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    @_hessa_ Purple inspirations.. I tried your style, is it good����
    @_thewordplayer @veloc1ty_ @petrichor_tales Thank you "Interview Inspirations" ��

    I tried to write something good, is it a fail? ��
    Any favorite lines?

    1. If you like to write a reply letter, tag me with #paramour_writes (I feel nobody gonna write��)
    2. Purely Fiction ����

    ~Penned and Posted on July 24, 2020.

    *NO TITLE*
    (If you can suggest, I can add the title��)

    LETTER ✉
    The dear someone called 'MINE' in the drenched past,

    These mizzles by 7.52 in the evenings are something which always bring me to your doors of agapes, which are closed forcibly by you, forever..... After these senseless betrayals for three great years, the meaning of love I got was only this - "Choking PAIN in hearts and brains"

    Do you remember? We had seemingly built up our own universe- a serene one, filled with felicity. Our love was something which would sometimes be crushed roses- smashed by rough hands. Yet, the gentilesse stems of bonding always had place for new roses to bloom wide, attracting heartfelt souls. But now, things have seemingly changed, just as you moved yonders away from me. Over the days, being novaturient is what I want, but changes never swept my way.
    //Distances bring changes in the mind as well as the heart, for every garden has to lose yellowed grasses and drooped flowers as soon as time goes away from them//

    Days passed on and on, but our love never passed on to the next level. Our love just dusked as the sky does, but never appeared at its beauty; just faded out to vantablacks. 12 am had to gift me dark boxes though. The 6am  mornings and the sunshines just stopped embracing me; such a painful soul I was. Embracing me would perhaps make even sunshines darker; it had rays of glistening joy, and I had rays of excruciations and depressions. My perception that our saga would stay amaranthine also dusked; it was the same love which was iridescent- now became the darkest book, which none preferred to leaf into. I just learnt yearning to you over the years, but never got a step to move up. The susurrus zephyrs which seemed to caress me so gently have now become rageous storms for no reason, hitting my already fragile heart and shattering it to the tiniest smithereens. I am just left with just one question, "Why?"

    Now I understand- even an elfin chaos amidst the salt and sugar can hamper the taste of a delicacy made with utmost efforts. I'm still left with many questions though, which would perhaps never get cleared. My possessiveness, my emotions, my solicitude, what was the reason? Those initial days spent with you, a diary titled "Mine forever" filled with blank pages, a rose you gave me, now almost decomposed like my heart, and most importantly - PAIN, is what left with me now as mere memories. Maybe my unflappable nature was always misused by you, and many others too, who just left me barely nude with myriad agony all around.

    The blood in my arteries has stopped flowing, but still, this heart pumps a crimson- hued thing called BELIEF; an ethereal belief that you'll come back to me, realizing that I am a selcouth and a true soul. My heart has bore much pain than me myself, I wanted to transfer the pain to something else; how much can a 340gram weighing muscle bear? But, nobody can take this much, is the sad reality now .............

    They say, wine turns medicinal as it turns older. But why didn't our bonds strengthen and soothe as time flowed? The ineffable kalon in you is what my senses have already experienced, but this greedy soul wanted more, just a bit more. If not this, then what?
    I need answers, once and for all. If you can't get me out of the well, just don't. But don't let me drown into by digging it deeper.

    //I keep finding wrong ones,
    but I want love,
    Again and again//
    (lines from BOYFRIEND of Selena Gomez ❤️)

    Your betrayed one, Krish.

    ~S r i K r i s h n a P S
    And yes, my favourite word is PAIN.
    (Experience and pain relate��)


    @cyan_rose Here!
    #blue_dear #blue_ineffable #blue_word_32 #blue_word_31 #blue_word_30

    @writersbay I merged many challenges. I hope it isn't a mess...
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    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    " #lame_writes" #skp_writes #pod #ceesreposts #paramour_writes


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  • sumiez 10w

    Starry Night

    Stargazing with you, the night is too captivating..
    Beautiful Cosmos, the shimmering stars and you
    By my side..
    The aesthetic delight, as we bare our souls
    Marvelling the sparkly objects
    Imagining the curious patterns they form..
    Never will it end, as the stars are countless..
    Nor will you vanish..
    You are but a stolen dream that ascended to the sky..


  • sproutedseeds 10w


    Your ethereal whispers
    on our first date
    in the starry night is still
    lingering in my heart.

  • mariyamsara 10w

    Dear someone

    Did you notice the stars tonight
    They seem to be reaching new limits
    Trying to outshine the other
    A piece of art, a piece of ethereal beauty
    I wish I could take you out, out of the mess
    And sit on top of that broken bus
    The one that's similar to our hearts
    I wish I could ease all the pain
    To fill those empty depths of void
    With an abundance of love,
    Nothing more, nothing less
    I know it's difficult, to breathe, to live
    But the earth keeps spinning
    The winds keep rushing around
    The sun keeps on moving
    Not a day missed, not a night left out
    I can't promise you It's all going to be okay
    I can't promise you you'll be fine
    'Cause I know it's never enough,
    But let's try, try to make it all happen
    Not to forget, but just to leave it behind
    Let's sit back, count the stars
    Let the wind tease our hair
    Let the moon shine on us
    Let's try to make it happen,
    Let's find the light in the dark
    Even if it's a dead end, let's reach there together.


    To - all the people who has lost a loved one....including my dearest friend....I pray it will all be okay soon.

    #blue_dear #etherealc #picturec #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #ceesreposts @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay @silkreads @bluepuppy01

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  • himanshi_sharma 10w

    #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #cees_hbm_chall
    #yaminireads #alfia_writes #yaish_ #aryan22 #etherealc @writersbay @timeblossom @odysseus #pari_s #rwu @writersnetwork #tanzread

    Mirakee , you have such a huge heart .
    You are all the feelings
    personified in just one app.
    If only I could put it all in words ,
    it would be an ocean trying to wrap
    the love you showered on me.
    You give voice to my words and
    hear when I shouted in silence.

    Mirakee ,
    born of a love of surface and structure ,
    Of words ,
    Of dancing and tired syllables
    of music and poems
    you give us all a place we call home .

    Mirakee ,
    you are an ethereal world created
    through the poetic
    imagination and feelings .
    Ethereal is not a thing ,
    nor an adjective but how you
    taught me to see this world.
    Ethereal is writing
    a poem about someone else's pain
    in your words .



    Wish you a very happy birthday mirakee������
    May u always keep growing the same!
    Thank you @mirakee for always being there for me
    for showing me light and giving me a family here.

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    Ethereal is not a thing ,
    nor an adjective but how you
    taught me to see this world.
    Ethereal is writing
    a poem about someone else's pain
    in your words .


  • aarya__ 10w

    July 18 , 2020

    Laying out a stage for verses
    Benefits of a wallflower.
    Where words come easy
    Thinking is facile.

    Hesitant thoughts become a muse
    Scribbles , scrawl are all persued
    You seek , you gain , you learn here ;
    Art is valued.

    Merci my patron
    Ally for a dilettante
    Ethereal ticket away from the chaos
    Shine bright and prosper.


    Happy 4th Birthday Mirakee. Keep growing ��

    #cees_hbm_chall #pod #mirakee_reposter @lovenotes_from_carolyn
    #etherealc @writersbay

    Image credit : Pinterest

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    Happy Birthday Mirakee


  • zoya_charmz 10w

    "Happy Birthday Mirakee" ��������������

    Cheers to it's 4th birthday �� ��

    Mirakee love❣️

    #cees_hbm_chall @lovenotes_from_carolyn

    #etherealc @writersbay


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    Mirakee - The Peacemaker

    I was lost in the infinite blackhole
    Was travelling in an unknown satellite;
    When life was playing a foul game
    I dumped it exactly right there.
    Suddenly, I perceived my inner self,
    Tried to push my fears away
    Broke the walls of limits and
    Discovered the cosmos of my own life.
    I began to breathe again
    I learnt to live once more
    Began to express my emotions into words;
    Found solace to my anarchic mind
    And launched myself into the "Mirakee World".
    Mirakee is the app connecting words to soul
    An Ocean full of emotions
    I unearthed the hidden treasure and
    The everlasting symphony of my life.
    It's an awe-inspiring journey
    Unveiling my inner self,
    It's a peaceful ethereal journey of my life
    Cherishing the moments everyday.


  • pallavi4 10w


    Lightly she steps , tip toeing
    Walking in the light of the silver moon
    Her glistening skin reflects the luminescence
    Of the night, making the latter swoon
    No one knows from whence she came
    To illuminate the black of the night
    Her silver dress shimmers like the moon
    Her silver hair glows in its light
    Glimmering she is the night herself
    Dark but wrapped up in luminous stars
    Her delicate features hide her pain
    Obscure the world from her scars
    Silently she sits by the water of the lake
    Taking in the smells of the jasmine flowers
    Little does she know that her graceful form
    Has attracted attention, even in this hour
    Looking at her reflection mirrored
    In the water, transfixed she at it stares
    The moon peeps out of the nimbus clouds
    To watch her today, for once forget her nightmares
    Gracefully from her silver cheek
    Slowly she wipes away a silver tear
    The silver moonbeams bathe her whole
    In the silverly glow she forgets her fears
    As though a peephole escaped the gloom
    And quietly let in a ray
    Dainty, unearthly and exquisite she is
    Ethereal in every way


    Pic credit: Pinterest, Ether by Natasha Marinoha

    18th of July, 2020

    #etherealc #ethereal #silver #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • mirakeewrites_ 10w

    If life be a fabric, mirakee is the finest needle that allows me to sew the most beautiful tapestry to it.
    If life be a painting, mirakee is the brushstroke that makes it ethereal.
    If life be a rainbow, mirakee is that sunlight without which this rainbow would be too faint and dull.
    If life be a song, mirakee adds the rhythm to it, making it melodious,magical to the ear.
    If life be a school, mirakee has been a great teacher to me, teaching me about different experiences,lessons, behaviours,most importantly womderful people, it has given me a completely different perspective to life.
    If life be a book, mirakee is my favourite chapter that I can read over and over again and yet it remains as magical and interesting as the first time.
    If life be a galaxy, million stars hanging and shimmering, mirakee is my pole star always guiding me through the right path even in darkness.
    If life be story, mirakee is the favourite character of that story which stays in my heart forever.

    M. I. R. A K. E. E.
    I. S.
    M_ My solace in chaos of this world
    I _Inspiration for me and many more people
    R _Radiant with wonderful people & thoughts
    A _Alive with all emotions and expressions
    K _Kind of haven for me ,where I can be myself
    E _Ethereal world, that is hard to find anywhere else
    E _Eternal Love,the kind which exists only in books

    Lots of thanks Mirakee. oops miraquill.....
    and Happy birthday����


    #writersbay @writersbay
    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork
    #mirakee @mirakee

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    Mirakee is the.....
    Heartbeat to my heart,
    Rhyme to my poems,
    Meaning to my prose,
    Ink to my pen,
    Life to my soul,
    And a lot more...


  • silly_lad 10w

    Stranger passes By
    Waving a hand trace Hi!
    The smile made me oblivious
    A glimpse of ethereal soul
    Enthralled me whole

    Ginny Weasley, True wizard
    whose love whirl Harry's World
    Same you have done to me
    Your magic Hypnotised
    Feelings are ineffable
    In a moment, you prison me
    By your aroma, whose redolent
    Made me swoon in the ocean of Charm

    The iridescent charm of eyes
    Earned me slavery
    Which entails Emotions and Beliefs
    Of forever love and Only you
    I surrender myself to the
    Girl, Canvas my world with a lifelike hue

    Want to dig deep inside
    Magical Place you live
    Search it to every corner
    To unearth the secret of you
    Until waiting for the answer
    In favor Of love, I adore.


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    Stranger passes By
    Waving a hand trace Hi!
    The smile made me oblivious
    A glimpse of ethereal soul
    Enthralled me whole


  • the_speccy_outsider 10w

    It sounds so good when you are called ethereal,
    Feels like you are being appreciated for your compassion,
    But this is just a part of what is real,
    As very few mean what they say, about your passion.

    They say it for the sake of it, to make themselves look noble,
    What starts afterwards is the real tussle of name-calling,
    Indulging in that is something that you find unable,
    Since they are trying very hard for your falling.

    For some are of the opinion that being ethereal is a sign of weakness,
    Especially for men, for being soft and kind,
    But they don't know that such men possess finesse,
    And their real asset is their extraordinary mind.

    Lets break the barriers of such obnoxious stereotypes,
    And blur the lines for people belonging to all categories and types.


    #etherealc #sonnet

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  • belovedwish 10w

    हमारे रिश्ते को आप कुछ यूँ नाम दीजिए
    मुझे चकोर और उन्हें chaand समझ लीजिए...

    Jane kya likh diya��
    #selenophile #moonlove
    #randomthought #etherealc

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    A yellow button on a long, black coat
    He is like any port in a strom
    An enormous silver eye that looks down on us
    Talking with him is like removing all my Fuss
    A mint lolly that had rolled onto a navy carpet
    Under his dazzling light I blush scarlet
    Shone like a happy face which is pretty as a pearl
    Seeing his (Moon's) ethereal beauty
    I feel perfect in my imperfect browny curls.

  • a_vagabond_soul 10w

    That night was miraculous,

    Crounching in a dark corner
    questioning that god father
    above the stars, who hides,
    Life was not more than a wingless moth.

    No hopes, no light
    everything seemed dark.

    Abruptly the sky showered
    may be it's melacholy or a light to me.
    Areolites waged their tails
    above in that lifeless world
    Screaming in their thrilly voice
    "We have come to see,
    the end of your sombre"

    Still I was not astir
    for me it was just a ween
    which is good in reel.

    Android shouted, pick me up
    Tanked in the own thoughts,
    a pen caught on hold my hand
    and pushed me in a world,

    letters where breathe,
    pain and agony flows,
    In a world,
    metero shower, where occurs often.

    M- mending the spirit
    I- islanding the sorrows
    R- revealing the uncovered scars
    A- avulsing from unfaced world
    K- kecking the unreveled secrets
    E- enmeshing in it's wordy magic
    E- ebbed my intellect,
    that meteors were true.

    Yaa, that night was miraculous
    a different insight of life overviewed,
    A tormented soul pacified
    in the world, ethereal
    which is yet to be explored.


    #etherealc #ceesreposts #cees_hbm_chall

    Again, sry for being so lame.

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  • antheia_ 10w


    Poetry breathes life into my
    mundane existence..
    It makes my ashen greys light up
    in the vivid hues of crimson & cerise..

    pallid words of mine are strung together
    with an ethereal titian skein in
    mazarine ballads & rosy hymns..

    Poetry.. wherein;
    silvery lexical beads cascade down the
    lofty slopes of my verses..

    Poetry... wherein;
    on the blank white canvas i paint a piquant painting
    spluttering it with smaragdine similes
    mauvish metaphors & auburn aliterations.

    my thoughts riding on a carousel
    alight..to bring alive the hazy pictures
    i oft have in sweven.


    #cees_hbm_chall #etherealc

    Thank you @mirakee for being such a great platform. Thank you for giving life to my words..you truly are a blessing for novice poets like me.

    Here's wishing MIRAKEE a very Happy Birthday.

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  • nivey14 10w

    #cees_hbm_chall #etherealc Thank you so much for this beautiful challenge.. Hesitating to tell the truth but it's true that a true artist feels at his inability to reveal himself. Young artists are buoyed up by the hope that they have to throw their works at the worlds feet to get back the laurel-crown. Would it be fair to take the longing dream as a nightmare and abondon the passion of pen ever.. Or won't it the first fight of the world.
    Mirakee is a wonderful flatform for us.
    You are four years now while I'm just of four months..
    We have a long to walk more... HBD @mirakee����


    A lone sitting under the blue sky
    Gazing the beautiful many twinkles.
    Tired of the world around bright..
    With a hope to gaze all entire night .
    Flapping the wings a little creature
    Came and sat on my freeze cool hands
    I thought are you too a lonely wanderer.
    Beautiful fly, will you stay by my side?
    Will you promise to stay, only this night.
    I'll hold you tight, close to warm you...
    It flapped the wings again,again and again
    I am scared if I let go, you will fly away.
    And disappear among the stars
    that shine in thousands there..
    Leaving behind a pen to my hand..
    For another thousand years to penned my heart....

    //I started this journey following a butterfly.. ��
    I never knew I would reach here.. My first post//

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    A butterfly that bought me here...

  • paper_planes 10w

    #cees_hbm_chall #etherealc

    Happy birthday m. Before joining mirakee I never knew I could write but you have helped me find my one true passion. Thankyou for being my unpaid therapist.

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  • discoveringself 10w

    Purpose of the ethereal!

    Born a quaint flower,
    Ethereal and coy;
    Designed to bring joy;
    Delight the innocuous passerby!
    The fugacious nature of its being;
    Does not hinder it's intent!
    For even when wilted,
    It is redolent;
    Of the sweet scent;
    Of young guileless love;
    Lost between the fragile
    pages of a long gifted book!


  • zohiii 10w

    ᴅʏɪɴɢ ᴅᴇᴄʟᴀʀᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

    "...seventy-five per cent burnt, and the organ damage is untreatable,"

    "Is there no hope, doctor?"

    "I'm utterly sorry ma'am, but there's not much I can do."

    Dragging her feet across the grieving corridors of the GS Medical Fraternity, Clarice found leaving the edifice woefully heartbreaking; it was as though exiting was cutting off one's own flesh at will sans a moment to bellow.

    Autumn that year was colder than usual and the willingness of leaves to depart from their abodes was too eager. Vehicles roaring down the byways, highways, and boulevards stirred the wind in a manner that compelled the dry tokens to drift from their branches; later to be crunched under someone's unheeded steps. She walked crushing many leaves beneath her hefty strolling, in a rugged overcoat resembling the hues of burnt coal. Headed towards her lonely dwelling to fetch the hidden savings for paying hospital bills, she recalled the vigour and excitement with which she'd saved each penny so that Macy, her daughter could be admitted to a decent college.

    As she strode heavily, every fall-tree she passed by evoked memories; poignant ones.

    It wasn't the first instance when Macy tried to kill herself but it was supposedly the most lethal attempt and therefore, was probably the last one. Last December, she swallowed sleeping pills, and never spilled out how she landed her hands on them. Prior to her birthday in June, she managed to drown herself in a bucket and Clarice couldn't let her close the bathroom door ever after. The poor mother never deciphered the cause of her little daughter's condition. Somewhere between, "You're hurting your mother!" and "You never understand what I want," all of their conversations concluded.

    A day ago, Macy crossed the threshold of teenage; she became twenty years old. Clarice always looked for such openings to better the relationship with her daughter. To please her she bought all the lavish accessories from cosmetics to electronic devices, so as to convince Macy of her unconditional love for her. And that was when the tragedy birthed. After buying cakes and confetti, she returned to witness police surrounding her tattered house; an old officer with wrinkles on his face broke it to her:

    "Are you Mrs. Wingston, mother of Macy Wingston?"

    "Yes, yes, I am, why? Is there a problem?"

    "I am sorry to inform you, Clarice, that your child tried to burn herself. The neighbors contemplated something to be wrong, as they saw smoke out of your place, so they called us. When we arrived, a significant damage was already done to her body; it looked like an accident but kerosene solidified the theory that it's an attempt to suicide."

    As any mother would, she ran to the hospital and was stuck somewhere in being furious and apologetic. They say doctors convey some light even if there's the slightest chance of recovery but in Macy's case no one uttered a word of hope.

    Presently, Clarice cluttered the coins and currency notes in her handbag, latched her worn down place and set out for her longest road trip ever; it was reminiscent of her journey to her father's mansion when she had to tell him that the person who impregnated her disappeared into thin air. It was worse though, because the first one taught her that she was stronger than she had suspected, but this one was breaking her up, tearing apart every extract of her strength; she was weak. But she wanted to see her most precious belonging breathe one last time.

    In the gloomy room where Macy laid on her deathbed, the ventilator tried to steal her a few more breaths. Clarice, on the other hand, with every breath cursed her failed motherhood and in cursing persuaded herself that it was inevitable. A yellow paper was handed down to her by the police, that they found stuck on the mirror when they forcibly broke into her house. She gently unfolded it, but her eyes were transfixed on her precious piece. Slowly, one word at a time, she started reading:

    "Dear mother,
    I don't want new bicycles, backpacks or phones; I want to be loved. Can you not work the long shifts and return home early so that we could have dinner together and laugh at a foolish TV show? I don't want to go to college, I will look for a part-time job too, but at least we'd be less strangers to one another. I love you and I respect you for raising me as no single woman could. But, why can't you love me? Why, you, the only family I have, the only one-of-my-own can't love me unconditionally? I am not hungry for materialistic luxury because it matters measly. All I want is to be hugged but when was the last time, you took me in your arms or caressed or braided my hair? Like my hair, my life is unruly too. I would've been happier had a word of affection been spoken instead of your silence. You're the strongest woman I know but you don't love me. And I know I'd never be able to tell you all this. And I know something isn't right with me, because I never had anyone who could tell me there is. I know I'm a burden on you, and if not for me you could've had a better life. But still, I love you and I hope you read this, and I hope while you do, I am not an obstacle anymore."

    Clarice's world was spinning, it felt as if all her life was a waste and in vain. She hurled towards her dying daughter, held her scorched hand and begged for forgiveness.

    "I am so sorry that I made you feel that way, all I ever wanted was for you to have a less painful life than me. I apologise for neglecting your now, for your tomorrow. I am so sorry for trying to construct your life by breaking your heart. Forgive me, forgive me."

    Before she knew it, she was passed out on the ground and the last image she saw was of the nurse rushing towards her. When she woke up, Macy was dead. Isn't it a flaw in our creation that even the most inevitable of accidents pave the way to a lifetime of sorrow? On that news, Clarice regretted waking up, because what if she never had broken her slumber and Macy would've been alive. Death had veiled her sense in a daze and snapping out of her dear daughter's demise, felt traumatic.

    Apparently, the police had to investigate until and unless concluded that it was indeed a suicide. An officer approached the numb and dumbstruck Clarice:

    "Mrs. Wingston, how're you doin'? I am investigating Macy Wingston's case and I embrace that it's a hard time for you but it is my duty to inform you that the case is closed and it was the deceased who killed herself based on the subtle evidence that is her dying declaration."

    "What? When did you record it?"

    "While you were in an unconscious state, she regained consciousness for a short time..."

    "What did she say?"

    "Well, ma'am when I asked her if she poured the kerosene on herself she replied positively, and on being asked if you had tormented her mentally to take such a step, she spoke her last words:

    'I forgive her.'

    That's all."

    Autumn that year was exceptionally cold, because an everlasting and ethereal winter was to follow through, but at that moment, it was raining misery for Clarice.


    Didn't read twice, pardon the mistakes.

    #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #ceesreposts
    #etherealc @writersbay #writersbay

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  • anugraha_99 10w

    People say Instagram is distracting. I ask, 'Ever heard of Mirakee?' ��
    Mirakee is truly a treasure trove. It's been a little over one year since I joined Mirakee and I've become so addicted to it! Mirakee has truly helped me overcome writer's block, interact with fellow writers and get inspired from them. Truly grateful for this platform. Thank you for existing Mirakee and wishing you a very happy birthday! ��

    Shoutout to some amazing writers and accounts I've had the chance to interact with: First and foremost, Carolyn ma'am ofcourse! @lovenotes_from_carolyn , @tamanna3 , @penny_pavi , @sproutedseeds , @mann_se_ , @writersbay, @sruthisankari and many many more...

    #cees_hbm_chall #etherealc #pleiades
    #pod #ceesreposts

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Monday to Sunday, every week,
    Marked with phenomenal creative energy ,
    Myriads of challenges to exercise the mind,
    Marvellous writers with their ethereal creations,
    Magical milieu engendered here,
    My words find meaning when poured out,
    Mirakee, indeed is the writer's paradise.


  • say_me_krish 10w

    HBD mirakee!!!
    My kid turns four years old XD����

    I am new enough, but what you gave me here is much more than what I expected! You made me meet the most lovely people with lovely art of writing...... I paved my path in a better way here, thanks a million tons!!!! ��

    And about the home image, it's one of my favourite pics, so I changed it❤️❤️
    Home sweet Home�� ����

    @writersbay Idk if my writeup suits... I just tried��

    Another lame one, too short ����
    Please tolerate��


    A soul, down in the mouth,
    Not left to speak and express,
    Met his place,
    A solacing one;
    an ethereal domicile.
    An abode, which made him
    Write his heart undaunted,
    Meet 'unvarnished' people,
    Feel joy and happy-go-lucky,
    Which made a
    Gloomy flower
    Bloom wide
    And face things
    With sanguinity.

    ~Sri Krishna P.S.

    ~Penned and Posted on July 18, 2020.


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