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  • rabiyabanday__ 15w

    of rain is
    like a sudden
    Knock at the door.
    Unexpected, yet often
    welcomed with a smile. It
    can brighten your day or ruin
    Your plans. It can make you laugh
    or make you sad. Whether the raindrop
    is moving fast or slow, or is big or small,
    it always gets everyone's attention. A rain_
    drop contains many secrets.it is a bubble of
    anticipation and surprise. It cleanses the ��
    it feeds the flowers, and fills the holes. The
    raindrop is never silent. It bangs on the
    roof, spatters on the window, or
    splashes into a puddle.
    A raindrop.

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    A drop of rain is like a sudden knock at
    the door. Unexpected, yet often welcomed
    With a smile.


  • chagan_arshiya 31w

    Stitching through the fabric of life
    Went across many tangles to fight
    Interlacing together every piece of heart
    Burnt to ashes to give off the light


  • inborn_scribbler 32w


    Sins percolating the pores of heaven,
    souteneur of sinners
    disparaging the nucleus of goodwill,
    a warped desire
    fraught with fire in the belly,
    berating the gardener
    and the water lilies,
    symbolizing humility,
    campaigning for devotion.
    Nemesis’s modus operandi
    on vengeance,
    wasn’t exceptional.
    Who's the doppelganger?
    Who's orginal?
    Uniqueness dies an ordinary death.
    Was it even born in the first place?
    In the fabric of angels
    contrasted with demons,
    grab hold of the grey skin,
    cast off the monochrome of compartments.
    Hell is as heavenly as Eden,
    and Heaven is on top of the power game
    because who bids for Hell?
    Providing such a hazy insurance.


  • iamgyaaani 32w

    The fabric of my heart has been torn
    Ever since "we can never be together" I've known.


  • drschrodinger 32w


    We are woven into each other's fabric
    Like warps and wefts
    Bound into Ghiordes knots and Senneh knots
    Into a satin wave of spacetime silk


  • the_nonchalant_one 32w

    Yet unstitched...

    Our fabric is yet unstitched,
    I weave us one stitch at a time...
    Threads of seven colours, people judge, people laugh...
    Hollow are their hearts... Unlike ours...
    Our shadows will dance, a start of new romance.
    A fabric, so strong, so beautiful, stitched entirely with love.
    For love, my love, is all I can give you. Seven colours, I dream, I breathe, I live of, I live for.
    Our love will be legendary.

  • divinity_unearthed 32w

    The fabric of divinity is entwined around me whole, to protect me from evil and to nurture my soul.

  • layered_nuance2 32w

    Little piece of fabric

    I have always been coy,
    Too scared to shine out...
    Those crowded lanes and paths,
    The numbness always seeks me out...

    But by the dawn,
    When the winds gets cold....
    I wrap my favourite blanket
    With the fabric little old,
    My abashed soul find it's solace...
    Wiping my tears with happiness in trace...
    It has always been true friend of mine,
    That little piece of fabric,
    Has never been greedy but kind...

    It has seen me cry,
    Balling my eyes out...
    Holding my loud screams,
    Away from judgemental crowd...
    It held me close,
    I kept it even closer...
    It never showed expectations,
    Or needed to be pleased every time...
    That little piece of fabric,
    Has became a part of mine....

  • hybridtheory 32w

    Will you?

    When I'll wrap you up in the threads of logic,
    Will you correct my philosophy?
    When I'll hide behind the facets of rationality,
    Will you propose the theories of romanticism?
    When I'll apply the procedure established by law,
    Will you help me with the principles of reasonableness?
    When I'll structure our life with facts and figures,
    Will you cover it up with the fabric of your poetry?
    Will you?


  • silk_tales 32w


  • leena_afsha_ishrot 32w

    She doesn't shriek aloud
    But Mirakee is the only place,
    Where she bleeds, she wipes out her fear and tears
    She cannot escape from anguished
    Yet jotting down is the way,
    By which she remains calm
    She admires to portrait every marvelous fabric of the horizon
    She owes to taste every less glorified thing,
    Wrath, pleased, agony, regret are ingredients of life
    Regardless, trust, respect, and love can be earned
    Bold, fragile, flaws, modest suits her
    Laying on the bed like a corpse
    She shows hardly any emotions
    As if her life has turned upside down
    Earlier she renounces in every small thing
    As time goes on,
    She laments elegy
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    Ingredients of life
    ~penned on 19 July 2k20
    Time :- 12:35 a.m.
    (Read the caption)

  • mirakeewrites_ 32w

    If life be a fabric, mirakee is the finest needle that allows me to sew the most beautiful tapestry to it.
    If life be a painting, mirakee is the brushstroke that makes it ethereal.
    If life be a rainbow, mirakee is that sunlight without which this rainbow would be too faint and dull.
    If life be a song, mirakee adds the rhythm to it, making it melodious,magical to the ear.
    If life be a school, mirakee has been a great teacher to me, teaching me about different experiences,lessons, behaviours,most importantly womderful people, it has given me a completely different perspective to life.
    If life be a book, mirakee is my favourite chapter that I can read over and over again and yet it remains as magical and interesting as the first time.
    If life be a galaxy, million stars hanging and shimmering, mirakee is my pole star always guiding me through the right path even in darkness.
    If life be story, mirakee is the favourite character of that story which stays in my heart forever.

    M. I. R. A K. E. E.
    I. S.
    M_ My solace in chaos of this world
    I _Inspiration for me and many more people
    R _Radiant with wonderful people & thoughts
    A _Alive with all emotions and expressions
    K _Kind of haven for me ,where I can be myself
    E _Ethereal world, that is hard to find anywhere else
    E _Eternal Love,the kind which exists only in books

    Lots of thanks Mirakee. oops miraquill.....
    and Happy birthday����


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    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork
    #mirakee @mirakee

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    Mirakee is the.....
    Heartbeat to my heart,
    Rhyme to my poems,
    Meaning to my prose,
    Ink to my pen,
    Life to my soul,
    And a lot more...


  • kuhelika 32w

    Imaginative power
    that binds artists
    with fibres of passion
    to create fabric of love,
    embellishing the genuine attire of splendor!

  • aparnamemoir 32w

    Moulding her thoughts
    In to the word
    She started entangling
    The threads from the
    Fabric of her life
    As she enfolds a new colour
    Takes a form
    A new desire a new journey
    A new path to unfold
    She started playing with the threads
    Weaving the fabric back to life
    That was once lost
    By her unkindness to herself
    Now she had taken the thread
    And weaves a fabric
    Not like the black & white of past
    But took all the colours
    Of the rainbow
    Which will now define her path.......


  • shaabie 32w

    मेरी गलती थी

    ख़्वाब बुनने की दुनिया में, बस रफू की आस थी,
    ज़रकारी के दुनिया में सादे मलमल की उम्मीद करना मेरी गलती थी।

    मोती जड़े लफ़्ज़ों में, चंद बूटियों की तलाश थी,
    मीनाकारी के आँचल में अमियों के छापे खोजना मेरी गलती थी।

    रंगाई के सब रंग खुशनुमा, दुपट्टे में बस एक रंग की दरख़्वास्त थी,
    पक्के दमकते रंगों में कच्चे फ़िरोज़ी की जिद्द करना मेरी गलती थी।


  • the_acataleptic_ 32w

    The fabric of our love,
    we spun with care
    threaded together
    with forlorn memories
    and pain ingrained
    made fitted robes
    for us, young and
    equally frustrated with life!!

    The first time we wore it,
    that fabric felt like water,
    gentle and cool,
    cleansing the wounds
    eroding the shields within,
    effortlessly flowing inside
    and we floated around
    in the waves it made around us!!

    The first time we danced,
    and our robes touched
    there was a jolt
    electric and exhilarating
    it left a trail of goosebumps
    on my skin,leaving us flushed
    and out of breath like
    two trees caught in a thunderstorm !!

    The first time we kissed and
    you hugged me,
    you said you had never felt
    anything quite like it,
    that it felt like touching a cloud,
    which was softly brushing us,
    like the air envelopes all space
    and like a bubble, away we flew!!

    But alas! There was just one element
    to us I had forgotten,
    the fire I had within me,
    scalding and molten
    in a shape akin to me,
    which was left not tended to, broke out
    finally, and lit us on fire
    as those flames flayed the fabric we wove!!

    Time, the fair healer,
    poured ice onto us,
    easing the sores
    inside and out!!
    But somehow, that cold never left me,
    and all I see is that fabric of our love,
    now a dune of dust ,
    scattered into this very earth!!

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    is that love we shared!!

  • ethereal_soul 32w

    The fabric of our relationship has started fading........ But we together will make sure it's not torn.....


  • _winterkid 32w

    इश्क की डोर
    न कच्ची न कमजोर
    जिसके मुलजि़म हम और वो चोर
    जिसने चुराया दिल बिना किए शोर

  • mahrukhmushtaq_ 32w


    That wonderful day, that ist glimpse of love
    When the happiness was never ending
    That adoring Beauty,that blissful array
    Monsoon showering the rains those songs dedicated
    Yeah!!! All this was Fabricated...


  • anhaga 32w

    #ceesreposts #fabric #concretepoetry #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @sproutedseeds @ovais43 @justhannah

    My first attempt to write a concrete poetry.

    Also one line in the poem is inspired by the man's search for meaning. I haven't copied anythng though.

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    A walk to remember

    Ethereal night,utopic azure in alluring
    shades of amaranthine scarlet moon blen-
    -ded with the gravid clouds. Oblivious of self, det-
    - atched from world, a carefree girl & insouciant poetic
    boy gleaming, glowing,lighting dark while they ramble
    in the alley of ecstasy.Playful zephyr subtly flirts with
    her sleek curls. Both silent yet exchanging cosmos by
    mellifluous tune of heartbeat & euphony of the soul's
    symphony.Cherishing moments & stirring pristine fond
    memories. Weaving FABRICS of solace and intimacy
    Stressed and hopeless dreams leisurely awakens.
    Stardust igniting all cold fantasies and wishes!!
    Impalpably girdled by life, beauty and peace.
    Love raining, drenching in passionate fire,
    rekindling faith, they relentlessly prance.
    Heaven celebrates and memorializes
    their warm journey & togetherness.
    Eros & Aphrodite lost in perpetual
    cotemplation of the boundless
    glory of their pious romance.
    Time flying, night ready to
    sleep. Starlit sky forever
    changing colours and
    impatient sun rises
    to bless and kiss