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  • in_fragments 2w

    "Summoning fairies,
    like when I was a little girl.
    When the real world was cruel
    and made attacks on me,
    they revived me with their light.
    Where fleshy men touched
    and left such ugly marks,
    the fairies sprinkled magic dust.
    They arrive if I ever
    feel those fleshy men again,
    the pressure of hands
    that are not there,
    sensations with no beginning
    or end.
    I am safest with them
    in this darkened cavern of neon colors,
    their healing hymns echo
    inside of me.
    I am the fairy queen
    and they blink their lights
    in recognition of me,
    looking like a hundred
    lighthouses home."

    Imagination taking on a life of its own.
    #pod #poem #fairies #selfcare #trauma #healing #imagination #inspiration #mirakee #writerstolli @writersnetwork

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    Summoning Fairies/
    Lighthouses Home

    Summoning fairies,
    like when I was a little girl.
    I am safest with them
    in this darkened cavern of neon colors,
    their healing hymns echo
    inside of me.

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 4w

    This is my submission to a closed challenge on my other account; in which members were asked to write a true story about any personal encounter(s) with the supernatural, in a poetic manner. Thank you for reading.

    by Carolyn Glackin
    I could tell you a tale
    Borne of terror and dread
    'Bout the demons that plagued me
    Each night, in my bed
    Couldn't see them, nor hear them
    But I surely could feel
    Their malevolent presence
    Thus I knew they were real
    For nearly two decades
    They would show up each night
    To torture and taunt me
    So I'd turn from the Light
    They'd press all around me
    And instill me with fear
    Sleep and dreams were no respite
    They often hounded me there
    I could tell you that tale
    But it's hardly worth telling
    See, they're no longer present
    Anywhere that I'm dwelling
    I finally learned that my fear
    Was what gave them their power
    And oh how they'd revel
    All the more, when I'd cower
    I began to ignore them
    And it seemed I was right
    When their tricks didn't work
    They soon gave up the fight
    What a blessed relief
    To lay down in my bed
    Without menacing demons
    Trying to mess with my head!
    So, although that tale's over
    Every word of it true
    Sit tight for a moment
    I've more telling to do
    And now I shall spin you
    A most mystical write
    'Tis a whimsical tale
    That'll charm and delight
    I'll speak of the angels
    In whom I confide
    And I'll mention the fairies
    With whom I reside
    I'll tell you of merfolk
    Way down in the deep
    And of wise, ancient dragons
    Who snore when they sleep
    I'll sing of the starseeds
    Whom we knew before birth
    And their beautiful mission
    To assist us on Earth
    Oh the tales I could tell
    Of what roams through our house
    A spirit lion named Nero
    He's as quiet as a mouse
    There's the sprites in the water
    And the sylphs in the air
    There's the essence of life
    That I see everywhere
    There are gnomes in this home
    And a gargoyle or two
    And it's starting to sound like
    My own mystical zoo!
    The ancient ones visit
    Quite oft, while we're dreaming
    They stay all through the night
    While the full moon is beaming
    There are guides and protectors
    Not in body, in spirit
    Oh there's so much to tell
    Maybe one day you'll hear it
    But for now, please excuse me
    Time to start a new day
    The spirit cats just arrived
    And they're waiting to play.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 7/12/2020

    Art credit: Catrin Welz-Stein.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #challenge #themeprompt #supernatural #angels #fairies #spiritanimals #sylphs #cees_ghost_chall #sprites #pixies #starseeds #dragons

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  • ninfinity_thoughts 7w

    A land so far yet so close,
    Skies adorned with rainbows,
    Known as the land mystic,
    Diverse lives so fantastic,
    Pixies, Pegasus and Fairies,
    Sprinkling glitter over berries,
    Nymphs near the springs,
    Chanting soothing songs,
    Unicorns with shiny horns,
    Mermaids seen at horizons,
    A phoenix soaring so high,
    Feat to witness in the sky,
    Trees telling great old tales,
    About foxes with nine tails,
    Werewolves and vampires,
    Definitely not the predators,
    Togetherness and belonging,
    Surreal pleasure in such living,
    Ships I seek to this destination,
    Voyaging through imagination!

  • a_poesy_dream 8w


    If love is there, If he finds excuse
    It finds a way Set him free and
    If there is no way, Let him go.
    It makes its own Breath the air
    Excuses live in hatred You will feel light
    If he takes excuse For setting free is better
    He hates you Than bleeding yourself
    If he doesn't come to build Or begging for love.
    He lies you ©subhashmin
    He is not a toy
    He can't be tied with strings
    Even if u made the strings
    With Your own blood and heart

  • a_poesy_dream 8w


    "Child, you have such a soft heart
    This world is a poisonous cart
    It's just so weak that u can't live
    You need to be strong to survive".
    "Girl, He just left you without notice
    For him you were just a cake peice
    Deserted lover now hold this willow
    He left you after talks from pillow".
    Hearing these my heartbeats increase
    Yes, I have a heart as soft as cheese
    And Yes it's the reason I can't be broken
    God's divine presence in it can't be shaken

  • a_poesy_dream 8w

    ♥︎Ohh Dear-2♥︎

    I opened my eyes and I was in his cell
    It was not beautiful, but I heard a knell
    I went to hug the Eagle but stopped by queen
    The dragon queen vilian with her eyes green
    She cut through my beating heart
    Ohh I was struck with the Eagle's dart
    Ohh dear he was a bait for my death
    Eagle tearfully gave my friends wreath.

  • a_poesy_dream 8w

    ♥︎Ohh Dear-1♥︎

    It was a sunny morning day
    I was bright light and gay
    I looked into the sky so blue
    I couldn't stop my eyes to glue
    An Eagle came into my home
    He saw me smile and reflected some
    We talked with tweets and danced
    In our memory, in our imaginations.

  • a_poesy_dream 8w

    ★I wish-2★

    I wish I had wings to fly
    I would sleep on the clouds so high
    I wish I could touch the light
    I would climb with it to the heaven anigh
    I wish I could talk to trees
    I would ask them what they feel
    I wish I had magical wands
    I would vanish the sorrow from this world
    I wish I never grew up into adult
    I would have a bigger heart than child
    I wish God was a person
    I would sit in his lap and persuade him
    To fulfill all of my wishes❀

  • a_poesy_dream 8w

    ★I wish-1★

    I wish I grew taller than trees
    From them I would pluck fruits
    I wish I could fly in the breeze
    I would blow the Sun cool
    I wish I could talk to birds
    I would praise their voice so beautiful
    I wish I could see fairies
    I would ask them why they hide
    I wish I was tiny as them,
    I would make bubbles from water
    I wish I could swim into the ocean depths
    I would see the beautiful corals❀

  • _gonewild 8w

    To all the girls I have ever met..

    It's like each of them
    Took my breath...
    I fell in love everyday
    With every eyes that looks at me
    I cannot stop to one
    Cause the fairies are too much
    And my arms are open to all...
    Honestly I cannot break hearts
    My eyes cannot ignore beauty
    Beauty enslaves me...
    All of them belong to heaven...
    And I am from netherworld...
    If one of them hold my hand
    I will never die...
    My side mirror capture fairies
    And like a thief I steal their beauty.. .
    Afterall Fairies can't be ignored
    If you are on earth
    And still feel like heaven
    Is just because of them

    Love...... respect.....but never ignore beauty

  • _gonewild 9w

    Someone send this angel number today and all credits of my writings goes to her....

    After reading then you will also realise that you received an angel number from someone...


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    Angel number 5535

    Today I saw 5535 for the first time
    N I googled what was it...
    Google told it's an angel number
    And the angel is trying to contact you
    I thought what's the crime
    I have committed...
    It said when you get the 5 more than twice
    It's like your beautiful soul
    Had troubled the heaven
    And the angels have lost their peace in you
    It has encoded some message from angels
    O,Q,U,V,E,B,R.....these are seven alphabets
    That has some meaning for you
    But I'm like its difficult
    U got 7!=5040 total words
    But I'll try.... for the fairies of heaven
    The Gods have something for me
    I don't know ...
    But I'll surely find it out...
    Meaning of angel number 5 in Bible....
    During crucification....
    Jesus was wounded 5 times....
    2 on hands,2 on feets and 1on side of chest
    These are 5 holy wounds...
    Meaning of angel number 3 in Bible
    It depicts Jesus Christ was dead for 3 days and 3 nights...before being resurrected
    These digits are spiritual
    And I have received the message...
    The heaven is contacting earth
    Just for me....and the guardian angels are surrounding me....
    Im gaining purity and my sin are being forgotten......
    I will decode the angel number one day
    Just for the fairies that are residing on earth
    For me....

  • _seren 10w

    In a darkest forest
    Lie's the magic of the unknown
    Where no one has ever come across
    For it takes courage to uncover the hidden of truth

    ^Risk is part of an adventure^


    #magic #lily #theunknown #fairies #witch #blackmagic

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  • platinum_quotes 12w

    Dark or light

    Now everything is black
    There is something it lacks
    It's light
    The thing that makes everything bright
    The dark
    A world that is ruled by demons and beasts
    The light
    A world that is ruled by angels and fairies
    Now it's up to you what you choose
    Light filled with love or dark filled with gloom
    Will you stand in the darkness
    Or the light that doesn't have a darkside
    I guess i should probably repeat
    Will you choose light or the darkness that is not so sweet

  • when_soul_writes 14w

    Take me to the fairy world,
    To that locus under the sparkling stars.
    Where I can dance with the faries
    And snuggle under the blue sky.
    There I can slither above the clouds,
    While being caressed by the moon.
    Let me break free
    And fly away this mundane world!


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 15w

    I'm entering this older piece for a challenge on my other account. ��‍♀️

    by Carolyn Glackin
    She had a mind for whimsical things
    Happy-go-lucky, carefree, with no strings
    A joie de vivre junkie, always after a fix
    With a whole lot of silly thrown into the mix
    She had nary a care, save but for a few
    Some minor pet peeves, but just one or two
    With an excess of nonsense
    She was quite prone to laughter
    She lived in the moment
    From now 'til hereafter
    Growing up was unheard of
    She just wouldn't dare!
    Though she gave the appearance
    Through her savoir faire
    With the heart of a child and the soul of a fairy
    She managed quite well and was rarely contrary
    Buoyant and bubbly, bouncily bright
    She thrived on elation, mirth, and delight
    Her mind like a playground where creativity soared
    Imagination ran wild and she never grew bored
    She had a penchant for goodies and sweets
    Chocolate confections and all sorts of treats
    Cookies and pies and baked goods galore
    Just a taste here and there
    She needn't much more
    She was rather thick skinned, not easily hurt
    When faced with unkindness she was civil and curt
    A practical sort, she was not one to dwell
    She moved on in peace, and wished one and all well
    Any hurts she might cause were never intended
    And she believed in the thought
    That all could be mended
    She wouldn't play favorites, take sides or lay blame
    A believer in fairness, regarding all just the same
    No more and no lesser, none better or worse
    Some thought it a blessing, some thought it a curse
    In her mind at all times
    This thought she would see:
    We are all branches, upon the same tree
    If we're hurting the one, we're hurting the other
    Thus we're hurting ourselves
    And each sister and brother
    Clearly, that's madness, and perhaps quite insane
    So she focused on peace, to minimize pain
    She cut no one out, even if they did part
    She carried them with her, for all time, in her heart
    Because life is so fleeting
    And it's precious and true
    Petty fights just aren't worth it
    And this, she well knew
    So she forged on ahead, with hope in her heart
    Each day a true blessing, and a brand new fresh start.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 12/20/2018

    *Art credit: One of my very favorite fairy paintings by Howard David Johnson. ��‍♀️

    #challenge #dailychallenge #cees_fff_chall #food #fairy #fairies #joiedevivre #shenanigans #tomfoolery #mischief #fun #silliness #zaniness #insanity

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  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 16w

    I'm pretty sure I've always believed in fairies... At any rate, I no longer bother to explain it. Faith, trust, and fairy dust. Words to live by. ������‍♀️��

    by Carolyn Glackin
    In verdant fields of ransomed wood
    Mine eyes beheld what most ne'er could
    Bestruck was I, and all affright
    In dead of woods, in dark of night
    There in the clearing, afore, beyond
    The realm of fae, on golden pond
    My breath unheard; bestilled, betwixt
    And dare I say, I was transfixed!
    Each deva danced with merry mirth
    To usher in a wee one's birth
    The pond itself 'twas all aglow
    As moonbeams graced the Earth below
    Glad tidings rang throughout the air
    To celebrate this one so fair
    A tiny voice, clear as a bell
    That brought such smiles whereupon it fell
    Pink was she, eyes crystal clear
    And soon I knew, 'twas was naught to fear
    The fairy clan sang through the night
    In an eventide so pure and bright
    The wee one sparkled with diamond's shine
    Her origins of the Divine
    Long I watched in wonderment
    Assured that she was heaven sent
    But morn soon came with sun on high
    "Methinks it's time to go," said I
    And so I turned, as if to leave
    The morning air, a sweet reprieve
    With backward glance, to glimpse the fae
    To bid adieu, in silent way
    To my surprise, the pond was clear
    'Twas if the fae had not been there
    Somewhat saddened, somewhat bereft
    With heavy heart, anon, I left
    Then in a twinkling, I awoke in bed
    With fairy dust upon my head.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 4/20/2020

    "Faith, trust, and pixie dust" is credited to J.M. Barrie. I have a variation of that in my opening statement.

    *Art by Edward Robert Hughes.

    #magic #joy #fairies #fae #elementals #devas #fairydust #brownies #pixies #sylphs #sídhe #cees_av_chall

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  • srisaptoawaits22 17w


    Sleepless fairies,
    Run down your eyes,
    Infusing dreams,
    Stealing those fairies,
    Tying them in my eyes,
    Awakened in those dreams,
    Yearning your presence!

  • beauty_of_thoughts 23w

    Land of Fairies and Angels Around,
    Will be our World when no one will exist,
    Where there will be no bad omen,
    Only Goodness all around,
    Will be in existence only after,
    End of this Kalayug...


  • the_village_poet 25w

    The Rose Fairy

    Not a song,
    Not a dream,
    Not a written piece of mythology;
    She is real.

    Dancing and laughing
    Before me,
    Big, bright eyes shining;
    She is beauty.

    Singing songs,
    Playing games,
    Picking dandelions all the day;
    She is natural.

    Drawing pictures,
    Writing words,
    Playing in the sun;
    She is creative.

    Flowing long hair,
    Sun-kissed skin,
    With her spirit smiling;
    She is a flower.

    Saying kind words,
    Giving big hugs,
    Crying over another’s pain;
    She is love.

    Blooming beautifully,
    Under my love’s
    Shining sun;
    She is perfection.

    Sprouting up,
    It seems,
    Inches a day;
    She is growing.

    Spreading her arms,
    Like a fairy,
    Getting ready to fly;
    She is freedom.

    Stacey Welsh

  • silvertonguemaeve 32w

    The Fairy Folk

    While walking down the forest path,
    I stopped to take a look,
    At birds that flew to nature's bath,
    A babbling water brooke.

    I paused to view this pleasant sight,
    And right before my eyes,
    The wings they used to take their flight,
    Had shed their couth disquise.

    The creatures now, that I could see,
    From woodland tales of old,
    With silver wings, that sun made beam,
    And auras dipped in gold.

    They danced on air to nature's song,
    Like tiny figurines,
    Holding conversations long,
    With ancient evergreens.

    Although appearing innocent,
    A mischief they conceal,
    Troubling jesters, diligent,
    On finding things to steal.

    Though harming none in playful scheme,
    A nuisance to be sure,
    Their presence here, a fading dream,
    I wished I had a cure.

    I longed to watch them flit about,
    On mounds of clovered grass,
    But time for me was running out,
    And sun had set, at last.

    I glanced once more at fabled scene,
    And gave a heavy sigh,
    Then promptly landed on my face...
    My laces had been tied.
    #fairies #nature @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    The creatures now, that I could see,
    From woodland tales of old,
    With silver wings, that sun made beam,
    And auras dipped in gold.