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  • zeee_zephyrs 6w

    A dusty bundle of Photographs
    Fell off, while arranging the old almirah
    Shattered, sprinkled on the floor
    With few cassettes and a camera.

    Betwixt those pictures of trips,
    horse rides, long drives and friend groups,
    I discovered an old memory photo
    Brought it forward and gave a look.

    My mind's eye recalled the reflection of the journey,
    You were taking yourself off to another city.
    I accompanied you, for this was our last
    Night aglow with street lights, at around nine fifty.

    Every second of that night had an imprint in my mind
    Every word of goodbyes, had my tears in them.
    Waiting if somebody would stop you from departing,
    Still I greeted your departure but inside I condemn.

    Your departure left me brooding
    In front of the hearth, with coffee on the table,
    The days of togetherness were ephemeral
    The memories of those journeys were only eternal.

    Later I comprehend, why you preserved,
    The silliest of memories in those slim papers
    Keeping them as souvenirs of our friendship,
    Lullaby of our merry days each whisper.
    @writersbay will you consider this����

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    Journey to Photographs

  • the_speccy_outsider 7w

    We often find ourselves in the middle of nowhere. What'll happen, is the prime question our mind holds. I feel, our mind is the more pragmatic one. And our heart has the vault of emotions and desperation. Desperation of finding a place to hide when it is pitch black out there and a dazzling rain is pouring. With the sound of thunder calling and intimidating its predators.

    Perpetually hoping that this rigmarole is ephemeral and that the iridescent hues of rainbow will shine its optimism onto the little fighters. As failure is the last thing one expects after going through this tedious fight with our inner demons. We do fail, sometimes, but not always. And those sometimes are hard. Remembering the kind of situation we are in during that phase, our body starts to shudder.

    It ain't an easy task to face failure. But there are various stress busters that help us cope up with this. A catharsis it is, allowing us to bare our soul and ask for a silver lining. A saturation point is nothing less than a daunting nightmare.

    However, in the middle of this, our heart yearns to rant about this preposterous situation life puts us in. And how correct it is, a true cathartic procedure to rant about our opinions, feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc.

    Maybe the night won't let you sleep today, or even tomorrow but you can't keep going like this. The only person you are hurting is you. The day does arrive with everything that is merry and scintillating. It is the night that calls for a showdown. But listen to your heart and don't give anyone this power of snatching your happiness, contentment and harmony.

    Ranting, through words, written or spoken is effective. It is an art though, and hence few are able to handle it. This helps in releasing the unnecessary doubt and chaos. Making us crave, not just for a bright sunny morning but also a peaceful night.


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    Picture credits: To the rightful owner.

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    A catharsis is only possible
    If one knows the art
    It ain't an easy task
    For the ranting heart needs
    To agree on the same

  • rekhuu 10w

    If I were rain

    I would quench your desires
    I would wash away your sin
    I would heal all your scars

    (For darling though I maybe
    ephemeral and full of saudade
    I'll still purify you before I fade away)


  • vantab1ack 11w

    Thanks for my first repost @writersnetwork <3

    My E Y E S
    are those 'cambric clouds' made of the finest august diamonds which start losing a bit of their worth everytime as soon as they deliquesce waters by the anomalous cheeks when the one who appreciated values and attributes like an archaeologist broke his opinions while mining for some precious fossil and ended up finding rough heaps of misunderstandings in the game of betrayal. And when my sights rained the most precious gems, I found no mercenaries around me picking them to make necklaces for their girlfriends who never know that these pair of almonds commit mistakes by interpreting first impressions without knowing skin deep things. Greed and rage don't keep faith in the voyage from eyes to grounds, maybe.

    My N O S E
    is a 'stalactite' hung down the forehead, which the priest of the Kali temple believes to have engraved with the scriptures of my future happenings and deteriorations; and sadly, even a single metaphor from that whole volume of tragedy didn't cross my eyes. If it had at least grown up as a papule on my nasal bone, I would have made a random soccer attempt to burst the truth out, and if I had hit the right goal, I would have found happiness in today's scarlet sunset which I peeped out from the bleed holes of my life. And my life is unfortunately spaced only with 'its'. My routine says that oxygen molecules passing through my bleeding nostrils carry nostalgia with them for a tour inside my rotting body.

    My L I P S
    are 'chrysanthemums' dipped in velvety roseate hues after gluing some beauteous petals of the only white rose in my backyard, which gasp for some liberty from the compression of Tuscan sun coloured pages; they smelt of hope yesterday. Due to continuous yearning for a mild touch of his verses, they started making boundaries on their own selves so that the one who sees those blackberry existences grasps the rancorous truth that living, leaving, hoping and breaking come in every plates for a dinner someday or the other. Despites of going to their offices everyday to speak, what they yearn for is my quietude, for they entwine ephemerally yet ethereally when silence stands ready with the microphone for its concert of love.

    My C H E E K S
    are those 'saccharine irwin mangoes' which ripened into the tinges of lotus on finding the love they both needed since two autumns, they waited for him to share their redness with. But when reality gave them more than what they expected, the sangria skies withered nostalgically on finding their tints on somebody else, and they dusked away to death and darkness on further knowing that my plumps displayed a palette of that woebegone artist next door who had brighter gradients of red. The places my muse's lips visited have all become voids of the darkest black, which are tired of oozing out crimson as soon as those handwritten greetings inked of treachery catch mere sights of. They felt calligraphy is beautifulness in itself, but the tallies of my sorrow's account say that it isn't.

    My F A C E
    is thus a 'war poetry' which started with affectionate alliances and ended up being distorted into bloodsheds like that six year old child who became a pawn of sacrifice for the king holding a triumphant sceptre of lust. Every scar resonates regret coated with myriad layers of lachrymosity, my doctor gives me an ointment of acceptance, but I fear if it held side affects just like love had. My eyebrows have shed out to mar my recognition feebly, my nostrils haven't been sending air to asphyxiate me with excruciating reminesces, my lips have been singing the same old melody which feels off-key now, my cheeks seem to have been killing their muscles day-by-day, and my face lies here like a recreant, refusing to spit out all my blood and pain with a fear that I might reach her. And now, her means death and that is all.

    The ending word from each stanza turned out to be a sentence as well (But doesn't relate to this writeup completely though *-*)

    This writeup was inspired by the 'Of literature' piece of @my_cup_of_poetry :)

    #mirakee #writersnetwork 4th #writersbay #ephemeralc
    Nov 11, 2020

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  • mirakeewrites_ 11w

    When I was a child I thought...
    Moon was permanent, in the sky everyday,
    but one day as on the lap of my mother I lay.
    I found it missing from the sky,
    throught the doors , I went to the rooftop,thinking maybe today its tooo high.
    But to my surprise, it was no where to be seen,
    my curiosity grew, I became too keen.
    I asked my mother where did it go?
    She smiled at my innocence when I sounded too low.

    I was 6 years old then..
    She first told me it was playing hide and seek with me,
    he is hiding there somwhere behind the clouds, after a while.you will be able to see.
    naive me ! I believed her and waited all night,
    I fell asleep on the rooftop waiting for just a single sight.
    The next day I woke up and waited for the night whole day,
    I was there at the terrace watching the sunlight fading till the last ray.
    I was delighted to find it back at its palace,shining bright.
    Although it was smaller than usual yet shimmering all white.
    I was so delighted to know what my mom told was right,
    My happiness had crossed all heights....

    Then I grew a little and turned 12...
    When science teacher taught us phases of moon,
    I was disappointed way too soon.
    I came to know all of this was a lie,
    I went to my mom, afterall she lied to me, I wanted to know why?
    I went to her all red in anger and so mad,
    But a beautiful smile on her face she had.
    I asked her why she lied to me,
    She told me what she told was true, its all perception you see.
    Had I told you your friend went through phases,
    Its been known for ages and ages.
    Would you have accepted that as a child,
    And after a while my anger went all mild.
    She told me that I wanted the moon to be permanent,
    I told her this once, and with that lie that was the way it went.

    She told me sometimes what we think is permanent is ephemeral indeed.
    Sometimes its not what we percieve it to be and time is all that we need.
    When time flows we understand everything has an end, every event a reason,
    Whether it be sun, moon, love, heartbreak, even every season.
    Everything fades with time, and thats where beauty lies,
    not only in hi and hello but also in all goodbyes.
    She told me that day, don't consider something to be permanent even if it seems so,
    every high definitely has a low.
    every morning is bound to be night,
    every dull will always have a bright.
    What seems to be always there may disappear the next day.
    Change is the only constant they say.....

    Now I am all grown up,I understand all the phases of the moon,
    yet when I loved you I forgot my mom's philosophy so soon.
    I thought we will be together always and forever,
    We would defy destiny, we? separate? Oh never!!
    I thought of us like two bodies yet soul as one,
    I thought we would be together till in the sky abive there is the sun.
    I fogot how after every morning night is bound to appear,
    Yet being away from you was one of my gravest fear.
    It was ephemeral, our love, the moon,
    Why does all beautiful things end so soon??


    (forgive me for such random rants, don't know whats wrong with me , I keep posting such lame posts. Bus kuch likhna hai :)


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    What we thought as permanent turned out to be ephemeral......

  • madhushree 11w

    People mock at me saying
    That this new tangible dark spark
    In me is a gift of you.
    World can blame you for my lost old self
    Well the fact is that
    i am discovering myself with you
    Ephemeral yet life changing
    So i want it continue.

  • bclark2681 11w


    Life, in all truth and reality, is ephemeral,
    We must use our time wisely and fully
    Enjoy every second forging our story

  • 300roses 11w

    The Ephemeral Rainbow
    The air was perfumed with the
    petrichor of the after rain,
    I closed my eyes and
    let the earthly scent reign.

    As I opened my eyes,
    the rainbow smiled at me sweetly,
    There I was, mesmerized
    by its ethereal beauty.

    The lovely rainbow was a welcome
    after the rain,
    In its ephemeral moments,
    it softened my pain.

    Gradually, the rainbow
    bid me goodbye,
    I waved back wistfully
    as I said bye.


    #ephemeralc #writersbay #writersnetwork

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    The lovely rainbow
    was a welcome
    after the rain,
    In its ephemeral moments,
    it softened my pain.

  • carrie09 11w

    My sakura in bloom fortnight ago
    Princess of November
    Blossom of first winter
    Adorned herself in magenta
    elegantly in her heyday
    Today I ken her from afar
    Alas ! Only the twigs remained of her
    the crown of ephemeral,
    royalty withered away
    till she reborn again someday.

  • pepper_16 11w

    He also deserved a second chance! But he knows it well, how he is the reason for her ephemerality in his life.

    #ephemeralc #pod #ceesresposts #writersbay #wordporn #mirakee #lovec #mirakee #creativearena #writingcontest

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    My passion for her prevailed..
    Her Love was an ephemeral pleasure!

  • my_tiny_chapter 11w


    Ephemeral Love

    I watched him,
    long enough to witness
    his light,
    telling me he will not fade away
    something pooled
    and darkness
    began to seep
    from the derelict corners
    of a muddled mind.
    It was an ephemeral moment
    where shadows dance
    around the crackled bonfire
    as natives tell of legends untold
    within the midnight of dark and cold.
    I lost myself in that moment,
    knowing another is yet to exist.
    I stood still,
    lost in my head,  
    with a storm brewing in my swollen heart.
    Learning lessons
    from a far gone autumn,
    the fall willow knows
    when to abandon its leaves.
    I too said farewell
    to my house beneath the moon,
    which is always distant
    and dying in the absence
    of his light.
    The moon sees it all
    under my skin,
    even over my pretend,
    I am a creature starved of love,
    and he was
    an enchanting mirage of affection.
    Reflecting in my heart,
    the ripple is the will,
    Insignificant and short-lived.
    The morbid scene glittered
    as moonlight sparkled off my tears
    and the half-buried heart,
    I have loved long
    and yearned zealously...
    what grief it has brought me!
    It was ephemeral love
    Springs and withers so quickly,
    Just like a beautiful flower.
    That lives for only a day
    Before disappearing,
    Blown away
    By wisps of the wind.
    there's only this city
    under a shattered moon.
    I'm crying myself to sleep again,
    A lot of things never worked out.
    And, the older we get,
    the more we move along
    the unchosen road...

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    Ephemeral Love

    We were sparks
    That never ignited
    Pretending to burn
    Lost in our own
    Twisted desires

  • sproutedseeds 11w

    E P H E M E R A L

    Time is EPHEMERAL.
    It never waits.
    It makes every second
    a moment with its move.

    Capture every second
    alongwith with the time
    before these ephemeral moments
    becomes a memory.

  • sonu99 11w

    An experience is ephemeral,
    But memories make it eternal.

  • ashamurali 11w

    During calamities there are celebrity visits and lot of promises are made. Then all is forgotten. The victims are left in the lurch. Public memory and public sympathy are all very short. This happens way too often and we have seen the media going into other juicy news. There have been cases when the victims have had to run from pillar to post to claim relief.

    Word challenge: ephemeral -means lasting only for a short span of time.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #daadigotyourback #readthisj @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay #ephemeralc #blurc

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    Short span sympathy

    It was a horrible night
    That filled one with fright
    There was floods in the city
    People were displaced without pity
    The city was abuzz with activity
    visits from many a celebrity
    Media attention on the calamity
    For showcasing the gravity
    Aid was promised in plenty
    Donations poured abundantly
    Spirits soared significantly
    Future smiled sweetly
    media focus is ephemeral
    It is nothing abnormal
    In this countrty it is so typical
    Cannot help feeling of betrayal
    The aid didnt reach people proper
    Their future seemed bleak and blur
    Did anyone even mind or bother
    Do these situations have an answer?


  • pallavi4 11w


    Raking through the dying embers
    Through the still awake
    Silent red coals
    I find myself thinking of how we went
    From being us to being completely
    Separate souls
    No one ever can ever know the nuances
    Of what goes on between
    Two people
    It is still a wonder to me how we went
    From being strong together to
    Being so feeble
    Were we always meant to be out of rhythm
    Or did we do this deliberately
    To ourselves ?
    How did we go from being a love story
    To a dusty book kept on
    A dusty shelf ?
    Are today what we were always
    Destined and forever
    Meant to be
    Apart and moving at different tempos
    Forever from each other
    Don’t Rake through the embers
    The dying red hot coals and
    Fading memories
    We are ephemeral and our connection was as dark and ominous as


    10th of November, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • bonitasarahbabu 11w

    The relationship they shared,
    It proved to be ephemeral.
    Their love for each other,
    It was meant to be unrequited.
    Fate had interfered,
    Love turned into distance and occasional fear.
    She lost her best friend
    She lost the confidence she had when he was around.
    Ephemeral relationships,
    They can be quite heartbreaking.
    From finishing each other's sentences
    To barely talking to each other.
    Ephemeral, it was for a short while,
    This is what the relationship was.

  • anvaya 11w

    #ephemeralc Still mostly inactive in mirakee due to exam. P.S. Tomorrow (11/11) is my birthday and I'll be turning 16

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    Funny how ephemeral satisfaction is compared to desire

  • pooja17 11w

    To find true Happiness
    Along with pure satisfaction
    With due respect
    Is like an ephemeral
    During the whole lifespan**

  • _ecstatic_writer_ 11w

    Your presence in my life was ephemeral, engraved within my soul, emotions of beautiful colours.


  • prachii_ 11w

    And then i slip
    into the deepest agonies
    holding all my grudges.
    The warmth, the sentiments,
    the glimpse, all too inexorable
    and everything looks so staggering,
    when it calls out with beautiful voice
    lucid with epiphany,
    that why all the beautiful things are ephemeral? Like that flower. Like that love.
    But atleast once, he loved me truly whe he was mine.

    //Everything seems the reflection of you and me. Scattered reflection//