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  • an_aphrodisiac_alchemist 3h

    Her sultry voice flowed as smooth as silk ,quite soft and in perfect rhythm.
    Her sensual soul sang its own song , her each sedative note was captured with a erotic sigh.
    I'm showing her love by slow and leisurely caress with Soft, smooth, sensuous ecstasies & eloquent passion..
    Her voice spirited me Into the high tides of love , with her i fly high. She intoxicated me Into drunken slumber, Sweet soulful moan fills the room. holding each other tight , Laying ,naked and wanting more & more of her.

  • agjproverbs 1d

    Chain Verse

    Run your hands down my body
    Body chills with goose bomp thrills
    Thrills reminding me of that Strawberry Hill love
    Love so steeped these hills we climb don't seem so steep.
    Steep my step less I forget to remember
    Remember when you gave me my first "Hot Girl Summer" that cold December.

  • soft_moans 1d

    What will you do *if i bite your lower lip*?

  • varnit 2d


    Your hot wet lips and the lipstic you carry ,
    When I taste your lips taste like strawberry..
    I took of your Tees design of starry ,
    I squeezed harder those mango balls having black cherry..
    Come to the navel I lick that shapes ,
    I bite there taste like grapes..
    Then I come to your valley ,
    Which is next to the belly..
    I licked harder and bite hot apples ,
    You hold my banana we sticked like staples......

  • devilfish 3d


    Shallow water
    Where I come to wake
    To drench in last night's sweat
    I've got my dignity at stake
    I rob the visionaries of their torch
    And of their stake
    The breath I'd make
    Right after I'd wake
    In the dreams of it's wet lucidity
    In between the heat of her legs
    In the flesh
    And water skin
    We mesh
    A God in the flesh
    And water skin
    So wet
    Let diamonds drip like

  • icjation1 4d

    Road to yesterday...

    "Why do we love?
    Is it our way of finding our place in this world?
    Finding someone who completes us.
    Is it our search for a deeper connection?
    Or are we just afraid of being alone?
    Does life still have meaning without love or trust?
    What do you do when love lost?
    Do you give up?
    Or do you try to find love where it is lost before it is too late?
    Why do we love?"
    "Road to yesterday"

  • emotively_unhinged 5d

    Ice cube

    I brush her dark long hair aside, revealing her bare back. She gasped.. as i balanced an ice cube on her shoulder blades. As the ice melted, the water trickled down, some flowed towards the side, over her bulging breast..and some straight down to the trough of her waist creating a small puddle. I kiss my way down from the nape of her neck along her spine to the puddle...i lick her skin dry...she sighed at the convergence of her cold skin and my warm tongue. My lips wandered off to her buns. I loved the sound she made as i sunk my teeth into her posterior flesh. I turn her over, she closed her eyes. I slide another cube...from her neck..to collar bones... through her cleavage. I spiral my way up on her round soft melons to her perfect dark bud, hard by my icy touch. She bit her lips..and moaned lightly. And i loved the way melted waters from the ice flowed down and filled her round little navel.

  • varnit 5d


    मुझे नशा हे तेरी बातों का।।
    तेरे साथ हर पल की यादों का।।
    नशा हे जजबातों का।।।
    तेरे साथ किये गये वादों का।।
    मुझे नशा हे तेरे साथ नातो का।।
    तेरे सारे इरादों का।।
    मुजे नशा हे तेरे प्यार का।।
    तेरे साथ किये प्यार के इज़्हार का।।
    मुजे नशा हे तेरे हाथों की नमी का।।
    साथ न होने पर महसूस होती कमी का।।
    तेरे होठों का मेरे होठों पर एहसास का।।
    गुलाबी सर्दी में तेरा होना मेरे पास का।।
    मुजे नशा हे तेरा।।
    सिर्फ तेरा और तेरे प्यार का।।

  • raghav86 5d

    मुलतवी इश्क़ नहीं किया
    मगर आपके लब चूमने हैं शिद्दत से...

  • magebelle 1w

    Pin Me Down

    Pin me down
    Hold me so tight
    Take it slow while you're in between my legs
    Hearing you breath out
    Smells like strawberry
    Let's make love until dawn


  • varnit 1w


    The first light of Sun comes into the room ,
    My heart pops with joy and your lips like a boom...
    Her lips on the shiny light of Sun ,
    I eager to eat like a buttery bun..
    I took off the Tees ,
    To get something to squeeze..
    She hugged me tightly ,
    We kisses passionately..
    Those crazy breezy eyes ,
    We both like a charter flies..
    I licked her body makes her saucy ,
    She rubbed her tongue and bite me to make me racy..
    Sun light on her bare body ,
    Makes me erotic and more moody...

  • _soul_talk_ 1w


    Darkness filling me,
    Anger consuming me,
    My subconscious,
    thwarting my consciousness,
    I can't breathe,
    I can't hold much longer
    Should I give in?
    No! Have faith, this time will pass,
    I assumed.
    But, it went on and on
    In the end, I lost my grip,
    and I gave in.

  • varnit 1w

    Erotic honey..

    That honey lips when i bite ,
    That feel like flying kite..
    When I lick the neck ,
    Feel like a love wack...
    Beyond the neck I love that curves ,
    I found something hard in me but I held the nerves..
    I tickled lick the corner of those curves ,
    Taste like honey for me which is reserve..
    I rubbed the honey on the belly ,
    I love that hot and honey valley..

  • rodney 1w

    20th February, 2021.
    9:37 a.m.

    #erotic #passion #lovepoem

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    Private territory.

    Straight to heart,
    And, then to the body that scratched the floor.

    Straight to your spirit,
    Then, we both are explorers in a new territory on our own.

    Own it darling, when my love is all over your artistic melody.

    Holding your breaths, to gasp like you're submerged entirely;

    As my touch caresses your feelings.

    Drop down to the beats of my heart and heal me.

    With the passion that our mouths are - DNA exchanging.

    Love lighted the fire that's burning all over me.

    Yours passionately,


  • varnit 1w

    Romance the erotica..

    Your eyes like a wine ,
    Your lips looks like shine..
    I feel love when I bite your lips ,
    Your bare body makes crazy me and my finger tips..
    When I run my wet lips on your navel ,
    I lost control of my mind as well..
    My hot lips on your neck ,
    I go crazy when you find in me the deck..
    That passionate kisses ,
    And moment with we graces..

  • magebelle 1w

    Can't Escape

    You can't escape from my bed
    Before the sunrise
    I know it's still dawn
    But I promise you that
    I'll make you satisfy


  • elphasblackmage 1w


    She opens the door naked and frowns at ny surprise
    Its valentines and i bought flowers, 1000 shillings is the price
    She pulls me in and kisses me, i feel my shaft rise
    I pull away and show her the flowers, she mumbles they are nice
    She hastily unzips my pants, she gasps at my engorged size
    Her luscious lips swallow my member, i look down at those emerald eyes
    She chokes as she slides my cock down her throat, that mouth full of lies
    Am nearing orgasm but she motions me to the bed and straddles my thighs
    I grab her ass as her pussy tightens around my cock like a vice
    A thousand different sensations explode in my body but my heart remains cold as ice
    I think of all the men who experienced this, all for money and greasy fries
    My body goes numb, i gaze at the wall clock arms rotating clockwise
    She shakes me out of my reverie and tells me she came thrice
    And thats why she loves me, i take her to sex paradise
    She hates me but loves my cock, so she lives in disguise


  • varnit 1w

    Romance and love..

    When I touched her with love ,
    She feels like feel with awe..
    I mark every part of her body ,
    With my lips she feel like hotty...
    She gets my clothes off ,
    She loves me with lips lot of...
    We do cuddle love and romance ,
    Creativity of us makes more sense..
    The warmness of her breath ,
    The love is our strength.........

  • varnit 1w


    When she touched me there ,
    I don't know how I reached and where..
    Whenever I feel lazy ,
    Her hot breath drives me crazy...
    When she touched me with her lips ,
    I do cuddle on her legs with my finger tips...
    We hugged tightly and with strength ,
    We forget our limit and the length..
    Her lips kisses me on my body ,
    I do erotica with my hotty.......

  • heetvyas 1w

    Naughty Night Gown

    My night gown is too naughty,
    She relishes experience quite daunty!
    Some nights she invites curious hands,
    On others she accomodates hungry heads!

    Last night, she shifted to expose my skin,
    Next, we had an intruder creep in!
    Anxious fingers circled, making my hilltop rise,
    The palm thursting my valley, measuring it's huge size!

    Opps, did I just spill out Victoria's Secret?