki ab hum raksha karenge..
    Jai hind. Jai bharat mata...

  • sarahrachelea 6w

    October 2018 Pt. II

    Take a look out there
    The sun is rising
    It's a new beginning
    Stop crying now
    In the morning you'll be just fine
    Now just hold on


  • lostshayar567 7w

    Everywhere i go
    All i here are taboos.
    All you think about is,
    The heels and pads and bras.

    Oh the stupid bras,
    Those pricky ones,
    Those ichy ones,
    Don't get me started on the strapless ones.

    Oh the stupid pads,
    Those wing-less ones,
    Those smelly ones,
    Don't get me started on the rash free ones.

    Oh the stupid heels,
    Those block ones,
    Those wedges ones,
    Don't get me started on the stilettos ones.

    What's cool for you,
    Is a punishment for us.
    They aren't a luxury,
    They are a necessity for us.

    You call them the taboo,
    We call them the
    Heels and Pads and Bras.

    #heels #pads #bras #women #empowerment #love #goofy #fun #wordporn

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    Heels and Pads
    and Bras


  • amina_writes 7w

    میں کون ہوں؟

    میں کون ہوں؟
    میں کیا ہوں؟
    میں کیوں ہوں؟
    ان انگنت سوالوں میں الجھی،
    کسی مصور کی ادھوری تصویر ہوں میں
    کہیں شاخ پر تازہ کھلی ہوئی کلی ہوں میں
    کہیں بارش کی برستی ہوئی بوند کا
    قطرہ ہوں میں،
    کہیں سحرا میں بھٹکتی ہوئی پیاس ہوں میں
    کہیں حنا کی لالی میں رنگی ہوئی
    خوشبو ہوں میں،
    کہیں غیرت کے نام پر بہنے والا لہو ہوں میں
    کہیں ظلم و جبر سہتی ہوئی ایک
    زندہ لاش ہوں میں،
    کہیں لہروں کی طرح ریت کو کچل جانے والا طوفان ہوں میں
    کہیں کرچی کرچی ٹوٹ کر بکھر جانے والا
    کانچ ہوں میں،
    کہیں امبر پر اونچی اڑان بھرنے والا شاہین ہوں میں
    میں ایک جسم اور کئی نام ہوں،
    میں ایک صفحہ اور کئی داستان ہوں
    میں عزت ہوں
    میں غیرت ہوں
    میں تمغا ہوں
    میں تحفہ ہوں
    میں محبت ہوں
    میں رحمت ہوں
    ہاں میں عورت ہوں،
    میں عورت ہوں۔

  • autora 8w

    Seesaw or carousel,
    I for one, dont shoot and tell,
    Fall on your knees, say hi to hell,
    I'm just a victim, you killed yourself.

  • atharvawrites 8w

    For those who always miss judge feminism,
    It's not Man hatered.
    Dedicated to all the Women raising their
    voices. And all Girls and Women I know
    Have written from Heart, pls accept it.

    #feminism #women #womenempowerment
    #rightsofwomen #womenpower
    #womenrights #feminist #Hefor #She
    #nosexism #intersectionalfeminism
    #humanrights #woman #activist
    #equalrights #genderequality
    #empowerment #metoo
    #womensupportingwomen #memes
    #instagood #blacklivesmatter #prochoice
    #inspiration #girl #inspiration #thoughts #diary #life

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    Feminism is not just
    about Equal opportunity
    at Work or Equal Pay.
    It's far more than that....

    It's liberty of thought and Right to take own
    decisions. It's about Respect in
    Society. It's about getting
    acknowledgement in
    society for the work. It's about the Hrs House wife's spend looking out for her family and appreciating
    that. It's about the Freedom of Choice and not of pre-planned life..