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  • life_has_to_move_on 1d

    Happy national brothers day

    The Bond between brother & sister is not not decided by blood..
    it is eternally blessed..
    They might not brother by blood..
    But they care us.. treat us like princess.. make us feel comfort...


  • royalconduit 3d

    I wonder

    I wonder
    Exactly where you are right now
    I wonder
    what you're thinking
    I wonder
    if you're also waiting for a train that you missed
    Or if my personality traits are already on your list
    Like mine...
    I wonder
    if I'll meet you on a weekend
    or a weekday
    I know you'll stay- but still
    I wonder
    If on that day my heart's bells will resound like thunder-
    When you look into my eyes- and my spirit leaps
    I hope,
    I'll keep my head about me
    And I wonder,
    If you will feel it too-
    And more...


  • tinnytippoet 5d

    The hardest part

    It isn't the good bye.
    It wasn't the long cherished hug.
    But, it was my recollection.

    My passion still blows hot.
    Powerful but dying.
    I am a star on it's last years.
    You were the iron of my core.
    I can no longer fuse with you.

    It hurts.
    I am expanding.
    I am unhealthy.
    I will either bottle it up into a singularity.
    Or, I will expand to wipe out the universe.
    Which ever comes first.
    I still will have my love for you.

  • when_d_writes 1w

    Feelings are eternal but so not us


  • swarajshekhar 1w


    I am so subtle
    I am so proud
    Will come to you
    When will you search for me...
    In the crowd....

    Will see your laughters....
    Will see your tears...
    Will always be there...
    When you need somebody to hear...

    I am the pure... I am the love....
    To fill your heart out of that thirst...
    Which had embraced you...
    At those times....when those fucking cunt's...
    Left you alone.... To suffer those pathetic vives....

    My wishes are eternal....
    Which aren't mine...
    Still I pray you won't get jealous.....
    As my blood would be your wine.....


  • penman_andy 1w


    A seraphic psyche rived
    In two different physiques,

    Born on different time and dates
    Avowed as beloved soulmates,

    Cohered by bond of love
    Heavenly than almighty,

    Connoted just to bide
    Proximate for eternity


  • teepeewrites 1w


    If I go first to the other world

    I will be waiting for you

    In my next life,

    I will search all over for you

    So I can spend more time with you.

    Eternity is a gift to us,

    Cos we will be there together.

    Our love will last for ever

    Cos we are fated to be together

    My love.

  • shrihari_nandini 2w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #ma #pitaji #shrimannarayana #shri_hari_narayana #seetha #sita #ram #govind #shri #hari #eternal #forever #ever #sweet #union

    A Sweet Union
    By Bhavya Gogia

    I run to her my Mother
    I am being called by Mother Janaki
    With long arms she calls me
    To her embrace, my lovely Ma Shri!
    The Sun has risen above the Ocean
    The sea behind her scintillating
    And the welkin, is similar to Raam
    In complexion, and the sand is shimmering!
    She calls to me with a smile
    Which seems to play on her eyes alike
    And my little feet move effortlessly
    Towards her, who is lotus-like
    But Oh! see who has come between
    Mother and me, blocking my way
    'Where to?' Says Father with a spirit of Fun
    And I am left without a word to say!
    'Let me go to Mom' I say
    But he out of mischief blocks my path
    And Ma smiles from his behind,
    As if enjoying the game at heart!
    I move left, he blocks from left
    I move right and he is at right
    He does not let me go
    To my Ma, my protest albeit
    But Oh I am small, and he's tall
    I always have a way at hand,
    Enough of his trifle now
    I will trick him this instant!
    And I run below his long arm
    With a single aim in mind!
    To reach my Mother who is standing
    Still with her arms open wide
    And I reach to her my Mom
    While ShriRaam smiles at his defeat!
    In an embrace, we both smile
    And Hari joins our union ever sweet!

    I call this special, as it is Very Close to My Heart
    Another episode of imagination ��
    But I have to say this came in my mind without effort �� and hence I converted it to a poem!
    This is how it goes: I am on a beautiful beach with ShriSeethaRaam. Seetha Ma calls me to her, I am small girl, smaller than the length of her and ShriRaam's arms. She calls me to herself for an embrace, and I run to her, imagine her arms open wide calling her little daughter to her for a hug, as a mother calls her beloved child. I go to her, as my feet effortlessly move to her for embracing her. But as I am about to reach Ma, ShriRaam comes in between us and he says with a spirit of fun, 'where are you going little one?' And I knowing his mischievous nature, refuse to say a word and with a pout, I say, 'Let me go to Ma' but he doesn't, he plays, but I don't understand his pranks! What should I do now? I go left, he moves left to block my way, I shift right he too shifts right, I protest but he doesn't let me go. And then I realise he is soo tall and I am soo small, I can easily escape! Both his arms are blocking my way, but I easily move below his arms, and before he could catch me I reach to Ma, who with open arms embraces me. ShriRaam smiles is now defeated! Now, he comes and embraces us from behind and joins our union which is Forever Sweet!

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @mayank_02 @setusrivatsa @_garimapandey_

    Pic credit: To the original owner, From Pinterest. I cropped the whole pic�� Just kind of related it to the poem ��

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    A Sweet Union

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • __stuti__ 2w

    And today I wrote this for her rather than uplaoding pictures!
    Believe me it made her 10x happier!��❤️
    #mothersday #maa #mom #love #mother #motherandchild #eternal #lifeline

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    मेरे जज़्बातों की दुनिया का हिस्सा बनकर
    उन हजार अनकहे अल्फाजों को पढ़ लेती हैं वो।
    मेरे जीवन के हर एक क्षण की
    एक खूबसूरत सी घटित कहानी है वो।


  • soft_zephyr 2w


    The first touch I sensed,
    And felt the meaning of love,
    In your womb, I sensed
    Your mystic pure connect,

    I was naive to understand,
    Any reason or any season,
    But through your heartbeats
    I felt each and every emotion,

    Your blood flowed through
    My veins, I felt your pain,
    Your breath filled my lungs,
    I recited lullaby’s you sung.

    What can I give you,
    After so many years of life,
    I cannot repay you with
    Whole of eternal divine,

    Title’s cannot describe your
    Part in my life,
    Mother let me call you,
    My soul’s pride

  • shrihari_nandini 2w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #mylordvishnu #eternal #boon

    An Eternal Boon
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh ShriHari, Oh Gold-decked!
    Oh wonderful lovely eloquent!
    Oh herder of Nand's cattle
    Oh conquerer of Every battle
    Oh charmer of Vraj's women
    Oh lover of Ocean's Daughter
    Oh jewel amongst all brave men
    And Oh praised by King of Heaven
    You live in the domains of my Mind
    And my heart, Oh Vanquisher of Pride
    You're the purpose of my life
    And the reason behind my every smile!
    With your grace, blossoms my heart
    And always yearns for thy glance!
    My Lord! My Father, My lovely friend!
    Give me this boon, Oh blemishless!
    Let your feet be loved by me
    Endlessly and for eternity!

    @ally_18 @aarsha_ns @_garimapandey_ @mayank_02 @drinderjeet

    Pic credit: Pinterest

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    An Eternal Boon

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • satyasreekanth 2w

    Mother's love..❤

    Always love your mom, recognize her sacrifices, her efforts, her care, her pain, her love. The only true soul who loves you from the time of birth until the time of the tomb. Her scolding is for a reason and encourages when you fail, believes you more than anyone in this world . Mom can be one of the trusted friend to whom you can share anything and everything. The purest form of love that is endless and eternal.

    "LOVE YOU, MOM"❤


  • kitesinrain 3w


    A man is a lone traveller in this life's design ,
    manifesting his thoughts and spending time ,
    forever was a mystery of his own kind ,
    but the lone traveller sometimes think would he be fine ?

    He puts faith in himself and not God ,
    He has walked with dillemas thick as his blood ,
    He looks back on his path and see , was this a person he wanted to be ?

    He usually looks upto the stars and sky ,
    He spends his days getting drunk and high ,
    But at the end of the day he knows he is fine ,
    Because inside himself he carries a Shrine.

    A shrine where he has prayed and loved ,
    A shrine where he turned from a boy to a man ,
    A shrine who made him believe that he can ,
    Walk deserts and cross valleys so deep ,
    been so lonely but never felt weak ,
    been loved so much never felt incomplete
    and walk through fire and never felt the heat.

    But there came a day he had to leave the shrine ,
    He asked himself would he ever be fine ,
    With all those memories he carries in his mind ,
    Of a touch and love of a beautiful dove ,
    sould of a kite that wants to touch the sky ,
    But he had to now walk alone and leave it all behind,
    Since then inside him he carries a Shrine.

  • aurorawrites 3w

    She was a poetry,
    And he was her poem,
    And their love was magic.

    #poetry #love #she #he #writersthought #quotes
    #mirakee #eternal @writersnetwork

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    She was drunk in love with him and
    he for she. Their story was eternal.

  • leena_t 3w

    Hail high to the helm of life,
    Going through several upheavals,
    Transacting into multiple characters,
    And desiring to reach the ultimate departure.
    Throughout the journey,
    Waving and moving ahead,
    Trying to find one's definition,
    And reaching to deepest treasures.
    Gains and losses immeasurable,
    Wandering and wondering past from faraway,
    But moving ahead towards eventual
    To reach to an abode of eternal incarnation.
    #life #journey #eternal #incarnation #helm #lifelesson #god #pod #covid19 #lockdown #ramayana #quarantinelife #ramayan #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerslife #wroterstolli #writing @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Eternal incarnation

    Hail high to the helm of life,
    Going through several upheavals,
    Transacting into multiple characters,
    And desiring to reach the ultimate departure.
    Throughout the journey,
    Waving and moving ahead,
    Trying to find one's definition,
    And reaching to deepest treasures.
    Gains and losses immeasurable,
    Wandering and wondering past from faraway,
    But moving ahead towards eventual destination,
    To reach to an abode of eternal incarnation.


  • anjappan 3w

    Life Essence

    The soul so pure once flourished
    On a mistical marval piece of stone
    Awakening the very sprit of creation
    The new source of harmony
    But the soul was not alone
    Bounded by the desires of the stone
    The soul was fumed by the unending thirst of power
    The stone grew pale as the power fill with in
    Never it was able to breathe
    Never it was contempt ever.
    Leaving was the only way
    Ciao to the stone that it have resided
    To be cleanced and to be purified.

  • charcoal 3w


    And may be it's 
    To knit a story
    So gently
    And subtly
    That would remain
    On lips eternally


  • jyotsanaanand1999 3w

    Love Surges....

    मेरी चाहत का सब्र कुछ इस तरह टूटता जा रहा है,
    कि मैं किस तरह बेसब्र हो रही हूं, उसे अहसास भी नहीं हो रहा हैं।

  • sahilkaushik69 4w


    खूब कोशिश करी दिल को रोकने की,
    पर ये तो फिर भी फ़रार हो जाता है।
    बेड़ियों से भी कैसे बाँधू इसे,
    इसे तो इन बेड़ियों से भी प्यार हो जाता है।

  • shrihari_nandini 2w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #mylordvishnu #lantern #love #candle #pain #care #unflickering #imperfections #impavid #limerence #ignited #trust #completeness #bliss #illuminate #stronger #eternal

    The Lantern of Love
    By Bhavya Gogia

    The unflickering light
    Of the candle of your love
    Placed upon the surface
    Of my sea like heart
    Ignited by my pain
    With utmost perfection
    Illuminates my soul
    And gives me care
    The beauty of your soul
    Made me Impavid
    And paved the way
    For my limerence for you
    The Dancing flame,
    Making love stronger
    Every single second
    Little by little is
    Ignited upon the thread
    Of trust personified
    You and me
    While we feel the bliss
    Of moments Passing by
    Of extraordinary happiness
    While the magic in air
    Increases in volume
    By little imperfections
    Of my love for you
    Till the end of time
    (And the beginning of something new)

    A very old poem, which I found in drafts today ��
    All I wanna say in this poem is about the Candle of Love which is ignited upon the Thread of Complete Trust, in my Soul, is making love stronger and stronger when it's flame dances on the surface of my Sea-like(deep) Heart. Love illuminates the Soul, gives it a direction. Love gives Bliss, And the imperfections in Love result in Magic which is the Joy we get while in Love, a Joy which does not deteriorate the Love but only increases it. Once ignited the Love Stays eternal, and gives New beginnings it remains forever and always seems New!
    All that is Needed to ignite the Candle of Love is The thread of Trust! Hence, what we are seeking for is this love, and the Bliss derived from it, whose foundation is Trust such that it becomes an example of Trust Personified!
    Maybe we don't know but everyone is Seeking for this Love, which I call Devotion, and the best evidence for this is the Incompleteness we feel in our hearts and minds.
    This love is eternal beyond the Bodies made of Dust and Completes the Real Us.
    Very few out of Millions achieve Perfection in Love and those are blessed, May the Almighty bless All!

    Jai ShriHari! Jai ShrimanNarayana! ❤��

    @ally_18 @aarsha_ns @_garimapandey_ @mayank_02 @setusrivatsa

    Pic credit:Pinterest

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    The Lantern of Love

    By ShriHari Nandini