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  • neel04 8h


    WOMEN went सती when their husbands died,
    Why didn't RAPE CULTURE go सती when humanity died?

  • stjornu_ryk 20h


    There is a crown on the head
    Of each little boy,
    Nurtured and polished
    by the society we have developed
    Where each monarch of man
    rules with an iron fist;
    Everyone dismisses the hurt
    as nothing can beat boys being boys

    Yet there are girls,
    Who are gentle and mild mannered,
    only so as they have been told
    complaining is a strike against them.
    Some are loud and ferocious,
    demanding to be recognized as a Queen
    and not a Princess
    But to speak with the authority of a King
    Is to be slapped with the titles
    Of bitch, whore, or skank

    The gospel of the lord's of man
    Outranks any formal tribute to a diety above
    For the real religion is
    masculinity on a pedestal
    While women obey and do not challenge

    Yet there they go,
    Those foolish girls;
    Those striking women;
    Those Valkyries
    They spread their wings and draw to grass
    Collecting little victories
    Until a rally cry is sung

    They say men hold the gavel;
    The ownership of judge, jury, and executioner
    But we say we have had enough
    For this court is now our Hall
    And monarchy is an outdated form of governance


  • jynxielynn85 2d

    Feminism is the belief that
    Men and women are created as equals.
    It is not this ridiculous notion
    Being spewed from the mouths of politicians,
    The choice weaponry of
    A hate-mongering administration.
    We are not all vagina costume-wearing,
    Obscenity screaming, angry women.
    Just the same as "It's not all Men"
    Not all women hate men.
    We ask merely for equal respect.
    An entire population that fails to see,
    We've been blinded by a rich man's media.
    Meant to control our minds and lives.
    Docile lambs being led to die.
    They want us to be distracted and divided.
    So they cultivate lies,
    Fictitious fabrications of our rights.
    Real feminist do not demand to be
    Treated better than a man.
    That is sexism, it's the exact opposite
    Of what feminism stands for.
    Equal Rights can not be achieved by
    Degrading and demonizing one another.
    Equality bears no relation
    To the body parts that are
    Kept under your pants.
    You may judge me,
    Or label me that angry chick.
    But I am a feminist I say it with pride.
    Because, I stand for equality; true equality.
    I will not be part of a glorified manhunt
    Backed by the desires of angry, intolerant sexist.
    I want a world where an individual's anatomy
    Doesn't discern their worth hopefully
    One day, we will eventually see,
    A better world has to start with, you and me.
    The Turbulent Mind Of Jynxie Lynn
    ©JynxieLynn85 Imagery©Unknown

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  • neethi_athi 1w


    തമ്മിൽ കലർന്ന് ഒഴുകരുതാത്ത പുഴകൾ ഇനിയും ബാക്കി,
    കൊടിയ വേനലിലും പുഴകൾക്ക് തമ്മിൽ അയിത്തമത്രെ.
    മലകളിൽ നിന്നുദ്ഭവിച്ച പുഴകളുടെ വഴിയല്ലല്ലോ ചതുപ്പിൽ നിന്നും ഉരുവം കൊണ്ടവക്ക്.
    ഇനിയും ഇരുവഴികളായി ഒഴുക്ക് തുടരട്ടെ

  • paridhi_bichchhal 1w

    Do you see it as clear as I do?
    The same emotions we women have, men do have too!
    We know they care, but we are oblivious of seeing them try.
    They do get hurt, but hold themselves back and wouldn't cry.
    Some of them don't show as much as others do,
    But isn't it the same in case of some women too?
    Why do we blame them for everything that is wrong?
    If we women are different, then men are also a part of different throng!
    Being a human they would do a lot and deserve in return a lot,
    Then why do we neglect their feelings, treating them as a completely different part of life's plot?
    You think for them once, they will think for you twice and thrice,
    If we need equality then thinking unequally is its price!


  • expressed_emotions 1w

    बच्चे बन जाओ ,
    मन के सच्चे बन जाओ ,
    ज़िन्दगी है सुहानी ,
    रंगो में रूहानी ,
    प्यार में दीवानी ,
    बन जाओ एक कहानी ,
    हो कर लोगों की ज़ूवानी ,
    कहने को है मर्दों में मर्दानी ,
    अब नहीं चलेगी किसी की बेहमानी ,
    हो गई वो वक़्त पुरानी ,
    जब थी लोगों को आसानी ,
    ख़तम हुई वो छेरखानी ,
    आखिर थी इंसानी ,
    फिर क्यों थी लोगों की ऐसी रवानी ।

    - Divya Soni

  • audreyxxx 1w


    Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman.

  • fariii 2w

    In the middle of all those happy faces & friendly chats, you're meant to be only a girl.
    You'll be there when time demands and gone when you're not needed anymore.
    You shouldn't question them, cause they are not bound to answer.
    You should remain unnoticed, cause you can never be equal.

  • the_village_poet 2w


    A storm rages
    Pelting rain, howling wind
    Forces unimaginable 
    Emerge like life
    Flooding eyes, uprooting hearts
    Exposing us, amazing us
    By it’s sudden fury
    Awe-inspiring natural strength
    Creating new landscapes
    Forging paths of diversity.

    A storm subsides
    Like the ebb and flow of the tide
    That washes in and upon the sand
    Cleansing the footsteps
    Leaving a blank slate
    To paint upon
    With red, orange, yellow, green,
    Blue, indigo and violet
    Colors forming a rainbow
    That becomes a gallery in the sky.

    So simple to see it’s beauty
    As it adorns the heavens above
    Yet so hard for some
    To accept other’s choices, voices
    Faces, races
    Languages, genders
    Cultures, religions
    Loves, friendships
    That with temperance can coexist
    Through every struggle; any storm.

    Stacey Welsh

  • loveneetm 2w

    थामकर हाथ भरी दुनिया में वो चलना चाहें,
    मगर लोगो ने दो जिस्म की समानता देखी।

  • nimish_t 2w

    I'm quite astonished to see how even after a decade of struggle some people are still living under societal stigma when it comes to homosexuality. Isn't it time to evolve our mindsets? This valentine's day I wish jeet ho har pyar ki.


  • smriti_21 2w

    Aisa Kyu hota hai
    Ki har bar humme ye sikhaya jata hai ki ladkiyan Sab kuch nai kar sakti, Unhe apni limits me rehna chahie, vo bahar Raat me ghume to Galat hai, short dresses pehnne to Galat hai kyuki ladke dekhenge, tameez me rahe, respect de, Kaam kare ghar aur bahar ka.
    Agar kuch Galat hua h Uske Sath to zimmedar vo khud hai par ladka nai.
    Instagram pe ladke group chat pe models ki pics share kare and batein kare to sahi par agar ladki ne khud ki short dress me bas ek pic daal di to Galat h vo ladki, character Thik ni hai uska.

    Kabhi ye Ni sochte ki humari bhi apni choice hai
    Hum bhi chahe to ladko ki nudes share kar sakte hn, batein kar sakte hn, party kar sakte h

    Jo Mann ho vo kar sakte hn

    Baat simple si hai
    ladke Jo Kare sab sahi par ladkiyon ko sab chezin dhyaan me rakh kr chalna hai kyuki
    "Vo ek ladki hai"
    Are equality to bht dur hai pehle khud ke lie jagah bana le is society me Vhi kaafi hai


  • vikram991 2w


    "तन पर सफेद वस्त्र हाथ जोङने के भाव ,
    मुख पर लिये मुस्कान ये फनकार जोर है ।
    कसमें जो आज खा रहे कल देश खायेंगे ,
    हाथी के दांत खाने,दिखाने के ओर है ।।"

  • kaushikayushi 3w


    Inequality always divide


  • sabbu_writes 3w


  • minus_e_plus_v 3w

    I was not born feminist,
    But the society made me.

    It started when all my strengths
    Were somehow reasons of my troubles.
    The compassion in me
    Was looked down as slutry.
    The power to embrace and nurture,
    Became reason for my own destruction.
    The home that I created with love,
    Now arrests me.

    When patriarchs couldn't tolerate
    Position of women more than a slave.
    They compared mothers to cattles,
    Cows more loved as they can also lactate.

    The world taught me things good and bad,
    Created all the rational,
    But then itself forgot to learn
    How to accept a learned women.
    Everytime I disagree or dissent,
    You reward me with misogynist attacks.

    Better stop the dramas of beti bachao,
    Let there be no beti unwanted & unloved.
    Beti padhao is a mockery,
    Because all they do is sell false dreams
    And then teach endurance is the key.
    Killing innocent dreams makes them happy.

    On Somedays treated as goddess,
    On other just defying purity and pollution.
    I wish for once I could be human first,
    Women next.
    I wish I never had to be a feminist...

    Mansi Verma

  • faxtron8 3w


    A friend that never judges,
    Mind and body black,
    The embodiment of all your grudges,
    Your flaws and what you lack.

    Embraces those lost in thought,
    Holds hands with those who reared,
    As the miserable never sought,
    And the cheerful never cheered.

    As you die, they are there,
    Be your life full, or empty,
    And the thoughts to much to bare,
    Your life was yours for the taking.

    The manic hold hands as they pass,
    The miserable embraced tightly,
    As the facades made of glass,
    Shatter against Despair, the Mighty.

  • loveneetm 3w

    संक्रमित सोच

    घूँघट ओढ़े एक बालक,
    पूछें खुद से एक बात,
    तन से नर मन से नारी,
    दोनों का कैसा साथ।

    असमंजस में पड़कर बालक,
    समझे ना कोई बात,
    बाल्यकाल की आयु में,
    था जग में सबका साथ।

    यौवन की पहली सीढ़ी पर,
    कदम गए घबराएँ,
    चाल चलन नारी जैसा है,
    सब कह रोज चिढ़ाए।

    आहत मन हो रूदन करें,
    खुद से ही करे सवाल,
    कौन पाप किए थे जो,
    देखूँ यह भीषण काल।

    उस पल में अपने भी,
    थामे ना कसकर हाथ,
    दोष लगाकर किस्मत पर,
    मारे दो कसकर लात।

    ऐसी मनःस्थिति लिए वो,
    कब तक ध्यान लगाएँ,
    हार कर हालातों से,
    अक्सर ही प्राण गँवाए।

    जानें पर भी प्रेम नही,
    जग कहे कटु दो बात,
    बोझ था,था कुल नाशक,
    खुश हो जो छूटा साथ।

  • ltsoul 3w

    I don't want  to carry you

    I don't want to be lead by you either

    I want to walk with you to our destiny

    The way being crossed equally. 

  • sweetylearner1014 4w

    Before becoming a Sikh,a Muslim,a hindu or a Christian,lets become a human first.