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  • sagnik 8h

    City at night

    Have you seen the city at night,
    When men sleep under the cold blanket?
    Have you seen the city at night,
    When dogs scream under the warm sky?

    I have walked out in the city,
    When everyone is quietly asleep.
    I have walked out in the cold rain,
    Watching sombre street lights dazzling.

    The last train was set to leave
    Off the lonely grey platform,
    Dead souls were roaming in kip
    Caged with heads in the mud.

    The watchmen dozed off a bit ago
    Outside the highest skyscraper,
    The busy lanes are the saddest now
    It's the clock whispering in the ears.

    People you trusted lied to you
    Open in the bustling streets.
    How far can you run away?
    You chose taking rainbow pills.

    Rain got colder as the night grew
    Light's on in the artist's studio.
    Why isn't he asleep already?
    Didn't he get a job in the city?

    You like getting stabbed again in the morning
    Sleep now, it's the dark peaceful night.
    Clock ticks again lining the silver moon,
    Fifteen past three in the ghost town.

    I have walked every night in the city,
    Watching the lanes crying in agony.
    I'm walking on them again tonight
    Panaromc view of hazy red store signs.

    Have you walked out in the city at night
    While you're sleeping quiet?
    Have you seen the city at night
    When it's true, breaking the masked lies?

  • sagnik 1d

    amour d'été

    Sunlight drizzled stroking her face,
    Painting smiles on the tanned skin.
    Naked feet running on the wet grass
    Through the vast meadows green.

    A bunch of hay held tightly
    She ran, she ran,
    Oh beautiful, the drover's daughter .

    Dull white skirt over skinned knees,
    Sweat shining down the tanned neck,
    Dark hazel eyes,not the fancy blues;
    A hint of lavender in her smell.
    The sky above is endless teal,
    With clouds like cotton white,
    Breeze blew her caramel hair.

    Been long since she has been to town,
    Seen the florist's young son.
    The moments are stories now,
    Pages are old, but not worn.

    She thought about pleasant summers
    The day they met, the day she loved.
    A bewildered face reminiscing past,
    To meet him again, she wished.

    Smiled as she thought of him
    Smiled as she ran,
    Didn't know about her dream coming true
    Was it spring to the cherry trees?
    Or a late autumn to the leaves?
    She smiled as she ran,
    As she ran through the meadows green.

  • wordsoftrey 5d

    The Gospel

    Daily we write and preach about love, like we're ordained to its calling
    But have you seen our heart?
    How dark and empty it is, but we don't care anyways
    We preach coz it's what y'all wanna hear.


  • heavy_lidded 5d


    Look back and I see
    How happy I used to be
    Family ,friends and luxuries
    Love,care and fantasies
    Have none,had all
    That's all

    Strange hollowness sets in
    How sad I have been
    Over the years gone by
    How lonely I have been
    I see happiness around
    Which I never found

    Many laugh and fun about.
    Meditate,ponder and doubt
    my loneliness, hollowness and emptiness,
    my lost happiness
    Will it ever comeback?
    Oh! I will be taken aback.

    Many enjoy lives
    and have everything
    I do,
    enjoy with nothing.
    When, in the pool of tears dives
    my hollowness, my emptiness.

    Wanna share my sorrow.
    None ready to borrow.
    Long for an ear
    to hear
    What I take off my chest.
    And in peace I rest

  • shreya028 5d

    Can you hear it?
    Are you sure you don't hear anything?
    Are you sure you don't hear ' Zindagi bewafa hai yeh mana magar' playing at some distance?
    Well, I believe it could have been just me.
    No I'm not obssessed with the lyrics, I don't even listen to 'our' songs anymore.
    Then what were we talking about? Yes you leaving.
    Hey, don't you listen 'Chor kar raah mein jaoge tum agar' playing anywhere?
    Okay I admit, ever since you've left I don't listen to 'our' songs but I do repeat these lyrics in my mind whenever I am alone.
    No, that's not my obsession with the lyrics, if I be completely honest with you, it's just me holding onto our favourite moments.
    Wait, 'Cheen launga main aasman se tumhe' is what I hear now.
    Okay, okay I know background music is a thing only in bollywood and I am a goddamn cliché, I admit.
    Are you like going forever? Not even leaving your bits for me to hold on and cry?
    Well if that's what you choose and that's what's in store for us, then for once come here hold my hand and listen carefully I know this time you'll hear it too because
    'Soona hoga na yeh do dilon ka nagar'


  • shubheee 1w

    The unchanged me

    Nothing has changed
    Just the offshore waves struck me like anything
    But its okay cause nothing has changed
    The silence banged me in my head like hammer and begs me to endure to no end
    But that's okay cause nothing has changed
    The void me is breathing
    Did i hear anything, no just the emptiness
    That's hitting me
    But thats okay cause nothing has changed
    Still a lot has changed

  • farhinislam_59 1w

    That Little Ring

    It was the time,
    I didn't lose you
    But everything seems to be so uncommon...
    Like it never felt before
    Thunders striking me towards you,
    I was getting attached,
    To the noise of thunders
    Like they were takling to me...
    Whishpering in my ears :
    " SSHH!! He can't be yours "
    I never got you
    I feel safe within you

  • julyhues 1w


    The hollowness of the heart
    Betrays the smile on the face
    one question asked
    The ever so pleasant 
    smiling face
    Hides millions of tiny 
    In streets full of people
    darkness acclaims 
    In the alley of friends 
    no one stays 
    a dense pitch 
    Sings hollow praise 
    minutes of ecstasy 
    hours of play
    rights and wrongs 
    all is dismay 
    acceptance sways 
    when one regret gnaws 
    let it decay
    Else it becomes a constant fray


  • namratarathi 1w

    I smile but i wanna cry
    i talk but i wanna be quite
    yes i always pretend i am happy
    but In actual it's all fake


  • unstable_equilibrium 2w

    It's been 27 years. Yes, I'm 27 years old. Working, earning money. Money, that matters the most, money, that controls the world. I should be happy, shouldn't I be?
    But happiness is lost somewhere in this chaotic concrete jungle, somewhere in this crowd of unknown faces, somewhere in this world full selfish people. The torture starts from morning and keeps multiplying till I reach home after the work. I'm afraid I'm gonna drown someday, there's fear, there's sadness, sadness that when I reach home, I've nothing to be happy about, no one to miss, no one to love. I hate coming back to my empty house, tired, exhausted and down. I don't like being a office either. It feels like there's a empty space between the office hours and coming back home which I like the most. I want to stay there where I don't have to think about the restrains that society imposes on me. It's the space where I'm naked and I'm not afraid to let someone see my vulnerability, my emotions, my feeling that I've burried deep down within my soul. Yes, I want someone to see my soul and know how alone and stranded I'm and have no where to go.
    I want to stay there, not alone, at least not in that space that my own mind has created.

    It's my space where I want to be happy, it's my space where I want someone to love me, hold me, hug me, kiss me and say that I'm the only one good thing ever happened in her life, I'm the only good thing she afraid to loose, I'm the only one good thing she can't live without, I'm the only one thing that makes her happy, makes her smile. What I'm longing about is a selfish Love from selfish people. Yes, I'm 27 years old and still dreaming like a child.


  • shreya028 2w

    Today I heard your voice again after a long time.
    I must say your voice still does the same magic to my soul,
    Your effect still hasn't left my being.
    Ohh! How much I wish I could have cherished you more while you were still here.
    I tried savouring every minute of talking to you on the phone and wished that it never ends.
    I wish I could tell you how much I miss you, and how much I crave for your presence, but I didn't because...
    just like every night, has it's morning, every dream, has it's ending!


  • priyanshu__ 2w

    Creativity Is In Effect Reinterpretation Of The Emptiness Of The Universe Itself..

  • words_unlocked 2w

    Kitni ajeeb baat hai.
    Kisne socha tha, kisi roz maanga huya wahi sukoon aaj soonapann ban jayega.


  • shubhamjoshi 2w

    बस यूँ ही

    यूँ ही कोई छोड़ जाता है
    चाहे साथ ना छोड़ा हो मेरी अंगुली ने
    उसके आखरी अश्क का
    पर वो छोटी सी बात पर अंगुली मुझ पर उठा जाता है
    अश्कों से भरी पलकों को अनदेखा कर जाता है
    बस यूँ ही

    यूँ ही कोई खा लेता है कसमें
    सिर पर हाथ रख कर, या खत में लिख कर
    क्या जाता है किसी का शब्दों को बोलने में
    बस शब्द ही तो है
    बस जैसे तुम बोल कर भूल जाते हो
    हम एक सुन कर उन्हें बार बार दोहराए जाते हैं
    बस यूं ही

    यूं ही कोई चाहत रख लेता है अपना बनाए रखने की
    पर अपना होने का विश्वास नहीं रख पाता
    कर लो कोशिश भले ही अपनी हर एक बात खोलने की
    यहाँ पल भर में झूठा करार कर दिया है जाता
    फिर भी सबसे लड़ कर जी रहा हूँ मैं
    सच्चा रहा हमेशा से मै फिर भी
    बिन गुनाह के सज़ा सुन रहा हूं मैं
    बस यूं ही

    यूँ ही कोई भावनाओं का भगवान बना लेता है खुद को
    मन किया तो हंसा दिया, या कभी रुला देता है अपनों को
    ये सब करके भले ही कुछ पल की खुशी मिलती होगी तुझे
    पर सच बोल रहा हूं, तोड़ देता है ये मेरी रूह को
    अपनी गलती कभी ना मानने वाला शख्स
    दूसरे की परिस्थिति पर ताना I am Sorry बोल कर मारता है
    बस यूँ ही

  • shreya028 3w

    Loneliness is dreadful and ever since you've left it's even more haunting..
    When you were here even if we didn't talk for the whole day, I was at peace because I knew that at the end of the day I had you..
    Even when I stopped sharing things with you and was alone in your presence I was still relieved that at the end of the day I had you..
    But now it feels like so many thoughts but I've nobody to share them with,
    I tried finding solace in strangers but nobody ever felt like you,
    I tried everything to take my mind of you, I kept myself busy and barred myself from thinking of you
    But how can I fool myself, when I know it all too well that your absence has left nothing but a heavy amount of emptiness brooding over me

  • feelingfunnel 3w

    Not every hollow has to be filled.

  • soni_ss 3w

    His words healed all but then
    Why did my eyes cry?
    His shoulder was shelters to all
    Then why I felt homeless vibes?
    He helped everybody but
    Why I was ignored all the while?
    He salved every of the scars
    But then why he wounded me to die??


  • my____feelings 4w

    If you don't have good intentions,
    leave me alone, I'm tired !!!

  • naudii 4w

    Emptyness is full of everything.

  • shreya028 1w

    To save him from his inner demons, she destroyed her soul.
    But the irony was,
    That he blamed her for destroying his life.