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  • hanniverses 5d


    If the Idyll only exist in dreams,
    then we must mould our reality
    from the mud of despondency
    handed down to us from our fathers

    You do not owe them docile activism
    They owe you from a century of neglect
    Burn with the crucibles of genuine patriotism
    Only cowards live forever in regret

    Glow with the flame they tried to smoulder all this while
    Your silence is no longer golden, if privation is all you have
    Neither is your slumber rosy, if innocent souls die
    Countlessly without justice, and all you do is sigh !

    You are the millennials that brought tyranny to its knees
    Ignite the keypads of your resilient souls, let it burn !
    Remain defiant in costly victory or defeat
    Let your voices turn to pelting rains that trickle in the sun
    Be the tiger, even under bombardment, stay on your feet !

    Burn, with the energy of the sun
    Break the chains we have been in so long
    Saddle your spirits with breakthrough songs
    They were heard in drums, sing yours in MP4
    For It will never remain the same when you are done !

    But glow with the incense of fulfilment
    Be the pride of those who crossed the toll gate of life
    Resolutely, choosing the path to greatness
    They bled, wrapped in your flags, as they depart in their prime.

    Never rest till your spirits haunt their mind to madness
    Their souls, to oblivion
    Roam every roadblocks and every ghostly regions
    Hoist the flags of renaissance in tandem

    Despite visiting death on you at dusk
    With your young lives,
    You have bought for us a new dawn
    By dancing to the cracking sounds of bullets from the barrels of despots
    Forever soar into eternity
    Heroes, for you burn our skylight, with chants of freedom
    Escaping your lips as you lay dying, muttering.. "Peace and Unity !"


    In memory of the heroes of the Lekki Tollgate Massacre and all who lost their lives in the struggles to end police brutality, end bad governance and bring equality and justice to Nigeria.

  • alpavlo_inc 1w

    As you take each step as each day accords
    As each tomorrow brings forth a day
    Through sunlight & sunset
    With glimpses of hope
    & rays of burning faith
    shining through the night clouds
    From the stables of a lone humble moon
    Who's place affords an assurance
    That tomorrow remains steadfast
    To keep the calendar running & counting
    Endlessly & to eternity
    Yet to the beyond as grace abides
    Still to us as race
    Pleagued with ingenuity to folly flaws

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    Tomorrow's Tale

    As you take each step as each day accords
    As each tomorrow brings forth a day
    Through sunlight & sunset
    With glimpses of hope
    & rays of burning faith
    shining through the night clouds
    From the stables of a lone humble moon
    Who's place affords an assurance
    That tomorrow remains steadfast
    To keep the calendar running & counting
    Endlessly & to eternity
    Yet to the beyond as grace abides
    Still to us as race
    Pleagued with ingenuity to folly flaws


  • alpavlo_inc 4w

    I hope his mental state stands square
    Despite his racial deposition which stays unfair;
    His electoral fraud claims remains unclear
    Hence, The Blue's win over the Reds
    Remains so evident as the desert sun
    Yet again in repeated fashion
    His pose as a winner in an election he lost
    Yet in an all time overwhelming record,


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    The Clown King

    I hope his mental state stands square
    Despite his racial deposition which stays unfair;
    His electoral fraud claims remains unclear
    Hence, The Blue's win over the Reds
    Remains so evident as the desert sun
    Yet again in repeated fashion
    His pose as a winner in an election he lost
    Yet in an all time overwhelming record,


  • oluseye_babatunde 8w

    Bravery of Hearts into Gravery of Time
    (ODE to The Fallen Heroes)

    The knowledge of what we are up against isn't as important as the knowledge of who we are to the deepest core of our abilities.

    Too long we waited and hoped for the promised change
    Tick tock, our confidence built way off the gauge
    Our frustration, like a force pulled us together to face our fear
    To speak with one voice; to say it loud and make it clear

    From one person to another, a helping hand in oneness of heart
    There was no tribe or religion, our differences could no longer tear us apart
    From persons to props, resources came from near and far
    The youth of the nation gathered, fearlessly primed to play the part

    Then came the twentieth day of October, this year twenty-twenty
    A day of pain, utter shock and disbelief; what an endless story
    Shivers go down the spine at its mystery, Sorrow and fury at its memory
    A government voted into power opened fire on its armless young citizens

    How did our green and white get a mix of red
    How could this be for a such a peaceful protest
    Didn't you swear to secure, preserve and protect
    How could you deny the innocent bloods you shed

    To the ones we lost, your valiant bravery is a rare kind
    Too early too soon, your names go into the gravery of time
    You fought with heart and might, sadly at a cost so high

  • doughty 9w

    No punctuations.#endsars

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    Things fall apart
    Banshees wail from afar
    The forests quakes solemnly
    The epitaphs overshadows the eulogy

    Bodies mar the footpath to salvation
    Power blocks the door to justice
    Flowing red streams stink of dreams never to be accomplished
    Paid tormentors languishes in the tears of millions

    I've no voice no matter how much I scream
    Deaf ears awaits the ones that speak
    Do we exist or live?
    Why do I say my last prayers at night and when a man in uniform approaches

    Every breath feels like the last
    Death traps, bandits, failing health
    Death rears its ugly head with every policy
    The full weight of atrocities backed by arbitrariness

    I watch my soul escape my body as I breathe
    The throat silent as I scream
    The cabals feasts on my lazy meat
    This place stinks of blood, tears and mismanagement
    I fancy myself a body waiting for his funeral


  • eniarahblack 10w


    You're supposed to be my protector.
    The writing was always clear on the wall "POLICE IS YOUR FRIEND"
    In your Haven I was supposed to find safety.
    How then did you putrefy your beauty with the garment of lust ?
    Freedom is all we cry from the hands of the foes we call friends.
    Everyday I ask why do you seek my blood as water to quench your taste ?
    Alas ! Does the pain you create in my heart feed your blood tasty soul ?
    All we have is the strength of our voices.
    And yet on our backs you've left the marks of Hades.
    Like the river Nile blood flows from our eyes as in the days of Moses.
    Please I pray thee don't let darkness engulf your light.
    Don't make the cry of the innocent your lullaby.

  • empresseb 10w

    Serve and Protect

    Serve and protect
    More like hurt and disrespect...
    More like slam me to the ground and rest your knee in my neck
    You've been trained to deal with all situations even the case of resisting arrest
    And I'm certain you didn't get the power to abuse when you received that badge..... that crest
    This is a matter that needs direct and urgent address
    You Mr Government and Mr President elect
    Could you seek to reform the system or are you afraid to make that step
    Or are you waiting until we give up the little faith we have left
    Are you waiting until this has passed our nostrils and we resort to violent protest
    To show how much your entire justice system has us in distress
    I think it's full-time action is taken .....do more and say less
    Because with this constant police brutality we won't make much progress
    Every day there's another incident that results in the tightening of my chest
    But it seems like it's on your ears that YOU wear that bullet proof vest

  • ib_kotun 11w


    In a world where love and hate live together,
    The clouded minds of the leading men float together,
    Their hearts tainted with envy and lust for money and power,
    The souls of their subjects crying to be found cause they are lost.
    A new generation fighting for something better but their efforts go almost unnoticed because of greed of their leaders.
    Everywhere you look there's something to be sad about.
    Behind me, there's a riot,
    By my right, there are massacres,
    By my left, police brutality,
    And right before my sobbing eyes are starving children so close to death that they can't even move to find food...

    In what world do we live in,
    Where corruption and greed is the order of the day,
    Where a young boy can't walk on the streets without fear for his life,
    Judged based on his appearance.
    Where people are dying of starvation and health issues cause they are financially strafed by greedy leaders who have stolen more than enough but don't care.
    Why isn't the rest of the world bothered by this,
    Why can't our leaders see their faults,
    Why can't our security forces shake hands with us and fight together for a better nation?,
    Instead, they're holding a shotgun to her head waiting for orders to pull the trigger.

    No matter how helpless we might feel,
    It is our duty to never stop fighting,
    It's our duty to never forget,
    It's our duty to never back down.
    The love of Country unites more people than Culture or Tribe or Religion.
    The love of Country has brought us to this point and we need to always, always remember that Power, is in hands of the people.

    Don't stop typing,
    Don't Stop recording,
    Don't Forget...
    We are the only ones who can save our nation from the bullet she's facing.

    God bless you,
    God bless Nigeria, My Country.



  • teefoma 12w


    Change they promised
    Yet we're given bullets
    Peace we asked for
    Still we got war

    We seem helpless
    Who will then give us own bullets?
    Vengeance they say
    Belongs to the maker

    How long shall we
    Wait for it to come?
    Release vengeance oh Lord!
    Less they destroy us all.

    They say we should pray for them
    But how can we pray for those
    Who wants us dead?

    With which heart
    Should we pray?
    The bleeding ones or the broken?

  • rukiee_b 12w


    Is it a crime to be young ?
    What's the fault in owning an expensive phone,
    A laptop or even driving a flashy car?

    Harassed, arrested and killed on basis of friviolous accusations
    Our voices shut and our rights violated

    We've been turned into the punching bags of these monsters
    Repeatedly assaulted was he, Raped and victimized was she

    Oh! Let us rise and put an end to the oppressors
    That have soiled our lands red
    We have a voice and our voices will be heard!



  • mizigodknows 12w

    Deathbeds Toll

    If anyone had told Mama Ola that her Son wouldn't return home today, She'd had spat in their eyes and replied with the loudest "God forbid" But as it would be, I didn't return home that evening. If you ask me what Mama would be doing that particular evening, I'd say she'd be bath in fresh Dust and mud, her tomatoes scattered all around her and She'd Scream "It's a lie" even after seeing my body with my country's new found Colour. She'd throw her Wrappers to the heavens while struggling to get loose from Mama Shola and the other neighbors grips. That Woman is Strong. I know this because that was what she did when Papa died too. By standers Would stop and ask, they'd feel sorry, but no one will ever know the pain Mama would have to go through.

    Either that or she would just go to sleep. I don't blame her, what else does she expect from a system that has done nothing but taken everything from her.
    My name is Ola I was killed by the very people who swore to protect me.

  • loveofgod002 12w

    The dead

    When the sunsets
    The sun will come again
    When we journey to our grave,
    Our memories will come back to life
    The deads are still alive,
    Not in mortal body
    But lives long in our hearts.

  • kayikunmi 12w

    Kayi ��

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    God hears

    Even in this situation, God hears
    Keep praying, God hears


  • emenaha_poetry 12w


    No matter the thickness
    Of the skin,
    It's still vulnerable
    To proboscis.


  • oasis_of_love 12w

    A fallen Hero

    What a vibrant young man,very much talented
    The one who's handsomeness covers the cloud
    His complexion makes the whole place to glitter even at night. His smiles melts the heart of an angry lion. He had vision of how beautiful his future would be. But he gave his life for the freedom of his country hours after saying that his country won't see the end of him. I have been in so much pain knowing how his innocent family will be feeling now. Not to talk of how his girlfriend will be feeling now after seeing him soaked with blood. I feel for them nd I feel for the innocent man too.
    I pray you get peace in the other world
    I pray that your people gets relieve from mourning you. Esp your girlfriend. Keep resting our hero. Forever in our heart

  • jeniayn 12w

    I am more
    Than your greed
    that aches in my stomach
    when you devour my pockets
    to justify your iniquitous profits.

    I am more than
    The lashes
    that you leave
    On my God molded skin
    When the very blood of our mother
    Land drains from my veins.

    I am more than
    the corruption
    That dwells deep in the depth
    of your soul
    That vows to provide and protect
    No one other than your own.

    I am more
    Than the empty sidewalk
    Left alone with traces of my blood
    That seeks into the soil
    Along with so many of
    my victimized brothers.

    I am more than
    The broken promises
    of a government
    that failed to honour
    every definition of humanity
    defined under the love of God.

    I am more
    than the lack of opportunities
    that aches my family with poverty
    The poor and the rich
    Born caste to inequalities.

    I am more...

    I am me...

    I am born...

    To be free...


    As we pray for peace 🙏


  • emeka_joel 12w

    There was a time when all we could do was worry
    About the fate of our great nation
    And then there was an uprising
    My Generation said we've had enough.

    Enough of bad governance
    And gruesome police brutality
    We demanded justice
    Not just false promises.

    And then the shootings came- The Genocide at lekki
    Courtesy of a government that saw responding to its citizens demands as weakness
    So thought to teach them a lesson.

    But what lesson do we take from all these
    I fear if we bow to fear now, they will rig the next election
    And if we complain, soldiers will be sent on another "teaching assignment"
    I fear to survive we might have to risk dying
    But will that even be enough?

  • priscyyy 12w

    Hey, missed me? I missed y'all too. There's a human right crisis going on in Nigeria right now, check the #endsars hash tag on social media platforms for more information. Don't forget to spread the word. Stay safe. Love, Priscyyy.

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    The entire human existence is a fine line between want and pain.

  • somto_chinedu 12w


    Mayday mayday
    There they come, for peace they say
    Yet out of their word they stray

    Mayday mayday
    Here they are
    We're once of relieving sigh
    But now livid men of hollow chest matching through the darkness they had commanded
    As we make a cowering stance, uncertain

    Mayday mayday
    Men down!
    These little steels of death flying through their rusted rifles
    Spewing the blood of those they vowed to protect
    Innocence has been our only felony

  • outspokencritic 13w

    We need a change

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    Arise oh protesters
    Nigeria must be changed
    Let's not relent now
    'Fore we be seen as fools
    Let's rise to fight for our rights
    Before they write us off
    Things has to change for better
    Not to be bound in slavery
    Greed and injustice

    Arise let's complain now
    Before they shut us up
    All we want is easy
    But they treat us like rats
    That hungers for cheese
    Withholding it from us
    And making us feel paused
    They can't pause
    Us forever
    For as our blood flows
    We move to say
    No to bad governance
    No to nepotism
    No to unfairness
    No to dishonest leaders
    Meet our needs
    Buhari don't buhari us again
    We're tired of lies
    That dices us
    Just make Nigeria better
    And stop making us bitter
    Promising us better days
    By killing all our dreams
    Change before we chase you